"Damn. It's the cops!"Bearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 1 Author: Brad Grantham

Create an illusion. Computer graphics not required. (Using Forces I warp the light in an area and change the color to make a visible illusion. I then turn the static electricity in the air into the sound I need. No taste, touch, or smell, but a pretty cool image. I threw in mind to be able to project an image from my mind to make it more real, but then I would have to have seen and heard the illusion. No big deal. And for coolness, you could make an illusion of a mugger (straight from TV) and he pulls a gun. (all visual so far) He fires. (change the static electricity in the air to sound) So you see it and hear it then POW. Change the sound into kinetic energy and send"em a present.)

"Dirty Harry" loadsBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Multiply the damage rating of the gun with The number of successes on the magickal roll. Oh, and yeah, can you say VULGAR???

"I sunk [blank]!"Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Entropy 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This Rote allows the Discordian to drop something on an object, which can be anything, but works best if it is a part of the structure or item targetted and declare "I sunk the Titanic!" or whatever is being attacked. The result, while not deadly, can be amusing. It causes random chaotic effects to occur, such as setting off the sprinkler systems in a building, placing the message "Bite the Apple" on every computer screen of a network, or any other odd effects. They tend to be fairly random, however. The mage should be somewhat familiar with the targetted item.

"Kindred" SpiritsBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 3 Author: Jack Dracula This impolite rote is a dangerous way to get Quintessence from smaller spirits. The mage uses Spirit to call a smaller spirit [trust me, go for a small one.] which the mage then attacks, and drains the Quintessence from. Also note how dangerous this be, as many spirits are but servants of more powerful beings you don"t want to piss off.

"poison" bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

These bullets continue to do damage even afterwards, roll Stamina difficulty 8 to avoid taking one health level of damage. Goes on for Successes number of turns.


Profile: Time 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Any target hit gets slowed down.

"We Like Traffic Lights"Bearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 2, Prime 2 Author: Jeremy Streeter

By inducing this rote, the mage is able to control the changing of traffic lights, or any light in the general facility and make them bend to her will. It took years of practice to perfect teaching this, let alone using it. It works say in cases like car chases, even moving at 200 mph, the spell will remain if Prime is used to feed Quintessence into the entropy and forces (light) manipulation. This rote is also used by some members at nightclubs to gain attention from a crowd by having certain lights follow her, or by having strobe lights blink to illuminate her dancing, as well as move in sequence with the lights. As long as a light can be turned on and off, this power can be used on them; however it is considered vulgar if you are sitting in a diner and point at a light and it suddenly goes out (and you are the one who made it go out). Otherwise, this rotes is not considered vulgar by the universe, mainly because you are not greatly disturbing the course of things, nor is this power too complex and dynamic for the universe to whip you across the head for using it.


Profile: Life 5 Author: Timothy Toner

This Schtick allows the Mage to be as resilient as a cartoon character. It is a constant transformation from one form to another, to better accept the damage. However, each action weakens the cartoon character"s shard, and some characters have been unwittingly erased from memory by careless mages.

Work Magic ItemBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote only touches upon the idea of mage-crafting - the ability to make magical items. This rote tempers the item, and prepares it for the spells that will be laid into it.

...Not your father's [insert car name here]Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Matter 4 Author: Stephen Esdale

Basically the same as Semi-Auto CAD CAM (see Mage Rotes, pg. 221) except it combines the best aspects of vehicles into one form. Each success allows the mage to exchange one aspect of the vehicle (top speed, size, maneuverability, etc). The vehicle will resemble both of the old vehicles with a distinctive Anime twist (if the Animagician doesn"t force himself not to).

...You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...Bearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Life 3 Author: Timothy Toner

With this Schtick, the Kid becomes the creature of his target"s nightmare. The modifications are as per the Prop, which is the performance of the previous Schtick.


Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Destinations T.O."s biggest Secret. Thomas Black Mann personally acts as the shipper receiver for Destinations T.O. Throughout Continental North America, DTO"s Thomas Black uses this rote to send the packages through space (using correspondance), into the back of a waiting cab which has been sent to the receiving company. He then activates, "Remember the package!" so the driver will deliver the package accordingly.


Profile: Correspondence 2, Prime 1 Author: The rote library

[This rote was invented by Virtual Adepts having problems with getting Quintessence when they were far from their nodes. However, by using the ordinary phone-network or internet to call a computer or phone near their home node, the Adepts can connect to it and absorb needed quintessence. This rote has been expanded to higher levels, using the networks as conduits for quintessence to their uses.]

1000 paper cranesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

Japanese folklore tells that if 1000 paper cranes are made for a person, his life will be saved in return. One clever Akashic Brother expanded on this idea. Well-wishers who visit a person are asked to make a paper crane for their sake, often being told of the legend.

[This rote causes the cranes (actually minor talismans)to heal the patient. As a rule, each crane heals one level of damage (1/2 level aggravated), though degenerative diseases like AIDS and cancer continually eat away and diminish health levels. 1000 cranes or more will cure any mortal, no matter how sick. Because the effect is rooted in faith and folklore, it is still considered coincidental, no matter how miraculous a recovery. (The Technocracy will just chalk it up to "superior medical technology") Euthanatos, though, despise this rote (Cheating the Good Death--the very idea!) and may even drain the origami of their power (there is a tiny amount of tass in each crane).]

20/20 sidesightBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: Unknown

Uses a facet of multitasking to decrease the difficulty for dodge rolls by 1 per success scored... Note that it does NOT allow extra actions.

A Matter of TasteBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Life 5, Matter 5, Mind 2, Prime 5, Spirit 4 Author: Unknown

This Rote allows the mage to create Vampires of the 13th Generation. Each additional point of Prime and/or Spirit allows the Mage to reduce the Generation by one number. As above, the Disciplines, Blood Pool, etc are gained because reality expects certain behavior from these types of beings. Creating a similar creature without the weaknesses would cause Paradox for the new creature. However, as above, the abilities are not automatically known, and must be learned or taught.

One last Rote, this one reverses the above affects. It has the same prerequisites. It does allow the Kindred to keep some of her Disciplines. One point for each dot in Spirit, plus an additional point per success. This can be an extended test. Yes, this means you need to be an Oracle to change a Low Generation Vampire. Why make life easy for the mages?


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

It says you can conjure simple life forms (i.e. invertebrates), but it does not say how big you can make them...thus, observe folks, the Scorpion the size of a Bear! Or a sea urchin as big as a barrel (which appears about twelve feet above someone"s head), or your friendly neighborhood hornet as long as a "57 Chevy! If they argue that you can"t conjure something larger than it"s original shape, try pointing out that level 2 life let"s you alter simple patterns! You might need forces or matter to allow the creature a feasible chance to survive being crushed under it"s own weight or letting said giant hornet still fly, but that up to your ST. (Ever see a black widow as big as a Winnebago? Trust me, folks, it ain"t pretty.) This also acts as a lovely diversion, but is nearly impossible to make coincidental.

achilles baneBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Forces 2 Author: The rote library

Ten out of ten for style, minus a thousand for Coincidence. This not-so-subtle rote draws from ambient energy (usually static electricity) to form a glowing "bull"s-eye" on the target"s weakest or most vulnerable point, if any. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words...

[Every success allows the indicator to remain another round. The indicator will shift at the beginning of each round to the target"s weakest point, and highlight it. The standard is a brightly glowing bull"s-eye with arrows pointing to it. The "weak point" judgement is up to the ST; mine has allowed people hitting it an additional die of damage most of the time, and occassionally allowed it to uncover a "fatal flaw"...]

Activate Demon ProcessBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The adept reaches out into the network, releasing search programs and invocation routines to activate one of the present elementals. The spirit can perform small tasks, like debugging, searching, surveillance or help with programming. [ Each success will give the spirit one dot in a mental attribute or ability. If the mage got 4 successes, he could summon a spirit with 5 intelligence, or a spirit with computer 4 or any other combination.]

Active RadarBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Once, Jason Lechanoir, the Cult of Ecstasy musician, was struck blind right near the end of a set during a concert. Luckily, the paradox flaw did not last long. Jason was able to finish the set, and use this rote to navigate his way off teh stage into the green room. He successfully duped his band-members into thinking everything was Okay. His sight returned that night. This rote works in exactly the same was active radar and active sonar does--by sending out varous signals, and judging the time it takes for those signals to come back. Doing so can give a very clear view of what is in the room--though details like color, solidity, etc do not come across at all.

Administrative MurderBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is one of the nastiest methods of eliminating people the Engineers use. The victim disappears form every register, computer and administration in the world. Suddenly his passport is invalid, his bank-account doesn"t exist, his apartment is marked as empty etc. In an administrative sense the victim has ceased to exist, and have never existed. There is no way he can prove he is the person he claims to be. Of course, using this rote indiscriminately would be stupid, since such victims tent to make a fuss about it. It is mostly used by the Engineers on people they want to eliminate physically too, to prevent too many to notice their absence too much. They also use it to remove any traces of persons who have "disappeared" or as an warning (in this case the person "reappears" into the system after a while). The Engineers perform this rote coincidentally by spreading some misinformation to the relevant registers, form where it will spread. [ If the Engineer responsible keep the rote up, he can make the memory of the person start to fade too (or use Mind 4 to remove the memory completely). On the positive side of this rote is the fact that the victim gains as many dots in Arcane as the number of successes, on tracking by bureaucratic means. ]

Adrenaline BoostBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Adds 1 dice/3 successes to initiative and any physical activity rolls during the scene, or, if used in combat, until the combat ends). The mage will then feel a corresponding low after the adrenaline surge.

Advanced Information GatheringBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 1, Forces 2, Mind 1 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This effect allows people to monitor a vast amount of information and sift it quickly and thoroughly for relevant data. Newspapers can be fed into scanning machines that dump the data into a computer, circuits can listen in on radio and telephone conversations, informants supply information, etc. The search parameters are proscribed, and the effect begins. [Correspondance allows the search to be virtually worldwide, Entropy shifts you towards more relevant stuff, Mind allows quick search of multiple documents, and forces lets you listen to just about any kind of communication. With Mind 3, this can include people"s thoughts. Each success on the test should be considered like a research roll, evaluating trends, triangulating on victims, etc.] Foci For the Effect: Newspaper clipping service, a trip to the local library, a CD-ROM network, a supercomputer hooked into telecommunications relays, bugs on communication satellites, sweaty guys in phone booths.


Profile: Entropy 3, Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

By carefully applying entropy to the pattern of an object, the mage can make it age exactly like it would naturally. Its impossible to tell the difference between the real thing and the result. This rote is a popular way earn some quick cash for mages with roomy consciences, who use it to create "antiques".

Air WallBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote increases the density of the air in a specific area. The result is a wall of air, that is difficult to pass through. The particles in the wall constantly change, as the wall does nothing to obstruct the flow of air. This rote is useful for defences against physical attacks. It can be altered for uses against airborne attacks (gases, viral disease, etc).


Profile: Forces 1, Matter 2, Prime 2, Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Desperation is the mother of invention, and this rote was invented by a Son of Ether who was falling towards an early death after an early experiment in flying. He managed to calculate the exact instant he would strike the ground, and just before the impact he created a large amount of air between himself and the ground. He survived the fall but was deafened by the bang. Later mages have experimented with creating piles of feathers or coincidental mattresses, but air is still popular. Air can be created during the fall, creating slowing upwinds. By timing things well, a mage can land almost soundlessly and with just a weak breeze.

Akira BootlegBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Stephen Esdale

Not a rote but a magickal effect, the Akira Bootleg allows the person to make stops and bootleg turns at any speed. The Mage casts the spell, only braking if he is intending to stop the vehicle (the famous Akira 70-0 mph skid). The correspondence power warps space, causing the bike to loop back upon itself or increasing the immediate length of the road to allow more room to slow down. While not totally imitating the Akira manoeuvre, the Animagicians think its a first step into understanding the principles required in creating Anime-style working technology.

Alarm WardBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: FindRote_2.1

This very simple ward alerts the mage of any attempt to cross or tamper with the ward. Any time a creature with a mind crosses the ward, the mage is alerted to this fact via Correspondence.

[The number of successes to the magic roll give the duration of the ward. Unfortunately, the Ward may be easily noticed with Awareness. A "subtle" Alarm Ward can be created using Mind 3. This Alarm is difficult to detect. Any Awareness roll to detect the ward must get at least as many successes as the mage did when casting the ward.]


Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Adept points his terminal towards a victim, and makes it flicker a never ending stream of images into the victims brain. The victim is forced to see everything in the vicinity, without any order. The victim experiences everything from every angle, from the inside out. He will be unable to do much. Prolonged use of this rote can lead to catatonia or (in rare cases) enlightenment.

Alter EgoBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

Use this rote to create another you! Yes, you actually create a full clone of yourself (to clone yourself might only require a 3 Life, after all, it is your pattern, but, of course, that"s up the the almighty ST) and put the favorite spirit of your choice into the body. Why the hell would I wanna do that? you ask! Well, it is an instant alibi and possible ally, allows you to be, quite literally, in two places at once and doing different things, and can make your life complicated to no end (it"s like the Mistaken Identity Flaw, only better!) You and your ST could have hours of fun designing the spirit you stick in your twin. Want to avoid paradox! "Hey, meet my identical twin!"

Alter EnvironmentBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to make specific changes to an environment, by substituting patterns in the environment for patterns in another environment. This rote activates a correspodance "Trade". Ie, when Raymond filled a highrise apartment with cold sea-water, somewhere, a roo-ful of air, etc appears at the bottom of an ocean. The number of successes indicate how much, and how detailed the environmental changes can be.

Alter PheremoneBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote adds or alters a persons" distinct pheremonal signature. Pheremone"s are often thought to be the key to animal attraction. So, changing a person"s pheremones will change the nature of the people he attracts... and distracts.

Amplified HearingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to hear farther away, or closer up. She will hear the most minute sounds.

Analyze CompositionBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The subject knows the chemical composition of any item she chooses to analyze.

Analyze DNABearbeiten

Profile: Life 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Maps and analyzes the DNA of any living being the mage uses this effect upon. Pinpoints harmful genes, whether recessive, dominant, single or paired.

Analyze Fighting StyleBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 1 Author: Tim Hensiek

By watching how someone fights, the doist is able to identify weaknesses in the target"s fighting style, weaknesses which can be used against the target in combat. (Each success can be used to increase the difficulties of the target"s roll to hit the doist, or to decrease the roll to hit the target. In order to be able to adequately make use of what he has learned, the doist must have a do of at least 3)

Anasthetic TouchBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to deaden the nerves in any area he touches. While the applications for use in a combat situation are obvious, this rote is most often used as an aid to healing. By deadening the nerves in a specifc area, the patient need not feel the pain or discomfort of surgery.

Angel of MovementBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons an angel who will transport him or somebody else to a desired place. Each angel is specialised in one kind of transport. For example, Tdim will perform transports over seas and water while Anaa can transport the mage to hot and sunny places (Hawaii or a desert).

Animal AttractionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This fills the mage and a victim with intense sexual attraction to each other, both on the mental and physical level. They are linked together by a bond of passion, which can only be released when they have enjoyed each other. The Apostles find this rote very useful, since many of their victims latter rationalise their behaviour and think they really wanted to give themselves to the mage.

Anti Magic Defence SystemBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This system is used to prevent mages from using magick or transporting quintessence in restricted areas. They are mostly wired up to alarms, security doors and stun gas delivery systems, but other (nastier) systems can be connected. The AMDS consists of arrays of detectors, which detect flows of quintessence. A surge of quintessence is reported to a central unit, which sound the alarm and immediately activate defence systems.

A classic use is for directing Subsonic Pain Inductors (SPIs), small devices which send a subsonic beam at a human target and induce agonising pain (Life 4, damage pain only). The NWO Re-education division uses cells with AMDS-SPI equipment to keep mages under control. Each use of magick brings instant agony, and the threshold sensitivity is slowly increased, forcing the mage to stop using magick even at a subconscious level.

anti magick bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Roll Prime difficulty 8 while crafting the bullet and spend successes number of extra Quintessence, any mage hit by and wounded by these bullets suffer from the rules of Anti-magick (Mage t:A 2ed) until she get them out or counters this effect (must spend willpower)

anti-armor bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

By using the effect erode matter the bullet negates one die of armor the target has per success (no effect on Stamina or Fortitude.)

Anti-Magick Shell ScriptBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 3, Forces 2, Life 3, Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2, Spirit 2, Time 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

This is the V-dept version of Ward (cf). Like Ward, it grants Magick Resistance to another person, an object, or an area defined by the caster, protecting against any magick from the spheres used in its creation that is not Static, including both direct and indirect effects. However, because of its nature it also protects against all magick use in the Digital Web, even that which is Static.

[In order for the module to work, it must be made a permanent part of Static reality. Thus a minimum of five successes are required to enact the effect. The sphere ratings above are the minimums necessary to make the magick effective against a particular sphere. For instance, an Anti-Magick Shell Script meant to protect against Forces and Matter effects could be cast only by a mage with Forces 3+ and Matter 2+. The dice of magic resistance bestowed equal to the number of successes, less the highest level of magick use the creator wants the AMSS to be effective against. Thus, to be effective against all magick, the caster would need all nine spheres at the level given above and would bestow one die of magick resistance per success over five. The dice of magick resistance of a cooperatively cast ward are determined by the mage with the higher Arete.

Example: A V-dept (Arete 5) and his friend (Arete 4) try to ward a machine against Forces 3. They get 3 and 4 successes, respectively. Seven successes is enough to make the effect permanent but the 3 gained by the V-dept (who has the higher dice pool) are insufficient to grant any dice of Magick Resistance).]


Profile: Prime 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This Marauder rote is essentially the exact opposite of anti-magick (see BoS for details). The marauder dissolves the supporting threads of the local Tapestry, allowing reality the flow more freely and adding excess quintessence to it. This creates a local region of dynamic reality, where the normal laws are temporarily suspended. A kind of anti- paradox zone, where vulgar magick may become coincidental. However, the rote itself is *very* vulgar. It will attract Paradox Spirits as honey attracts bees. But if the spirits enter the area, they become influenced by the local paradigm and may begin to behave in unexpected ways. In fact, they might start defending the *local* rules instead for a short time, in opposition to their unchanged brethren. Very confusing.

Another side-effect is that the dynamic reality and free quintessence makes random events occur. This ranges from weak effects like having a glass coincidentally break or insects behaving strangely when the rote haven"t turned reality very dynamic, over more dramatic effects like potential fire coming real or spirits manifesting to truly bizarre and dangerous events like objects changing shape, breaches of the Gauntlet and reality behaving like a surrealist painting.

[Each success will make vulgar effects of less or equal levels coincidental. For example, with 3 successes all magick up to level 3 in any sphere is coincidental, while Life 4 would still be vulgar. It will also allow random effects up to this level, but they are completely uncontrollable.]


Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage creates a small pattern of electricity and light. The result is an arclightning, which shine with a clear light. Usually the mage creates it between the thumb and index finger. It can also be sent away as a small lightning bolt. Hermetics do this rote by drawing the Hebrew letter shin with the Seal in the air, while chanting the name of a god of light or thunder (Like Ormus, Indra, Zeus or Thor).

Artificial InseminationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Allows the mage to extract a suitable sperm specimen from a donor male (not necessarily willing, or knowing) and implant into a target female (again, not necessarily willing or knowing). The rest is up to the womans body...

For kindred, the sperm is taken from the kindred"s testes (Correspondance), revives it to an active, living state (LI4, PR2) and implanted into a target carrier. In the average timespan, your average 300-year old vampire can be a new daddy!

This rote will work for dead mortals as well, but the longer they"ve been dead, the less chance of recovering their full pattern correctly.


Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage will fit into any culture. They will appear no different (caucasian will still be caucasian), but their manners and attitudes will fit in place with the current society. (A caucasian in an African market will be able to barter as well as any african there.).

Astrological PredictionBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1, Spirit 1, Time 2 Author: Unknown

The Order of Hermes is the master among the traditions in matters of astrology and planning. One major use of astrology has been to find the most suitable time to perform magick, by studying the conjunctions of the planets and stars. The astrologer analyses the act of magick, determines which planets rule it (for example, Prime is ruled by the Sun while Spirit is ruled by the Moon) and then tries to find the best conjunctions. Magick of the right type performed then will be more powerful and safe.

[ The number of successes determine how powerful conjunctions the mage has found (a conjunction with 4 successes will decrease the difficulty for that type of magick with 4). However, the more powerful conjunctions are much more rare, so the mage may have to wait for an inordinate amount of time before the right moment, or use lesser conjunctions (by removing extraneous successes). One success means the astrologer has found a minor event, occurring within a day (generally a suitable planetary hour). 2 successes occur within a week (generally a suitable planetary day). 3 successes occur within a month (often influenced by moon-phase). 4 within a year and 5 within a decade (and so on). ]

AT&T'S third eye planBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

[Aethereal Telepathy and Telempath along with US Spirit"s "The Ghost" and Metaphysical Communications Discorporated"s "Fiends and Family" offer easy-to-use versions of the standard Call Spirit effect, MAGE p 214. Umbral effect, no coincidences required.]

Atropos' MeasureBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Life 1 Author: The Wizards Book

Both the Verbena and the Euthanatos claim credit for inventing this ancient rote. Commonly used by both traditions, the spell allows a mage to sense wether or not a person is fated to be important to them. For instance, the person in question might know a secret that the mage desires to know, or he may have an object the mage needs to complete his goals. The rote tells the mage that the person is important, but not why. This rote can also be used to detect wether or not a person has a great destiny (via the destiny background).

(System: Many successes on the roll might, at the storyteller"s option, reveal hints about how the person is important.)

Attach Severed HeadBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 2, Mind 4, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

Dr. Dylan Darkedge had to use this suddenly, when an Order of Hermes elder was beheaded in front of him, by a Euthanatos Mage. He gathered his companions, and worked to ensure that the spirit would not escape the body, the head would be re-attached, the mind and body would suffer no entropic effects (for the 30 seconds or so the head was away from the body), and forces was used to jump-start the bodies" natural forces. Then, the spirit had to be forced back into the body, and the mind had to be restored to functioning form.

They were successful, barely. Blowing Quintessence and Willpower, they reattached the head, but the Order of Hermes mage now acts as if he"s had a stroke. He cannot move his right leg, and he speaks with a slur. The most disturbing fact is that now, the Order of Hermes mage seems to have lost his sphere abilities.

Attack Geomid Subroutine CallBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Spirit 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

This effect causes an Attack Geomid, a "weaver" spirit that defends pattern webs, to matierialize and attack a target specified by the mage. Victims are designated by thier locations (using Correspondence), not by physical or other descriptions. Because Geomids are strongly associated with pattern, they are common in areas where the Gauntlet is strong, making the Rote easier to use in such areas, where Spirit magick is usually more difficult. The Geomid appears as a computer-animated-looking polyhedron with sharp edges and corners, that attempts to slash and impale targets.

[Victims of Attack Geomids take one Health Level of aggrevated damage per success rolled. This damage can be soaked by both Stamina and armor. Dodging an attack Geomid is usually ineffective, as they move very quickly and are guided to their targets by Vulgar Correspondence magick. The preponderence of Attack Geomids in Weaver areas compensates for the high Gauntlet of those places, while the low Gaumtlet in natural surroundings compensates for the scarcity of the Geomids in such areas. Thus the base difficulty for this effect is always six and the number of successes required is determined by the range and number of targets designated.] F/X - Summoning an Attack Geomid is a Vulgar effect. Coincedental in the Digital Web

Aura of DeathBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Christopher L

Other traditions have noticed that wherever there is a great disaster, the Euthanatos soon appear. And when the Black Death broke out in the cities of Europe, the Euthanatos came out in droves. Although the Euthanatos could cope with the sight and stench of thousands of rotting corpses, they needed some way to avoid contracting the plague itself. Conducting this ritual creates a kind of Death Field around the mage which kills all minor life forms that come to close, such as fleas, viruses, insects etcete ra. This field is too weak to affect higher organisms but other people do sense a kind of chilling effect around the mage. There may be a way around this but very few Euthanatos actually care. "Life magick kills all simple life forms within two feet of the mage. Three successes are needed to activate the rote and the effects last for one day."

Aura of PowerBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage channels quintessence into himself and his surroundings. He cannot control where it goes or how it manifests, and it will spread. The result will be that the mage will be quite noticeable, and appear more "real" than the background. It gives a definite impression of power. The negative side is that the quintessence attracts lots of "little nasties" and can suddenly ground into patterns, turning them more real too. Cult of Ecstasy perform this rote by watching light reflecting in the surface of a drink and then make a silent toast to themselves.

[ Each success will give on extra dice on social rolls. ]


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Unknown

Any person affected by this rote will find themselves seriously affected by symbols of Authority. A white collar,a police badge, even traffic signs will cause the target to obey unless they spend willpower,and make a willpower roll against an 8.


Profile: Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to read any information, and automatically sort the information perceived into a predefined order, such as alphabetical, numerical, etc. After getting particularly curt treatment from a publishing house receptionist, Evan decided to return all the books he had in his personal library from that publishing house. He entered his library, adn viewed the 10,000 odd books. Using this rote, he was able to determine that he needed to return 212 books to the publishing house, in order to properly protest his treatment.

The answer came so quickly, so easily. It was all in his mind to begin with... it"s just a matter of manipulating existing data.

Avoid TrafficBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Matter 1 Author: Ian Ward

The mage uses correspondence to be aware of traffic which is nearby. Matter is used to restrict the scan to metalic, car shaped objects. The mage can then go speeding about the streets without worrying about cars pulling out in front of him. This rote can be made even more effective by adding forces 1 to calculate the speed of all the cars (note: the speed can also be found by using correspondence to measure distances traveled, time 1 to measure the time taken to move that distance, and mind 1 to perform all the calculations.).

Awaken the Spirits of matterBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Dreamspeakers sometimes want to communicate with the elementals living in material objects. They tickle the object with their feather and beats their drums to awaken the sleepy spirits. If it succeeds the spirits awaken, and the mage can talk with them. The spirits of normal objects are often rather simpleminded and fairly powerless, but generally very knowledgeable about the nature and use of the object. Some objects can have fairly wilful and powerful spirits, like certain cars or buildings.

Awaken to the Harsh RealityBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5, Mind 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

Don"t talk to me of loneliness - don"t speak to me of tears For I have had enough of both to last a thousand years "If music be the food of love" then let a famine rage To starve my childish innocence before it comes of age. --"When All Else Fails", Skyclad

This rote was designed by a particularly cruel Euthanatos Mage, Victor Krugan. When he took an apprentice, he would always use this rote on their minds to strip away many of hte naive and innocent views of they"d held of the world, replacing them with a much more jaded, bitter view of the world. The reaoning behind this, was that a certain mindset is needed by which to judge those ripe for the "Good Death".

Awakening the fitful SleeperBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

Supposedly originated by the Celestial Chorus sometime in the dim past, though both the Akashic Brotherhood and the Order of Hermes hotly disputed this. The intention of this Rote is to force the Awakening of a sleeping Avatar when the sleeper is resisting or suppressing the attempts of the Avatar to Awaken. The Mage uses Telepathy, guided by the flows of Quintessence through the sleeper"s Life pattern to contact the sleeper"s Avatar directly. Once contact is established the Awakening of the Sleeper automatically follows, often to the sleepers total dismay. This Rote was most useful during the Inquisition and the various witch trials which followed as a tool for converting an enemy into a sudden ally. This Rote is not considered Vulgar Magick, or be resisted, because the Avatar is already struggling to awaken, the Mage is simply expediting the process. Note that this Rote is totally useless against fully Awaken creatures such as Garou, Vampires or Mages as they are already Awakened in one way or another. Though Orphans about to Awaken are especially vulnerable to this Rote as are sleepers seeking Awakening or with occasional contact with their Avatars.

[The difficulty is the target"s Willpower, but is never more then a 9. For every success over the first the Mage may determine either the speed of the Awakening, the impact on the sleeper or resistance by the sleeper to the Awakening.]

Ball of Gathered FlameBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Prime 1 Author: The rote library

[The Mage moves her hands about the air, fingers lightly spread while speaking the correct magickal words to congeal the light. It takes on a cob-webby texture and begins collecting in the Magi"s hand as if it were indeed cob-webs the Mage was raking her hand through. As the Mage collects this light, she leaves behind darkness, which commonly appears as shadows hanging in mid air. After several swipes, enough light is collected in the hand to form a ball that just fits in the hand. Charging this with 1 point of Quintessence (which makes it glow brightly). The Mage then hurls this at her target, rolling Dex + Athletics diff 6. The ball itself can travel until it comes in contact with something, and will continue in exactly the same direction it was going when it was released. Upon impact, it bursts into an area of intense light twice its diameter, doing Magickal Successes in aggravated damage.]

Banish spiritBearbeiten

(original title lost) Profile: Mind 5, Spirit 5 Author: DJ Babb

This ancient Dreamspeaker rote is both highly successful, and highly deadly. The Dreamspeaker enters the dreams of the disturbed (originally a Sleeper, who would complain to his shaman about "wrong thoughts"), and pulls the crazed spirit from the tar get"s mind by a series of chanting and drumming within a smoke house. Once removed, the spirit will usually try to return to the confines of a mind, either the original host"s or the Dreamspeaker who removed it, forcing the Dreamspeaker to destroy it onc e and for all and set the disturbed individual free. Many Sleepers scoff as they see men chasing at thin air, shouting at it to be no more. The Dreamspeakers know better however.

[This coincidental rote works on two levels. First, it reaches into the target"s mind and separates the "bad parts" of his mind from the rest, and then it reforms those thoughts as a spiritual entity. The power of such a spirit should be proporti onal to the target"s madness. A Sleeper who sees an occasional pink dragon would form a minor spirit at best, while a Marauder madness might form legions of monstrosities. Unless the Dreamspeaker destroys the spirit(s), the target will still be plagued by his madness. On a botch the target may get worse, or the spirit may manage to graft itself to the Dreamspeaker"s soul (effectively "jumping boat").]

Banishment of the Disgusting VerminBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author:

A Order of Hermes mage was having a great deal of trouble with cockroaches. To get rid of them, he developed this rote. Using Mind 2, he convinced the cockroaches to go bother the Progenitor living across the street and two doors down.

Bath of BeautyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Verbena have never underestimated the power of youth and beauty, and have developed this rote. The mage fills the cauldron with blood, which is consecrated. Then the mage washes himself from head to feet in the blood while invoking the powers of youth and life. [ Each success triples the number of years the mage rejuvenates (1 success 1 year, 2 3 years, 3 9 years, 4 27 years...). If the mage wants to continue rejuvenating another bath is required, and so on. These changes have the same weakness as Improve Self, they suffer from Pattern Bleeding.]

Battery PackBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 3, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

You can use your own body as an energy source for any number of applications. Each success grants you an hour of operation time. Each hour beyond operation time will feed off of quintessence levels the mage has stored. Each hour after the quintessence levels have been exghausted, will feed from the mage"s health levels.

Beacon of JeronBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage "marks" an object, which he aftarwards will be able to find (just like the place in "Where Am I?"). Members of Order of Hermes draw a pentagram around the object using the Seal, while Virtual Adepts enter information about the object into their computer, which will keep track of it.

Belly TalkingBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 2 Author: Tim Hensiek

Minxing Yuan realized that the principle of devastating one"s opponent if one could not avoid combat was facilitated if she had some idea of how dangerous a potential opponent was before she fought him. With this in mind, Min learned how to estimate a person"s fighting ability by watching how they moved and how their thoughts flowed, and thus was able to avoid many fights that she could not have won. (This rote gives the doist information on the targets score in Str, Dex, Stam, Do, Brawl, and Melee. A single success tells her if the target has those attributes and abilities. Two successes give the general level [low, medium, high]. Three gives them in terms of the doist"s own ratings(lower, higher, the same), while four or more gives the exact level.)


Profile: Life 3, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This is a lesser version of the terrible "Warp Spasm" and "Hero Light" of the ancient Celts. It allows a Verbena to harness the inner, animal rage that human beings carry within their minds and bodies. Typically, the caster cuts himself with his Athame (dagger focus) and lets the pain and sight of the blood drive him to frenzy. Those who no longer need the dagger simply bite their tongues to taste their own blood. A berserker is immune to pain and can exert terrible strength. Powerful Verbena can evoke Berserkergang in their followers as well.

[Berserkergang increases the subjects physical Attributes by one per success. Successes must be used on Strength until it is either doubled or increased to 5, remaining successes may be used as desired. The sphere of Mind is used to incite rage and inure the character to pain. Higher sphere levels can be used to incite Berserkergang in willing allies. Inciting Berserkergang in unwilling subjects requires the use of Coincidental or Vulgar magick.]

F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

Betrayal of the Palid MaskBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4, Life 3, Matter 3, Mind 1, Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Kyle

This Rote, very similar to Uther"s Butchered Visage, allows the Mage to sucessfully impersonate a Vampire. It was developed by a Mage who goes by the name of Ken LeBeau of the Verbena Tradition, but professes to be a vodou houngun as a cover for his vampirism.

