This Rote allows a Mage to turn ordinary water into blood that can sustain a vampire. This requires one pint of water per blood point that needs to be generated (i.e. a gallon of water would allow for potential creation of 8 pints of blood fit for your favorite Kindred). Unfortunately, this kind of universe-bending magic is not coincidental.

Target #: 7 (6 if you use Quintessence or a unique focus; 5 if you use both.) Possible Paradox: 3-4 successful; 4-8 botched

Deirdre grabs a gallon of water from the supplies in her pantry. She knows Deacon, Robert and Canya are going to wake up hungry at sunset, and she doesn’t have enough blood in her refrigerator or her veins for them. And the door on her windowless bedroom won’t take the beating from three hungry vampires! Deirdre’s target number is 5, since she is using her own blood as the unique focus and blowing a point of Quintessence. She opens the gallon of water and slices open the base of her thumb with a clean kitchen knife, dripping some of her own blood into the water before recapping the jug. She rolls 6 successes which allows her to turn the gallon of water into 6 pints of blood. That’s two pints for each of her friends. Who says you can’t have a vampire over for a drink? Since she’s the only one awake at home for the moment, the effect is vulgar, but without witnesses, which gains her 3 paradox. The roll for backlash garners 1 success, so Deirdre ends up with a bit of a headache for the rest of the afternoon. But at least she won’t be on the menu when her friends wake up . . . .