The Mage who uses this Rote is disgused in the following ways:

Mind allows the control of the autonomic nervous system, stopping blinking, slowing respiration and heart beat, almost stopping blood flow, and stopping the reaction to pain.

Life allows for the cosmetic changes, fangs, red eyes (glowing with Forces), and even claws and other physical changes if desired.

Matter is used to create a Matter reading for detection.

Forces is used to lower the body temperature so the Mage doesn"t show on Thermal Detectors.

Spirit is used in a fairly unique manner. Instead of calling out for spirits, it is used to mask one. This gives the Mage that dark look for those who can see the Spirit.

Prime of course powers it all.

By successfully making a Sphere roll at a difficulty 7 (highest sphere + 3) the Mage is able to fool casual inspection. If close scrutiny by another is desired, subtract the number of successes the Mage got when enacting the Rote from the dice pool of the investigator, the difficulty determined by the Willpower rating of the Mage.

A higher version is reportedly used by Ken, involving Mind 4 to plant a suggestion in his own mind so he reacts as a Vampire would to fire and sunlight, and to make him think he is a Vampire masquerading as a human Mage to avoid any interrogation under mental persuasion. It is also rumored he links Life to react just as a normal Vampire would under the effects of the sun, taking normal damage for the first round and each subsequent round until cancelled. The sunlight reaction can be cancelled without dropping the whole Rote. This Rote is almost always considered Vulgar Magick.

Bind ServitorBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This ritual allows a summoned being to inhabit a material object, like a knife, a statue or a fire. The being will gain the power to use the object as a body; a statue will be able to move, a knife will be able to stab or slip away, a fire will be able to choose whether it will burn somebody or not. The ritual must be done during the creation or reshaping of the object, to make the link to the spirit the strongest. Sometimes mages divide the ritual process into parts, and perform certain stages on the right days.

Bind Spirit GuardBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Prime 3, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote binds a spirit to become a guardian of a piece of matter. Whether it be a lake spirit protecting the war-stone, or the shadows protecting the ring of power, this rote will bind a willing or defeated spirit to a specific object, so that if the object is taken or used outside of the parameters set by the mage, the spirit itself will suffer.

This rote does not call, nor does it compel the spirit to obey. The spirit must be called or compelled, defeated or willing to be bound to the object.

Bio-electrical chargeBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to charge an inanimate object with bio-kinetic energy. The bio-kinetic energy will explode after time, a the energy wears down the object"s pattern.

Bio-Plasma BurstBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to release a burst of highly agitated plasma at a target. If no quintessence is used, the plasma blast will do STAMINA+FORCES dice worth of damage. Each quintessence spent on this rote will also add 1 dice to the damage dice pool.


Profile: Life 2, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote produces a tattoo of a (number of) pie graph(s), on the mages forearm, that indicate the state of health of the body. This is particularly useful when trying to resist torture or any other physically demanding activity that requires constant surveillance of the body.

Bionic ProsthesisBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 2, Life 3, Matter 3, Mind 3, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the manipulation of electronic and mechanical preosthetics. The bionic prosthetics can function perfectly with the host body, and will repond to motor commands, etc. Other elements (a la cyberpunk) can be introduced into the construction of the prosthesis.

This rote works because, essentially, the prosthesis is NOT actually mounted on the stump of the removed limb. Rather, it is magicall placed on the stump, and will remain (via correspondance) in place. Impulses from the hosts mind will activate the prosthesis, and electronic impulses from the prosthesis will echoe in the mind exactly as if it were a functioning human limb.

WHile this invention is a great boon to those who have suffered amputation in the service of the traditions, there are a couple of set-backs. Training in the use of the limb will take a fair while. Roll DEXTERITY + ATHLETICS, diffuculty 7 The results from below will indicate how long before proficiency with the bionic prosthesis has been attained. DEX+ATHLETICS Minimum Training successes time for proficiency

5+ three weeks 4 six weeks 3 three months 2 six months 1 eight months

As well, any additional functions (lie a firearm in a prosthetic arm) will cost an additional one-twelve weeks in learning time. This is on top of the base training time outlined above. DEX+ATHLETICS Minimum Training successes time for proficiency

5+ one week 4 two weeks 3 four weeks 2 eight weeks 1 twelve weeks

WARNING! THis is a hanging spell. This means that if for any reason, magic does not work in a specific area, the prosthetic limb will FALL OFF! (remember, it"s not actually joined to the stump...) Rejoining the limb may take hours, but you will not have to go through the training again.

Black DaggerBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Life 1 Author: Christopher L

Named by the straightforward Euthanatos after its most common focus, this rote is easily mastered by young Disciples. As with most of the traditional rotes, it is simple, effective and created to kill people. Taking a knife suitable for throwing, the mage daubs it in the substance of a bodily organ to prepare it. This is either vitreous humour (eye), semen (genitals) or blood (heart). This knife then acts as a focus for the magick. The mage hurls the dagger at his enemy and it is drawn towards the correct area. Of course it helps if the mage"s aim is reasonable but the magick greatly increases his chance of success. There are many very old daggers in use by the Euthanatos, passed down from mentor to disciple. These are often African throwing knives and use of one of these ritual items can make the magick far more potent. Over the centuries these blades have been stained distinct colours. Yellow blades are drawn to the eye, white blades fly for the genitals and the most common black daggers pierce the heart. "Life magick identifies the target area, Forces guides the blade towards it. Each success reduces the difficulty of hitting the target area by one. The base difficulties are normally eyes +3, groin +2 and heart +2. Use of a knife with the appropriate resonance will reduce the difficulty of the magickal success roll."

Blade of the Elder WightBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Matter 3 Author:

Using secrets passed down by Vedic masters, this Euthanatos rote charges any weapon with Entropic energy by sprinkling it with powdered bone. Such weapons often have an unearthly chill to them, to the point where mists surround the blade, and frost forms along its edges. [Such enchanted weapons do an additional die of damage per success of the magick for as long as the Rote lasts.]

Paul Strack

Blade of the HydraBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: The rote library

[You throw a knife. A foot from hitting the target you co-locate the knife five times around the target - the target is now hit by 5 knifes, not one! Or you spray a target with automatic fire, as above, co-locate the bullets making several copies that surround the target - so the target can be hit by literally dozens of bullets. This can be explained by either saying you have incredible control over automatic weapons, or your shots riccochet (rebound?) and just so happen to hit the target.]

Blast FurnaceBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

Rather than simply conjuring a blast of fire (and how dull is that, kids?), try conjuring molten steel instead! Not only does it do the same amount of damage when you splatter it all over someone, it immediately sticks, burning through most other substances, while at the same time rendering the ground slippery and rather difficult to traverse. (We used this to slow down a fifteen-man HIT Mark squad).

Blazing SwordBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This rote charges the Dancer"s blade with Quintessence, allowing her to spend one point of Quint each time she strikes, thus causing Aggravated Wounds. It lasts for two rounds per success.

Bless GrowthBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the most common rote ever used by the priestesses. By reciting the names of the plants, animals and people while making love to Dumuzi, they make them grow faster and become more fertile. The power of this rote is increased if it is performed with either the King (who is the personification of the land) or with a priest of Dumuzi.

Bless the Faithful ServantBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage blesses a spirit, pouring quintessence into its pattern. This is something most spirits desire, as it will make them more powerful in the long run. Besides, at least to a human, they seem to derive pleasure from it. This rote is often used to thank spirits who have helped the mage. The Cabalists bless them in the name of Tetragrammaton and let the quintessence flow from their seal, while dreamspeakers give them crystals and medicine as gifts.

Blessing of BaphometBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

All kinds of life in the vicinity of the mage start to grow and multiply faster. Flowers bloom, crops become bountiful, all female beings become fertile. A place where this rote has been used often sometimes looks like a jungle, filled with wines and insects.

Blessing of the gunBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Entropy 2 Author: Eric Tolle

This is a rote Eugene came up with when he got tired of missing all those impossible shots. The entropy affects the probability of random shots hitting targets that have been located with Correspondance. Action: This only works on shots whose difficulty has been raised to ten via circumstance: IE a full autofire burst in a dark room...each success versus a difficulty of eight (fast cast) reduces the target number by one. The target number may not go below the base difficulty of the gun.

Blood BondBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jack Dracula

Created by Arctus, this simulated the Vampiric Blood Bond by ladening the mage"s blood with his own quintessence. [The person still needs to taste the Blood three times for it to be effective, and the mage will have to sacrifice a point of blood, along with the accompanying injury.]

Blood MovementBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

When she was very young, Larissa Iozzo, a Verbena, was really frightened because she had just been bitten by a vampire. Luckily, her fairly cool head prevailed. She had the sense to direct all the alien blood in her system to her arms, where she hesitantly opened her arm up with a knife. She was able to ensure that only the vampire"s blood was extracted, essentially allowing her to avoid a portion of a blood-bond.

Blur the BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3, Spirit 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is a favourite among the more dynamic Dreamers, who are not far from Marauders themselves. They reach into the dreams of a person or a place and then blur the line between dream and reality. Things, situations and people from the dreams will appear coincidentally in the lives of the victims, strange events and odd hallucinations will follow them. Life becomes a slightly surreal affair, where nothing is certain and everything is possible.

Blush of MortalityBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Matter 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The Dancer holds her Lotus where a vampire can breathe the fragrance, and it restores the vampire to full mortality.

Body of FireBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 4, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to convert his body into an entropic effect. The body becomes composed of flames, though there is nothing that the flames feed on. The mage has control over his flames, and can shape it, and sparate flames from his body.

Body of IceBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to convert his entire body to solid ice. As such, he has control over the ice of his body, and can shape it, and separate it from himself.


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is a rousing galder which inspires frenzy and bravery among those who hear it.

Bread Upon the WatersBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 4 Author: Unknown

While in the Sanctuary, a Minister may manipulate spirits and Prime freely. The proceedure entails the mage emptying his avatar of Quintessence and having it"s power magnified and returned to him. for each point of Quitessence dumped in this manner the user may regain 3 from siphoning off the belief of his parishoners. Only Avatar Q can be used in this manner. Still, this can used as an efficient way to gather Tass. The spirit element of this rote should not be performed in plain sight as it entails apportioning tass to spirits in exchange for whatever information or services they can provide.

Break the Chains of WakefulnessBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

To actually leave one"s body completely behind and permanently take up residence in the dreaming is a dream most Dreamers share. While some Dreamers accidentally do this as their bodies are killed during sleep or taken over by other beings, they find they quickly loose power and begin to fade away along with their dreams. The only way to survive is to have some very powerful Dreamer dream them constantly into existence. The Dream Lords are naturally only too happy to help them out, in exchange for eternal service. The Dream Masters who actually leave their bodies behind are however independent, and can act freely. This naturally makes many Dream Lords irritated, and they sometimes test new arrivals by sending their nightmares against them.

Break the FlowBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage can disturb the flow of quintessence which sustains a magickal effect. This is done by disturbing it so it won"t discharge into its target, but into something else or just into reality in general. This will disrupt the magick for a short while (some types of magick may even be dispelled by this). This of course only works on magick which is fuelled by a flow of quintessence or is upheld by a concentrating mage. It will temporarily break down a barrier, make an eternal flame go out or turn a temporarily boosted Life- mage normal. Hermetic mages usually perform this by "cutting off" the power with their seal, while intoning the name of a powerful god or force.

[ Each success removes one success from the affected magickal effect. If it is of the type which demands constant influx of quintessence to function and remain in existence, like a flame or ward, it may be completely dispelled if all successes are removed. Matter and Life magick will return to normal function as power returns.]

Break the Language BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote creates an ongoing translation loop between the psyche of an individual who is talking (the language being spoken does not matter), and the mage (who needs not undetstand the language being spoken).

The effects of this rote are two-fold.

One: the mage, when speaking, will sound like he is speaking in the same dialect as the target, with a perfect accent.

Two: The mage will be able to read the pictures behind the words the target is speaking. FInding that images are more efficient in conveying information than words, this allows the mage to keep up in understanding what the target is saying.

This rote gives the illusion that the mage speaks the same language as the target. The target will have to roll a willpower roll to become aware that, although he understands teh mage perfectly, the mage is not actually speaking in the same manguage.

This rote works on the idea that we actually think in a specific language. Some people think in french, though they speak both french and english. THe benefit if this rote is that it uses the target"s internal language to translate the meaning of the mages words.

Break Through PainBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Nothing is more pleasurable than the end of pain. This rote uses the same techniques as the rote above, but seeks out deep, often subconscious fears and pains and breaks them down in a torrent of triumphant joy.

Break Through the Veil of DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Spirit 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage breaks down the Gauntlet into the dreams of a sleeping person. In this way the mage can visit other people in their dreams and influence their dreams. There are often links to the chimerae from these dreams, which makes this rote useful to get there. Some mages even open portals others can pass into the dreams, but this has of course the added risk that beings and things from the dreamworld can escape. The dreams of people who are awake can also be visited, since they often persist a short while after the sleep. Many such dreams have been linked stronger to the chimerae or started to dissolve. To remain inside a dream which dissolves is naturally extremely dangerous.

[Using Correspondence the mage can visit dreams of people far away, and Spirit 4 can open a physical portal. Inside the dream, the paradigm is largely decided by the subconscious of the sleeper, and normally quite loose. Most magick is coincidental, but some very inhibited sleepers may react negatively to it at a subconscious level, turning the dream into a nightmare.]

Breaking the BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 2, Mind 5, Spirit 3, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Taking past life regression hypnosis to another stage. This effect allows you to maintain your personal identity, while regressing yourself back through your personal incarnations, or across your multiple incarnations (depending on your paradigm view).

MI5 & SP3 - Untethering and travelling through the umbra, allows you the

           ability to create an umbral pocket that will keep you safe, 
           while regressing.

CO2 EN2 TI2 These spheres work towards finding the incarnations, and

           viewing them, while, atthe same time, only viewing the important
           parts of their lives.

Breaking the Bonds of BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Stephen Johnson

While any Mage with even the most minimal of understanding in the Sphere of Mind is able to resist the effects of Vampiric Blood Bonding. Mages without an understanding of the Sphere of Mind are as vulnerable as any sleeper to Vampiric Blood Bonding. This Rote was a gift freely given by the Akashic Brotherhood to all of the Traditions shortly before the beginnings of the Twentieth century and is taught to all Adepts of Mind. [Depending on the length of time which the subject has been Bound, the depth of control the Vampire exercises and the raw power the Vampire has available to her, this can be relatively easy or extremely difficult. Divide the generation of the binding Vampire by two and round upwards, then subtract the result from ten to find the difficulty. {For example a fifth generation Vampire equals 3 (generation of 5 divided by 2 equals 2.5) minus ten equals a difficulty of seven.} This is then modified by the Storyteller to account for the amount of control the Vampire exercises over the subject and how long the subject has been Blood Bound to the Vampire. If the subject is a Mage then subtract two from the difficulty at the Storyteller"s discretion.]

Brew VenomBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Life 2, Prime 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

While the Vikings regarded poison as foul, some of the modern asa-mages use it in the defence of their homes and traditions. By boiling together a foul mixture of blood, salt, yeast, earth, iron, ice and some drops of snake venom under invocations of the powers of death, they create a potent and untraceable poison. The poison can be applied in food or drink, placed on weapons or even on surfaces. The poison will seek out the weakest point of the victim and make him very sick or kill him. [ The poison works as an infection or other disease, completely coincidental. Typical effects can be heart attacks, allergic reactions or food poisoning. It will find the weakest point in the body of the victim using an effect like Dim Mak and then strike. It does three times the number of successes damage levels. ]

Bride of FlowersBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 2, Prime 2 Author:

The Tradition is divided over the morality of this rote, and its use is not as common as it once was. It originated in first century Gaul, when a Roman commander demanded that a group of Verbena provide him with a bride or be destroyed. Loathe to submit to him, the circle created a wife for him from a mass of flowers and he remained in ignorance of her true nature until she killed him. The people created from this spell have been used as servants, travelling companions, decoys and assassins. (If successful, the rote transforms a mass of living plant matter into the semblence of a human. In its basic form, the "bride" is little better than a zombie, capable of following only the simplest orders. With the application of the Mind sphere, the "bride" gains full sentience, and at least one Bride eventually Awoke.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Bridge the RiftBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

To teleport into the dreams of other people is a common trick. Usually the mage concentrates briefly on the person he want to meet, and if that person is dreaming the mage will appear in his dream. This is usually coincidental, as long as the mage starts from his own dream.


Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

These runes protect ships at sea from accidents and wreckage. They are inscribed on the bow and on the helm.

[ The runes will protect from all random accidents and give the helmsman a subconscious ability to find the best course through storms and reefs. Each success will add to his skill. ]

Broadcast ThoughtsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Forces 3, Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the ideas that his thoughts are being broadcast to others. For example, a man believes everyone in the room can hear what he"s thinking.

Bronze BodyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Emrey Barnes

The Dragon Scale Master Li T"eih practiced many forms of body strengthening and weapon deflection. Early in his Awakened state, Li learned how to avoid damage from attacks by angling his body and tensing certain muscles. Li trained for years before the ultimate state of this form was achieved.

[The Doist increases the density of her skin while concentrating on and reacting to the actions of her attackers. Specify the number of successes for duration of Bronze Body before rolling for the magick Effect itself. Remember that such improvement (i.e., the duration of the Effect) is only temporary. Bronze Body increases the difficulty of a single opponent"s attack rolls by one per success. The Doist can apply this effect against multiple targets by dividing the successes between each attacker (two against the first and one against the second, for example).]

Bucket o' WaterBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Timothy Toner

This _extremely_ nasty Schtick only works versus _one_ thing: a Verbena. "Nuff said.

Bullet in the headBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

lower the damage difficulty of the bullet with one per success, (no lower than EN3)


Profile: Forces 2, Life 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote causes the same effects as extreme heat exposure, but without the need for the heat, or flame.

Burnt offeringBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many spirits are extremely interested in the material world and its pleasures, especially those who for different reasons cannot manifest there. This is sometimes very useful for mages seeking their aid, as they can be placated with gifts of food and liquor (some spirits even prefer such gifts before Quintessence). A common method of sending gifts to the spirit plane is to ceremonially burn them, and thus let their essence appear by the spirits.

Butter FingersBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 3 Author:

With Life 1 to target, the Mage uses Matter 3 to cause a chosen part of the subject"s anatomy to no longer exist "in phase" with the rest of the world. Hands will be visible, but will pass through objects. A head will be visible, but unable to make sounds or even _breathe_. Feet will pass through floors, making locomotion difficult if even possible.

Cad Cam bullet.Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Matter 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Imagine a .22 with the stopping power of a .50AE, yes, could be vulgar.

Call a Spirit of JusticeBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Not an easy, nor very controllable effect. This does exactly what it"s title suggests. The caster may call a spirit of Justice to the location. The greater the successes, the more likely one will appear.

The spirit that will appear will most likely be one who has some sort of affiliation with the caster or an individual in the area who has a strong spiritual side. Dr. Dylan Darkedge, in a last ditch attempt to jump-start the weakened ley-lines in Winnipeg, called a spirit of Justice to influence the city spirit. Helping him was a Black Fury, named "Hela"s Embrace." Hela"s Embrace knew this was the moment she had been spared from death for. Hela"s Embrace poured her entire gnosis pool into helping Dylan"s call. Hela"s Embrace sacrificed a dogs spirit, and Hela appeared. Hela met with her daughter, ripped the fur from her body, and the blood from Hela"s Embrace recharged the spirit of the city, revitalising the ley-lines. The results of this rote can rarely be foreseen, even with the use of magick. the justice that is meted out may not only be one for which the mage wants redress, but another, or perhaps many or all injustices in the area/party.

Call FamiliarBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote sends out a call into the umbra and asks for a spirit which would act as a familiar. If successful, a spirit will appear (more from curiosity, than control). THen the mage must bargain with the spirit for the terms of the spirits familiarship. At any time either or both the mage and teh spirirt may withdraw from the negotiations.

Call FogBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2/3, Matter 2/3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote crates fog from the elements at hand, or, if the elements at hand are not available (say, finding high humidity in the desert), creates them. Then, using these elements, creates fog.

Note that location and time will have an effect on how long the magickal effect will last. Casting "Call Fog" in the desert will work, but it may last no longer than 30 or 40 seconds.

The number of successes indicate how long the effect will last.

Call Forth the Servants of the MotherBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Cybele had always a strong affinity for the great cats, and her priestesses retain it to some extent. By praying to the Mother they can make all great cats look upon them as their friends, and also obey them (a no mean feat for cats). However, the link is two-way, a priestess would never consciously harm any of the animals or put them in unnecessary danger as long as the friendship granted by the prayer is active. Reputedly the priestesses could call forth the fauns and satyrs by playing the pipes in the same fashion.

Call RainBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2/3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to call moisture from out of the sky. if the necessary elements for a rainfall are not avaiable, the mage may create moisture at a high altitude, and let it drop as rain.

Call the HealerBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons a healing angel in order to heal himself or another. If the angel choose to help depends upon the situation, the power of the summoner and if it was the correct angel for that type of wound or sickness. Each angel has its own speciality.

Calling in on a FriendBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Matter 1/Life 1 Author:

The mage uses a known person or object as the target for Shifting Through Space, rather than a location. Some Virtual Adepts plant prepared "bugs" on a target, so that they can teleport to that target at some future date. Correspondence Sensing the target prior to transport is generally a wise idea... [With conjunctional Life or Matter magick, the mage can teleport to a familiar person or object rather than a place. Higher levels of Correspondence can be used to co-locate to an person or object, and so forth.]

Paul Strack

Calling the DjinnBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5, Prime 4 Author: Chris Anthony

This rote is far more complex than the Creating, but with far more powerful effect: it allows a Mage to store his memory in a vessel for later retrieval.

The first step is to turn the oil lamp created in the previous rote into a Talisman. The lamp must be charged with five Arete and (probably) 5-10 Quintessence; then, the Mage must imbue it with Mind 5, to be used for a single effect: copying memory from one object to another, in very specific usage.

After the Talisman has been created, and when the Mage is ready to store his memory, the Mage must use Mind 5 twice: once to create a small, relatively stupid consciousness inside the stopped lamp, making a "djinn"; and the second time to transfer the Mage"s consciousness to the djinn, leaving his own memories intact in his brain.

The Talisman then works as follows: when the lamp is unstopped, the Talisman activates, and copies the memories of the djinn in residence inside it to the mind of the person who unstopped it, leaving a person who is, in mind, the original Mage, and an unthinking djinn inside the lamp. The lamp can then be restopped and recharged for another use.

This dual rote is most effective when used with Time In A Bottle, so that the Mage"s recent mind can be merged with his younger body.

Calling the TotemsBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

This is an ancient Dreamspeaker Rote of such antiquity that the Garou use a much less powerful and versatile version of it that they call the Ritual of Summoning that they originally learned in the dim mists of prehistory from the Dreamspeakers. All other Tradition Mages who study the Sphere of Spirit learn a variation of this Rote which simply allows the Mage to quickly summon spirits, or representatives of spirits, who act as, or are worshiped as, Totems. [For each success past the first either the amount of time the Mage must spend waiting for the spirit to arrive is decreased or, depending on the power of the Totem, the importance of the representative is increased. If this Rote is performed in the Near Umbra the first success is automatic. Theoretically a Mage who called for Mother Gaia and achieved five success could expect Gaia herself to appear in front of her within seconds. However the Mage had better have an extremely good reason for calling Mother Gaia with such force and urgency.]

Calming the Raging GarouBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Stephen Johnson

This is a rare and ancient Dreamspeaker Rote, though Masters of all the other Traditions are aware of variants of it. Simply put, the Mage blocks the connection between the Garou and the Rage which gives the Garou much of their powers and abilities. To the Garou this is extremely vulgar magick and the use of this Rote has caused entire packs of Garou to focus on hunting down the Mage and killing her for one simple use. Extreme caution must be exercised when using this Rote. [There is no way to disguise this magick to the target Garou or any observer, it is always vulgar magick. Requires three successes to function, once in place this Rote robs a Garou of the ability to change shape and use rage for the remainder of the scene. For every additional success beyond the first three an additional scene"s worth of time may be added.]

Candace's Divination of Personal FactsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Allows the mage to divine personal info about a person. Height, age, real hair color, number of children, etc. One question answered per success.

Candy's Cure for the Walking DeadBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Matter 4, Mind 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Returns Vampires to their human state, although with their vampiric abilities at least partially intact.

Cartesian RendingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is named after Renee Descartes, who claimed the soul could not interact with the material body except through a tiny link in the Pineal gland. A logical conclusion to this is of course that the link between the soul (and hence the rational intellect) and the body can be severed by suitable magick. This was also demonstrated by the Verbena who used this rote to be able to safely subdue enemies without killing them. They simply took a drop of blood (preferably from the victim) and cut it in half with their Athame, symbolising the severing of the Soul from the Body. The result is that the soul and mind of the victim will be unable to influence or sense what happens to the body. In effect it is locked up in itself while the body goes on living and retains some rudimentary intelligence, not unlike a zombie (this might be the real method to create living zombies used by the Voodoo mages). To restore the link, the mages have to carefully repeat the rote in reverse.

It goes without saying that the effect of the severing on the victims is profound and very unpleasant. In the state of total sensory deprivation they suffer they often develop complex hallucinations and may suffer psychosis, and become incurably insane after a few days. Kind Verbena mages use Mind to put them to sleep for the duration of the severing or place them in nice dream-realms. Mages are however not completely powerless in this state, since they may reach out using their still intact powers of magick. They may not be able to use anything requiring the body (like seeing or speaking), but many Spheres give them excellent ways to interact with reality.

[ The rote works by removing the Quintessence of the patterns that link the Mind and Body of the victim. It does not do any physical damage. Normally the soul of the victim will be desperately truing to reach back to the body, and this often succeeds if the rote is not sustained or very successful. For some ideas about the effects of sensory deprivation, see the similar Mind rote "Opening the Abyss"]

Catastrophe TheoryBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By analysing a system, a mathemagician can predict when it will suffer any drastic change in structure or behaviour, usually called a catastrophe. This can be used to predict the exact moment something will fail, someone will change his mind or paradox to strike.


Profile: Forces 4, Matter 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This weird material is created by a chantry of Sons of Ether in orbit around the moon. It is named after their founder Cavor, who also invented it (he is now rumoured to be stranded in Arcadia after some of his early experiments). It is a material which is impregnable to gravity, essentially isolating whatever is above it from gravity. Anything above a cavorite shield will be weightless. This has some problems, as the atmosphere above tends to blow into space if it is placed on earth. Fortunately it can be easily handled, and as long as it is tilted vertical its fairly harmless. Its quite useful for building spaceships and other aerospace vehicles. Its exact composition is a well guarded secret, but it is known to contain helium in some way.

CD(Change Directory)Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

Also called GOTO, this Rote allows the V-dept to instantly move to a different locality. Localities must be previously designated by a name (label or line number) and have a defined "pointer" to their position in three-space. Short "hops" to nearby areas are not possible, nor can the mage go to places he has never seen or heard of.

[This is a straight forward teleportation rote. Between two and four successes are usually needed since line of sight is disallowed as is the "anywhere in the world" range. The Rote only takes the mage to a general area, the exact point of arrival is random. The mage should keep a listing of her "directory tree. This Rote is usually Vulgar>

chain letterBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 2, Time 2 Author: Don

Dr. Teeth had always suspected that the New World Order had its hand in the US Postal Service . Actually, he was right--

Chains of BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: Kyle

This Rote is often used in conjunction with the previous Rote to give the illusion of being a Vampire. Ken developed it to help deceive the Kindred in New Orleans, where he started, and Indianapolis later. This Rote closely resembles the Blood Bond created by feeding on Vampire blood and will give a Generation reading of any desired Clan (usually Tremere) equal to the Mage"s Arete subtracted from 14 (i.e. Arete 1 = 13th Gen, Arete 2 = 12th Gen, etc.) when scrutinized by Thaumaturgy. This Rote works on Sabbat Vampires, unbeknownst to them.

Life is used to create the blood, with Prime powering the Pattern, and Mind is ingrained into the subject, but only to condition the consumer to fall deeply in love with the donor. This slow conditioning takes the normal 3 drinks to affect the drinker, unless Mind 5 [Mind (Advanced)] is used, in which case it only takes one drink.

The Mage must make an Arete roll as normal, 3 success are necessary to create the desired effect, and expend one point of Quintessence. Very rarely is this Vulgar Magick.

[For Masquerade rules, the Mage must spend 2 Mental traits, win a Static Mental contest at difficulty 5, and spend 2 Quintessence traits to properly encode the blood.]

It is rumored Ken has used a modified version of this Rote to inspire fear in some Kindred, as well as numerous other emotions directed toward other beings. One specific rumor has it he has used Correspondence to place this blood into drinks, duplicating the local ruler"s (Baroness Blue) blood, giving her loyalty in exchange for certain benefits.

Change bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

With this you can make brass casings or led bullets or turn it into another material (silver or perhaps cold iron) Still need to actually make the bullet, though.


Profile: Entropy 3 Author: The Wizards Book

Euthanatos are fond of prefacing this rote with the quote "The center cannot hold". By manipulating probability and causing small, coincidental mechanical failure, rust, and decay, the mage can cause complete pandemonium to erupt in his nearby area. This is usually done as a distraction in order for the mage to attack or escape.

(System: The more successes the mage rolls, the more chaos he causes and the more area he can cover. For one success, a car next to him might stall or the lights might flicker. Three successes make the area generally randomized: people suddenly start tripping and falling, several automobiles stall, etc. For five or more successes, the storyteller should go wild: huge auto accidents, chain reaction events (car hits hydrant, which causes water to spray everywhere which causes people to slip and fall over, which causes...etc), or simple massive confusion. The mage has no control over what form the chaos will take, although most of the time it will not affect him.)

Charge GauntletBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Michael M. Moolick

Many Void Engineers have to spend at least some of their time on "border patrol", guarding and maintaining the Gauntlet. They often think of their gauntlet as a fence between the spirtual and physical worlds. There are things out there that can break and practical fence. The Void Engineers do just what sleepers do when a fence has to hold something really big back, ther Electrify it! They use the gauntlet as a non-conductive material, and seperate a charge into the material and spiritual worlds. The charges stick together due to electrostatic attraction, but can"t normally touch. Whenever something tries to cross the gauntlet, it becomes a conduite between these worlds. ZZZaaaap! Mucho voltage. The dischage is quite spectacular ( one of the rewards of the often thankless job of a border guard ).

[ The discharge causes successes x2 damage. In addition, each level not soaked also removes one success from any attempt to cross the gauntlet. One use of the rote can create a number of discharges no greater than the number of successes. ]

Check LineBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Forces 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Sometimes telephone lines are being listened in on. This rote allows the mage to follow the line from her end to the other end, and tell if there are other people (and if so, possibly how many) are listening in.

Chelate RadiationBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 2, Life 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Chelates any and all radiation in the subject"s system.

Chemical ShortcutBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1 Author:

The Sons of Ether employ a different version of the periodic table than do conventional scientists, which can only be expressed with a three dimensional model. This allows them to pay attention to properties that most scientists overlook, thus enabling them to produce surprising results in laboratories. (Each success reduces the difficulty on Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, Chemistry and similar rolls by 1, to a minimum difficulty of 3.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Chi FistBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Kyle Felker

This rote is extremely common among the Akashik brotherhood, although other tradition variants exist. The Akashiks teach the rote as a deep- breathing technique that allows the student to focus his Ch"I, or mystical energy, into his fists, causing them to blaze with energy and cause severe damage to his foes.

(System: as per the Enchant Weapon effect under prime 2)

Chicks Dig Me.Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author:

Clears up acne, and convinces the target that concepts like "RAM" and "K-bytes" are incredibly interesting. Go fig.

chloe's sick trickBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

Waking up to find herself being examined in the emergency ward of a hospital, a young Verbena decided to freak out the medical staff for the hell of it. A pinprick-wound in her thumb pumped out narrow spurts of blood to up to six feet away, whilst she sat there nonchalantly watching the horrified looks on the nurse"s face. To top it all off, Chloe sneezed a three-pound blood-clot onto the curtain used to cordon her off from the rest of the ward. Splat.

[Prime 2 fuels the creation of a few pints of the mage"s own blood. This is, of course, somewhat vulgar. But fun.]


Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 1, Life 1, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

With this Rote, the Dancer can follow the progress of a living person through the Dance, from birth to possible deaths. She can see their health, attitudes, thoughts, and what choices they are likely to make.

Chronal Energy GeneratorBearbeiten

Profile: Time 4 Author:

Professor Reflux is justly pleased with this invention, which has enabled him to finish his experiments when his wife was demanding that he sit down to dinner immediately, as well as saving his life a few times. The Chronal Energy Generator literally creates time. He has also perfected a small, hand-held version that provides a similar, but less powerful effect. (The Chronal Energy Generator generates extra time within the field of its effect. Each success creates 1 hour of time for the scientist to use as he pleases. It is possible to cross into or out of the field, but doing so will cause damage equal to the number of successes. The Portable Chronal Energy Generator acts as the Time 3 effect "Time Dilation".)

Andrew E. Larsen

Circle of LightBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage builds up a circle of power around himself, which attack everybody who tries to cross. It often looks like a circle of fire or electricity. The mage usually draw the circle on the ground using chalk and the Seal, while chanting divine names in the four directions.

Circle of Summoning with a snap of the fingersBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

Used mostly by the Order of Hermes, the Mage simply draws a ragged circle, visualizes the intended end result, then snaps her fingers and all the details are created around the rough outline the Mage created. [For each success after the first the Mage may increase the size or complexity of the circle"s design.]

Multiplying the loaves and fishesBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

This is quite possibly one of the most controversial Rotes ever blamed on the Celestial Chorus, though the Celestial Chorus hotly denies that any of it"s members were ever the author of this Rote. This is a very vulgar Rote, especially so in these days of strict and powerful paradox, but it does mirror the more forgiving times when it was supposedly created. Depending on how focused the Mage is, enough food can be duplicated to feed a few people up to entire multitudes. [This Rote requires some food to be used as the model pattern. For each success after the first the amount of food created increases geometrically. In theory an attempt with six successes could provide a solid meal for every living human on Earth.]

Circle WardBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 2, Spirit 3 Author: The rote library

This rote enables the user to subtly alter the umbral area around him to set up a protective shield.

[Entropy/Prime causes the incoming effect to "leak" quintessence and thus lose its reality. Prime/Spirit sets up the Spirit field and supplies it w/ quint. Successes = # of automatic countermagic dice the mage gets. Unfortunately, the area is immobile. Normal "non-magical" effects would get through normally.]


Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 1 Author: Nicholas Rossier

This rote allows Bladers (as some like to be called) to conjure up a map of the city in their minds. After having studied an actual city chart, Bladers can locate themselves anywhere in the city, and even discern street conditions, i.e., traffic, road closures, potholes, that may impeded their travel.

classical/quantum particleBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 4, Life 3, Matter 3 Author: The rote library

[The Sons of Ether have out done themselves with this rote. It will actually turn a classical particle (anything you can percieve) to have the properties of a quantum particle (wierd quantum physics). This does a few major things. First of all - you are now a particle and a wave. You do not exist here, but rather over a continuum within set boundary conditions (like walls). The visual effect is that you appear in many places at once (your most probablility dense zones) and you are actually at all of them (without Corr 4!). You can also exhibit quantum tunnelling effects. You can go through walls if they are not suffucient barriers to stop your wavefunction. The disadvantages are that being a quantum particle the uncertainty principle effects you alot. When the effect is dropped, you can end up being anywhere your wavefunction existed. You are also disorientated by this experience. But can anyone hide something in an area better than thin rote. Total randomness and limited invulnerability to the wavefunctions from standard means of attack. Note area effects are the most effective against quantum particles but there are times when they don"t work. A clever rote needs a clever counter rote. I also reccommend people at least being familiar with basic quantum mechanics before they go whole hog on this rote. (I have a guy in my chronicle who is a physics grad student going for his PhD in real life).]

Clean Without WaterBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote will efficiently clean the mage (or anything else). Dust and dirt just vanish, leaving everything spotless. It also adjusts the hair and makes it shiny, adjusts make-up and does manicure. It of course includes perfume and deodorant.


Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote changes the adhesiveness of the targets flesh, allowing him to cling to walls, objects, etc. It takes a STRENGTH + ATHLETICS roll with a difficulty of 6 for the target to pul themselves from a surface they are clinging to. It takes others a STRENGTH + ATHLETICS roll against a target of 7.

Clip the Raven's WingsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Life 3 Author: Tim Hensiek

This rote employs the Dragon Scale principle of defeating your enemies as quickly as possible, in this case by disabling the target"s limbs. (Entropy determines the target"s weak points, such as joints, nerve clusters, and so on, and allows the doist to strike to disable. It does one level of damage per success. 1 success will temporarily disable a digit or sensory organ, 2 to 3 successes will render an arm, leg, or internal organ useless, and 4 to 5 successes will paralyze the target or leave them dazed.)

Closing the veil of the templeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is a often used way to protect the temple. The mage cloaks the temple in a veil of disinterest, and seal this by routing some of the temples quintessence into the veil. A person who don"t know about the temple will simply not notice it, or remain uninterested. It will not protect from those who know of the temple, but even those will have some difficulty to find a way in.

Cloud the Doors of PerceptionBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3 Author:

This useful Rote allows the mage to set up a field of "static" around an object or a place, making perceptual magick especially difficult to use on the target of the Rote. This is a conjunctional effect. In addition to Entropy, the mage must also have a high enough level in the Sphere of magick to use the magickal sense they are trying to block. The Rote may only block a single magickal sense at a time. This Rote is especially useful in conjunction with Time 2. The mage can use the Rote to cloud an entire "event", so that it is difficult to use Time to observe what happened (or will happen). The Rote will extend slightly forward and backward in time to hide the entire event. The mage need not maintain the effect, for any attempt to sense it must by necessity observe the time when the Rote was in affect. Some Euthanatos use this Rote to complicate Temporal investigations of their murders. This Rote is also commonly used to block Correspondence Sensing as well. Since Correspondence sensing is difficult magick, a little static can go a long way. However, the Rote must be maintained for the entire time the mage wishes to be protected. [The number of successes sets up a "threshold" which a sensing mage must overcome to magickally examine the target. These successes are subtracted from the successes of any sensory magick of the appropriate type. If the successes of the cloud exceed the successes of sensing, the sensing mage believes that their magick simply failed, and is unaware of the cloud. If the successes of both are equal, the mage is aware that his senses are being blocked, but they cannot penetrate the cloud. They may try again later, perhaps working with other mages in concert to get more successes.]

Paul Strack

Co-Locate DetonationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This rote is an improvement on the simpler Hyperspace Transmission. It is used on an exploding object. The energies of the explosion are transmitted to more than one distant location. The force of the explosion at each location is not diminished.

[ The explosion can be projected into as many areas as the mage has successes. However, any attempt to cause the explosion to be co-located at more than two spots raises the difficulty to ten. ]

Cobra VenomBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 2 Author: Kyle Felker

A particularly nasty and devious rote, noted more for it"s extreme shock value that damage causing potential. The mage gives himself a gland underneath his tongue and fills it with a potent venom which he can spray at anyone nearby. Like the spitting cobra, he can blind someone if he hits them in the eyes, and his bite becomes very poisonous. Many mages add fangs as well to heighten the impact. A variant of this rote exists which fills the gland with an incredibly potent acid. This rote is much more effective and versatile, since the acid can be used to burn through locks, handcuffs, etc.

(System: The venom will cause one level of non-aggravated damage per success on the roll, and the acid does full non-aggravated damage. Either version requires that the mage be very close to his target, grappling, for instance. A successful dex+brawl roll is required to spray accurately in the victim"s eyes. Storytellers should keep in mind that having a person suddenly spit acid or venom on you is very shocking, someone grappling the mage might let go in surprise.)

Combat SenseBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Life 1, Matter 1, Time 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to perceive the full potential of all situations that flow from the current situation. She can sense when something is going to happen, that involves violence. She is combat-ready for the duration of the effect. For the duration of the effect, she gets an additional two dice to her initiative dice pools.

Command SpiritsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage may command a spirit. The spirit must obey the command.

Command the Wearied MindBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a one-word command to be planted into the subconscious mind of the target. the word must be a word the target will understand, and must be a command. projecting a word like "piano" will only momentarily confuse the target. Also, be aware that many words have duel meanings. Thus, saying "Brake!" may induce the driver of a vehicle to stop teh vehicle, or to break the steering wheel, or, perhaps even to have a mental breakdown (though this last is unlikely.)

Commune with NatureBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage goes into a state of trance and contact the consciousness of all life around her, and then spread her senses into the surroundings. The mage feels what life around her feels, the consciousness of plants and animals and their positions. With some concentration the mage can find all animals and plants in the vicinity, tell their relation to each other and see through their senses. If something happens to any living being in the area the mage will immediately feel it. This can of course cause unpleasant effects if something dramatic or painful happens. Besides, the mage will have big trouble returning to just having a single consciousness and a single body if the experience have lasted long. And after coming out of her trance the mage is often disoriented and confused for a while, especially if it has taken a long time or her consciousness have been spread out over a large area.


Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Christopher L

None of the tradition have the Euthanatos knack for communicating with the dead; actually none of them want it. Summoning up ghosts is usually easier than getting rid of them. This rote goes back as far as anyone can remember. Ancient Euthanatos would perform a bizarre death dance as part of the funeral rites in order to ease the deceased on their way. The modern followers of the tradition perform the same dance to call the spirits up. Mages can call up a spirit knowing only its name, but it is much easier if some link to the spirit can be provided. This could be a favourite possession of the deceased"s, having a close relative or friend of the deceased"s present, right up to dancing on his grave (very popular). If forced to the mage can attempt to summon a spirit he does not know, e.g. "whoever died here" but this is hard. Of course if the deceased is an active, haunting spirit then this rote is absurdly easy.

Compile Virtual ComputerBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 1, Prime 2, Time 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Virtual Adepts have always been interested in applying the ideas of technology and science to magick. One early development was the discovery that magickal effects could be delayed until certain conditions had been fulfilled. Since this is essentially the same principle as the transistor, they began to develop magickal electronics. By joining together many separate "transistors" and using magickal events instead of electricity, they were able to first build immaterial digital devices and finally the virtual computers. These computers are built out of magickal patterns, which interact in complex ways. They require no electricity, since they use causality itself as their building material (some Adepts claim that space-time really is built out of a network of information processing units, and the virtual computers just are man-made imitations).

They have no limitations on speed, size or processing power except paradox and the skill of their creators. This turned out to be the greatest obstacle, since the creation of the ultracomplex patterns requires extremely skilled programmers. It was however somewhat simplified when a team of Adepts developed the first compiler, which could compile sourcecode in electronic form into a running virtual program-pattern. These compilers are major feats of magick and programming, and still require extremely skilled adepts, but its no longer a feat worthy an AI to create a virtual computer.

[ Virtual computers are compiled into extremely complex patterns of causal connections, which interface with the normal world through the Digital Web. The patterns has to be very exact, otherwise the system will quickly unravel. Interfacing with the physical world has proven to be too prone to paradox, which wrecks the intricate patterns in a matter of minutes. However, one elegant application which works is expanding the capacity of a normal Adept computer, which is often coincidental or at least doesn"t attract attention. Virtual memory can hold unlimited information and virtual processors can process nearly infinite amounts of data. There are persistent rumours that several experimental virtual computers have achieved consciousness and Ascended. ]


Profile: Entropy 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Often the Technocracy do not want others to understand the inner workings of their devices or their theories. It would for example be disastrous if some future technology got into the hands of the Masses. Therefore the MRG has developed a general way of making theories, objects or rotes more complex and harder to understand partially based on coding-theory. By randomly mixing the parts and introducing self-organising elements they can make the simplest structure so complicated that it will become impossible to understand, while still working as it should.

[ Each success adds two to the difficulty in understanding how the target works. The rote must be used when it is designed or constructed, it won"t work on a finished system. ]

composite virtual imagingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Rote integrates a mage"s various senses (as a Disciple of multiple Spheres) into a single virtual reality (cf Landscape in the Mind). Patterns are represented by "icons" and quintessence and ley lines are superimposed in glowing gold, while a clock icon measures time to the nearest nano-second. The mage can "select" patterns for a complete analysis, "switch screens" to view the Near Umbra or invoke a "diagnostic" to assess the entropy of the area. Skilled Disciples can also detect the presence of minds and correlate them to the patterns they inhabit. Of course, magical effects going off near the mage are immediately noted. All this assumes a disciple of nine spheres - a rare mage indeed, However, any number of spheres may be used.

[Range of this rote is more limited than for other Correspondence effects:

Successes/Radius Perceived

1 6" - mage"s personal space 2 20" - large room 3 20yds - good sized house 4 100yds - stadium, high rise 5 1/4 mile - city block, industrial park

Furthermore, if more than four spheres are being used, require an additional success. Remember the mage only gets all the above effects if she casts the Rote conjunctional with all nine spheres. Also note that all the mage gets for using Mind one is the ability to detect incoming Mind effects. Few coincidental effects will cover the broad range of senses granted. Examples include Sherlock Homes-like deduction, a "thorough" briefing of the area, or (for short durations) lucky guesses or intuition.]


Profile: Life 1, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Children use this rote to plan and compose the ecstasies of their ascendees. They link up to the minds of the ascendee, and understand how to weave together the pleasures in the best way to bring the ascendee to ever more ecstasy.

[ Mind 1 is used to keep the mage reasonably in control and able to think clearer. Time 1 gives the mage perfect timing, while Time 2 lets him find the best solutions. ]


Profile: Correspondence 4 Author:

Careful alignment of widely seperate objects is an essential element in Cartographer magick. In a pinch, this Rote can be used to force such arrangements. Using an effect similer to Hermes" Portal, the Cartographer can create windows in space to create the illusion of arrangement in a straight line. Through the use of this rote the mage may wound five different targets with the same bullet or play a game of tug-of-war in three cities at once. [This effect relies on Conjoin Localities to align diverse objects. Successes determine the range of the effects--refer to the Correspondence Range Chart--or the number of gates created. Thus, three successes can align two objects which are "very familiar" to the mage by creating a single gate and augmenting the effect"s range, or align three objects which are within the mage"s field of view by creating two gates. At least two successes must be scored to successfully cast this rote.]

Consciousness Resonance for Mental DetectionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

A Son of Ether once wanted to find out if somebody else was keeping a defector from the Technocracy under surveillance. He built an electronic device, which connected electrodes on his head and a sensitive antenna to a resonance circuit. His theory was, that if somebody was watching the defector, the mental patterns of the other would match his own as he was watching the defector. This would cause a resonance in the detector, which could be measured. He also added a biofeedback monitor to the system, to be able to find out some physical characteristics of the other person. The device turned out to be both efficient and almost paradox free, and now is standard equipment in many of the local mental experiments.

Consecrate CircleBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This hermetic ritual is used to consecrate a Circle and/or Triangle to make it easier to summon spirits into it, and strengthen its protective properties. Usually it is done by sacrifices to the invisible rulers of the spirit world, and long incantation of god- names. [ Each success will decrease the gauntlet inside the Circle and/or Triangle with 1 and increase it along the circumference.]

Constrict Gene GenerationBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Life 4 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This rote is, as Life Hacking, a closely guarded secret of the Reality Hackers. They will use it for others ( for a sufficient favor ) but will never divulge it"s secret to anyone not of their small order. The Traditions continual seek ways to foil the threat of Progenito Cloning. This rote is one such means of anti-cloning methods. It"s use causes small errors in the recipient"s gene structure to be produces, seeds for a chaotic process of cellular degredation. This degredation causes the cell to begin making "suicidal" enzymes and structural components. Progenitors trying to use such a cell for cloning will find the cells untenable, they die out in less than ten divisions. The rote has three specific sub-versions. All require the adept to make a computer model of the recipient"s DNA. The first works along with Correspondence **** and can take up to a week to run. It causes all cells that the recipient has already shed to undergo the entropic genetic change. It takes so long because the computer must Sort Through All-Space to find every little cell. This affects cells with the recipient"s DNA even if they are dead. The second works on the mage himself, involves life 3, and causes the cells he sheds to develop the entropic gene sequences.. The third and final version uses Life four and is the same as the second version except it is used by the adept on another.

[ Each success removes two successes from any attempt to clone/grow the effected cells. The second and third versionswill cause pattern bleeding if maintained beyond their normal duration, so Life Hackers often run this rote regularly to ensure pattern interity. Life hackers insist their appretices submit to versions one and three of this rote before sharing any of the secrets of the Life Hacking rote itself. Paradox rote can cause the early expression of the gene errors or strike a close relative with them ( similar codons ). I don"t really want to think what version 1 would do if someone had a clone made or to an identical twin. ]

Contact spiritBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summon the spirit by reading the first enochian key and another key relating to the spirits position in the hierarchy. If successful, the mage may communicate with the spirit through the showstone. This rote is very often used, but the mage must be powerful enough to impress the spirit. Most enochians start out with cacodaemons and the servant angels, and go on with the greater angels. All the following rotes use this method to perform magick.

Container of PowerBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is commonly used by owners of Nodes around the world to store excess quintessence not in the form of Tass. The mage spiritually reshapes a material object to contain Quintessence, giving it the power to store it for a period of time. A well made container can store it indefinitely, while less perfect containers leak their contents. Various traditions perform this in different ways. Choristers lightly touch the container while drawing the holy symbol above it with fire. Dreamspeakers prepare medicine bags and drum the power into them. Euthanatos simply put bones into the node, letting their emptiness draw quintessence into them. Virtual Adepts connect batteries to their computers and networks and fill them with power.

[ To charge a container, the mage uses Prime 3. To drain a container of free Quintessence, the handling mage uses Prime 1. The number of successes in creating the container will show how long it can retain Quintessence.]


Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

If the mage doesn"t want to be pregnant she won"t be. Similarly, this could work on a male mage, and sterilize his sperm before it ever enters her body.

Contraceptive IIBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote prevents pregnancy, but also prevents the transferance of any disease organisms. All foreign patterns (with the exception of the individual the mage is mating with) is kept away from the body.

Controlled BacklashBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

A more advanced version of the above rote, the mage has a greater degree of control over how much Paradox energy is released. For each success beyond the first, the mage can increase or decrease the strength of the backlash by one point. However, the mage still has no control over exactly how the Paradox manifests. This rote is also always Vulgar.

Controlled ReactionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3 Author:

By limiting, canceling, or directing the release of energy during chemical reactions, the Son can effectively negate or expand any reaction she chooses. The practical applications of this rote are endless, as the Sons are fond of demonstrating. (Forces 3 is necessary to limit or negate a reaction, while Prime 2 can be added to increase a reaction. Each success halves or doubles the energy in the reaction. 3 successes will prevent a reaction entirely. The exact effects are up to the storyteller, but greatly increasing the energy in a reaction will of course produce an explosion.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Convenient ShapeshiftingBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Matter 3 Author: Kyle Felker

Mages who acheive mastery in the shifting arts are often annoyed by the inconvenience of leaving behind their possessions every time they change. Borrrowing an idea from some garou acquaintances, a dreamspeaker created this rote to eliminate those difficulties. The rote allows the mage to take along clothing and other small objects when he changes by merging them in some way with the new form-a knife might meld with the wizard"s bones, or a backpack might transform into feathers.

(System: The mage can take one item with him per success on the roll.)

cook-off and dieBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: The rote library

Faced with a number of violent-minded fellows with sub-machine-guns, Tony King used his own warped theories on resonating microscopic structures to artificially lower the melting point of the main body of the guns by a significant amount, although not so much that the guns themselves would melt. As a result, after a few shots the firing chamber of the gun exploded, thus neutralizing the threat posed by its wielder.

[A largely coincidental effect, as the gun just appears to misfire badly. The mage lowers the melting point of the gun so that the high temperatures in the gun"s chamber cause it to deform or explode, with catastrophic results]

Coordinator StructureBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is one of the most advanced results of the complexity research team. They found, that under very general circumstances physical (or other) systems of sufficient complexity could be subtly manipulated to contain a self-organising mathematical structure called a Coordinator Structure. These structures are essentially a built-in control system, which can be designed to perform various actions depending on circumstances. For example, the semi-random behaviour of an ecosystem can be kept within certain bounds by adding a Coordinator Structure, or the fluctuations of the Market could in principle be controlled using self-sustaining Coordinator Structures (the Syndicate has vetoed this). The New World Order has expressed great interest in Coordinator Structures, and are studying if they could be integrated within the human mind.

[ The system has to be complex enough to exhibit self-organisation. The mathemagician carefully analyses it, develops a mathematical model and creates the Coordinator Structure using subtle manipulations. It is necessary for the responsible research team to know the necessary system well enough to control it in some aspects (Forces 2/4, Matter 3, Life 2-4, Mind 2/3, etc.). The structure can fulfil simple commands within the system, like keeping it orderly, minimise certain factors or optimise others. Any sufficiently strong fluctuation will destroy it. ]

Corpse PreservationBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 1, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote keeps a corpse in the exact condition it was when it died. No bacterial decompositon takes place, no atrohpication. Even rigour mortis cannot set it. This rote is ideal when rtrying to bring a body back to life, and place the missing spirit within.


Profile: Life 3 Author:

The entire army of Ulster was brought to its knees by the use of this Verbena rote in the fifth century. While it has never again been used on such a scale, it remains a potent spell, as many of the Tradition"s enemies have discovered to their discomfort. It transfers physical pain from one target, usually the caster, to another. In the case of the Irish army, they were forced to experience labor pains, but the pains of battle injuries are the most common sensation. (If successful, the target will suffer all the pain and wound penalties experienced by the person he is connected to, although the wounds themselves are not transferred. Hollow Ones have developed a similar spell they call the Corsican Game.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Crash SystemBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Entropy 3 Author: John Walter Biles

This rote enables the adept to crash a computer that he knows of the existence of. The more successes, the more damage.

Create Deconstruction Flake IBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: John Everett Till

The caster creates a multisensory illusion of a single object or entity drawn from the collective unconscious or popular culture (i.e., the Deep Umbra). The difficulty of this type of illusion is lowered when a material representation or sample of the item is available. For example, a plastic Godzilla toy would be a quite useful focus for conjuring an illusion of Godzilla.

Create Deconstruction Flake IIBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 4, Spirit 2 Author: John Everett Till

The caster creates a landscape or immediate scene involving a complex illusion drawn from the universal unconscious or pop culture (e.g., the illusion of Godzilla trashing the surrounding city blocks). The difficulty for this type of illusion is lowered when the caster has a representation of the scene being conjured (e.g., a picture postcard of the area, with a cut out picture of Godzilla pasted on) , or has used the Art of Memory (Mind 2, Correspondence 1) to recall a similar scene (e.g., the caster watched Godzilla trash Tokyo last night on video).

Create Deconstruction Flake IIIBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 5, Matter 4, Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: John Everett Till

The caster summons a simulacrum from the Near or High Umbra. The simulacrum will generally act in a manner consistent with its cultural referent (e.g., Godzilla once summoned starts to trash the city). However, if the mage has accumulated paradox, the behavior of the simulacrum may be unpredictable (e.g., Godzilla holds up a box of Kellog"s Frosted Flakes and shouts "They"rrre Grrreat!" just like Tony the Tiger).

Create DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Any Dreamer can control his own dreams, but actually creating dreams from scratch requires much skill. The Dreamer first empties his mind of other images, and then focuses it on creating a dream. Creating a full-scale dream takes a lot of time and concentration, but is usually worth it. Some mages channel Quintessence into it to make it permanent.

Create Floating SignifierBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 2 Author: John Everett Till

Creates an analogous effect to that of Memories/Gasoline, but the specific illusion is attached to an unrelated referent. "Jesus was way cool." If he wanted too, he could make Tic Tacs taste like gasoline, or sugar snort like cocaine. The difficulty of this action is lowered when the caster is presently experiencing synesthesia.

Create LuggageBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Life 5, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Andrew Weitzman

This very difficult Rote allows mage to create a complex object (typically a chest) out of Sapient Pearwood. Sapient Pearwood is an extremely rare plant found in far Deep Umbral Realms with weak Gauntlets. These churning roils of Spirit and Matter, Quintessence and Paradox creates a hardy tree with an innate ability to resist magickal energies. A cubic meter of Sapient Pearwood has the countermagickal resistance of the average HIT MARK armor plated with Primium.

Life 5 or Matter 5, at 10+ successes, can create Sapient Pearwood if the mage in question has a good idea of the complex pattern involved. The wood can then be shaped into the desired object with mundane tools or Matter Effects. In the case of creating Luggage, Correspondence 3 creates a chain between owner and Luggage; Correspondence 5 makes the inside large enough to accept huge quantities of belongings. Spirit 3 awakens the innate spirit of Sapient Pearwood, which has the intelligence of a particularly ill-tempered pit bull.

Sapient Pearwood can move portions of itself; Luggage crafters usually include small centipede-like legs on the bottom of the chest to allow it to move on its own. The Luggage will be utterly loyal to the owner it is linked to. So much so that it"s sole purpose is to be near her. When absent, the Luggage will literally follow it"s owner to the ends of the earth; the wood it is made from can even breach Gauntlets and Horizons if neccessary. Sapient Pearwood spirits are damned stubborn and bull-headed to the point of homicidal viciousness towards the rest of the world. *Especially* to those in it"s way, who often disappear forever with a sharp SNAP of it"s lid.

Create MemeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Memes are mental viruses which spread from mind to mind, things like rumours, catchy tunes, good jokes or catch phrases. Virtual Adepts have found them to be excellent weapons to sway public opinion and to influence people. Generally mages design memes by concentrating on the message they want to spread, and then let their creative juices flow. Usually they suddenly find a especially catchy way to convey what they want. It can be anything, ranging from jokes, catchphrases to pieces of music. When memes are set loose, other people will find them catchy and repeat them, spreading them quickly. They are powerful weapons, but can turn against their creators. Just like living beings they can mutate and evolve, sometimes far beyond the wildest expectations of their creators.

Create New VirusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allow the creation of a virus. Given the nature of the virus, it is quite possible that the virus could be customized to interact with a specific life pattern. If the virus is customized to wrk on a specific individual life pattern there is a +1 modifier to the difficulty. This rote requires a five-minute session (or an expenditure of a quintessence point) to meditate on the nature of the virus, then it can be created.

Create the LampBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Chris Anthony

This is an extremely basic rote, which the Mage uses to create a vessel for the second rote (calling the Djinn). The original user of this rote, a Mage who wanted to seal his memory for posterity, created an oil lamp ala Aladdin to hold his consciousness, hence the name of the rote. The end result is a small, brass oil lamp.

==Create Twin Psyches== (Tool For Mutual Growth) Profile: Mind 3, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

A much more dangerous version of "Mind Merge", this rote literally merges two minds. The principle behind this, is the idea that the mind will not allow paradox. Therefore, if two minds are merged into one, then the two different (and potentially conflicting) belief systems would come together. The mind would find a way to merge the two belief systems, for that matter the two opinions on virtually everything. Then, when the two minds sparate for their own bodies, each mind in its seaprate body would be the same. But the minds experience from then on would be different...

<blockqute>Trent, a powerful icon in the Toronto underground found out that a

       contract had been put out on him, by the nefarious Pentex
       Incorporated. Luckily, he was able to find one of the Pentex corporate
       men sitting at a bar after work. Trent merged his mind with the
       Pentex man, and for almost an hour, the two were catatonic. 
       In the darkness of the bar, their minds truly merged. All of Trent"s
       rage at discrimination against blacks, the death of his mother, and
       all of his knowledge about the workings of the now-defunct Mica"s
       Glint chantry were shared with the Pentex man, while all the Pentex
       man"s memories of growing up in a small, dysfunctional family, winning
       a scholarship from Pentex, and becoming power hungry as a means of
       proving his worth to his family were also shared. At the end the two
       memories, beleif systems and knowledges were completely shared. No
       secrets were barred. Everrything was known by this mutual mind.
       Then, the separation occurred. When each mind returned to their own
       body, they were nothing like the men they were before the merging.
       Trent understood how people could be coerced into hating something
       they didn"t really hate--to get approval from others, while the Pentex
       man now knew exactly where to look for the remnants of the Mica"s
       Glint Chantry-house. But, Curiosly, the pentex man didn"t fee like
       investigating, prefering to leave the dead chantry to it"s ghosts.
       Trent joined up with Pentex Incorporated, research division, two years

Who you are before the merge goes into the merge. However, any life experience you get after the merge is all your own. SO for a brief moment in time, you share and truly understand someone else"s lfiue. How can you come away from that unchanged?

Create Virtual DuplicateBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Matter 1, Prime 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

This lets a mage make a virtual duplicate a physical item. The duplicate acts like the item, but is limited to the effects of forces three.

Create/Destroy Bifurcation PointBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5, Prime 4, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is very advanced manipulations, which require massive manipulations of social, economical or technical parameters. By changing them slightly, the Forecasters can bring Bifurcation-points into existence or remove them, but the changes are not entirely controllable. All such manipulations require approval from the Administration. Removing such points are more common, since its better to follow a known track than to follow an unknown track.

Creating the Magical Mystery MachineBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Stephen Johnson

This Rote was originally taught within the Order of Hermes as a quick method of creating reliable transport in the Umbra. After leaving the Technocracy the Sons of Ether used this Rote to create graceful and imaginative Ether sailing ships in the Umbra. Then an unknown Cult of Ecstasy member, on a very strange and powerful trip during the nineteen sixties, while listening to the Beetles Sergeant Pepper"s Lonely Hearts Club Band record, changed the perceptions of this Rote forever. Since that fateful day no Tradition Mage is ever sure of what this Rote will create, Cult of Ecstasy members claim that being in the midst of a real mellow trip when using this Rote makes the result look, "Really COOL man!" [With one success the Mage creates a breech in the gauntlet, usually manifesting as an invisible doorway, and a small slow Umbral craft which the Mage can use the doorway to gain access to. For each additional success the Umbral craft created becomes larger and faster. Unfortunately the Mage has absolutely no control over what the Umbral craft looks like or how it propels itself through the Umbra. This totally in the hands of the Storyteller and is usually very wild. The Cult of Ecstasy thinks this effect is really cool, the comments of other Traditions are unprintable.]

Cross the Language BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote allows the mage to generate a fleeting contact with another mind, and read the pictures behind the words being spoken by the target. This is particularly useful, if the mage does not understand the language being spoken by the target. If someone is cackling away in a dialect you"ve never heard before, you can still get an idea of what they are saying. ("Get out! Get out of my shop before I shoot you!" would come across as something like the mage leaving the building, while the target points a gun at him).

This rote is not effective unless there are concrete images involved. If the target is talking about, say, philisophical entropy, the mage may get images of crumbling old busts of philosophers... The images related will be only tangentally related to what is being talked about. The more concrete the discussion, the more solid the images.

With more than three successes, the mage may also infer information not discussed. for example, Jake listened in on a conversation between two chinese men, about a shooting the previous night. one of the men talking about it, witnessed it. Jake, who speaks no chinese whatsoever, was able to learn that the assailant was a woman who dressed in black leather.

Cross-Time Co-ordinationBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2, Time 3 Author: Constantine Thomas

This rote allows a Continuum Agent to mentally link up to his most nearby Copies. The effect is subtle, since the Copies are all so similar that they will not notice any difference in their mental processes. However, echoes from more remote versions may be vaguely perceived since the Copies have also probably used this Procedure. The effect is a strange group-mind feeling that helps the Agent to remain a continuum in the field, allowing him to take useful action against a Flowing being.

Crossing the StreetBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: Nicholas Rossier

Sometimes street traffic gets worse than even a Blader can stand (pesky pedestrians). This rote allows them to literally soar above those who travel on foot or by car or truck. A Blader will often use the Turn the Corner rote first, to find a necessary ramp or irregularity in the area to use as a means of achieving flight. Extraordinary jumps are possible this way, crossing entire streets (thus the name), but anything more may be considered vulgar, as flying skaters do have a tendency to attract alot of angry attention.

Crosswire NervesBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Life 1, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote screws with a person"s body. Essentially creating similar effects to Multiple Sclerosis, without the degradation of the brains white matter. All the nerves, and bodily functions are "cross-wired" in the brain to cause such wonderful effect like, "tasting the vibrant colors", "hearing the taste of lemon juice", etc. It need not be limited to the sensory aparatus. (every time you swallow, you see red.... interesting.)

Crowd ControlBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This effect can be used to pacify large groups of people and make them effectively ignore the activities of official looking people. They go about their business and do their best not to notice what is going on elsewhere. It is, in effect, Somebody Else"s Problem. [Enough successes must be garnered to effect everyone in the vicinity, otherwise gawkers may still be attracted. If enough successes are received, magickal effects can be considered to have no witnesses, and no one will be able to accurately describe anything that just happened. Correspondance may be required to affect truly large areas.] Foci For this Effect: A crowd of men in black trenchcoats ordering people to go about their business, a subsonic aversion signal generator, big guys with guns, lots of yellow tape marked "Government Crime Scene: DO NOT CROSS".

Crowded EntranceBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Mind 3 Author: Jack Dracula

Created as a way of using teleportation coincidentally, the Mage a) uses Mind 1: Multi-Tasking to scan the minds of the crowd, b) mixes in a little Entropy to find a spot in the crowd no one is looking at/sensing directly, and c) Correspondence to teleport on in. Great for those quick get-aways.

Crystallise PrimeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was invented by the Mechanical mages of the Middle Ages, who later became the Sons of Ether and Technocracy. By removing all disorder from the Quintessence making up something , they could make it behave completely according to theory. An affected object will be without any flaws, hardly erode or decay if possible and always behave as it should. This is the source of the super strong alloys Iteration X uses or the room temperature superconductors of the Sons of Ether. A more chilling use is the Progenitor experiments which remove all disorder from the flow of quintessence through living beings, in essence turning them into perfect individuals.

[ The rote won"t change any existing patterns, just their underlying basis. If it is used on an already imperfect object or something too random it just wont work. But if the target is close to perfection, it will remain so and may even slowly become more perfect as long as the prime field retains its order. ]

Crystallize EtherBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author:

This is one of the most basic tricks in the corpus of Etheric science, but it has many uses. By generating an electric current on the proper wave band, the Ether in an area can be crystallized into a hard substance which can be used as a barrier, bridge, or even a prison (crystallized ether is normally gas permeable, but if the bandwidth is correct, the prisoner may have trouble getting oxygen). (Each success gives the crystallized ether 2 "Health" levels and 1 soak die.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage curses somebody, often very graphically and often using some material implement (waving a bone or entrails at the victim, or spitting at him). The mage implants a subconscious desire to get hurt. The victim will often become unsettled, nervous or depressed. When an opportunity presents itself, the subconscious mind will try to make the victim hurt himself (or a love one). Some mages add Entropy to "give fate a hand", creating more opportunities for the curse to work.

Curse of HatredBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage is able to voice the hatred in his heart, directing it towards a specific person. THat person will find himself disheartened by this hatred, and suffer a -1 dice to all rolls for the duration of the scene. This rote can be used multiple times to wear down the oppoenets dice pools.

Curse of KafkaBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Engineer creates a pattern in the aura of somebody which will make bureaucrats and administrators subconsciously dislike the individual. This will lead to endless problems, as administration will start to turn against the victim. Documents are lost, important people are in meetings and secretaries happens to spell the name of the victim wrong. Even to fill in a form will turn into a kafkaesque adventure. The Engineers prefer to do this rote coincidental by simply putting some errors into the personal information of the victim.

Curse of RaistlinBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage opens the mind of the victim to the precense of entropy in all things. Euthanatos point their bone against the victim, mumbling something incoherent and mournful. The victim is cursed, forced to see the entropy present in everything. Nothing the victim feel is free from the taint of decay. He will feel how everybody is slowly dying and nothing will remain forever. This curse will make most normal people very depressed, and if the curse persists long enough many victims become insane or commit suicide.

Curse of the ChimeraBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Life 5, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Eric Tolle

A truly viscous spell, this plumbs the mind of the victem to find the primal animal forms in the hindbrain. Then, as these are referenced by other parts of the brain, random body parts change to conform to them. Littleraly, asyou subconciously think of an animal form you become it. A persons eyes may change to an insects, an arm may turn into a wing, gills may form....completely at random. Needless to say, this is increadibly vulger.

Daleth DecipheringBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

The coding experts of the Technocracy and the Virtual Adepts fight each other by creating ever more secure ciphers and by cracking the others codes. The MRG has develop a series of codes based upon curves in Teichm

Dam the FlowBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Prime 3 Author:

Thetford herself first used this rote to disable the Silver Moon Chantry in Yellowstone Park. She placed stakes in the ground at regular intervals, creating a decagram around the Chantry, tying them together with copper wire at the precise moment of high noon. The flow of raw Quintessence into their only node was chaotically scattered into the surrounding area, and the Chantry lost their source of energy. After that, it was only a matter of time before the cabal of Dreamspeakers was overpowered. [The Mage uses Channel Quintessence and Diffuse Energy to disrupt the flow of raw Quintessence into a Node or through a Ley Line. One success will maintain the rote for a single day. Three successes will maintain for a full month, and five successes render the effect permanent. A good portion of the Quintessence diverted is used to empower the rote, and the effect is very vulnerable to antimagick. Attempts to disrupt this spell gain a -2 bonus to their difficulties.]

The League of Cartographers is also fond of such rotes as Prime Location, Hymn of Beatific Harmony and effects dealing with nodes and ley lines.

Damage CreditBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 3, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote, if performed before combat, allows the mage to store the number of successes worth of health level damage for a limited amount of time, effectively giving the mage a type of mystical armor. Once the mage falls asleep, their wounds will be visited upon them.

<blockqute>Raymond Verbena fought a HITmark V all on his own. Unfortunately he

       took six levels of damage, himself. the HITmark limped away, and
       Raymond fell to the ground exghausted, but unhurt.  He returned to 
       the sacred grove, and asked the others of his coven t owatch over him
       as he slept, "cause he would be near death. He laid down, and six
       levels of health wounds appeared. Luckily, the other Verbena were on
       hand to heal him.. otherwise he may well have died from his wounds...</blockqute>

Dance of OrpheusBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Spirit 3 Author: The Wizards Book

Sole providence of the euthanatos and a few dreamspeakers, the Dance of Orpheus was created by the mage Orpheus in mythic greece to enable him to retreive his dead love. The ritual involves a strange intense dance, in which the mage mimes an elaborate struggle leading to a symbolic "death". The mage is then transported to the area of the shadowlands corresponding to his physical location. This is incredibly dangerous, since the dead can sense a living visitor instantly, and his life-energy draws them like bees to honey. You have been warned.

(System: Knowledge of entropy is vital to entering the underworld. I"m personaly of the opinion that only Euthanatos and dreamspeakers be allowed to use this rote, other traditions do not have the right resonance or mindset. YMMV.)

Dance of the SoulBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

<blockqute>Love of my life I am crying I am not dying, I am dancing Dancing along in the madness There is no sadness Only the song of the soul --"Song of the Soul", Cris Williamson</blockqute>

This is a major transformation rote, that, like Divestion, transforms not only the outward shell of the mage using it, but the inner self as well. While this will not work on altering the avatar, it will allow changes of self within the paramaters allowable by the avatar.

The mage must perform an elaborate ritual to get in contact with her avatar, then, slowly guide her transformations. It becomes a silent bargaining process, through which the mage can change. The avatar will require certain elements be present in the mage (i.e., to be worked through, not changed arbitrarily) such as greed, insecurity, etc.

Entropy is then applied to the life pattern, and to the mind patterns (yeah, I know--mind is not a sphere of pattern magick ,but I still think the analogy holds) Entropy 5 or Mind 4 is used if altering emotional or psychological aspects of the self. This is what the rote was initially designed for.

Mind 1 is necessary to keep all the synchronous changes together. If not present, the mage might risk forgetting to do involuntary actions, like breathing. This rote will take up the mages entire consciousness. Any time-based spells, or effects that require the mages continual concentration will have to be re-cast.

In the end, the mage is possibly a completely different person. This new person would however, still retain all the memories (possibly the emotional associations with them too), and knowledges. Depending on how much the actual body has changed, the storyteller rule that the character loses or must re-allocate dots in Talents. It is possible skills would be retained, but if substantial changes are made, they may be lessened (You used to have a 5 in DRIVE, but since you doubled your size and mass, you"re a lot more cramped in the mini, so you"ve only got a 3 in it now).

Dancing ToasterBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether manipulate machines using their computers and instruments. The mage can make machines and objects to move themselves as if they were alive. Usually the mage uses the joints and movements the machine already has, like the joints of a showroom-dummy, a tape recorder throws out the tapes or a hose slithers forward. With enough successes the mage can make toasters to dance and statues to move. Note that the object will only move as the mage wills it to move, as soon as the mage ends concentration the effect will end. Some hermetics trap spirits inside objects to work as guards and sentinels.

[The number of successes increases the dexterity and strength of the object. This will of course be modified depending on the nature of the affected object. A lift probably has a good lifting-strength, which the mage only need to increase. ]

Darklight ProjectionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author:

Professor Prion discovered that by mixing different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in the proper ratio, she was able to generate fields of darkness that propagate the way light does. Sadly, the rote is not attributed to her, because her rival Professor Klaxon saw her notes and published the effect before she did, but Prion had the last laugh when she realized that he had failed to read her note about the necessity of using Spectrumnal Imaging Goggles within the projection field. (The darkness produced by the rote is complete if more than 1 success is scored. Since the effect cancels out all other light waves, it cannot be penetrated by viewing on infrared or ultraviolet. But if the scientist thinks to view along the wavelength of darkness, he will be able to see normally.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Data Conversion FIlterBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Data is stored in so many ways. This rote allows the mage to use himself as a data conversion filter. Beta to VHS? Memory to Digital? No problem. The difficulty will change with regard to compatibility of formats.

Data Conversion FIlterBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Data Conversion FIlterBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Data Conversion FIlterBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Data/Subject CompressionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 3, Life 4, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This sophisticated effect is useful for transmitting objects from one place to another. You can either transform existing patterns into patterns of electronic information and store it on disks, or actually transmit it to other locations. This is simply a sloppier, dirtier, and more annoyingly complex method of teleporting through a portal, but it also serves to make unwilling participants into readily transportable forms. A reverse-type scenario allows you to travel to places through phone lines, modem hook-ups, and satellite dish reception. [Three successes are required to transform an existing pattern into data, and the amount of successes needed to transmit them somewhere are based on distance.] Foci for this Effect: Super-sophisticated laser-scanner with molecular disassembly feature and telepod link-up (see the re-make of the Fly for an idea of this), supercomputer, an unsual looking phonebooth.


Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

For the cost of 1 quintessence, this rote creates a small amount of sedatives in the targets body. The target must recieve at least as many successes as the magick with Stamina difficulty 7. A botch or a failure makes the victim fall unconscious. less successes than the magick gives a -1 to all dice pools (except arete) until the poisions are purged from the body. Combined with Mind or Matter the difficulty raises to 8 and with both to 9.

Deal of the CenturyBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: D.J. Babb

Billy created this rote in order to better persuade potential customers. While this spell is slow in its effect, it has a large radius, and produces great results.

[The rote works by influencing the emotional patterns of an individual, gradually weakening any resistance to Billy"s sales pitches, and increasing the desire in a person to spend their money.

This spell doesn"t have any game terms per say, but a person may try to resist by rolling Willpower at a dificulty of 9, with each success canceling ong of the caster"s (Billy"s had a lot of time to perfect this rote).]

Death MaskBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 3 Author: Christopher L

This old rote recently became popular again after the film Silence of the Lambs. Correctly used it is very effective for infiltration. The Euthanatos carefully cuts apart a fresh corpse and select the parts that he needs - this always includes the face. He then places these over his own body parts where they merge with his own flesh, bonding into one entity. This rote makes him into a perfect simulacrum of the victim - face, fingerprints, hair, as close as he desires. One variation on this rote even enables him to speak like the deceased by consuming the tongue. This melding also affects his life pattern, sometimes enabling him to pass magickal detection. All of the attached parts are infused with his own blood and actually become part of him. Therefore they do not appear dead but the removal of the disguise is very messy. It is even more bizarre if the mage was larger than the victim because he appears to split out of the smaller body (and like a snake, leaving the "skin" behind). Quite frankly, it"s rotes like this that get the Euthanatos a bad name. "Life and Matter magick enable the blending of mage and corpse. Minor cuts and abrasions that the corpse sustained may be repaired but tissue damage e.g. burns will increase the difficulty. Only two successes are needed for a scene, but three will last f or a day, four indefinitely."

Death's TouchBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Kyle Felker

This rote is an old classic for the discriminating Euthanatos who wants to kill in a subtle fashion. The mage infuses his body with a highly deadly contact poison. He breathes it, sweats it, and bleeds it. Shaking hands with the mage becomes a deadly proposition.

(System: The rote allows the mage to do full, non-aggravated damage to anyone he touches for the duration of the spell. In fact, he becomes so toxic that people standing next to him often take half-damage. The mage must be *very* careful, the slightest unexpected touch can mean death to an innocent bystander!)

Deaths MemoryBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 3, Prime 2, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to pull from the dead body, the image of the scene of it"s death. Everything pulled from the corpse will be in crystal detail, according to how the corspe saw it.

Decentralize HeartBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote takes days to complete. Once complete, however, the heart is broken down to it"s four main components, and each component has been rebuilt in a differernt area of the body. This makes the difficulty of killing due to heart problems (such as a bullet in the heart) much higher.

Deep ProgrammingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage enters the mind of a person (often while the person is asleep or in trance) and reprograms it in secret. The most common use is to place suggestions or ideas into the subconscious, where they will trickle to the surface. Other possibilities are deep hypnotic suggestions giving the mage control over the actions or thoughts of the victim, mental blocks of certain memories, placing "trapdoors" which will give the mage a way around mental defenses or even the creation of full-fledged sub-personalities. The last use, often called Invocation of Thelemic Beings, is sometimes combined with Spirit too. Such sub-minds will be independent from the main mind, and may influence it, read its thoughs or do other things on a mental level, as programmed by the mage. This is a subtle way to sneak around enemy mental scanning.

Default FormBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Mind 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote forces an icon to reflect a character"s self image for it"s duration. A great deal can be learned by examining how someone thinks they look, especially by those with Psychological skill. It is interesting that many prople think they look like their mirror image, since that"s how they most often see themseles. Rumors persist that Life Hackers have a Mind 2 Life 4 rote that forces Garou into a particular form and holds them there.

Defense of the Yielding MindBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author:

The Orange Robes built this rote off of the principle of the preceding one, and developed a useful form of mental defense. By falling back from a mental assault, the doist pulls her attacker mentally off balance and gains the upper hand in the psychic battle. (This is a form of Countermagic against Mind magics. The defender must score at least one more success than the attacker on their magic roles, in which case the attacker is overextended and cannot take another action the next round until the defender has done so.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Define ObjectBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

This is simply how Virtual Adepts prefer to conceive of creating a unified pattern. By defining all the attributes that describe an object, the Adept "instanciates" it in reality, then uses electrical current to feed the new pattern quintessence. [Identical to the Matter * * effect Create Unified Pattern, MAGE p.201] F/X - Yeah those lycanthropes are dangerous, good thing this letter opener was British Sterling. Check that old toolbox in the back - there might be a 3/4 Pinkney Flange in there. No, where not running out of gas - the gauge just sticks sometimes. (tap tap) See? Practically full.

Delay ParadoxBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Paradox Backlashes are so great disturbances in reality that any mage with Prime and Time will feel them approaching well in advance. So far nobody has ever been able to avert them, but they can be delayed, giving the mage a chance at least to prepare himself. He simply twists the time around the approaching backlash, delaying it. This is of course utterly vulgar, and will fuel it even more. Powerful mages have experimented with Time 4 to freeze Paradox completely, but it will inevitably escape and become a Time-backlash of almost mythical strength. [ Botches are *very* nasty. Handling Paradox is inherently paradoxical, and this rote may even disturb the flow of Time. Caution is advised. The number of turns the mage can delay the Paradox is equal to his successes if he uses Time 3. If Time 4 is used, double the strength of the Backlash and use the normal duration table. ]

Delusion PersecutionBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the belief that another person or persons are trying to inflict harm on the individual or his family.

Demolition ManBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 5, Matter 4, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

This rote causes buildings to blow up in exceptionally spectacular fashion. You use forces to generate the initial explosion, and sneak the matter sphere in there to convert (or create) select parts of the building (say, support girders and concrete) into various forms of high explosive, while you use Entropy to guide the explosion"s blast in such a way as to cause the most hideous damage possible. Spend a little quintessance and you can make it aggravated.

Making this coincidental is easier than it sounds: "Say, it"s a shame that these guys happen to be the enemies of a ultra--(conservative, liberal, leftist, religious, you fill in the blank) terrorist organization and my, wasn"t it a bad idea for them to ignore that bomb threat that got phoned in earlier this morning!"

Demon SummoningsBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the classic type of Goetic magick, the ritual summoning of demons to do the mages bidding. In its classic form, as described in Clavicula Salomonis and other grimoires, all the instruments and clothes used must be carefully consecrated and the ritual performed at an astrologically suitable moment. The seal of the spirit the mage wants to summon must be inscribed in the Triangle or a parchment, suitable incenses lighted and incantations read. The mage invokes the powers of the Almighty to force the spirit to emerge and obey the mage. Below are some typical demons (their seals have been omitted, see "The Book of Black Magic" by Waite). When the being first appear, it will appear in its "true" form as required by the ritual, but the mage can command it to appear in a more pleasing form (and often the spirits change voluntarily to avoid paradox).

[The more powerful the summoned being, the harder it is to summon. The base difficulty is 5, but this is increased by the power and rank of the demon (se below). As a rule, weak or rather powerless beings increase the difficulty with about 0-1, presidents and marquises 2-3, princes and dukes 4-5 and more powerful beings 6+. To decrease the difficulty, goetic mages use quintessence, sacrifices and often try to do their summonings at astrologically favourable times and at places which fit the summoned being (see below).

The number of successes needed to force a being to appear varies, but are normally about the same number as the difficulty increase. To summon a duke 4 or five successes are needed, while a lesser spirit will appear after just one. If the being doesn"t appear, all is not lost. It will probably have noticed the summoning attempt, and will often either come itself or send a subordinate being (if its powerful and/or busy). As a rule of thumb, if the mage manages to get half as much successes as needed, the being will contact him. However, the general disposition can vary, especially if the being felt that the summoning was sloppy or impolite. ]

Belial is one of the most powerful demons, a mighty king. He looks like a beautiful angel with a pleasant voice and seated in a chariot of fire. He is very powerful, especially in areas of politics, friends and favours. He also controls lots of other spirits. To summon him, the mage has to perform sacrifices. [ +7 ]

Khil are involved with great earthquakes. He can predict when they will happen, and maybe cause them, if the mage is prepared to pay the price. The being has no visible form other than a great rumble in the ground. [ +6]

Azazel, the Demon of the Scapegoat, will appear as a bearded man with horns and leading a black crowned goat. He can take all things away and dispose of them so that nobody will ever find them. He has great powers over entropy and corruption, and want a goat to be given him in his honour to obey. Mages who have crossed him have disappeared. [+6]

Focalor, a strong Duke, appears as a man with the wings of a griffin. He has power over the dangers of the sea, and can control the winds and the sea, sink ships or make people drown (or save them). [+5]

Seere, a mighty prince directly under Amaymon, King of the East looks like a beautiful man on a strong winged horse. He have total control over Time and Correspondence (he is very good at finding lost things, teleportation and changing the flow of time). [+4]

Belphegor will manifest today as an hoary old man in a wheelchair. He is very knowledgeable in technological matters, and in the activities of the Technocracy (which he seems to support for some unknown reason). [+4]

Shax, a great marquis, comes in the form of a stockdove, speaking with a hoarse voice. He can destroy the sight, hearing or understanding of anybody. He can also "borrow" money from the king (not as useful as it once was). He is quite fond of deceiving the mage as long as he is outside the Triangle. [+3]

Lerajie, a powerful marquis, looks like an archer clad in green and bearing a bow and quiver. He can cause fights and can make arrow- wounds putrefy. [+3]

Zagan, a great king and president, appears first as a bull with griffin wings, and then in human shape. He can turn things around, turning fools wise, slow persons witty, water into wine, blood into oil, oil into water and turn metal intocoins. [+3]

Amy, a great President, will appear first as a roaring fire and then as a man. He is a good teacher of astrology, the liberal sciences. He can also provide the mage with familiars and treasures. [+2]

Fruccissiere can animate dead bodies, turning them into quite lifelike zombies. [+2]

Valac, a great president, looks like a little boy with angel wings riding on a two headed dragon. He knows everything about snakes, and can provide the mage with as much snakes he wants. [+1]

Guland can perform all kind of mundane services for the mage, as long he is given burnt bread. [+0]

Segal will show the mage amazing sights from both the physical world and the Umbra. [+0]


Profile: Entropy 5, Mind 4 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This is an extensive process of torture, drug therapy, and VR indoctrination designed to strip away a victim"s belief system and restructure it according to a more correct way of thinking. The process takes days or weeks and is quite brutal. [This is an extended contest between the subject and his reprogrammers. Each day of reprogramming, the subject rolls a willpower test (difficulty 8) and the brainscrubbing crew rolls their Arete with a difficulty of 8. Each week of captivity subtracts one cumulative die from the subject"s tests. A botch on a test by either side blows all their accumulated successes and they must start over. The first ones to twenty-five successes win. If the subject loses, his mind is shattered and can then be manipulated easily into accepting new things (There are five lights!). If the subject wins, he is deemed too strong to be effectively deprogrammed and is probably just killed instead.] Foci for this Effect: Guys in white coats with rubber gloves and lots of needles and/or helmets full of rats, VR torture/information station, a big muscular guy with the rubber hoses, hot irons, textbooks on tax laws.

Descent into the UnderworldBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Matter 2, Spirit 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote allows the mage to corporeally enter the Underworld. The advantage of this method is that he can bring along any items that he pleases and brings his avatar with him. Unfortunately, he takes real damage and can really die if attacked. All goods that are brought in disappear when the mage exits, except for talismans which can exist in the Shadowlands (and are often lost here).

The rote begins with a purification of the self (method varies) and meditation. The mage begins to travel and finds paths not normally in the real world. Eventually these descend into the Shadowlands (and from there to Stygia). Some mages have reported border guards, such as Cerebus, but reports conflict. The mage needs #successes=shroud rating, but this can be an extended roll. The journay can take minutes/hours/weeks...

ex) Manfred prepares himself in his apartment sanctum. He then leaves, heading down the hallway. He enters a door which is not normally there. It"s an elevator which descends. It opens in a dead alleyway. Manfred opens up a sewer grate and climbs down...

Destructive OverwriteBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Prime 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

Normally, when a teleporting disciple ends up occupying the same space as another character or object, the patterns disassociate, passing through each other as if they did not exist. However, if the mage has sufficient knowledge of Prime, she can disrupt the other pattern while reinforcing her own. If used vulgarly and fueled by quintessence, the Rote can cause aggravated damage. If used coincidentally the damage is more mundane. In either case it is dangerous to use against another mage. [The mage must score an extra success to teleport so that her pattern partially overlaps the victim"s (two successes if the victim is within line of sight). Damage caused is 1xSuccesses. If a point of quintessence is spent, the damage is aggravated and must be resisted with Willpower (difficulty 8) - and the rote is vulgar. If cast coincidentally, the mage can teleport only a very short distance to the target, no quintessence need be spent, and damage is normal and can be soaked. A disciple of Correspondence and Prime can defend against the Rote by spending a point of quintessence and making an Arete roll. The roll works just like countermagick, but if the defender makes more successes than the attacker, the attacker takes damage as if the rote had been used against her.] F/X - The mage delivers a lightning blow or leaps suddenly from concealment to strike his foe. The blow happens to inflict serious internal injuries.

Detect Curse/BlessingBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

With this rote, a mage can tell whether an individual has a curse or a blessing on them. With three mor more successes, the mage will also be able to tell the nature of the curse/blessing. With six or more successes, the mage can tell the exact wording of the curse/blessing.

Detect DisinformationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Mind 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many Rosicrucians are paranoid about information they receive, and seek to test it to see if it is disinformation or lies. This rote was developed by a group of especially worried mages, who were barraged by subtle disinformation from the Technocracy. They studied the information in the mental image of their showstones, invoking Mikael and other angels of truth to help them to find falsehoods and lies. By seeking internal inconsistencies, they managed to ascertain some of the validity. This method was later developed into a very efficient rote by adding Correspondence and Time. The mage not only studies the internal consistency of the information, he also compares it to the causal chains and actual state of the world. This might take a long time if it is complex information or relates to very specific matters, so the use is somewhat limited. However, even a brief check can reveal some types of disinformation.

Detect HatredBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to see who, amongst a group of people is filled with hatred. That person appears to the mage, as being "painted red". With sufficient successes, the mage may be able to tell where teh hatred is directed. Be warned though, many people carrry hatred in their hearts, without a specific direction. Sometimes they"re just looking for an outlet...

Detect Holy PresenceBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1, Spirit 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to determine if a spirit of greater power is present in a specific situation. With greater successes, the mage should also be able to tell if the current situation is a result of a greater spirirts involvement or direction.

Detect InvisibleBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 1, Mind 1, Forces 1, Correspondence 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

(Correspondence 1 or Forces 1 to detect warpings of space or effect on light, Mind 1 to detect Untethered or Spirit 1 to find Spirits)

Locates distortions of space or manipulations of light to detect those hidden from view in area. Mind 2 can also be used to locate people by their minds, and Life 1 can be used to scan for life force.

Detect KindredBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to tell if there are kindred in the area. Kindred are notable because their auras are particularly pale. It is possible, however, for some normal humans to come across as a kindred ,when this rote is used.

Detect LifeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

With this rote, a mage can tell when other life-forms are around.

Detect LuckBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Matter 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage can detect objects containing good or bad luck. These could range from a four-leaf clover to a chair which happens to give good luck. It also detects objects which have been affected by strong luck, such as a deck of cards which has recently dealt a royal flush or a marker which belonged to someone who was shot. Most players look at the subtle signs of luck or misfortune, like the patterns of smoke in the room, cracks in the floor or the way the cards move.

Detect LycanthropeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Spirit 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to tell if there are any were-creatures in the area. This rote does not specify which type of were-creature.

Detect PatternBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By comparing events with each other and running sophisticated algorithms, the Forecasters of the Technocracy can detect patterns which normally would seem random. They can predict how the patterns will develop, trace their history and often discover who is behind it. Typical applications are scanning for Tradition activity or crime.

Detect PoisonBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

Allows the Mage to analyze food or drink and determine if ingestion would be harmful.

Detect PortalBearbeiten

Profile: Time 1 Author: Constantine Thomas

Using this Procedure, the Agent can detect any Portals within the range. Portals themslves are invisible within Virtuals, but are quite visible in Nexus - they appear as shimmering brown-tinted windows through which the reality on the other side is visible. Note that this Procedure can detect Gateways as well. An additional Correspondence 3 component allows the user of this Procedure to scan all of the local reality for Portals.

Detect RadiationBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

When this is used, the mage can determine what level and kind of radiation is present in the area.

Detect ScryingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The Mage can detect the distortion of space that occurs when someone is using Correspondence to view an area. With Correspondence 2, the mage can track the distortion to its source.

Detect TrapsBearbeiten

Profile: Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to keep an active look into the future, to tell whether there are any traps in store. The mage will continue on normally, without being interrupted by the rote. If there is unexpected danger ahead, the mage"s vision will be tinged by either a yellow (for caution) or a red (yoiu"re in it now) tint. The number of successes indicate the length of time this rote is active.

Detect UndeadBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Mind 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Locates Vampires, Zombies, etc. Can also determine state of mind, if a mind is present.

Detect VortexBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Constantine Thomas

This rote is used to scan for Vortices and their related Flows. It scans through the reality that it is cast in and all its Indistinguishables in an attempt to find the Flowing being itself.

Detox IBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to detoxify a target of all contaminants. This rote requires physical contact to make it work. (and it"s not particularly pleasant for the target).

Detox IIBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to completely detoxify a target of all contaminants in his body, as well as viral infection, bacterial developments, etc. The targets body will be in peak functioning order.

Developmental Effects IBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Spirit 3, Time 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

I was handsome, I was strong, I knew the words of every song Did my singing please you? No, the words you sang were wrong. --"Teachers", Sisters of mercy

This is a rote used only by the high level Celestial Chorus on their Acolytes, when they are near to ready to become Adepts. This rote is used by a number of CC mages at once, in an elaborate ritual. The idea behind it is that by studying what has gone before, your mind is attuned to the effects of the past. But, this attunement also limits the thought process. Essentially, the masters make a pact with the acolytes avatar that only when the acolyte develops a rote of some startling originality (to the acolyte, not the masters, or the world), will full use of their spheres become available to them. Otherwise, their abilities in the spheres will be severely limited.

The acolyte must continue to attempt to cast magick as normal, but the storyteller will take into consideration the uniformity of the effect compared to the other spells or the mindset of the acolyte. If the effect is completely different (ie a combat mage doing an internal transformation ritual), then the avatar will release the sphere usage to the mage.

This is a very rough and crude form of enforcing new trains of thought. It creates new directions for the CC to go in, sometimes. Either way, the Acolyte is usually given an adepts rank after successful completion of this rote. If the acolyte is unable to come up with something highly original after some time, the avatar will release the sphere usage slowly, allowing the mage to act up to his full known potential.


Profile: Life 1, Mind 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The mage can use this rote to determine physical and mental health of an individual.

Diamonds are ForeverBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote allows the mage to create a crystal cage for something or someone, to trap or imprison. Hermetic mages use to draw the Hebrew letters yod and ceth with the seal while chanting the names of the spirits of earth and matter. Sons of Ether simply direct powerful electric discharges into the air controlled by their meters, forcing the ether to crystallise.

digitise sidewaysBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Spirit 1 Author: The rote library

This rote was first used by Infinity, a.k.a. Juliana of the Virtual Adepts. By allowing a friend to look to see what she was seeing, in this case the umbra this friend (Tawnos now called Rufus) was able to step sideways using correspondence. At a later date Juliana tried this herself. Interesting side effects noted were that you tended to look as if you were a computer graphic, and that pattern spiders and other creatures of the Weaver tended to ignore you.

[The rote uses spirit sight to see into the umbra, in this use of spirit sight the gauntlet must be broken. Once a clear connection is made, correspondence is then used to shift to where you"re looking at. I know that the book of Madness says that Spirit travel can"t be accomplished with correspondence, but it"s a good rote.]


Profile: Prime 4 Author: The Wizards Book

Created by the Celestial Chorus as a minor form of punishment, this rote seems to sap the life out of an area. Lights dim, the air seems musty, and even objects and textures seem dull and lifeless. Sometimes, this is done to remind a person of the lifeless state of the world without magick, but the nephandi employ a similar rote to demoralize a person and sap their vitality.

(System: The rote works by dimming the flow of quintessence to objects and energy patterns, making them less vital. Fire and energy attacks (including magickal ones) subtract one success form the damage roll.)

Disintegration RayBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 4 Author:

A favorite of the Sons of Ether during the 1950s, this device annihilates an object by draining it of all Quintessence. (This is identical to the Flames of Purification rote used by the Celestial Chorus. When it is complete, all that is left is a fine layer of granular matter.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: Unknown

This rote is a full and complete dismissal. THe target whom this effect is enacted upon will feel an abrupt ceasing. They will know they have been dismissed. THey will find themselves without anything further to say to the mage who cast the effect, regardless of what they had planned to say. If desired, teh mage may tailor this rote to add an emotional resonance to the effect--giving the sense of dismissal and fear, or dismissal and love. It"s the perfect way to de-fuse the argument thats coming down the hall...

Dispel PainBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5, Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This powerful rote literally destroys all painful or hurting feelings of the ascendee, making him even more perfectly blissful. The Children acknowledge the necessity of pain as a contrast to pleasure in the initial stages, but in the final stage pleasure will be its own contrast, ever reflecting in itself upwards.

Dispel Pattern FocusBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The rote affects other magickal spells. Essentially, this serves to dispel the focus of an acting magickal effect. The chaos that this can cause is unknown. Without the focus for the effect, the effect will act on the nearest similar (ie, of the same type of pattern). If a blindness effect is enacted upon Raymond, and he recites this rote, it is theortically possible that others (some, one, or all) in the room will be blinded. The effect will be negated for the target (as he was the focus), but may be regained as the randomness of the after-effects may hit him.

Dispel Pattern FocusBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Dispel Pattern FocusBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Disrupt DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

To cause plain chaos and disorder in a dream is quite easy for a true Dreamer (many just do it for fun with the dreams of unsuspecting sleepers), but to actually destroy a dream is hard. The mage has to dissolve the connection between the dreamer and the dream, not only on a conscious level but also from his subconscious, and finally erase the dream itself. On the whole it is a dangerous operation, which is bound to make other inhabitants of the dream- realms vary of the mage.


Profile: Life 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

A nasty rote invented by a desperate and hateful Euthanatos against her master. The mage dissolves the tissues of her victim. Bones become flexible, muscles turn into jelly and the blood become almost etheric. Usually the victim just collapses and burst open, in a gross and very vulgar display.

Dissolve SpiritBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

To actually destroy a spirit is often extremely hard, but it is possible. This rote dissolves the spiritual essence of the spirit and scatters it for the winds. This will destroy lesser spirits, but really powerful spirits can sometimes reappear after a considerable time, often both weakened and desperate for revenge. To make sure the spirit is destroyed, either the True Name of the spirit has to be used or Prime 4 can be used to unravel the remaining patterns into nothingness (but even then, extraordinary powerful spirits may return sometime in the far future).

[ The rote does aggravated damage against Spirits. If they are reduced below Incapacitated, they are destroyed or banished for a very long time if they are powerful enough. ]


Profile: Prime 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

The bullets dont dissolve, but any non-living material does. It takes One additional Health level /success as its pattern dissolves into free Quintessence, This cannot be soaked. (also known as acid bullets)

Distant Early WarningBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 2, Time 2 Author: Unknown

This rote, when executed, scans the immediate vicinity and builds a map on the computer"s screen. Simultaneously, it takes a peek into the immediate future and looks for people who are intending to enact mayhem. Any conflict in the area will be lit up in red--and the sooner it"s coming, the brighter it is. This is the core of the rote. There are several switches which can be turned on as necessary:

  * -n [+ Forces 1] Adds nightsight.
  * -c [+ Matter 1] Scans through local bits of matter. This is the "Who"s
    in that closet?" option.
  * -l [+ Life 1] Scan for lifeforms. "/* Coming in the next version 2.0,
    as soon as I get around to learning Life. -AM*/"
  * -p [+ Prime 1] Look for nodes and Mages. This tended to produce
    some strong false positives on cabal members, but was occasionally
  * -s [+ Spirit 1] Actually, this was a pipe to the computer"s built-in
    "Spirit Sense" rote, as Andrew hadn"t yet gotten round to learning

As a bit of flavor, the computer plays a short sample from the Rush song of the same name when this rote is executed. KNOWN BUGS: Well, for damn sure it didn"t pick up on the dozen Men in Black who showed up after the cooperative effect blew up, so it"s hardly 100% effective. I suspect that anybody using a mind shield (or the No-Mind - effect) will elude this rote. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

Diverting the BlowBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author:

This rote has a long history among the Orange Robes, for whom it forms a basic element of their philosophy. It redirects the energy of an attack, often returning it upon the attacker, who can be made to strike herself. (With Forces 2, the force of the blow is diverted, while with Forces 3, it is returned against the attacker. Each success will counter 2 levels of damage. If the higher level of the rote is used and the damage is completely cancelled, the damage will be done to the attacker.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Entropy 3, Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

In the autumn night When there"s no wind blowin" I could hear the stars falling in the dark When you find out whats worth keeping With a breath of kindness blow the rest away. --Robbie Robertson, Golden Feather
This rote is a much guarded secret by its few practitioners. It allows the mage to analyze virtually every aspect of their life, and determine what is needed. Once detected, the unecessary elements of the life can be removed. This means all physical elements, emotional ties, thought patterns, etc, are dissolved, and if applicable, converted into the mages quintessence pool. The Celestial Chorus high priest, Thomas Gradenko is beleived to be the pioneer of this rote. It may account for his spartan life, and somewhat fanatical ways. (An intelligence + intuition roll against a target of 8 must be rolled, to determine how much and how successful the divesting is. it is not unheard of for old thought patterns or emotional ties to reestablish themselves over time.)

Divine ArmyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 2, Mind 1 Author:

This rote was first used by the Akashic monk Parandasambahava during the Himalayan Wars, when he found himself surrounded by a half-dozen Euthanatos assailants. By co- locating himself, he was able fight them all simultaneously. (Each success scored after the first creates a second version of the mage, able to function indepentantly of the others by virtue of the Mind sphere. However, because they are all the same person, each one suffers the wounds inflicted on any of them, and only one magic effect can be cast per round, no matter how many of them there are. This effect is almost always vulgar.)

Andrew E. Larsen

divine sacrificeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 4 Author: The rote library

[In my chronicle Prime 4 is not sufficient to destroy a life pattern due to its amazing complexity when compared to inanimate matter. However, this does not mean that a life pattern is immune to such effects. This combination allows a mage to burn the quintessence from a life pattern and recycle it into the cosmic flow. The effect is that the mage must get a mere 3 successes and touch his target on the forehead at which time the target is frozen and begins to glow and fade and finally explode as a flash of light leaving ... nothing. The only way to counter this effect it though counter magic or antimagic. The optional Entropy 4 is put in for the storyteller"s option to allow this rote to happen. The rote in my chronicle needs this sphere to work but it may not be needed depending on the story teller.]

"Do Not Suffer Today What You Can Suffer Tomorrow"Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Time 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is commonly used to avoid the nasty after-effects of partying for some time; the cultists simply pushes them further into the future. It can also be used to move pain, hunger or other negative experiences ahead, and even move wounds into the far future. They will still be felt, but (hopefully) at a time of the cultists choosing.

[When the displeasure appears (as determined how far into time it has been pushed) it will give the usual penalties, in addition to the penalties the mage may have had before. Moving wounds is very dangerous, since the mage may suddenly find himself mortally wounded ].


Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

The mage surrounds a room or other place with symbols of himself (for example his coat of arms, his monogram or something else). The mage becomes master of the area, making everybody inside obey him without question as long as they are inside. Everybody feels the presence of the mage intensely. The mage becomes the central point of the room.

Domino FallBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The marauder draws more randomness and weirdness into the local area, empowering them. Unlikely things start to happen, people get straight flushes all the time, long lost relatives pay visits, bullets ricochet along truly absurd trajectories and so on. This doesn"t necessarily cause any vulgar effects at first, but quite soon the number of improbabilities builds up, and the domino effect causes a massive backlash.

Don't Even BlinkBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Eric Tolle

This nasty rote energizes the neurons of the nervous system, so that anytime a muscle twitches, it shocks the owner. Degree of damage varies with how much the victem tries to move, and is continuous. There is also a non- leathal version of this rote where the shocks do only stunning damage. Normally this only affects voluntary muscles, but at timesRose has been pissed enough to cast this on the autonomic muscles too...including the lungs.

Don't make me angry...Bearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Timothy Toner

When the Kid is roughed around, he can activate this schtick to terrify those who are attacking him. Mental illusions are sent out to all those surrounding, one at a time, if neccessary, that the mage is transforming into something horrifying. The Prop is usually some dramatic physical change, like fangs, claws, or glowing eyes.

Don't turn aroundBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 2 Author: Timothy Toner

This Sctick enables the mage to suddenly appear where the target _least_ expects it. The Prop is either a hockey mask, or a vampire"s costume.

dorian grayBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Life 5, Mind 5, Prime 4 Author: The rote library

Here is the real story of the Portrait of Dorian Gray: It wasn’t just a picture that gave Dorian Gray of the Euthanatos seemingly endless youth. The portrait was mackically tied to his body. (This is similar to Setite vampires who hide their hearts.) When the Technocrats found and destroyed the picture, the accumulated Paradox and crushing force of age destroyed him.

This rote allows a mage to adopt an icon (portrait, doll, book) to which she is tethered. As long as the icon remains intact, the mage will remain the same age as when the rote was cast. She is not immortal; the magickal icon simply holds back the forces that age the body. When it is time to die, she will indeed die (though she will leave a lovely corpse). The danger of this rote lies in the consequences of destroying the icon: the shock of aging 50 years is enough to kill most people.

[Life and Mind tie the mage macickally to the icon; prime “seals the deed”. Entropy forces the entropy of aging to age the icon instead of the mage. Should the icon be destroyed, the mage must make a stamina roll, difficulty 5+1 for every ten years since the rote was cast. Failure indicates the mage dies of shock. The icon also gains a point of Paradox for every ten years it has been used; if the mage survives, he absorbs the Paradox as well.

DotS' XeroxBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Matter 4, Prime 2, Time 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This allows a Mage to look forward or backward to any time and/or place, analyze an item"s pattern, and re-create the item in her own time and location. A Mage using this Rote would rarely have to buy or acquire most items since she can simply locate the item she needs and create an exact duplicate.

Double PainBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage increases the susceptibility to pain of a victim. A small cut will feel like a deep gash, and a greater wound will paralyse the victim in agony. This is sometimes used by mages in the Akashic Brotherhood on themselves to train their resistance to pain and their willpower. They just sit down in Do meditation and concentrate of the pain of existence.

[ The wound penalties are doubled for the victim. A Hurt or Injured will give a -2 penalty, Wounded -4 and Crippled -10.]

download spiritBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: The rote library

[This rote allows the mage to create a fetish (of sorts) out of a computer disc. The caster uses Matter 2 and Prime 2 to make the disc trinary, and Spirit 4 to make the fetish. The disc can then be loaded into a trinary deck for use in the Digital Web. As long as the disc is in the deck, the trapped spirit can be used as a standard fetish. However, the fetish will not opperate in the real world.]

Doxy's All Around Turn-Around Kamikaze KillerBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Not really a Rote, but an effect that can be quite useful nonetheless, this allows a Mage to warp space around herself so that any attacks that strike her to actually damage a designated target instead. Can be quite a painful surprise. With extra successes, the Mage may even possibly somewhat duplicate the effect of Kick of the Four Winds. Imagine the surprise that Sabbat experiences when after clawing you, he feels himself being shredded from all sides Each success beyond those required allows the Mage to cause the attack to strike one extra time, or strike an extra target.

Doxy's CheopsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This causes a laser, originating at the target point, to fire straight upwards, thus causing an incredible amount of electricity to cascade down to the target through the air ionized by the laser"s passage. Damage is successes x 2. Sometimes she gets impatient however, and just blasts her opponent with the laser. Sometimes she just uses Forces 2 with no Prime to call the electricity down. This is also known as a lightning strike.

Doxy's Feast 'Midst the FamineBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Turns anything into suitable, healthy, tasty fare for the caster or anyone else without changing its appearance. It also neutralizes any poisons. Yes, this means you can use this to make rocks edible.

Doxy's FirefingerBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This causes the mage"s hands to be wreathed in flames, adding successes x4 to her base damage level.

Doxy's No-Moon Coat of FurBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Doxy uses this effect to assume the form of a Silent Strider-Ragabash. While in this form she has a "special" character sheet listing her Garou abilities. The actual creation of this effect causes Paradox, but the use of her Garou shapeshifting abilities and Gifts do *not*.

Doxy's Singing HarpBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This causes any instrument to play itself, or rather, be telekinetically played, generally accompanying the mage who caused the effect.

Doxy's Singing TelegramBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

When cast, a small canary appears. The caster tells it what her message is and whom to take it to. The canary then flits off to find the target, provided she is on the same plane. Once arriving at its target point, the canary sings the message and disappears.

Doxy's Multiversal Singing TelegramBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 4, Spirit 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

When cast, a small canary appears. The caster tells it what her message is and whom to take it to. The canary then flits off to find the target, provided she is on the same plane. Once arriving at its target point, the canary sings the message and disappears. Will also go anywhere, in the Umbra or beyond.

Doxy's UisgbaughBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Creates a one gallon jug of hot, fresh blood. This blood will remain hot and fresh for the duration of the spell.

Doxy's WitchfireBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The mage is surrounded by a nimbus of electricity which causes successes x 1 damage to any who touch her. She can also discharge a number of lightning bolts each action, each of which do successes x 2 damage. This one requires 5 Successes for full effect - allows her to discharge lightning at all within her vicinity.

Doxy's Woeful GlowBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

When cast, the beings affected are illuminated with a sickly green light. All those affected lose any benefits of healing, regeneration or other curative effects. If anyone wishes to use healing magic, she must exceed the caster"s successes with Woeful Glow before gaining any effect.

Dr Goldburg's Fabulous Aerating PillBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Prime 2 Author:

This tiny white pill, usually sold alongside the Survival Pill in the Galactic Explorer"s Survival Kit, provides oxygen in hostile atmospheres. (The pill provides a 24 hour supply of oxygen to the user, time- released inside the lungs, while simultaneously transforming toxic gases into harmless compounds released through exhalation.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Dr Goldburg's Wonderful Pan-Sufficient Survival PillBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author:

Dr Goldburg specialized in Umbral exploration and discovered many fascinating phenomena and strange lifeforms, until his ill-fated journey to Rigel 3, when a particularly strange lifeform discovered him. But his legacy lives on in the form of his many inventions to make planetary exploration easier. This tiny blue pill provides its user with complete nourishment for 1 day.

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Prime 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Any target hit by one of these bullets also lose a number of Quintessence equal to the number of successes got while crafting it.

Draining the SpiritBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 4 Author: Unknown

Basically, this rote allows the spirit adept to drain off some of the spirits Quintessense, thus weakening it enough to either dissipate it, destroy it, or bind it into a fetish. (game mechanics: diff: 7, as before, quintessence, time taken, or nearness to a node can lower this to as low as 3!, each success above 2 drains off 2 points of Quintessence from the spirit and channels it into the mage, another mage, a talisman, or back into the pool of free Quintessence.)

Level of Fetish: (Mage): The level of the fetish is = to the Arete of the spirit.

Drawing Out BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author:

As the Verbena like to say, "Blood calls to blood", and this brutal rote is an application of that idea. The witch bleeds herself and then uses the blood to draw blood out from the target. If the target already has injuries, they will bleed copiously. If they don"t, they spontaneously start hemorrhaging from various orifaces. Repeated use of this effect is generally fatal to the target, but that"s the point. (This rote does a level of damage for each success, and cannot be soaked. Exactly how the bleeding occurs determines whether the rote is vulgar or not.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Dream BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many Dreamers are quite paranoid about intruders into their dreams, and seek to both hide them from other dreamers and to raise barriers against them. By using Mind the dream can be shaped to reject intruders, and by using Spirit the Dreamer can prevent the opening of portals from the Chimerae.

[ Each success will remove one success from any attempt to get into the dream, or even detect its existence. An intruder inside the dream will not be hindered, but the dreamer will be instantly alerted by the breach. ]

Dream DominionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Not only is it possible for a mage to sever the link between a dreamer and his dream, he can claim dominion over a free dream. To do this he must extend his mind into the dream and encompass it, essentially learn to dream it. The mage must understand the dream well, and at least have seen most of it. This way Dreamers collect interesting or beautiful dreams from people when they awaken and build and improve on their own dreams. Less ethical dreamers wrest control of dreams from their owners and take them. This is also the way the Dreamlords try to gain supremacy over the Chimerae, by constantly subtly infiltrating the dreams of each other and then suddenly striking, grabbing as many dreams as possible.

Dream KnowledgeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

In dreams you are often able to do things you are unable to do in the waking world, or have new skills. Dreamers are able to actually give themselves (or others) new abilities, at least inside their own dreams and often inside other dreams too. They can also gain knowledge about things they should not have any knowledge about, like what other people are planning or what have happened to them. However, this will work only in their own dreams or in dreams which allow it (usually Sleeper dreams).

[Each success will give the Dreamer one dreamed dot in a ability. This dream-skill is only applicable inside the dream, and cannot work with things from the outside (have you too woken up with a feeling you had just managed to solve a hard problem, and the solution turns out to be just nonsense?) ]

Dream Quest of OrpheusBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3, Spirit 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote allows the mage to send his consciousness across the shroud, while safely leaving his body behind. Traditionally, the mage consumes a full meal, lights incense, and then falls asleep (often Mind 2). An acolyte then presses a penny on top of each of the mage"s eyes. The difficulty of this rote is 6 or the Shoud rating (whatever is higher).

The mage then awakens in the Shadowlands, effectively as a wraith. She has as many corpus levels as the mage has temporary willpower (the connection is tenous). While not having any Arcanos, the mage does have full access to her Spheres, within the paramaters of the Shadowlands. Unfortunately, as the avatar of the mage still rests within the quicklands, the mage cannot use any quintessence. This problem can be corrected by a Prime 3 component to the rote, but this can cause other problems (qv). The mage has two pennies as relics (these disappear when the mage returns to the lands of the quick).

Wraiths will only notice that the mage does not belong on a Per+Awareness roll of 9 (2 successes), or if the mage uses any obvious magicks. Healing is a real problem for the mage, so she should tread lightly. If the mage loses all her corpus, then she is flung back into the living. She then must immediately make a willpower roll (difficulty 8, number of successes=1+excess damage) or permanently lose a willpower point.

Dreams into RealityBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

A dream can be turned into a real realm by weaving it into the spiritual fabric of the Umbra and feeding it quintessence, just like in the creation of a normal horizon realm. This requires that the dreamer of the dream cooperates or that the dream is free. The resulting reality has axioms determined by the dream, but also frequently quirks and odd properties not readily apparent, based on the quirks of the original dreamer. Most such realms have a distinct resonance.


Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to enter, and share a dream with another person. The number of successes indicate how much a part of the dream the mage may play, with one allowing hte mageto be an observer, and 5 or more allowing hte mage to completely alter the dream, to suit his own purposes. There is a danger, however, in teh dreamer awakening before the mage can escape. If this happens, there is a chance the mage may be trapped in the dreamers fragment of the umbra.

Drowning in PaperworkBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4 Author: Kelly St.Clair

The NWO uses this rote to literally smother their enemies in the products of bureacracy. Any loose paper in the area (and if there wasn"t any, there is now) is blown towards the victim by a coincidental breeze, where it clings, resisting any attempts short of countermagic to remove it. Within moments, the victim is covered in newspaper(s), forms, loose files, PostIt notes, bills, junk mail, etc. Damage (from suffocation) is the usual successes x 4.

    After the victim is dead, the paper quietly blows away.  At

the Storyteller"s option, there may not even be a body left behind...

[This rote was inspired by a scene from the movie BRAZIL, a

dystopian comedy with a distinctly British twist on the Techno-

Dry Out LungsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to extract any unecessary moisture from their own lungs. this rote is usually used in conjunction with "Water rebreather"

Dull MindBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote actually dulls a targets mind. With minimal success, the targets mind loses a wits level for the duration of teh scene. WIth greater success, comes greater loss, and greater duration:

       one success             loss of one WITS for duration of scene
       two successes           loss of two WITS for duration of scene
                               or loss of one WITS for a full day
       three successes         loss of three WITS for the duration of 
                               the scene, or two WITS for a full day,
                               or one wit for a full week.
       four successes          loss of three WITS for a full day, two
                               WITS for a full week, or one WITS for
                               a full lunar cycle.
       five successes          loss of three WITS for a full week, two
                               WITS for a full lunar cycle, or the permanent
                               loss of ONE level of WITS.
      five + successes         loss of three WITS level for a full lunar
                               cycle or the loss of two WITS levels


Profile: Mind 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is used by the Core for interrogation purposes, or to test certain new theories. The mage uploads the memories and personality of someone into a waiting empty AI-matrix, creating a mental copy of the person. This copy will have the same memories and skills as the original, but lacks Avatar and magickal ability. The copy will believe it is the original, at least until confronted with incontrovertible proof. Unfortunately such copies have a tendency to disintegrate quite quickly. Commonly used as a backup when modifying the mind of a Core member or somebody else. This rote is also used by the uploaded members to create helpers or emissaries for temporary tasks. In this case, the copy is modified to know that it is a copy, and often partially rewritten to suit the creator. There are often several copies of uploaded persons kept "just in case", and there are rumours that the Core can restore dead members completely, just like the Progenitors can re-clone people.

Duplicate SelfBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 4, Mind 4, Prime 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to expend a great amount of quintessence, and create an exact duplicate of himself. The duplicate will have exactly the same abilities as the original (except the avatar is active only in the original), and can think and resaon for itself. It may even contradict the original, or argue with him. After a time decided upon by the story-teller, the duplicates will weken, and must seek out the original, to merge with him.

Each duplicate takes two points of quintessence to create, and if successfully merged, will return a point to the original. When merging, all information and experiences will be integrated into tyeh original"s consciousness.

The duplicates always know where the original is. (kinda likea directional and distance sense).


Profile: Forces 3, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Lucy Porter

This rote literally helps keep the house clean. The mage must define what he considers dust. Then, he collects all the current kinetic energy in the house, and channels it through a burst of wind, to propel the dust, and only the dust out an open door, or window. By linking the kinetic force and the defined dusty matter, the mage may avoid blowing other items (paper, soap bubles, whatever) out the window with the dust.

Dying BreathBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Once, Larissa Iozzo, a noted Verbena mage was trapped in an elevator with four Men-in-black. They were taking her to a research centre, to perform a mindsweep on all she knew about the Wandering Hand Chantry. Luckily, the Chantry was working on freeing her. One of the virtual adepts of the group disabled the electrical system, briefly stopping the elevator in its slow descent. Larissa struggled, and when one of her captors violently subdued her, she used the physical contact, and the presence of her own blood to slighty alter her captors respiratory system.

She changed the exhalation mixture, by removing one molecule from all the gas he exhaled. Instead of exhaling a carbon dioxide mixture, he then started exhaling carbon monoxide. Everyone in the elevator was unconscious within minutes.

Unfortunately, she failed to change over her own bodily system to make it okay to inhale carbon monoxide. She was unconscious when the Wandering hand chantry released her from the elevator. The men in black... well, she never actually saw what happened to them, but Russell Nash, the head of the Wandering Hand Chantry said only that they had been, "Recycled".

Earth Observer Satellite TelemetryBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

By training her satellite dish on an Earth Observer Satellite, the Void Engineer receives data about any location on the globe he wishes. These data, collected in the infrared and other spectra allow her to construct an image of the local penumbra. [This rote combines the effects of Correspondence Sensing (MAGE p.185) and Spirit Sight (MAGE p.214). The Gauntlet is effectively pierced at the orbital altitude of the satellite being used so only two success are necessary, unless the point to be viewed is not well known to the caster] F/X - With the introduction of the EOS system to the masses, this activity is now Field Expedient (Coincidental).

Eat Me RAW!Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 4 Author: D.J. Babb

A hideous rote developed by Breath, "Eat Me RAW!" allows the caster to skin a target. The rote gets its name from Breath"s tendency to flay his enemies, and began to eat their exposed, raw flesh.

[By using the rote, the mage perceives his target"s Life Pattern, which is then flayed off of the body. This is VERY Vulgar, and does damage as listed for the Life Sphere.]

Eat SpiritBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was reputedly invented by a very eccentric hermetic mage, who boasted that he had tasted everything on earth. He finally decided to taste something not of this earth, and invented this rote. By drawing a complex hermetic circle, trapping a spirit inside and forcing it to manifest, he was able to make it material... and edible. According to the stories (which diverge on this), the etheric flesh of the spirit was either the greatest disappointment of his life or of such an exquisite flavour that he never ever could eat any earthly food ever again.

Ectoplasmic DepolarizationBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author:

The psychic researcher Prof. Ephemeris encountered many strange spiritual entities during his years of active research, and he eventually perfected this procedure to force disembodied consciousnesses to vacate the hosts they possess. This process depolarizes the ectoplasm which makes up a spiritual entity, thus reducing the entity"s ability to influence human minds. (Each success grants the equivalent of 3 Willpower successes on an exorcism roll.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Edit BiomeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 3, Life 4, Matter 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote enables a mage to alter certain aspects of a biome. The more successes, the greater the changes she may inflict. This rote can be used to make a specific region more palatable to a certain species of animal, or to make changes in the food tree.

Warning! Any change made in a biome will cause changes in how everything else relates. If this rote is taken too far, the mage risks having created another sanctum. The rules used to define the biome must be mostly within reality parametres.


Profile: Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

These runes are used to seal oaths, deals and curses. When finished, they force the parts to obey to the text. If any part breaks it, he will suffer the effects described. These are usually the worst possible curses the priest can do, and it is not uncommon to add curses beyond the ability of the mage just for effect. In the case of pure curses, the victim is forced to obey the caster or suffer the full curse. These texts are usually inscribed on stone or wooden boards, and then often placed in sacred places for safekeeping. The only way to remove a curse is to find the runes and erase them, but some really cunning mages write them on pine-needles and scatter them in the forest.

Electro-magnetic Body-ArmorBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to call up a body-hugging field of electro-magnetic energy, that effectively adds the number of successes to any soak rolls. Maintenance of the armour, however, requires concentration. Therefore, any action that is not reflex will be at a +1 to difficulty. However, for a slightly increased difficulty, the mage may also bring in the time sphere. This will set a time-limit on the existence of the armour. The time-limit is determined by the mage"s prime or avatar rating.

Elixir of LongevityBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Another classic rote, invented in countless variations. The alchemist distils some of his blood, add expensive spices and salts, and drinks the final product. This elixir will halt the ageing of the mage for a time, but not rejuvenate him (there are lots of competing rejuvenation elixirs around).

Elixir of the SunBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage mixes together mercury and gold into an amalgam. This amalgam is left in the sun during the day, and heated during the night. After several days, the amalgam is pulverised and added to wine. This wine will, if drunk, make the user to appear much more powerful than he really is. The user will, at least for a while, make people around him very impressed and awed.

Elude SensesBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 2 Author: Tristan Brandhorst

The young Dragon Scale Little Thunder spent a great deal of time watching martial arts movies about ninjas. Although his mentor chided him for such a frivolous pursuit, Little Thunder was inspired to develop rotes that reproduced some of the abilities of the cinematic ninjas. The most useful such rote involves identifying the weak spots in a security system and them using them. Guards are encouraged to overlook the intruder"s presence. (Each success adds one to the difficulty of people to spot the Brother, as long as the Brother is attempting to be inconspicuous.)

Emma Von Kellstahls Paradox PrisonBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage draws a circle for protection. Outside, The Triangle of Art is drawn. The mage performs some banishing rituals to avoid any unbalancing influences, followed by the Middle Pillar ritual to purify mind, body and soul. Then the mage creates a material pattern inside the triangle, and channels his or her paradox energy into it. The result is a material object created out of paradox, which can be safely disposed. [ The mage frees half (round up) of her paradox, or suffers a paradox backlash if there is more paradox than 10. The paradox is bound in the object.]

Or so she thinks. :-) Whats really happening is that the mage creates a pattern and channels prime as normal, but frees her paradox at the same time. It is not really bound to the created object, but will probably take its form and quickly pervert it. In effect, this rote creates paradox spirits. When Fraulein von Kellstahl performed it, she created a crystal ball. It turned out to be a perfect, fragile sphere with a hypnotically colored surface.

A fellow mage was sent out in the garden to bury it (safely packed in a chest). Suddenly the earth under the mage shifted, and the box was dropped! The sphere was broken into shards. From the box a small figure emerged, made out of shards of glass. It began running towards the house, where von Kellstahl now where busy performing protection rituals. Fortunately, the other mage managed to slow the figure down long enough for Emma to find a solution. But the spirit remains:

Empower DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By infusing an object, a being or a place in a dream with quintessence, it is given independent existence. This will empower it greatly, and give it some permanence. Even if the dream which contains it dissolves, the object will often survive by becoming a permanent part of the subconscious of the dreamer.


Profile: Life 1, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

This rote was created by a VA who was humiliated at being Dominated by a vampire. It functions like the Encrypt Thoughts rote from the VA, with the added benefit of protecting against all non-magickal attempts to control the user"s thoughts or emotions. (The Entropy component provides a scrambling effect.)

[Each success removes two success from any Discipline, Gift, or Arcanos roll to influence the protected mind. If Entropy 2 is used, it provides protection against attacks that are ranked less than or equal to the user"s Arete. If Entropy 5 is used, it shields against all levels. (Encrypt Thoughts can provide some protection, but only against attacks ranked equal to or lower than the user"s Sphere level.) Forces 3 or Mind 3,4 or 5 may be added toautomatically attack any would-be controller, but this usually makes the rote vulgar.]

Enchant BodyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Using this rote the Children both perfect the life-pattern of the ascendee, so he will never need food, air or water anymore, stops ageing and will survive eternal bliss. It also lets the Children add other rotes to him, making them permanently active.

enchant bullet.Bearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

By priming bullets with Quintessence they now do aggravated damage, or get the ability to wound non-materialized spirits.

Enchanted SensesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage gives himself the sight of the Eagle, the smell of the Dog, the taste of the Rat and the hearing of the Cat. Verbena use to do this by anointing eyes, ears, fingers, nose and tongue with blood while visualising the power and sounds of the different animals.

Encompassing VisionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

Gives the Mage 360 degree vision.

End BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage touches the victim with some blood (very little is required). The result is a small infection rendering the victim sterile and unable to pass on undesirable traits. The victim will not notice anything.

Endothermic ExplosionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 5 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This psychotronic effect is produced by causing a hyperspace energy flow opposite that normally produced, draining the kinetic energy of the molecules in the target area rapidly. Careless mages are cautioned with this rote. Many careless maged attempting to use a forces 4 effect to do this have been incinerated by the very energy they stole, which radiated uncontrollably from their foci.

[ The attack causes normal Forces 4 or 5 damage, and can be used to freeze things. The enrgy can be conentrated and stored for later use by some mages. ]

Enemy WithinBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 3 Author: Christopher L

Many of the Euthanatos" intended victims have turned out to have some surprising defences. Thus the Euthanatos have had to come up with some surprising techniques of assassination. During the long Akashic - Euthanatos war, the famous assassin Delion came up against the equally renowned Akashic Brother Raging Mountain. "Mountain"s skin was invulnerable to all weapons and he was unbeatable in combat. Taking the second problem first, Delion simply attacked whilst "Mountain was asleep. To overcome his invulnerable skin however, Delion devised this rote. It is when the sword slices through muscle tissue and vital organs that it causes harm. Therefore it is much more efficient simply correspond the blade inside the victim and wave it about a bit at a distance. This doesn"t really do any more damage - after all, skin and subcutaneous fat have never provided much of a barrier to tempered steel - but it does overcome a surprising number of magickal defences. "This rote follows normal Correspondence ranges."

Energetic Object TransformationBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 4 Author: FindRote_2.0

This Son of Ether magick transfers objects from relaity into Virtual Reality and back. Some sons use this to carry large items from place to place on disk.

Energy DampeningBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 3 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This Son of the Ether rote is similar to Endothermic Explosion in that it absorbs the energy from a distant area. Most forms of electro- magnetic energies are drained. This causes the shutdown of most forms of technological devices by denying them power, be it electrical, solar, magnetic or even nuclear ( with forces 5 ). The mage must be able to create the force he wishes to drain, a mage with Forces 3 wouldn"t be able to stop a chemically powered device like an internal combusion engine becuase that involves "nuclear" forces of chemical reaction, however, the sparkplugs could be stopped from firing. Mages need Life 3 to drain living beings of energy, causing raw damage. Those with life 4 are experimenting with more selective draining to cause paralyzation.

Enhance LiverBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Change the liver so it can more efficiently handle the poisons that flow through the body.

Enhance Unlikely CausalityBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Johnny blew his head off; Johnny listened to metal. Therefore, metal killed Johnny. That"s logical, it"s settled. --"Logic", Scatterbrain
Though now a Verbena, Rachel Bouchet once was a Progenitor. Before her initial inception into the Technocracy, she witnessed a N.W.O. operative convince her parents that she was mad to follow traditionally "male" pasttimes. The logic the N.W.O. used was inductive, fallacious, and based on assumptions of a 1950"s style life. Her parents bought it hook, line, and sinker. Rachel was shipped to a N.W.O private school outside of West Chester, New York.

One of the first things she learned was the power of fallacious logic: say anything with enough conviction, and people will accept you as an authority, even though you have no idea what you"re talking about. When she made the switch to the Progenitors convention, the N.W.O. kept a close watch on her for years.

Bouchet was able to make causal leaps in scientific (re: genetics) studies based on "intuition and appreciation of form and flow". However, she could never admit her somewhat less that scientific methods. So she used her N.W.O. training to convince her mentors of the validity of her approach.

Now, as a Verbena, she has modified one of her earliest rotes (from a lesson before she was awakened), to enhance the validity of the unlikely in a sleepers mind.

The mage using this rote may enhance any manipulation roll by half the number of successes.

Enhanced RegenerationBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Time mages are able to selectively speed up the healing and regenerative abilities of an organism, making it recuperate much faster. This is very useful, although it is often accompanied with hunger and extreme itchiness. The Sons of Ether apply electricity in precisely calculated patterns to the wounds, while the Cult of Ecstasy gives the patient such a good time they forget about being hurt.

[One success halves the healing time, two successes divide it with three, three with four, etc. ]

Enhanced SensesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Provides 1 extra dot of Perception in any one sense per success rolled in the test.

Enlightening WordBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author:

The Akashic Brotherhood normally uses koans, or riddles, to guide Sleepers to Awakening and the Awakened to Ascension. These koans traditionally take the form of a peculiar question or statement that the subject ponders and learns spiritual truths from. The most famous, of course, is "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" but there are many others. The Blue Skin scholar Li Chao Wu, however, discovered a different use for the koan when he was being stalked by a Euthanatos assassin. Since Li had vowed never to stain himself with combat, he chose a different method to defend himself, and when the assassin approached him, he uttered a koan so powerful that the assassin was forced to ponder it for several minutes, allowing Li to make his escape. (The monk must have an Enigmas score at least equal to the target"s Meditation score in order to know a koan of sufficient complexity. If successfully cast, the target is effectively stunned for a number of turned equal to his Meditation score, as he attempts to work out the puzzle involved. Note that this rote is most effective against those who are conditioned to such puzzles, and is virtually useless against thugs with no Meditation skill. The effects dissapate if the target is attacked.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Entropy 5, Mind 4 Author: The rote library

(Kafkas Bane)

Sara Stout

Enter the WorldBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some of the more mystical Apostles seek greater union with the world than just enjoying it. This rote is the first step: they expand their awareness more and more to all levels of existence, seeking to encompass them. Such mages may spend days or even weeks in blissful trance as they experience a multitude of sensations.

entropic thoughtBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 1 Author: The rote library

This rote allows the Mage to jump to startling conclusions about any situation (s)he is in. The Mage can sometimes appear to have remarkable deductive powers when utilising this rote and at other times (s)he can appear quite mad as (s)he makes connections which normal people would consider ludicrous or quite impossible. As a simple example, take the case of a Mage who has no skill in Matter or Correspondence but who wishes to find a hidden item (maybe the gun used as a murder weapon.) He paces to room with a thoughtful expression on his face then, suddenly, he is reminded of a murder/mystery novel in which the weapon was hidden behind the mantelpiece. Sure enough, the aforementioned weapon is there when he asks the bewildered policemen to search it. Of course, they may now wonder how he knew it was there and ask some fairly urgent questions about where he was on a particular night..

[The mage utilises Mind 1 to flash through all her memories and then Entropy 2 (Control Randomness) to select one. The use of Entropy ensures that the thought selected is somehow relevant to the situation. The more successes gleaned the more information is gained. A failure indicates a mental block while a botch means that some completely irrelevant thought has just implanted itself in the mages consciousness. The mage may spend days (and they should roleplay this) wondering how such a thought could be relevant - "Pink, fluffy bunnies... what do pink fluffy bunnies have to do Lord Greesham"s murder...Hmm, maybe I"ll check out the petting zoo..." [This rote does require a great deal of storyteller/player co-operation (Hah! Don"t make me laugh!) It can been used to allow player knowledge to become character knowledge but any storyteller who wishes to allow this should place strict control on what is allowed. The thoughts should be as vague as possible and have some relevance to the mages background. For instance, the character above, who clearly reads a lot of Agatha Christie, or the Order of Hermes Mage who marvels at the way the numbers on the signpost beneath which the Nephandus has buried a talisman are of occult significance ("See, if you add those two together you get 13, and if you subtract that number you get 7. Hah, these Nephandi, predictable as ever...")]

Escape of DumuziBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

According to the legend, Dumuzi managed to escape from the first attack of the demons of the Underworld as Inanna condemned him to death by turning his hands and feet into snakes, and thus escaping their grip. He escaped the second attack by turning his arms and legs into the legs of an gazelle, escaping them again. By reciting the invocation to the sun-god Utu Dumuzi is supposed to have used, a priestess can perform the same feats.

Eternal FlameBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is commonly used on the fire burning on the altars of the Chorus. By infusing it with the purity of the One under a long time, the fire becomes fuelled by the quintessence of the world, not its material fuel. It will burn without consuming, and by using Prime 4 it can be made to only purify, not burn, flesh. This is the origin of the Eucharist of Fire, wherein the Choristers drink flames of purity.

Eternal JigBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Time 4 Author:

Albany Fashion, a Son of Ether mage, used to cast this rote by blowing smoke rings with her pipe, and then swirling the rings in a circle in the air. The rote traps the target temporal loop, forcing him to repeat the same activity over and over again. The mage catches the original impulse that caused the target to start the action, and continuously feeds it back into the victim"s mind. The victim could be caught tapping a pencil, scratching their back, or repeating the same dance step. The victim repeats the action until the rote ends, or he drops from exhaustion.

Paul Strack

Eternal YouthBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage simply stops ageing. This requires almost constant low- level concentration, but is often coincidentally explained using a healthy diet involving certain herbs and blood.

Etheric Flux JammingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author:

This rote is widely employed by Sons to prevent rivals from spying on their research. It creates a zone of fluxed ether which causes interference on remote viewing and teleportation attempts. (This is a standard Warding rote.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Etheric ProbeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 1 Author:

By launching a remote probe into the Near or Deep Umbra , a scientist is able to explore the Umbra without leaving the safety of her laboratory. (This rote combines Correspondence Sensing with Umbral Sight.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Matter 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This galder was used by the legendary Egil Skallagrimson when he suspected that his drink was poisoned. He sung it to the mug, and it shattered, showing that the contents were poisoned.

Evoke the Spirits of the ForcesBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Hermetic mages have always been interested in elementals. This rote is used to communicate with the spirits in different forces like light, darkness, heat or electricity. It will not give the summoner any control over them, but they might obey him if they want to. Hermetics draw a circle, and place some of the force in the Triangle of Art outside (If the mage want to communicate with the spirits of light, a light source is needed. For the spirits of darkness a pool of shadow. For the spirits of radioactivity a piece of uranium). Then the spirit is evoked with a long incantation which names all forces which control and rule the desired type of spirit.


Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage seeks to exorcise a spirit which has manifested on the physical plane. In practice, the mage is trying to throw it out in the Umbra again. Most spirits are naturally opposed to this, and will use any means necessary to prevent this. Most spirits try to sneak away on the physical plane if they can or the exorcist seems dangerous. Others attack the exorcist physically, mentally or with cunning.

[The rite is an extended action, where each success of the mage temporarily decreases the Arete of the spirit during the exorcism. The difficulty is the Arete of the spirit +4. If it reaches zero the spirit is banished. If the mage botches the spirit can possess him if it wants to, or even banish the soul of the mage to the Umbra if it is powerful enough.]


Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

exotic bullets.Bearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Primium bullets, bullets of true gold, Moonsilver...anything.


Profile: Forces 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

After soaking the initial damage from the bullet the targets gets damaged anew as it explodes, on this second roll for soak, do not add any armor the target has, just plain Stamina (+Fortitude).

extended memory managerBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Rote allows the mage to remember large amounts of data with perfect clarity. It can be used to preserve specific memories or to retrieve largely forgotten ones. Mages who store too much information can experience side effects like confusion as sensory cues cause a flood of associated memories or an inability to remember without using the Rote. Some mages find it necessary to "purge" old memories to make way for fresh data. Combined with other senses and Mind effects, the EMM becomes even more useful. For instance, the mage can flip through a book, then Multi-Task and have one task carefully read it from memory or "rewind" her memory of a recent encounter to look for details that her conscious mind overlooked.

[To imprint a photographic memory, the mage rolls her Arete with the number of successes indicating how long (on the normal duration chart) the memory is retained with perfect clarity. During this duration the mage can look back just as if she were still experiencing the memory even to the point of noticing details for the first time. After the duration is up, the memory fades to normal levels of recall. To retrieve a forgotten experience, the mage rolls with successes read on the duration chart to indicate how far back she can remember. Clarity is high but she cannot notice new details - only those which she noted at some point but has forgotten. Photographic and Eidetic mnemonic abilities are a documented fact, making this Rote static magic.]

Extrapolate 4D MovementBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 1, Mind 1, Time 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This device actualizes the ground-breaking theories of Dr. Robert Fanning, infamous Sons of Ether who pioneered the solid-time theory. His theory led to the assumption that time itself was not the fourth dimension, but only an intellectual conception we devised due to a limted set of sensory perceptions. The conception of time, allowed us to integrate movements and poccurances from other dimensions beyond those we perceive, into our own spatial perceptions.

The problem came about, however, when, due to his altered perception of time, correspondence and reality in general, communication with others became a little more difficult than he expected. Dr. Fanning created this rote to allow for conceptualizations of the fourth dimension (not time--time is the inference of the fourth dimension.), without actually changing your perceptions to view it.

This rote is best performed with a television or computer monitor, which can integrate 4th dimensional events into a linear cohesion. One the monitor would appear everyday scenes (as defined by the use of CO2). However, ghostly images may appear (these being events or movements taking place across the linear time stream) and disappear. At times, these ghostly images may make substantial changes to the environment displayed by the monitor.

This is how elements moving in the fourth dimension affect our three- dimensional reality.

The greater the number of successes, the stronger the integration, and the more visible and numerous the ghost-images will appear.

  • Other spheres can be applied to this as a base rote, to do things

like: entropy - tell when something outside our perceptions is going to make changes in our localized perceptions.

We need MI1 to conceptualize and integrate the extra-dimensional data CO4 to conceptualize solid-time as a framework in which to collect the data TI4 as a support for the CO4. (In effect, however, these become the same thing...), FO1 or MA1 depending on what two/three dimensional display device you wish to use for output.


Profile: Life 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Cult of Ecstasy don"t like to hurt people, but sometimes they have to. This rote was perfected by a Lady de Joen during the 18th century, who sometimes had the problem of being surprised in embarrassing circumstances by the appearance of the wives of her lovers. However, by slowing down the blood supply to their brains, she could easily make them coincidentally faint. And people often forget what the saw just before fainting...

Faith HealingBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

Not so long ago, the healing touch of the Celestial Chorus could cure all manner of ills. Today, the once-proud Tradition is reduced to so-called Faith Healing to avoid paradox. A faith healer can improve his patient"s condition, enhancing immune response, causing pain to fade, or restoring lost mobility. However, she cannot permanently remove chronic, diagnosed, medical conditions or wounds. [Any acute condition (one the subject would eventually have recovered from) can be cured, recovery time is reduced as per "Serene Temple" (Mage p.226). Symptoms, however, are immediately reduced. In the case of wounds, penalties are reduced by one HL per success, otherwise, the Storyteller decides the number required based on the severity of the condition. Symptoms of permanent conditions can also be reduced for a time (though not permanently). The magick works by reinforcing the subject"s pattern with Prime and projecting feelings of vitality and well- being.] F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

Falling TouchBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to send a foe sprawling, with but a touch.

Fan-shaped DestinyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Time 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is reputed to have been invented by the Delay Lama many millennia ago, although the venerable sage of course only jokes about it when questioned. The mage sits in his temple, breathing incense doped with hashish. Gradually his vision of time and space broadens, until he can see all the different futures in their totality. He can then pick and choose what futures will come to be, by seeing exactly what events are needed to bring them about, or how to avoid them. One of the main problems with this rote is that once the mage begins to see existence at this level, he quickly begins to realise how insignificant most events truly are. Instead of caring about the obvious problems, he will begin to explore the far futures in search for ever better solutions, which often are extremely long-range plans.

[The number of successes denotes how far into the future the mage can see and comprehend. He then has to roll more successes with his willpower with a difficulty of 8, or become lost in contemplation. ]

Fanning Passions FlamesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Stephen Johnson

This is a rote of relatively recent origins, supposedly inspired by a lonely Verbena one night while she wandered through the romance section of a bookstore. The Cult of Ecstasy swears by this rote and it is often the first rote a Disciple if Life is taught in the Tradition when they begin working with complex lifeforms. Simply put, this rote inspires complete sexual arousal within the target beyond the point of rational thought. The Mage performing this rote is often attacked by the target of the rote, who upon it"s completion, is literally panting in animal heat. [This rote requires only one success as it is a very simple tweaking of the target"s Life Pattern, once the Mage knows where to perform the manipulation. Interestingly this rote only becomes vulgar if witnessed by the Awakened, sleepers invariably dismissing the extreme reaction as lust at first sight or for some other reason while silently wishing things like that happened to them. For every success beyond the first the Mage may increase either the length or depth of the target"s passion. Note that the passion generated by this rote is neither directed or discriminating! The target could just as easily focus on an eighty year old as the Mage performing the rote.]

Fatal FlawBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3 Author: Christopher L

Euthanatos are feared not only for their ruthlessness but for their uncanny ability to find people"s weaknesses. This rote is widely used for that very purpose. Many Euthanatos use this rote on friends as well as enemies.- just in case. To perform the rote the Euthanatos searches the victim"s mind for psychological weaknesses - phobias, hatreds, ambitions, doubts, anything that can be used against him. She may have to take time with this rote to get past mental shields or to perform it coincidentally. "Three magickal successes will reveal a major weakness. Greater successes will provide more detail."

Feel the Grip of ParadoxBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

After some paradox backlashes parts of reality vanishes into paradox dimensions, often taking irritating mages and innocent sleepers with them. In these cases it is possible to find the affected places long time afterwards due to the subtle distortions of space left behind and the strains on the Gauntlet. When such an area is found, a careful (as not to invoke more paradox) study using Spirit and Correspondence can often reveal the paradox dimensions and mini-realms which have appeared.

Feign Death/LifeBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Sometimes it"s necessary to have someone in the part feign death, or feign life (if they"re undead). THis rote allows the mage to fool any instruments from stethescope to EKG and MRI scans into relaying normal healthy life-signs. If the mage employs entropy, he may also give the illusion of ailing health. THe mage may also give the illusion of death, convining the instruments that there is no pulse, nlo brain activity, etc....


Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes an infertile person to be Fertile. Immediately. Fertility is such that for the duration, pregnancy is guaranteed if measures aren"t taken.

Final Argument of the Long WalkBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Lay down your arms Lay down your spear The cheifs eyes were sad But showed no sign of fear It is a good day to die Oh my children dry your eyes It is a good day to die -Robbie Robertson, It is a good day to die.
Death is generally not something that most Euthanatos fear. But, an occasional few want their own death to have a greater impact on others. This rote allows for a complete untethering of the mind just previous to the physical death of their host body. The astral body can only exist as long as the mage retains some willpower, but most Euthanatos who have learned this rote do not intend to exist for very long. The willpower is used in place of quintessence to fuel one final magical effect to alter people"s mind. This could take the form of a mass awakening, a subtle redirection of thought patterns, or even (though unlikely) a complete subjugation of a living person"s mind, allowing the mage to take over (though paradox spirits somehow seem to find out abouit this one...)

Truly, however, it is unknown whether this rote works as specified. All data gathered points to some cases where major changes in crowd and organizational perspectives were witnessed after the death of a Euthanatos mage.

Final ImageBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage may gaze into the dead body"s eyes, and see the last image the corpse saw.

Final StrikeBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to release a burst of highly agitated plasma at a target. If no quintessence is used, the plasma blast will do STAMINA+FORCES dice worth of damage. Each quintessence spent on this rote will also add 1 dice to the damage dice pool. In addition, the mage may add their remaining "health" rating. The mage subtracts one from the number of "health" levels he has, and adds the result to the damage dice.

There is no possibility that the mage"s physical form will survive the expenditure of such a great amount of energy. The stress will tear his pattern apart, and what isn"t destroyed by the pattern stress, will be taken by the resulting paradox backlash.

Find Bifurcation PointBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By analysing the lyapunov-exponents of the historical flow around certain events, the Forecasters can find which events have the greatest potential to change history. When found, they can be further analysed with "what-if"-scenarios.

Find ConnectionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is used by mages to find the secret links between seemingly disparate events. A mage can read a newspaper, and realise that the current conflicts on Balkan are linked to the disappearance of several prominent engineers in England, or that the fluctuations of the stock market have been strongly influenced by the person in the border of that picture. He might not know how or why, but he will see the links.

Find ParadoxBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Prime 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Paradox Energies are subtle and capricious, but often telltale indicators of magickal activity. Even small acts of vulgar magick leave traces, which can be found by clever mages. Order of Hermes whisper the seven secret names of Discordia over their seal while the Virtual Adepts link up with a network and check for disturbances in the information flow to find Paradox.

Find Relevant QuotationBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to always have the relevnt quotation on hand. Whether it should be a passage from Shakespeare to woo a lover, or a quote from the bible to sway a congregation, this rote will always provide the right quote at the right time.

THe mage must prepare this rote before hand. The rote attunes the mage"s spiritual self to the vibrations of the collective unconscious, where everything that has ever been said or done is accessible. Whatever argument is prevented, the mage will immediately think of an appropriate response. THe greater the mage"s success, the more relevant the quotation. A failure means that the quotation has NOTHING to do with the subject whatsoever, while a botch means that the quotation actually works against the mage"s argument.

Find TemplateBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage searches for life matching a template (like a cell-sample, having a certain mark or a desirable trait). If there are any matching life forms, the mage will know where they are. This is used by some members to track their protected families.

Find the RiftBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 1, Spirit 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is used by Nephandi, Marauders and others of their ilk to learn when and where the Gauntlet or Horizon will open enough to let them through. Marauders usually use this rote subconsciously, coincidentally appearing at the opening at the exact right moment.

Fire bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Good against vampire as it provides aggravated unsoakable (except with Fortitude) damage

Fire of St. ElmoBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage discharges static electricity around himself in a weak green glow. The result is quite eerie and impressive. The light is not very strong, and will not light up darkness very well. It can however be concentrated into a small ball of light, usually playing up and down on the mages staff or car antenna.

firing squadBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Mind 1 Author: The rote library

Dominic Clyborn, a one time Virtual Adept now turned Nephandi, was pressed into a rock and a hard place situation. Confronted by a Hit Mark, on his own, all alone, had only a Sawed Off Shotgun in one hand, and an Uzi on the other. Thinking quickly, he applied his knowledge of Co-Location with his Empowering Mind, and created 4 different copies of himself, using his mind to enable his hands to work independently, and fired at the Hit Mark, hitting it from 4 different angles at once, causing the Hit Mark to be stricken with the fire from a Full Auto Uzi and a Shotgun.

[Using Mind 1, the mage rids himself of using penalties from using his non-usual hand. With Correspondence 4, he then co-locates to as many positions as possible, and fires, splitting his dice pool evenly between the guns in each hand, hitting his opponent from differing locations at once. Damage is rolled as normal for each gun, and then multiplied by as many different locations at the mage has attained. Example: Bob rolls a 5, a 7,a 7, and an 8 on his roll. He co-locates to 3 different places, making 4 copies of himself. He splits his dice pool of 7 between his hands, 4 in one, 3 in the other. Both guns are at difficulty six, and he rolls 6, 6, 7, 8, and 4, 6, 7 on the firing attack, then rolls damage, and multiplies it by 4 (The number of total copies). Bloody, very bloody.]

Fishing in the Well of DreamsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

A rote the Akashic Brotherhood sometimes use. They summon their own dreams, fantasies, fears and illusions into the waking world so they can speak with them, hoping to understand them or banish them if needed. The Brother ceremonially washes himself and then starts to meditate on the part of his mind he wants to meet. He brings it slowly closer to the surface, step by step, until it appears clearly to him. This rote is quite hazardous, since it can release dangerous aspects of the mage into the light, and they might not always be content to return to their old places. It has happened that fantasies not only has refused to return, but that they have stayed in the world in physical form (so called Tulpas).

[ Using Mind 2 or 3 the mage can summon fragments of another present person. Some mages have even sent away their own fragments into the minds of others. ]


Profile: Matter 3 Author: Unknown

This rote produces a blade forged from the association of five elemental blades locked to one handle and woven together. The result is a blade with five cutting edges which cut as one. This blade will cut through all but the hardest substances (Matter 5). Each success permits another blade to be added to the first. Prime 2 may be used to spontaneously create the blades though this is frowned upon. A similar rote creates a bludgeoning weapon which hits as several clubs but this is deemed too unsophisticated for the Guild members.

     Damage: Weapon +2
     Armour is at -2 dice.

Flaming Spirit BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 4, Spirit 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This ward is universally feared among the denizens of the Umbra. The Choristers cleanse and purify and area, and then light a fire along the ward. This purifying fire will burn and dissolve spiritual flesh even more readily as mortal flesh. A spirit can pass through it, but will suffer agonising burns and may even be permanently dissolved if the ward is strong enough. Few spirits dare to even approach the barrier. This is often used around the Cathedrals of the Chorus.


Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 2 Author: Eric Tolle

Another spectacularily vulgar rote, this flicks the user randomly from place to place in the immediate area, several times per second. This makes targeting the mage with an attack extreemly difficult (diff 10 if not using an area effect weapon), and will often disorient the using mage. For some reason a few young Virtual Adepts have begun calling this the BAMF! rote.

Flight to ParadiseBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

By removing the mind of the ascendee into Astral space, the mage can send him for a time to the emotional space of ecstasy itself. By moving the mind in complex patterns through the spheres of sensation and emotion, complex experiences stronger than anything possible to experience on Earth can be created.


Profile: Entropy 3, Mind 3 Author: Jack Dracula

A great delaying tactics, this rote was invented by Yomphana (yoyo), one of the Sons diametrically opposed to the Euthanatos. It floods the target"s mind with all sorts of random thoughts from everyone in the area. This makes it virtually impossible to concentrate on anything.

[For every success the Mage makes in the roll, take away one dice from the target"s dice pools.]

Fluid GraceBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote increases the acrobatic ability of the target. for every three successes, add one dice to any roll requiring dexterity.


Profile: Correspondence 1, Entropy 2, Mind 1 Author: Tristan Brandhorst

Little Thunder realized that by concentrating on the precision of his body movements and identifying the most effective use of energy and space, he could acchive considerable success in his attacks. (This rote reduces the difficulty of physical actions that require precision by 1 plus 1 per two successes.)

Follow BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage touches some blood from someone. The result is that the mage gains physiological knowledge about the owner, his age, condition, appearance, sicknesses, markings and so on. By tracing the blood backwards, the mage can learn how the owner was when he was younger. The mage may also continue the tracing back to the owners parents, and their parents, and so on. A single trait may be followed back to its source.

Fools GoldBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author:

This ancient ritual allows the Mage to create precious metals out of nothing. Because the magic is rarely powerful enough to be permanent, the mage usually rids himself of the metal quickly, and then leaves the area. This commonness of this ancient magic lead to the practice of coining, mixing and marking precious metal, something difficult to duplicate without more advanced magic (Matter 4).

With the advent of the Technocracy, this magic became rarer, and people are less suspicious of "raw" metal (though they are more likely to think it stolen). The Syndicate rabidly hunts mages believed to use this effect. Modern mages use a number of interesting coincidences to "find" the precious metal: from lucky mining, to finding many gold fillings on recently killed victims.

[The number of successes is the duration of the metals existence, as given on the duration chart on p. 175. It takes 5 successes to make the metal permanent.]

Paul Strack

Force FieldBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 3, Life 3, Matter 3 Author:

This is the realization of the classic science fiction idea. This creates a barrier through which Force, Life, and Matter patterns cannot pass. Since it is resistant to Forces, it manifests as a pale gray region that feels solid to the touch. Sound, vibrations, and wave phenomena cannot pass it either. (Each success in creating the field offers 1 die of countermagic against attempts to breach the field magically. This effect is vulgar.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the most common duty of the Forecasters. They feed their massive databases into their models, and predict the most probable future outcomes of the current situation. Often they limit their predictions to a narrow area to avoid having to do too complex calculations. The predictions take the form of stacks of printouts, showing the statistical behaviour of the future in a complex psychomathematical notation that has to be interpreted by experts. [ The difficulty varies upon the conditions. The initial difficulty is 5, but is changed due to other factors: Acurracy: +2 Accurrate information needed (Date of stock market crash) 0 Normal precision (which candidate will win the elections?) -2 Only general predictions needed (will the economy grow?)

Size of forecasted population: +2 Very small (a few individuals, a cabal) +1 Small (less than 30 persons) -1 Large (more than one million people) -2 Very large (nations, the whole world)

Dependency on individual actions -2 No dependency (bureaucracies, social movements) 0 Normal dependency +2 Strong dependency (charismatic leaders, inventors)

Likelihood of random influence +2 Very High (Stockmarkets) +1 High (Assassination attempts, elections) 0 Normal -1 Low (Soap operas)

Timescale +2 Very short (days) +1 Short (weeks) 0 Medium (months) -1 Long (years) -2 Very long (decades)

Miscellaneous +1 Fast, chaotic development. -1 Slow development. -1 Pivotal person(s) simulated. -2 Pivotal person(s) well understood -2 Active manipulations to keep prediction correct. +2 Active manipulations to increase randomness. +2 Awakened beings involved +5 Studied group uses prediction. +10 Studied group uses prediction and tries to avoid tracking.

Examples: Predicting the global economic trends instead is easy, since its a long timescale, no individual dependency, a very large group and no detailed predictions are needed, giving a difficulty of -3. This is of course compounded if future manipulations of the Syndicate are taken into account, when it rises to 4 (Awakened and uses prediction too).

Predicting the future developments of vampiric society in a city the next few decades would involve a small population with strong dependency on individuals, a very long timescale and awakened beings. The resulting difficulty is 5+1+2-2+2=8.

Predicting the activities of the Virtual Adepts are almost impossible, since they actively tries to avoid being predicted, support randomness and individuality, develop fast and struggle with the Technocracy. The difficulty becomes 19 for normal timescales!]

Form of CollosusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the caster to alter his entire body into a ferro-organic compound resembling metal. This results in an increased mass, weight, and is definately vulgar.

Fortify the BodyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Each success adds one wound level, which has a wound modifier of 0. This effect will not last longer than a scene or Quintessence Leakage will occur. As such, this can be a dangerous effect to use unless the Mage can be healed before the duration expires.

Fountain of BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage creates blood. This can be done inside the mage, inside someone else or even in the environment (rather vulgar). The amount of blood and the quality varies depending on how well the mage did. Some Verbena with a sense of drama use this to multiply blood: they pour a small amount of blood into the cauldron, and then makes it rise until it pours over the edges.

Fountain of YouthBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This spell reduces the person"s age by an amount determined by the caster. Note this does not affect mental maturity, simply physical age.

Four-headed DefenderBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Emrey Barnes

Ancient writings in the Akashic Record tell of a horde of Nephandi that threatened to fight its way through the Gauntlet to destroy the Temple of Inner Truth. Rivhaya, a Dragon Scale, set himself in the center of the Xiudaoyuan"s Node and initiated this rote. Rivhaya sprouted three additional heads, two extra arms and two additional legs. Each head looked toward a cardinal point of the compass. The four hands took turns passing Rivhaya"s weapon back and forth about his body. Rivhaya"s face also contorted to give the Nephandi a false sense of security. Large fangs sprouted from his mouths, from both upper and lower jaws. His skin turned a bright red and his tongues a brilliant blue. Smoke rolled from his eight nostrils in thunderous clouds. In battle, Rivhaya scuttled about in a whirling manner, his four weapons attacking his most deadly opponents. His four heads kept him constantly alert so that no one was ever able to approach him unawares.

[Prime and Life modify the mage"s body, fueling the larger Pattern with Quintessence. Mind and Correspondence allow all heads to coordinate the body"s actions. Four successes enable the Stylist to concentrate on information gained through four sets of eyes.]

Fragment LocationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote fragments a scene, by viewing the 3-dimensional scene as a 2-dimensional scene, and fragmenting it as a shattered mirror would fragment. THe process is controlled, and the fragments mayt be put together, if the fragmentation is not too complex.

If the reforming of the reforming of the original scene is incomplete, it is quite possible that living beings in the scene may suffer due to the fragmentation. It"s a nasty, nasty way to die.

Frame AnalysisBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Forces 1, Mind 1, Time 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This effect lets Karl analyze some of the still shots from Rachel"s tapeing of the news. He is able to tell exact detail, such as the distance of an off-screen light-source to the subject on-screen, the form of that twisted reflection in the rear-view mirror in the upper left corner of the screen, etc.

Freeze FrameBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

A shorter, less reliable version of the "INDUCE AUTISM" effect. The Freeze Frame effect allows the mage to cause a nearby *unawakened* individual to remember clearly, the scene immediately surrounding them. The person carrying the photographic mind image will be unaware of this memory being particularly important. However, if questioned, the individual will have a perfect recall. This does not necessarily mean the individual will wish to discuss this with you....

Freeze RayBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

By use of this rote, a mage can suck the heat out of objects, quickly freezing just about anything. While this will usually be vulgar, you can occasionally get away with "Hey, a freon can burst!" or "Hey, he"s standing under a tank of liquid nitrogen!". Essentially, this rote will do nasty damage to living creatures (Successes X 3 for damage) and render them extremely fragile. Clever folks will be quick to realize that just about anything becomes brittle if you drop it"s temperature far enough, so it"s great for defeating armor (I recommend blow off one point of armor per success on the magick test) and can blow out car tires, shatter hot objects when their temperate drops so suddenly, etc. For the fully Mr. Freeze effect, combine this with Matter 2, Prime 2, and you can actually make ice with your freeze ray. Great for trapping HIT Marks, covering doors, burying pesky Nephandi, etc.

From OneBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Gregory Deych

This is a very unusual and potentially dangerous effect, since in tampers with the basic matrix of the casters personality. In essence, over the course of several day-long ritual the mage subjects himself to increasing amounts of physical and mental stress, in effort to literally fragment his mind. This IS as dangerous and as hard as it sounds. The ritual, being a fairly new invention, varies little depending and always involves prolonged meditation, coupled with fasting. Physical injuries ranging from cracked ribs to broken limbs are also very common by the conclusion of the ritual. However, if the mage succeeds both in establishing the fracture, and controlling the emerging personalities this may be enough to qualify him for an Arete point (which still must be bought with experience, folks), as his view of reality will never be the same. At the conclusion of the successful ritual, the mage can accumulate a total of up to 5 new personalities. While some brave (or stupid) mages attempted to increase the number, the excess personalities usually dissolve within a matter of days. All of the personalities (called Secondaries, to distinguish them from the core, or Primary personality) are not complete in themselves, and should be regarded as limited aspects. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to predict what Secondaries the mage will manifest by examining his core personality. Most mages acquire some variation of the common types :Thinker, Poet, Warrior, Leader, Healer and Sneak. All of them, however, are instructed to create one Secondary called Guardian. The Guardian manages your body and psyche, acting to protect it from attacks, both mental and physical. The benefit of having Secondaries (besides always having somebody to talk to during breakfast) is their capability to focus absolutely on a task at hand. This effectively increases the performance by a large margin. Game Mechanics: The ritual, which occurs over the course of several days is a very, very demanding affair. For obvious reason, it is very much desirable to have another Adept of Mind along, in case of failure (and especially botches). The mage must obtain at the very least 3 successes on his Arete roll vs. difficulty of 9 (standard modifiers apply) to avoid complications (STs are encouraged to be really nasty in case of botches. Really.) Obviously, if less the 5 successes are obtained, the magick will need to be periodically maintained, which can be rather hazardous to one"s health. Upon successful completion, mage can create the number of Secondaries equal to the number of his successes. The Secondaries should be named, preferably w/ names evocative of their natures. As the last step, the Secondaries are assigned Skills that they possess. Note, that for a Secondary to posses a skill (talent, knowledge) the mage must know it too. Each Secondary can be assigned maximum of 3 skills, which must be related by function. Other skills can be added later (still maximum total of 3, though). However, the Primary personality must retain at least a third of all skills, talents and knowledges. The benefit of superior concentration results in each skill possessed by a Secondary being increased by one dot. This "shadow point" has no bearing on experience, which is calculated by normal means. The Guardian Secondary is the one that manages your body, and protects you from danger. The mage becomes harder to surprise (mundanely of course), since the Guardian always monitors the senses for unusual clues and signs. This works even if mage is sleeping (though not if he is drugged or unconscious). The mage can also ignore 1 point of wound penalties (i.e. at Wounded the mage would be at -1, etc.), as the Guardian doesn"t allow something as small as slash in your left side bother you. Conclusion: This could potentially be a difficult thing to role-play (which should appeal to all ex-Malkavians out there). On the other hand, the thing to remember is that the Secondary is only an aspect of a personality, and not a complete one, so most of the time it will be dominated by one or two emotions. For example, the Sneak would be paranoid and utterly without scruples most of the time.


Profile: Forces 2, Life 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote causes the same effects of extreme cold exposure, without the need of cold or ice.


Profile: Life 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

By singing this song, the mage is protected from cold´and freezing. The mage sings the galder to his flesh and limbs, making them liven up and get warm again.

Full RestBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Time 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Upon successful casting, the subject (Which may be the caster) may then sleep. The time spent asleep is multiplied by the number of successes over 2 to determine how many effective hours were spent asleep.

Fury of the FieldsBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 2, Prime 2 Author:

This is another old spell which summons the power of the land to the witch"s aid. It animates plants and causes them to attack a target. (Each success gives the plants 1 pt of Dexterity to attack with and 2 pts of Strength for purposes of damage. With 2 successes the witch can animate grasses and flowers, 3 will animate vines and bushes, and 4 or more will enliven whole trees. The effect is inevitably vulgar, but it terrifies most opponents.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Garment AlterationsBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

THis rote allows the mage to tailor a garment to fit her frame, etc, without the need to see a tailor. She can reasonably expect professional quality, of she knows anything about the stiches. Otherwise, well, the appearance will be appropriate, though the manner in which it is done may leave a little to be desired.

THis rote is perfect for shortening pants, aking sleeves in, altering collars, letting seams out, putting in secret pockets, altering the cut of a jacket to hide the gun-holster... you name it.


Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This galder protects from ghosts and other denizens of the night. By singing it the mage can scare away most of the lesser unbeings.

Genegineer Lab-in-a-PocketBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This is specifically a catch-all Genetic Engineering spell. With it, the Mage can alter her own or another"s genetic code, and thusly her appearance, or even biological capabilities. The limits are the mage"s understanding of genetics and imagination.

Generate Random Emotional LinksBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 1, Matter 1, Mind 4 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

This rote allows the mage to rifle through a subject"s mind, forging emotional and general memes. However, since the process is completely random, many linked ideas, concepts and memories will make no sense whatsoever. Over time, though, the subject will lose almost all but the most effective and useful of emotional and memory links.

Genetic MemoryBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was originally an ancient Verbena rote, but it has been adopted by many life- and nature-oriented mages. The theory is that memory is retained in the blood (or genes) of people, and their descendants can access it with the proper methods. This allows them to learn from the experiences and mistakes of the ancients. Verbena use to draw a drop of blood with their athame and then meditate on the subtle nuances of the taste.

[ Each success will double the number of generations backwards the mage can feel. One success allows the study of the memories of the mage"s parents. Two reaches the grandparents, three reaches back to the great-great- grandparents, etc. Note that only memories up to the conception is available from the father and up to the birth from the mother. ]

George's Anti-Fungal AgentBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

George had a nasty habit of not bathing. He contracted jock-itch, ring-worm and athletes foot all on a regular basis. Well, rather than actually bathe regularly, George decided he needed an anti-fungal. knowing only that electro-shock treatment did wonders for him back at the institute, George designed a rote that allowed him to channel electrcity from an open socket, through his flesh, to destroy the parasitic bacteria. His dead (sometimes charred) flesh would fall off, leaving pale (clean) skin beneath. Of course, George was also a masochist, so he never did work out the pain-editing part of the rote...

Getting in Touch with Your Feminine SideBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

Need a foolproof disguise! Try transforming into a woman (or man, if you"re already a woman, whatever works for you). It"s pretty simple matter of just switching your systems over (simple, ha!) but the effect if spectacular. Just like Better Body, this effect can be hazardous to you from pattern leakage, so don"t keep it up for too long. However, by fiddling with your chromosone patterns, you might talk your storyteller into letting you make it permanent (if you for some reason, really wanted too...) Note that with Life 4, you can do this to other people! Fool your friends, fun at parties!


Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote makes a mage (or somebody else) unable to understand anything spoken or written, it will just sound like gibberish. Its impossible to discern any content of the said, and no type of verbal magick will work on the person (this rote will immunise against Voice of Command and memes). It can also be expanded to other senses, to protect against images or gestures, or be specified to work against certain words or matters. Some versions even replace a certain word with another, making the victim hear desinformation.

Gift of RassilonBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 4 Author: Mark Kinney

Time Lord Legend states that one brave enough to enter the Death Zone and survive to reach Rassilon"s crpyt in the Dark Tower may take the Ring of Rassilon from his body and be granted Immortality.

[Only Rassilon truly knows this rote, although others could figure it out given time. The true effect of this rote is to transmute the person in question into a living statue: unable to use magick, unable to leave, but truly immortal... (see "The Five Doctors" for more information on this.) It is believed Rassilon uses the Ring for a focus, as it returns to his hand when the rote is cast.]

Gift of the CuckooBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Mind 3 Author: Chris Lihosit

This simulates the experience of intense electro-shock therapy on a mage, applied from within his skull, by the mage redirecting the neuron synapses and signals. It would cause involuntary unconsiousness, flailing of the arms and legs, and a good chance for personal injury from the fall to the ground. For a period of [10-Wits] days the victim is severly shaken up, to the point where he is entirely passive. The period of unconsiousness would last for a total of 10-Stamina hours. BTW, the name refers to _One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest_, where the main character gets ECT several times, and it makes him the equivalent of a zombie for 5 days at a time--it"s a good book check it out.

Possible coincidences: The victim is an epileptic, and forgot to take her medication today; the victim has never been this stressed out and loses it; the victim had an unexpected chemical reaction from mixing Zippy cola and the hit of PCP he just took.

I could even see a higher powered version that would lobotomize a person. [A weak artery bursts in the victims brain; the victim trips and hits her head so soundly on the curb that there is internal bleeding]


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This galder evokes loving feelings from a person of the opposite sex.


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Allows the mage to breathe underwater.

Glamour CrystalsBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

This creates crystals of stunning beauty, though the beauty is only part-real and part illusion. The target will do his utmost to obtain these crystals for himself at the cost of another though his actions may be influenced by the magesmith. For some subjects, the illusion of material wealth is insufficient, for example Vampires may be taunted by use of a Glamour of Blood which would use similar principles though perhaps not similar spheres.

Global Positioning SystemBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Void Engineers can access a satellite system to instantly ascertain their exact position on the globe. The GPS is available to the other Conventions as well and is often put to unauthorized use by the Virtual Adepts. In the past this was done by observing stellar positions with an astrolabe or sextant and consulting tables. [One success give a position good to within a few miles, two successes to within meters, and three or more with any desirable level of accuracy.] F/X - Conventional activity for the Void Engineers.

God ModeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1 Author: Russel Lowe

(This one"s hard to do, but fun). Using Correspondence 3 to scan your enemies positions, and to move yourself about, and Mind 1 to coordinate it all, you avoid all of the bad guy"s bullets and hit every time with your return fire. Toss in Entropy for extra damage, if you can. My VA calls this one "God Mode".

Good Shot WilliamBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 1, Time 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Heres one a gamer in our group came up with.

This rote was invented in the spur of the moment by the akashic Robert McLaughlin while being fired upon by a couple of Iteration X Cyborgs.

Robert simply used time and forces to predict when the cyborg where going to fire his (very) large gun and then opened a small portal in front of the barrel, placing the exit behind the cyborg so that it shot itself.

Robert turned the rote coincedential by afterwards yelling "Good shot, William" to make onlookers believe a sniper had shot the It X in the back, thus the name of the rote. William was the name of Roberts brother.

[system: one success lets one teleport a thrown knife or stuff like that. two successes are requiered for crossbow bolts or arrows. Three successes allow small arms fire (subsonic) Four successes for supersonic bullets (most rifles) Five successes when ST demands it.]

Grasp the BeyondBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage may store items in the umbra, and bring it across teh gauntlet, when needed, using this rote.


Profile: Matter 5, Prime 2 Author:

Doctor Wilhelm Gratz became tired of creating a different new substance every time he needed a different property, and thus he invented Gratzium, a substance capable of demonstrating multiple properties simultaneously as need arises. Thus when his lab was raided by a group of Akashic monks who disliked his research methods, they first had to break down a Gratzium door with the tensile strength of diamond, and then had to contend with the soporific effects of gaseous Gratzium. He was able to escape by distracting them with an explosion caused when he irradiated a small lump of powdered Gratzium. (Each success on the initial role to create the Gratzium allows it to take on a single property specified by the Son at a later moment. Since these properties are revealed with statements like "Did I mention that liquid Gratzium is highly corrosive?", the effect is normally coincidental.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Greater WardsBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author: Paul Strack

Greater wards are a more advanced version of the lesser ward. Rather than blocking sphere magic, greater wards block the substance of the sphere itself. Thus, a Greater Matter Ward prevents objects from crossing it, acting like a force field. A Greater Prime Ward would block items or creatures containing free Quintessence, such as mages or talismans. A Greater Mind Ward will block any being with a mind. Greater Entropy Wards are used to block darker creatures or spirits, and is known to be sometimes effective against Nephandi.

A Greater Spirit Ward can keep out (or keep in) disembodied spirits. A common practice is to summon a spirit, and trap it in place with a Spirit Ward. In this way, the spirit may be cajoled or threatened without fear of it attacking its summoner or escaping. The summoner should take care to make the ward strong enough, for powerful spirits can break through such wards with ease. The mage must also be quick, for the ward cannot be set in place until after the spirit has arrived.

[Greater wards are created and can be destroyed like lesser wards. Greater wards can only be crossed by creatures of will. If a creature is prevent from crossing a ward, either by its nature, or by something it is carrying, they must make a Willpower roll, with a difficulty of 8. If they get a number of successes equal to the strength of the ward, they pass. Otherwise they are blocked.

If the Sphere level used in the Rote is increased to 4, the greater ward will actually damage things failing to cross it. The creature or object takes one aggravated wound per level of strength in the ward, reduced by one for each success on the Willpower roll made to cross. This damage cannot be soaked (having, in effect, already been soaked by the Willpower roll). A Son of Ether once set up a damaging Matter Ward on the entrance to his lab, so that anyone coming in would be stripped naked as their apparel was blasted out of existence.

Permanent greater wards require double their strength in Quintessence per day to maintain. If they inflict damage, they require triple their strength.]

Grip of Darth VaderBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Adept wear a virtual-reality gauntlet, and makes a strangling grip in the air. A victim, who can be anywhere, suddenly feels the strangling grip around his neck as the mage bilokates the pressure of the gauntlet. Since there is nothing for the victim to pry loose, even the most physically weak adept can strangle people.

Ground and CenterBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Prime 1, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to overcome periods of confusion or flights of fancy, by simply "grounding and centering". This means that the mage must reach deep down into the earth, find a deep spot within the earth, and use that point as an anchor. Centering herself, once the anchor is acheived is much easier.

The benefits of this rote are the increased proactivity, confidence and practicality of the mage. THis can be of wonderful use in stressful situations.

Growing GoldBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Another gold-creating rote, this one invented by Nicolas Flanel (The alchemists need much gold to finance their expensive magick and for use in Prime). Since everything is alive to some extent according to alchemical doctrine, metallic gold can be coaxed to grow given the right nutrients. The mage places a small amount of gold in a crucible and adds another metal, preferably mercury. The crucible is heated, and the result is that the gold absorbs nourishment from the metal and the heat and grows into more gold.


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to add mass to her frame, increasing her size. Each success up to 5 adds another 20% of her body weight equally throughout her body, while every success beyond five adds 50%. A botch would see mass being removed from the mage"s body. If the mage has more successes than desired, she may limit how far she will grow. For every two successes above 2, she gains an extra health level (bruised). (ie, 4 successes = 1 extra level, 6 successes = 2 health levels).


Profile: Matter 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons a lesser spirit, which is left guarding a place or an object. Usually it is connected to a certain object (idols or seals on parchments are popular). If something specified beforehand happens, the spirit contacts the mage and then leaves.

[ Each success increases the awareness and alertness of the spirit with 2. It will remain as long as the binding spell lasts. ]

Guardian AngelBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons a protective spirit, which will follow a person around. If the person is in danger, is victim to magick or otherwise disturbed the spirit will alert the summoner. This rote is often used to protect desirable families.

Guarding the TombBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Christopher L

Few people would want to invade the privacy of a Euthanatos mage but this rote was developed by them in order to keep even these few away. During a long ritual in which the Euthanatos sprinkles human ashes over the chosen area, she creates an atmosphere of fear. The degree of fear she produces is a matter of choice. A subtle impression of unease will deter people without a genuine reason to go there. A much greater effect will create one of those places that have a bad reputation - haunted cottages, dangerous alleys and the areas that you just don"t go. A very powerful mage or a cabal can create a place that most sleepers cannot even approach, certainly not without a very good reason. The trick is to gauge the right intensity. Too little and anyone with a few beers inside them wont even notice it; too much and the Men in Black will hear about it. In modern times some people even seek out such places. Coincidences can often be used in graveyards, secluded glens and places of tragedy etcetera. Finally, this rote can be expanded to exclude certain people, those who carry a special seal or any other signal that the mage desires, although this will require additional spheres. Nephandi also use a variation on this rote, although theirs produces a more active sense of evil. "Typically, in addition to successes needed for area affected (which varies according to locale), two successes would be needed for a subtle aura, five successes for a very real sensation of fear and ten or more to drive away determined trespassers."


Profile: Entropy 2, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to succeed at guessing games, or predicxting the future. However, instead of risking attention, entropy is applied randomly to the precognition sequence, causing there to be wrong guesses. Even with this, though, the mage is most likely to guess right, the sequence of events.


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to impress brief moments of extreme guilt onto another person. This person then takes that guilt, and makes it their own. The mind must make order out of even alien concepts, so it will integrate the guilt into the person"s unconscious.


Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

G|del OpeningsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5, Prime 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Kurt G|del demonstrated that any sufficiently complex mathematical system contained theorems whose truth couldn"t be proved. This was at once a blow to the Technocracy, and an opportunity to expand its reach. The mathemagicians have found that by judiciously exploiting known holes in accepted theories, technomancers can use magickal effects normally not allowed while still not contradicting the theory (and incurring paradox). To find these "G|del Openings" extensive computer simulations and tweaking of the model is needed, which usually requires the help of the sharpest minds of the MRG. In exchange, it is possible to find situations or methods which make certain operations permissible even if they are not part of the paradigm. This makes it possible to do some work normally done in Horizon realms on Earth instead, which is much more economical. The desired effect must not be directly vulgar (against the laws of consensus reality), but doesn"t have to be coincidental. A typical example would be the use of nanotechnology; its currently not in the paradigm, and its capabilities are as yet undefined. By modelling the paradigm and modifying the effect slightly, the mathemagicians can find circumstances where the nanotechnology would work even if its not part of the paradigm. A necessary part of this is to make sure the effect will not leave unambiguous traces if the paradigm should change so that the effect was never possible. In the example, the nanotechnology have to be possible to explain away as biotechnology or something similar if it later turns out that the symposium decides it should be scrapped. [ If the rote succeeds, a set of related vulgar without - witnesses effects can be made coincidental. ]

Hags WrinklesBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote was developed by Richard Prudent, who witnessed a Malkavian kindred pull a peice of meat from his neck. Prudent then worked on the idea of using your own body for storage. Essentially what happens is that the mage stretches the skin of his body, then places the item inside himself. The item in question will appear in teh mage"s sanctum, or home. When the mage needs the item, he need only pull it from the place on his body where he "placed" it. This rote, morethan any other convinced the Toronto kindred that he was one of them. He acted as a mage spy amongst the kindred for tewelve years before he was discovered, and given the embrace.

Hand of the CroneBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Time 4 Author:

The Danish witch Gunnhild invented this rote to enable her to destroy the Progenitors who slew the members of her coven, and the more bloody-minded members of the Tradition continue to employ it to bring sudden death to their enemies. (The witch employing this effect must make physical contact with her target after ritually annointing her body with a potion brewed in her cauldron and stirred with her wand. This sets the effect in motion, and the Time sphere causes the rote to hang for period of time until the Entropy sphere suddenly causes catastrophic damage to the victim.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Entropy 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons lots of minor spirits into an area to spread an aura of eeriness. The result is a local haunting, where spooky sounds can be heard (or was it just a branch tapping the window?), plates fall from the shelves, small objects mysteriously vanish, lightbulbs suddenly go out and similar eerie happenings. The mood becomes slightly darker, with barely perceived movements in the shadows and noise just below the threshold of hearing.

Haven't I seen you before? Profile: Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is a trick the Apostles often use to gain the friendship of influential people. By subtly manipulating memories, emotions and sense of time, they can make other people think they recognise the mage as a friend, although they don"t remember when they have met. The mage uses Mind and Time to dredge up plausible bits of information, which are used to "remind" victims ("Don"t you remember me James? At Lord Winthorphe"s dinner, across the table?"). Although they still won"t be able to remember meeting the mage, most people quickly rationalise away this and believe he really is an old, if forgotten, friend.

Heal the Primal Wounds Profile: Entropy 1, Prime 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Celestial Chorus sees it as their duty to not only serve mankind, but also the rest of reality. After confrontations with Nephandi, Marauders and other enemy mages the Chorus often have to try to restore some semblance of normality to the areas which have been warped and destroyed. By sprinkling purifying water and consecrating with fire, they seek to unravel the tangles of paradox, destruction and corruption left behind. They might not be able to restore things as they were, but they can dissolve the worst warpings of reality.

healing bullets Profile: Life 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

These bullets dont hurt you, instead they heal you, weird. (just make sure you load the correct bullet. "We had him, he was almost dead, but now he"s standing up" You: "Uh-oh")

Heart AttackBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes Successes * 3 Health Levels to the person targeted as his heart immediately stops catastrophically.

Heavy duty ammoBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Add number of successes on the Magickal roll to the guns damage rating, But add one to the difficulty of the shot.

Heightened Sense(s)Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 1 Author:

...spelled like it sounds. If more than one sense is augmented at a time with this effect, successes should be split between the two/three/however many senses

          1 success     musician/refined human        (+1 Perception)
          2 successes   upper limits of human senses  (+2 Perception)
          3 successes   potentially vulgar extremes   (+3 Perception)
          4 successes   clearly superhuman senses     (+4 Perception)
          5 successes   rivals advanced technology    (+5 Perception)

Extreme augmentation that lasts more than a few scenes should besubject to Pattern Bleed in a manner similar to Better Body, at the Storyteller"s discretion.

Note that, unless some explanation can be concocted, acting on preternaturally heightened senses could result in Paradox. (Yes, there are supposedly a few people whose senses naturally extend outside the human norm, although only they know for sure -- I"ve been able to hear the high-pitched KHz "whine" most US television sets give off, for instance, since I was a kid, but have only just learned that most people can"t. So maybe, once in a while, the mage might get away with something of the sort.)

Herbal RemedyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many of the priests and priestesses were great healers. Their secret was to first study the patient, and then almost instinctively know the right herbs or methods to heal the disease. They often wandered the countryside or parks, studying the plants (and animals) of the Mother, seeing which would work best for which disease.

Here Comes the SunBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Time 2 Author:

A useful rote against vampires. The mage perceives forward or backward in time to the rough time that the sun rises. Then with Mind magic casts the graphic images into the mind of the vampire. Then you watch them scurry around like headless chickens screaming that the sun is gonna burn them!

Devin Lafontaine

Heritage of the BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

In ancient time, the god Heimdallr travelled the land, and sired the thralls, the bards, the farmers and the jarls (the leaders). The trace of the god is still upon the people, and a asapriest knowledgeable in the ways of the blood can still see it. By feeling the force in the blood, the mage can follow the lineage back through time to its source, and see which group someone really belongs to. This is also used to trace the lineages, and find those special bloodlines which contain the life of the people.


Profile: Entropy 2 Author: The Wizards Book

An ancient Euthanatos rote, this spell is frequently used both because of it"s elegant simplicity and effectiveness. By manipulating probabilities around an opponent, the mage can cause bad fortune to befall him. His aim is off, his hand shakes at that crucial second, he blinks at the wrong time, etc. The effects last for a short time, but give the mage an edge, especially in a gun or fist fight.

(System: For each sucess the mage scores on his roll, the target increses the difficulties on all rolls by +1 for the rest of the scene, up to a maximum of +3.)

hey! look at me!Bearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: The rote library

The Men in Black never knew what hit them. The last transmission said something about Device malfunction... Paradox outside of accetable parameters...

[ This rote is designed to draw the attention of Paradox upon an antagonist. It amplifies sound and light emmissions from any magickal object: Magick guns fire at 1000 db in a burst of rainbow light. The idea is to attract the attention of surrounding sleepers, and thus stir up paradox in the area. As a rule, Magick becomes increasingly vulgar with each success. As a downside, the rote affects anyone in the area, and may trigger a domino effect in the area. (See: Book of Shadows)]

Hideous Death RevisitedBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

Change all of another person"s blood into powerful acid. The effects are just awful and often rather demoralizing to witness. Another unpleasant version comes from changing all of their bones into glass (especially if they"re already falling or about to be punched). Ouch.

Homing Tracer Profile: Correspondence 3, Matter 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

THis rote allows you to find a specific pattern anywhere. The distance it will follow depends on the number of successes.


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2, Spirit 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Paracelsus developed this famous rote. The mage takes some of his bodily fluids, adds silver and gold salts, and pour the result into a vessel. The vessel is kept at a constant body temperature for nine months (In the middle ages, a heap of dung was used). After the time, a small, fully grown man have developed in the vessel. This homunculus is intelligent, have a will of his own and will grow at the normal rate after he have left the vessel. Some mages keep their homunculus inside it for safe keeping, feeding them of their own blood. Homunculi are often used as advisors, familiars or servants. But if the mage treat them bad, they may rise up against him.

Homunculus IIBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 4, Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: The rote library

This lovely Rote was designed by a Son of Ether, Ephriam Leeds, who desired the perfect companion. Of course, his ideals for perfection were a little warped. He decided that the only way he was going to find this companion was to build it himself. Using his knowledge in the sphere of matter he created a fully functioning automaton of Iron. But it was sill unliving, he wanted it to live. So he gave it life, and bound the two together with the Prime. But it was purley an instictual creature, Ephraim wanted a thinking companion, with a spirit. This being the case Ephraim sought out a spirit that was both trustworthy and willing to be his companion. The spirit for his companion now found, he proceeded to bind it to his machine, for that is truly what his companion was, a living, thinking machine.

[Functionally this Rote makes use of a relatively simple Matter 4 effect in the construction of the Homunculus. Next the Life sphere, aided by the spark of Prime, grants the form true life, and binds the pattern in to permanence. Great care must be taken in the design of the pattern as any(!) flaw in the pattern can cause the creature to die an agonizing death immidaiately after it"s creation. As such, most mages who use this Rote take there time to insure that the patter is in no way flawed, designs of such intricacy have been known to take a full year or better to complete, as such this is not a rote to be under taken lightly. An umbrood spirit is then bound into the machine by a variation of the rote Imbue Flesh (Mage pg. 224 (1st Ed.)).

[The more successes rolled, the greater the chance that the machine will be self sufficient. Three successes is the minimum needed to create a viable homunculus. Any less and all that is created is a perfect, non-living, unreceptive to spiritual inhabitation, robot. At three successes the homunculus, is capable of survival on it"s own as long as its physical requirements are provided for by it"s master (i.e. it"s alive it needs to eat, but it doesn"t know how to find what it needs). At four successes the creature inherently knows it"s needs and can acquire them without the aid of its master. At five successes, the creature is completely self-sufficient, and in fact instictively knows it"s master"s dietary requirements, and may even be capable of taking care of an ill creator. Note that as the Spirit sphere is used, to give it a "soul" the Mind sphere is not needed.]

Horn of the UnicornBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

An old hermetic rote to find out if food or drink would be harmful (poisoned, spoiled or very unhealthy). The mage draws a pentagram over the food, while naming five revealing spirits. If the food is harmful, the plate or cup will shudder, as if they were revealed.

Hornet's SwarmBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4, Life 1, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

     These items, when not activated, look like copper drillbits.
     They may be activated at a thought and then they will fly
     through the air (using redirected gravitational energy) towards
     the target (locked by Life 1). Their range is line of sight and
     they will track a target until destroyed. They will not stop till
     they contact bare flesh and once they do, they will burrow
     under the flesh, armour providing protection for the first round
     of contact. Magesmiths often carry reusable Hornets imbued
     with their own quintessence so they may be retrieved after
     they vanquish foes.


Profile: Mind 3 Author: The Wizards Book

The Euthanatos Barrabi Anson D"arcangelo created this rote in order to help him wear down tradition and technocracy mages and make them easier prey. The rote searches out the victim"s innermost fears, and gradually, over the course of days, warps his perceptions to include all his inner anxieties until the real world is transformed into a nightmare dreamscape similar to a quiet. Indeed, many mages are driven into quiet through use of this rote, and it"s hard to tell the difference.

(System: This is usually an extended ritual, requiring about six successes to set up the effect completely. For every day the effect continues, the mage and his victim rolls his willpower vs the mage"s arete. Any successes the mage gets are subtracted from the victim"s willpower. When willpower reaches zero, the victim usually goes insane. Magi can be driven into quiet, at storyteller"s option.)

How to cook Vampire for fourBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: Jason Burke

Corr. 3 / 4 to create a portal to ANYWHERE that is daytime... Combine with a dash of forces 4 to magnify the effect into a solar laser...

How to cook Vampire for fourBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 4 Author: Jason Burke

How to cook Vampire for fourBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Jason Burke

How to cook Vampire for fourBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 4 Author: Jason Burke

Hubble TelemetryBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

The Hubble Space Telescope is perhaps the most coveted focus in the world. A Void Engineer who gets time with the Hubble can view any region of the Deep Umbra. The distortions caused by the HST"s "flawed optics" allow the Void Engineers to draw conclusions about the realms they view as well the "stellar objects" credited by conventional science. The other Conventions are not amused. [This is a version of Plumb the Deep Umbra (MAGE p.212) but is not as restricted in its capabilities as other, similar Void Engineer Effects.] F/X - Use of the Hubble is Conventional, even when realms are being viewed.

Human ComputersBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Life 4, Mind 4, Time 3 Author: David Barrena

This rote transforms a human being in a powerful computer allowing to connect the subject of the rote to a printer or other output machines and accelerating his mind processes. The continued use of the rote upon a subject kills him (death caused by brain damage). This rote is more useful if casted on a Awakened subject, whose mind is more flexible.The usual tactic is to use the Rote in a captured member of the Traditions (to use a Marauder or Nephandi is very unpredictable).

Hunting HorrorBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 2, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage creates a living being and imprints hate against someone in its mind. Now the being will relentlessly seek to destroy the victim using all available means until it is killed or the target is killed. This rote can be used on normal animals too, turning them into killing weapons. With Life 4 the animal can be given extra weapons like sharper claws, poison or fangs.

Hypeerspace Tracking by Time Reversed WavesBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Time 2 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This unusual psychotronic method allows the Sons of Ether to locate persons they wish to strike quickly. The rote requires as a focus some objet which has been touched to the victim or some type of recording of the victim"s presence. The movement of special "Time- Reversed " or " TR " waves are tracked. The mage follows them backwards in time with the help of correspondence 2 effects until the target is in view through the TR spectum. The point of senseing is then rapidly shifted into the presend, using the TR trace to reduce the area of a Sift Through All Space effect to a very small search.

[ This is like Filter Through All Space, but the added time component shortens how long the search takes dramatically. Searches are seldom longer than a day. ]

Hyperspace Electromagnetic PulseBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 5, Prime 2 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This psychotronic rote generates and projects a general energy surge in an incoherent, despecialized form. The energy is sent directly into the patterns of the target area and has various destructive effects. The energy arrives as a blast of heat, light, magnetism, electricity, and other forms of radiation. The energy has tthe unusual property of arriving within the targets" pattenrs, bypassiung any conventional armor including the noteable anti-magick primim coatings of many Iteration X combat machines. Such energy projections can be set into shell-like ward fields to protect those within from incomming attacks.

[ The rote causes successes x4 damage. Additionallt, the energy stunns the nervous system, causing the victims to be incapacitated for one round per success unless Willpoer is spent or Countermagick is used. Electrical systems are useless for a similar period, and computers must be rebooted ( Many Virtual Adept, Iteration X, and Void Engineer computers are magickally hardend and "surge protected" from this unless they are the soel target of the rote. ) Finally, molecular motion is increased to a point where chemical and plastic explosives detonate and highly combustable materials are ignited. ]

Hyperspace JumpBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

Add a 4th axis to three dimensional space and you have defined hyperspace. Void Engineers have developed a way of successfully navigating the treacherous vastness of four dimensional space by using the gravity "shadows" of stars and planets references. The Technocracy"s Time Table introduces this technology somewhere in the 22nd century in the form of monolithic starships. While it remains experimental, the Void Engineers figure they may as well use it with much smaller foci instead. [This is a version of "The Seven League Stride" MAGE p185. This rote requires several foci that are well beyond current science including a pocket gravity-wave detector and a "dimensional stabilizer" as well as star charts and tables.] F/X - This rote is Experimental. Coincidental effects can be used to "cover" it as with Tradition magick

Hyperspace TransmissionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This rote is the cornerstone of most psychotronic processes that the Sons of the Ether have developed. The scientist projects energy into the ether in such a manner that it moves instantly to another location. Note the rote does not itself provide the forces to be transported, which must come from some natural ot magickal source before the mage can affect it.

[ The mage must often get a high number of successes to transmit energy anywhere useful. Some Sons have solved this by using special "reciever" focwhich they are familiar enough with to project to with few successes. ]

Hypnosis Profile: Mind 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

The effects of hypnosis are widely documented, but its origin lies not with the Technocracy but with the Order of Hermes. In the 19th century, the Order started publicly using many Mind effects using its Showstone focus. Though some of these early mesmerists were hunted by the Technocracy or succumbed to Paradox, the idea of Hypnosis was firmly planted in the minds of the sleepers. In the years since, the Technocracy has had no choice but to "explain" the phenomenon, though doing so has not stopped the Order from making use of it. Hypnosis places the subject, who must be willing or unsuspecting if the magick is to be Static, in a suggestible mental state. Hypnotized subjects can be probed for information, given post-hypnotic suggestion to implant compulsions that will be acted on later, or helped in a variety of ways. [Hypnotizing a cooperative or unsuspecting subject requires only one success, but unsuspecting subjects make a Willpower roll to resist. Unwilling subjects can be Hypnotized by coincidental magick requiring 2 successes. The state of mind brought about by Hypnosis allows for all the standard "tricks" including implanted suggestions. Subjects get a second Willpower roll to resist any implanted suggestions they are disinclined to perform. In addition, Hypnosis can be used to help a subject achieve some of the benefits of the first sphere of mind. Memories can be recovered, pain blocked, and autonomic responses controlled. Half the successes obtained in Hypnotising a subject can be applied to giving that subject such abilities.] F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

I FInd your Lack of Faith... Disturbs Me.Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 2 Author: Eric Tolle

The classic "your chocking" spell. Life is needed to localize the impression and give it realism. At Mind 2, the impresion is subconcious, and the person may not be aware at first why he can"t breath (his lower mind is reacting, then he becomes aware). At Mind three, an illusion is given of choking: THe person perceives the choking. At Mind four, the mage simply is telling the person, "Do not breath".

I snoitcelferBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 1, Spirit 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

He imagined that this was an ability he shared with most other people....They had also molded their faced according to some ideal....Maybe they imagined that their new face would better suit their personality....Or maybe they imagined that their personality would be forced to change to fit the new appear- ance.... --"Seen and Not Seen", Talking Heads

The rote, created by a Hollow One in Toronto, was designed as an experiment. The idea behind the rote is to change your own apearance to reflect your internal self (a la "SWAMP THING"). While the transformation may be partiuclarly painful, the results are sometimes startling. Some people become huge, intelligent beasts, others become midget pig-men. It is not a relfection of how you see yourself, but rather a reflection of who you truly are.

If you are blessed by a specific totem, the chances are greater that you will become something approximating a half-way form between your previous form and your totem. (Kina like a Crinos form).

I'm Outta HereBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Time 3 Author: Nicholas Rossier

As dangers on the street increase, especially from attacks by the Men in Black, angry vampires, or pesky Garou, a Blader may find it necessary to enact a tactical retreat that assures success. This effect extradites the Bladers from harm in the blink of an eye, and many reach speeds exceeding 100mph for at least a few moments. Running the very edge of Coincidence, this rote is used only when real danger, or simple flight will not be enough to escape.

Idiotic InsightBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 4, Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to make any target look like a fool. The mage concentrateson the target, and blasts the targets mind with a healthy dose of entropy, guaranteeing that the target will have an earth shattering insight into some aspect of his life. The target will feel in necessary to share this insight with someone. However, what the target thought was an amazing insight, is really a rather plain fact.

Dustin was frustrated with his English teacher"s approach to Shakespeare. He was bored with dealing with Hamlet and Macbeth for the fifth time in six years. He unleashed this spell on Mrs. Spencer, and she had a brilliant insight that, wait! Shakespeare was also a Poet! he wrote poems! this could have a major effect on how she would approach the course. Of course, she felt it necessary to tell the class...

Later, she felt quite ashamed of this.... however, it did appear like an everyday slip of the mind... (She did include some of the sonnets in her syllabus the following year, though).


Profile: Life 3, Matter 5 Author: D.J. Babb

Named after a "cheat code" from a popular computer game, IDS (as it"s more commonly called) allows the Gamer to walk through walls, inanimate objects, and even living creatures, as if they were air by willing himself to walk through them. However, the Gamer is still affected by the forces of gravity in a limited way in that he can only fall through floors and the ground if he wills himself to do so. [By beating a difficulty of 8, the Gamer becomes partially insubstantial. While the Gamer may walk through floors, walls, etc. he is still vulnerable to damaging effects such as bullets, magick, disciplines, etc.]

Ignore PainBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Verbena sometimes turn off their own pain. Using this rote the mage feels no pain, regardless of how wounded she is. This is both good and bad , especially since the mage cannot easily tell how hurt she is, which can be rather dangerous. Verbena use to perform this rote by ritually cut themselves in a spiral pattern. At the start of the cut it hurts, but then it feels less and less and in the end nothing at all. [The mage will not get any penalties for wounds down to his stamina number of wound boxes (after that the damage is so severe it causes practical hinders for the mage despite the absence of pain). To find out how hurt the mage is if the situation isn"t obvious (like with an arrow in the back), use perception + alertness with a difficulty of 6.]


Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This Rote gives the person it is cast upon immunity to any disease for the duration of the effect.

Imprint Memory CrystalBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4, Mind 3, Prime 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage holds a crystal in her hand, and visualizes the memories, information, whatever she wishes the crystal to hold. The number of successes on the effect determines how much of the mage"s memories, or knowledge of the desired information is stored within the crystal. Effectively, she has altered the pattern of the crystal to hold the information she desires. When another person activates the crystal, they are then flooded with these memories or knowledges. This is not a sudden overwhelming sensation, rather a "knowing" as a memory. The user is limited to the level of the crystal, and may progress no further unless the crystal is deactivated or destroyed. The mage needs two successes per level of knowledge stored.

ex: Sheri, a life-mage imprints her knowledge of herbalism into an amethyst crystal. She has a herbalism rating of 4. with 5 successes, she is able to store 2 levels of herbalism knowledge in the crystal. If the crystal is activated by someone with a herbalism skill at rating 3 or above, they will act at a rating two (the crystal takes precedence) until the crystal is deactivated.

PR2 and MA4 to alter the matter pattern to accept information & knowledge as part of its structure, without ruining its shape. MI3 to imprint the memories on the crystal. PR4 to arrange the activation of the talisman.

Imprint Skill CrystalBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 4, Mind 3, Prime 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage holds a crystal in her hand, and visualizes herself performing the skill, and remembering the knowledge of the information, whatever she wishes the crystal to hold. The number of successes on the effect determines how much of the mage"s memories, or knowledge of the desired information is stored within the crystal. The mage needs two successes per level of knowledge stored. Effectively, she has altered the pattern of the crystal to hold the information she desires. When another person activates the crystal, they are then flooded with both body memories and mind memories of how to do the specific skill, be it driving, archery , first aid or any other skill or talent that can be learned. This is not a sudden overwhelming sensation, rather a "knowing" as a memory. The user is limited to the level of the crystal, and may progress no further unless the crystal is deactivated or destroyed.

ex: Sheri, a life-mage imprints her knowledge of first-aid into an agate stone. She has a first-aid rating of 3. With 3 successes, she is able to store only 1 levels of first-aid knowledge in the crystal. If the crystal is activated by someone with a first-aid skill at rating 2 or above, they will act at a rating two (the crystal takes precedence) until the crystal is deactivated. If however, the crystal is activated by someone with a first-aid rating of less than the crystals level (ie, someone with no knowledge of first aid), they would then have an effective rating of 1 in that skill.

PR2 and MA4 to alter the matter pattern to accept information & knowledge as part of its structure, without ruining its shape. LI3 and MI3 to imprint the skills and memories on the crystal. PR4 to arrange the activation of the talisman.

Imprison Dream-BodyBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Dream Masters can sever the link between a dreamer and his body. As long as he doesn"t find his way back, he will not be able to awaken in any way, and if he is killed in the dreams he will die (the body will remain alive but in coma). This is used by unscrupulous Dreamers and other beings to imprison sleepers in the Chimerae, often in a dream controlled by the mage. Since most sleepers are rather helpless in the dreamworlds, they are easy prey for this.

Imprison SpiritBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was reputedly invented by Solomon himself. The mage orders (or lures) the spirit into a bottle, box or other space and then seal it with wax and the seal of the spirit or the mage. The spirit will be imprisoned in the vessel, and cannot leave until the seal is broken. Some mages have also thrown crystals or scrolls of parchment through the manifestation of the spirit, but this method is much less reliable.

Improve bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Can make a bullet into hollow point or armorpiercing, lets you load .38specials into a 9mm Glock.

In the Hand of the BeholderBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

By altering the material pattern, a mage can change the colour of an object. This has been used to paint many chantries, but can also be used for artistic endeavours. This rote is very popular among artistically inclined mages. The mage reaches out with her senses in the surroundings, and alter the surface of an object to match them. The result is a painting of the surroundings, perhaps altered by the mage. This can of course easily be turned coincidental by simply painting the object. The image reflects how the mage sees things, and may be rather subjective or very objective depending on what the mage sought to effect. It is also dependent on mood, personality and tradition. Images created by Order of Hermes tend towards the baroque, while technomancers create images of photographic clarity and Akashic Brothers create works with a definite Asian style.

Independant Air Supply Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote can be used to supply the mage with a breathable atmosphere in a place where there is no breathable atmosphere. (in space, buried underground, etc).

Index Personal MythologyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 3, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Every dream has a name And names tell your story This song is your dream You"re the dream operator --"Dream Operator", Talking Heads

This is a rote created by the Dreamspeakers of Toronto. The idea works that each person, when they grow up, develop an internal mythology, by which they can contextualize the world and the events that surround them. This rote allows the dreamspeaker mage to access and "index" (ie understand) the personal mythology of each individual. Because personal mythology can be incredibly rich and thick, each success indicates the understanding of how one majr archetype works in an individual. The dreamspeaker could do this rote many times over and get completely different results, as she explores the subjects mind.

Individual Targeted Virtual TravelBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Spirit 3, Time 3 Author: Constantine Thomas

The Virtual Travel Procedures enable Agents to travel through the Labyrinth and enter other Virtuals. MC Mages and Virtual Mages with Temporal Avatars can use them to travel from any one Virtual to another in the Labyrinth - the "Individual" variant allows the Mage to transport himself only, while the "Multiple" variant allows the Mage to bring others with him. Virtual inhabitants without Temporal Avatars using these Rotes are limited to travelling only to those Virtuals both of a Lower Order and directly derived from their Home reality - remember that they cannot leave their branch of the Labyrinth due to the Law of Continuity.

In a Virtual, these Procedures create a small temporary Portal to another Virtual in the Labyrinth, that closes immediately after the Agents enter - therefore it does not have to be enacted at the site of an existing Portal there. It is not possible to create permanent Portals with these Rotes. In the case of Individual Virtual Travel, the Portal is only large enough for the caster to enter - only Multiple Virtual Travel creates a Portal large enough for many rto pass through. It is easiest to enter Virtuals derived directly from the one presently occupied - more distant Virtuals are correspondingly harder to enter.

On Nexus, however, the effect MUST be enacted at the Portal Site that connects to the destination Virtual. This is one price the Continuum has to pay in the Perpetual War - to keep the Darkness at bay, it had to strengthen of the Temporal Gauntlet around Nexus so that it was only possible to leave from certain locations - the Portals. It is therefore not possible to artificially penetrate the Temporal Gauntlet without massive expenditures of Energy. It is however possible to use Correspondence 3 to teleport to the Portal site once beyond the Shielded area surrounding Central Office. The Continuum itself has a Launch Point in the basement of Central Office - a large stage surrounded by arrays of complicated equipment and huge power generators. The power generated by the energy banks is sufficient to force a way through the Temporal Gauntlet and create a Portal to any Virtual. However, the Launch Point is usually only used in emergencies - in other circumstances, Agents must travel to the Portal Site in Nexus.

Individual Targeted Virtual Travel: This Procedure only allows the Mage to transport himself and any items carried across the Temporal Gauntlet. Ordinarily, a Portal from Nexus always opens at the same location on the Virtual itself. This is very often inconvenient, as they frequently open in relatively inhospitable environments (such as over oceans). As a result, one of the first Procedures that anyone learns in the Continuum is Individual Targeted Virtual Travel, more commonly abbreviated to ITVT. This is a Time 3/Spirit 3/Correspondence 3 Procedure that transports the Mage across the Temporal Gauntlet. The Time 3 and Spirit 3 components are the only ones actually necessary to cross the Temporal Gauntlet between realities - if used alone, the Mage will arrive at the location of the other side of the Portal on the Virtual. The Correspondence 3 component is used to instantaneously scan Space on the other side of the Portal, immediately after passage through the Temporal Gauntlet but before manifestation in the destination reality. The Mage can use this scan to set the arrival point at ANY location in the Virtual - not necessarily at the site of the Portal.

Induce Allergic ReactionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

THis rote allows a mageto induce an intense allergic reaction to something the target is in contact with. This can be anything from water, to denim, to poly-unsaturated fats. However, the more complex the reactant, the more successes are required to sustain the allergic reaction. Causing an allergy to cotton would be fairly easy, while causing an allergy to "red tweed" may prove more difficult.

This effect is strictly temporary, and must always be caused by something the target is in physical contact with or has a proximity to.

Causing an allergy to oxygen is unlikely, but possible.

Induce Amnestic DisorderBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

Psychogenic amnesia is caused by psychological reasons. Amnestic disorder is caused by a biological reason. There are two forms of this disorder: retrograde amnesia (characterized by memory loss of events prior to the problem that caused the amnesia), and anterograde (characterized by inability to learn or remember events taking place after the event). The problem is chronic and the person is unlikely ever to recover. It is up to the individual GM to dictate if any experience levels are lost due to amnesia. Some players may find this hard to take, so GMs should be very careful in implementing level loss. If the GM does so, it is suggested that the character lose only one level. Another problem, unfortunately, is that character who suffers from anterograde amnesia cannot advance in level or learn new skills.

Induce AutismBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This effect lets you induce a state of heightened awareness in another indivudual. This effect is similair to autism, and has similar drawbacks. The period of time this state will be active is different for each attempt. If you fail to induce this effect in an individual, you will not be able to affect that individual with this effect for 1D10 days.

The subject is impressed with an activation and deactivation keyword, to start and stop the heightened awareness state. These words only work once. Afterwards, if questioned, the subject may be able to describe anything from the activation to deactivation (or fading away) of the effect, with incredible clarity (as per the merit, "Eidetic Memory"). She can tell you what the window-washer was wearing a years ago, and what window he was working on, and how many windows there were, and how many had been washed, and how many were open... etc, etc, etc).

MI1 to induce the autism immediately, no keywords MI3 to induce the autism upon activiation of a keyword. CO1/MA1/TI1/FO1 induces a heightened awareness of these areas.

Induce BacklashBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: Unknown

Many mages choose not to wait for Paradox to strike, and deliberately induce a Paradox backlash on themselves, preferably while they are somewhere safe, like their sanctum. The strength of the backlash is still rolled randomly. No matter what the circumstances, this Rote always counts as Vulgar, even in the Umbra or in a mage"s Sanctum. Thus, the rote always adds at least one point of Paradox to the mage"s total pool. Heaven help the mage that botches this effect.

Induce Boundless RageBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote is a dangerous one. It implants an uncontrollable fury inside the target"s subconscious. The mind of hte target will fill in teh details, giving a reason for the fury, and will find a suitable outlet. THe results of this rote can be devastating. Murders, Assualt, etc.

Induce CheatingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote plants the desire to cheat deep into the subconscious mind of a specific target. The reason for the cheating need not be given. The targets mind will work that out. Greed and Power need not be the motive.

Induce Delusion of Thought InsertionBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the belief that thoughts are being inserted into his mind by outside forces.

Induce Delusion of Thought WithdrawalBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the belief that thoughts are being extracted from his mind.

Induce Delusion Thought Broadcasting Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the ideas that his thoughts are being broadcast to others. For example, a man believes everyone in the room can hear what he"s thinking.

Induce Easy LaborBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes a difficult labor to become easy, or a late labor to begin with ease. With the aid of this spell, complications are unheard of.

Induce ExhibitionismBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

This insanity causes the victim to have a fascination of being observed while nude or having sex. The more who witness the person the better. The person must exhibit himself/herself a minimum of 1d10+4 times a week. A few examples are to have sex in a public places, flash people, streak, etc..

Induce HemopheliaBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Life 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote prevents the clotting of any open wound in a specific target. This is a particularly nasty rote, as the target may well bleed to death.

Induce Homicidal ManiaBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character appears absolutely normal. He will behave with what seems to be complete rationality, and nothing unusual will be noted regarding the individual - except he will occasionally manifest an unique interest in weapons, poisons, or other lethal devices (but for adventurers this may seem normal). The insanity causes the character to be obsessed with the desire to kill. The desire must be fulfilled periodically. Once a week the character must make a successful Insanity check or go kill. If prevented from killing, the frustrated individual will become uncontrollably maniacal and attack the first person he encounters, widely seeking to slay. After a kill, the character will fall into a fit of melancholia (see insanity) for 1d6 days before returning to a homicidal state once again.

Induce LactationBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes the subject to begin lactating, as if she has a child. Useful for wet nurses and women who have dried up for various reasons.

Induce LyingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote implants the desire to tell mistruths. The target impa,lanted with this desire will become very secretive, perhaps even making up elaborate stories in order to keep even the simplest of facts from being revealed. This does nothing to make the target a good liar, only makes him lie. THis rote is particularly useful if combined with a specific topic (like the location of the chantry-house he broke into the other night).

Induce MensesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes a woman to begin menstruating, with a commensurate change in cycle.

Induce NihilismBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The character has the feeling that one"s self, others, or the world is nonexistent. Commonly feelings of unreality or the feeling that one is in a dream.

Induce PleasureBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the simplest, most basic form of magickal pleasure. The Children use it a bit like the string part of an orchestra, providing a background for the more detailed and complex pleasures they weave. It can be combined with most other pleasures, linking them together or changing their timbre. Since it is relatively simple, it can be kept up by disciples working in shifts.

Induce ProseltyzationBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to find out about the target"s innermost views on almost any topic. By sending out impulses, the mage may coerce the target into talking about things he may not talk about very often. This works best with world-views on matters such as sex, politics and religion. However, most topics can be covered. The target is unlikely to talk about secrets, unless over 6 successes are gained.

Induce Psychogenic FugueBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

The person becomes confused about personal identity, and suddenly and unexpectedly travels to another place. The person may assume another identity. Once the fugue has passed the person can"t recall what happened during the fugue. This is rare and often passes quickly. A variation could be that the character never recovers from the fugue and travels to a far off land only to join a certain party of characters. This could easily explain why the oriental is travelling with the Westerners.


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage infects somebody with disease by touching him. The disease can range from hay fever to anthrax. If the disease is contagious the victim can himself spread it. Verbena, who first used this rote, usually take the blood of a sick animal, and during a long ceremony concentrate the disease into the blood. Then (for example) the hand of the mage is coated with the blood, and used to touch the victim. Sons of Ether use to place organic material in a vessel, which they then send electricity through a few hours to cause disrupting morphogenetic fields to develop. Fragments of the matter is then placed on the victim. [ The mage must succeed on a number of successes dependent on how serious or complex the disease is. One success is enough for common, fairly benign diseases like colds or warts. Two successes gives more serious diseases like mumps, gonorrhoea or glaucoma. Three gives life threatening diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or Pestilence. Four successes can create practically incurable diseases like AIDS or severe Cancer. With five successes the mage can create all known diseases and a few unknown. ]


Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Causes fertile targets to become infertile. Great birth control method.

Inire's MirrorsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Spirit 5 Author: BLAKE 1001

The heretical Void Seeker, Father Inire, built a set of opposing mirrors that infinitely reflected the distant stars. The supposed observatory was really a gateway, a gateway to any place - physical or spiritual - in the Tellurian. History says that Father Inire was stripped of his Avatar by the Order of Reason and burned as a witch by the Inquisition. Some however, contend that he used his Magickal Mirrors to escape. [This is a combination of "Hermes Portal" MAGE p185, and "Breach the Gauntlet," "Break the Dreamshell," and "Deep Umbral Travel" MAGE p215. It effectively allows instant travel to any place in any realm, physical or spiritual. Five successes are needed to pierce the Dreamshell - the most difficult part of the process. If used to travel to an umbral location only the local gauntlet at the Mirrors must be pierced. Use the normal correspondence range chart to reach other locations in the physical world. A little known fact is that the mirrors were one-way devices. A new set must be built at the destination in order to return.] F/X - Inire"s Mirrors are Vulgar, period. Only a Marauder could use them without incurring Paradox.

Injury DiagnosisBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Life 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Straight forward. Scanning a target person, the mage gets an idea of how and where exactly the injury lies. for less dramatic wounds, this works just as well. If the mage has any medicine or first-aid skills, this will often point out the necessary treatment. (this adds the number of successes to the dice pool of any immediate medical treatment to this target person.)

Inner DanceBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

With this rote, the Dancer maintains an awareness of the near- probabilities, and determines which are most likely to occur--and reacts to them. It can be used to aid the Ability use in any instance where foresight could help--Combat, auto racing, etc. You see the opponent"s moves before he can make them. This rote has a duration of one turn per success.

Inner JourneyBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage enters a deep trance and enters himself mentally, as if he went on an astral journey. He will enter his own inner world, where all his dreams, memories and thoughts are represented. He can then wander just as if he was in a normal realm. Mages can find the most surprising things in the labyrinth of the mind, dreams, memories of forgotten persons, old hobgoblins and subconscious horrors may appear, speak to him or even attack. There might be portals from old dreams to the chimerae. To end the journey the mage has to return to his starting point, where he will awaken. One of the greatest risks with such inner journeys is that the mage may not find his back again (or that he don"t want to, after finding a place, a dream or memory so lovely that he will never leave it). Some mages spend much time in their own or others (Mind 4) minds. With some extra mental magick the mage can bring others into the trance.

Inner MusicBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

All people have their own inner music, but few can hear it and even fewer can express it outside themselves. Most people who try simply fail to convey the exquisite harmonies they find. However, an unknown Cultist of Ecstasy during the middle ages developed this rote to bring the music into the world. By connecting the subconscious of a person with the ability to create sound, the mage could make the mental music heard. The result was often staggeringly beautiful. However, the music also influenced the person who created it in unexpected ways. Since it symbolised the personality and whole mind of the person, it seemed to reinforce his most dominant traits. Fundamentally happy people become even happier when they hear their exorbitant music. Sad people become even more depressed by hearing their ominous music. Confused people become more confused while intellectuals are filled with the urge to study and understand.


Profile: Prime 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Members of the Celestial Chorus pray before an alter of lit candles to "receive the light of The One." Such activity requires the presence of a higher ranking Disciple of Prime to lead the service, and Channel quintessence to the faithful. [This is a version of "The Rush" (Mage p.210). Each success allows the caster to store a point of channelled Quintessence.] F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

Instant ReactionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Time 1 Author: Unknown

When the mage expects a certain event, he can focus his attention on it to be able to respond reflexively at the same time. For example, if a thug threatens him with a gun, he can program his body to dodge at the exact moment the thug pulls the trigger or respond with magick. A stand-off between two mages both using this rote can be quite deadly, since they will both react at the exact same time.

[ If the rote succeeds the mage will act just before the event, as long as the condition predates it slightly (like the act of pulling a trigger). The number of successes denotes how long the mage can concentrate himself. He has to be completely concentrated on the condition to act, and cannot do anything else (unless he uses multitasking, of course).]

Instant ReplayBearbeiten

Profile: Time 5 Author: Timothy Toner

The Kids who become Masters of Time develop an exceedingly powerful rote that allows them to actually replay the past 5 seconds. Doing so inflicts a permanent 1 pt. Paradox flaw, however, each time it is done.

Instantaneous Blood MovementBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Though Larissa Iozzo, a Verbena mage is older that the first time she ever needed to move blood to a specific area of her body, she has grown in her abilities. Because she has correspondance, now, she can force specific blood (Say, kindred blood, snakebite, poison, AIDS or other tainted blood etc) to a specific area of her body immediately. Hell, if she chose to, she could correspond the blood right out of her body immediately, but that would cause a paradox. Besudes, she;s also grown a little sadistic, and enjoys cutting herself with her knife. Most people blanch at live rune-carving.


Profile: Forces 4 Author: Unknown

Emily does this the most often. She can manipulate the atomic structures of things so she can pass through them.

Intellectual PleasuresBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Beside the pleasures of body and emotion, there are pleasures of the intellect too. By focusing the mind of the ascendee into a point and purifying it from all distractions, a state of pure intellectual delight can be created. The ascendee feels for a short while his real intellectual potential and his absolute ability to solve any problem he cares to solve. This doesn"t stop him from feeling his other pleasures, it just makes him able to think completely clearly too.

Intelligent Nano-SurgeonsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Life 4, Matter 3, Mind 3, Prime 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote creates nanosurgeons that remain in the bloodstream, and can be communicated with on an instructional level. They can be given new instructions regularly. Like the Task-oriented nansurgeons, they go dormant after their job is complete. However, they remain in the bloodstream for up to (successes-3) days. If they"ve been sent to repair a broken bone, they will do so. if the bone breaks again, the nansurgeons will once again repair the bone. If they have not been active in this time (acting on old or new instructions), they will be excreted.

Inter-Planetary Launch & Fast Ion DriveBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 5 Author: BLAKE 1001

This is actually a pair of effects used to escape the Earth"s gravitational field and journey quickly (at a significant fraction of the speed of light) to other planets. The Void Engineers have several orbital (Near Umbra) facilities capable of initiating such journeys. [Inter-Planetary Launch is the Void Engineer version of Break the Dreamshell (MAGE p.215). Fast Ion Drive is a version of Deep Umbral Travel.] F/X - Because these effects are used in the Umbra, they draw paradox like Coincidental Magic, however the other Conventions regard them as Experimental.

Inter-Vitro AdoptionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This Rote allows the caster to move the fetus, placenta etc from one woman"s womb to another. Also prepares the receiving woman"s body to accept this fetus and eventually give birth. Offered as an alternative to abortion.

Internal ViolationBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The victim touched by this nasty rote will feel vilified. They will not know how or why, but they wil feel as if they had been violated. This will affect the victims self-control and his feelings of self-worth.

Into the Twilight ZoneBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 4, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is popular among the Hollow Ones and Discordians, who use it on unsuspecting sleepers. It weakens the link between a person and consensus reality. The result is that the victim is no longer protected by the forces of normality, and become vulnerable to all the supernatural forces which normal people never have the bad luck of running into. He will start to run into the weirdness going on behind the scenes, meet people and beings which should not be and generally discover that the world is a much darker and stranger place than he ever thought.

Invent Pleasure Profile: Life 2, Mind 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the most advanced form of magickal pleasure. The mage literally creates new pleasures and emotions never ever experienced before, often personalized to the ascendee.

Invisible FleshBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to turn someone"s flesh invisible. It still functions perfectly in every way, except that everything underneath the flesh is visible.

Invisible IconBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

Common knowledge among Virtual Adepts, this rote was created early in the web"s existance as a modification of the Order of Hermes rote Veil of Invisibility. With this rote, the mage alters the pattern of the energies of an icon so that it no longer has a visual existance.

This can be used on Icons both in the Digital Web and the ones Virtual Adepts project into the real one.

System is as with Veil of Invisibility.

Invocation of NegationBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage negates a force; light becomes darkness, positive current becomes negative. This often leads to the neutralisation of the force, and can destroy sensitive machinery. The mage perform the rote by chanting a invocation of the forces of negativity, and drawing the Hebrew letter Aleph in the air with the Seal.

Invoke ParadoxBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Mind 4, Prime 4, Spirit 4, Time 4 Author: Jeremy Streeter

By initiating this Rote, a Mage can transfer Paradox of her own to another individual. And infuse the Paradox into that individual"s soul, thusly dumping her Paradox on others. Normally, this is treated as vulgar magic, once she touches the person, the target begins to scream and fall to its knees in extreme pain from the entire process. As long as the being has a soul or a mind, this process can take place. Vampires and Garou merely receive Aggravated damage for the process and are paralyzed during the process as well. Mortals and Mages feel pain, but take no damage. Instead, they gain a Paradox rating. By doing this, the caster of this rote is able to send mortals tumbling into Quiet, and Mages to suffer incredibly.

      • Once initiated this Spell cannot be directly countered as a

normal rote. The Mage countering must spend, or lose (either way you see it), a point of Quintessence to stop the process, for each success the Mage casting has.

Invoke TruthBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to invoke the truth from a specified target, or possible (with Correspondence) an entire area. Anyone infectged by this rote will be unable to speak mistruths. Half-truths and lies of ommissions however, can still be spoken. If you ask someone under this effect a direct question, they are under no obligation to answer. However, if they do answer, you will likely get the truth.

Invoke TruthBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice


Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author:

The Mage using Forces creates a burst of Gamma-Ray radiation. This radiation is invisible to the naked eye, but may be detected by any mage with Forces 1, or a radiation detector. The target will soon fall ill, and perhaps die. Temporary or permanent blindness may also be caused.

[The mage does two wounds per success with this attack. The wounds can be soaked normally. The wounds inflicted do not take effect immediately; they appear at the rate of one per hour. If at least 4 wounds are inflicted (after soaking), the target is temporarily blinded. With 6 wounds, this blindness is permanent. This level of damage will also cause permanent infertility.

Note: The wounds caused by this Rote are aggravated to Werewolves. When this rote is used on vampires, the damage is inflicted immediately, but is not aggravated.]

Paul Strack

is this your card?Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 2 Author: The rote library

This rote is usually performed with a deck of cards, but can be used with any other means in which one wants to impress someone into thinking that you"re a prestidigitator.

First, get the victim to choose a cards at random. Correspondence 2 allows you to alter your viewpoint to behind the victim (and thereby see which cards he"s looking at.)

[Entropy 2 allows you to make the card do what you want it to do, i.e. jump to the top of the deck, become the 13th card down, or whatever.]

It's all RelativeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author:

Mainly a defensive rote often used as a do-loop in VA programs, "It"s all Relative" uses a knowledge of the oneness of position to cancel other effects. Just as the force of gravity will _in_relation_to_the_observer_ disappear if one is accelerating in the same vector as an observed object, the speed of light will approach zero or a teleporter arrive in the same place he left using knowledge of the Correspondence Point. Simply put, this rote stops unwanted forces. Dead. If every point along an object"s path exists in the Correspondence Point, then there is no motion.

jacqueline's pseudo predatorBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

[A typical misdirective ploy. Basically, the mage programs a shimmering man-sized field to run away from the area of attention, as though the mage has employed a faulty invisibility rote and is attempting to flee. Most enemies will chortle and pursue. The Mind effect ensures that the image will stay ahead of the pursuers regardless of their tactics, including dodging shots, etc, but will always remain tantalizingly in sight, no matter how inept the chasers are. Dynamic, of course.]

Join the WorldBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Mind 5, Prime 4, Spirit 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some of the most powerful Apostles actually become the world. By spreading their consciousnesses into every part of it, to every level, and then dissolving the physical boundaries of their bodies, they become an integral part of everything. They can experience all pleasure, all pain, everything that happens everywhere. Forever. This is the closest thing the Apostles have to Ascension.

Kano/Mola Ram RevisitedBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 4 Author: Unknown

Use life 4 to separate someone"s heart from the rest of their body, and then pull it out through a small correspondance gate and show it to "em before they die! The effects are horrible, and it"s a vulgar life attack so the damage is aggravated. Also works on vampires if you use matter instead of life (we ruled they couldn"t pump bloodpoints to do anything but heal until the reconstructed their heart, considered at least one aggravated wound). This also works on heads and other vital organs.

Keening of the BansheeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote (also known as the Sight of the Valkyries) is surprisingly simple, but still very rarely used. By following the threads of fate forward, the mage can feel where they end. This can be used to predict how long anything will remain in existence; inanimate objects, living beings, people and even love itself. Most mages prefer not to use this rote at all. The only exceptions are (of course) the Euthanatos, who simply regard it as a useful tool or a very powerful demonstration of the total power of Entropy. They cast the bones and interpret their patterns. [ The rote has some limitations. It cannot predict exactly where something will end, just a time of great entropy. Sometimes people survive just barely, and go on living. Awakened beings also automatically disturb the predictions by their actions, especially if they have Time or Entropy themselves (increase difficulty). If the rote is used on a mage, he will automatically try to subconsciously countermagick it. ]

Keep the Dream AliveBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote gives the Dreamer power to temporarily sustain a dream even after the dreamer has ended dreaming it, preventing it from dissolving or calcifying. It will continue to exist as long as the mage feeds it quintessence (a quite heavy task for greater dreams). The dream will continue as it would, except that the original dreamer is now absent (and thus the rules will remain the same). If the dream is sustained enough it will become completely independent and permanent. More powerful dreamers collect beautiful dreams from people and then store them, or leave them as nice surprises for sleepers.

Killed by DeathBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

First, you shatter all of someone"s ribs with life and forces, and then give them a lot of kinetic energy and cause them to whirl around inside someone"s body blender style! You"ll get the aggravated damage (vulgar life attack) but with the X4 multiplier for forces effect! Does really nasty things to people!

Kinetic energy to biomassBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to convert any kinetic energy received into bio-mass, usually muscle mass. If the mage is punched and takes 2 points of damage, he also games 2 to his stamina for the rest of the scene. the result is that he becomes harder to kill, the closer you get to killing him.

Kiss of the LampreyBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 2 Author:

With the Spirit"s Kiss (Spirit 2) a mage may take the power of a spirit into herself as Quintessence of the appropriate Resonance. If the spirit is unwilling, however, the mage may press her suit and forcefully suck the energies out of a spirit, including the Avatar of another mage. Such power will have the usual Resonance, tinged with that of Violation and Rape, and all magicks performed with this stolen power will be tinted with the horror of the act--though this is generally not a problem for the Nephandi.

Kiss of the LampreyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 1, Time 2 Author:

Labyrinth MapBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 1, Time 1 Author: Constantine Thomas

This Rote is commonly used by Mages who travel the Labyrinth but are not members of the Continuum. It is cast before attempting to enter a Virtual, and is required in order to locate that reality in the Labyrinth. Using this Rote, the Mage can visualise the Labyrinth and find the Virtual he wishes to enter. At least one success allows the Mage to make an Intelligence + Cosmology roll at Difficulty 9 (or Intelligence + Virtual Cosmology if the Mage possesses that Knowledge at difficulty 7). If the Mage rolls at least one success on this roll, he can attempt to cast a Virtual Travel Rote and try to enter that Virtual.


Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 1, Time 3 Author: The rote library

[With this Rote in effect, at random intervals, the V-A will freeze up for an undetermined period of time.. It sometimes comes in handy on others as well. Usually, this is used before going into a Grid to talk to a sleeper, so as to avoid possible Technocracy spies pretending to be ignorant to find Awakened beings on the Web by their inability to have processing lag. Mind is used to make it run in the background of the Mage, by Multitasking.]

Lambs to the SlaughterBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 3 Author:

Combining the effects of Rip the Man Body with Bond of Blood, Nephandi and other mages who believe in the power of blood sacrifice can make it a reality. The Quintessence gained is typically tinged with the Resonance of Agony and Murder, but for spells of violence and pain, this is often an asset. If the caster can obtain a willing sacrifice, the power gained will be nowhere so tainted, explaining why the Nephandi often go to great lengths to convince their victims of the nobility and necessity of their deaths.

Laser LightBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 2 Author:

This Rote enables the Mage to focus light energy into a laser beam. A strong light source is needed. A torch, good flashlight, light bulb or sunlight will do; candle flames are too weak. The Forces effect is used to intensify the light, and Entropy is used to polarize and focus it on the target. If the optional requirements are used, no light source is needed, as the mage creates light out of raw Quintessence.

[The laser does 1 wound per success to its target. Higher levels of Force can be used to get a more intense beam, and higher levels of damage, as per the Forces chart, but this generally require the use of Prime 2 as well. Because of the heat effects, half the damage caused by the laser count as aggravated to vampires and werewolves. Because of the speed of the effect, it cannot be dodged.]

Paul Strack


Profile: Forces 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage"s eyes glow red with supressed energy. When he has targetted something, he can unleash a vicious blast of laser energy. The blast does successes damage, depending on distance.

Laying the LineBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Prime 3 Author:

This spell requires a complex ritual, in which the druid begins at a Node and walks to another point, dragging his blood-smeared staff in the dirt all the way. If successful, Quintessence will begin to flow along the line. Thereafter, by standing on the line, the Node can be tapped, without having to be present at it.

Andrew E. Larsen

Laying the PathBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2, Prime 3, Time 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Don"t search for all the answers at once. A path is formed by laying one stone at a time. One person saw the third man. Three have seen him, yes, but not his body. One only, known to you, ready now to talk. One more thing: there is something which you have forgotten. -- The Giant (to Agent Cooper), Twin Peaks

Frustrated with the responsibility of finishing the development of a new horizon realm, while maintaining three nodes, Christian Solden, of the Wandering Hand Chantry, spent many hours beneath the Oak tree at "the old site", seeking the best way to proceed. It took weeks of contemplation, but he came to the understanding that he need not know the entire path to his goal--only the next couple of steps....

The answers, when they come, are very subtle. The mage must spend a fair amount of time in meditation, and must observe carefully, the patterns and sometimes, even the mostems around him. The answers that the mage will arrive at will suggest only "the next step", not the entire path.

Mages who perform this rote will be unable to tell whether the rote has truly worked or not, as the decisions they reach may only be through their own deliberations. However, for every three hours in meditation, the mage may reduce the difficulty of a leadership roll by one, but only for momentous decisions that will directly affect the mage. The meditation need not be performed all at once.

The resulting effect allows the storyteller to recommend a course of action, a means of doing things.. This is still no guarantee that the mage has chosen the right path, however.... Sometimes, there is no "right" path, only the lesser of two "wrong" paths.

Leave a Light OnBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 4, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Every night, Margaret would come home late, and every night, Steven would leave a candle and a glass of sherry out for her. He would return before dawn, and nestle in beside her, stroking her lightly before he would retire, and she would start her day.

However, when Steven ceased to come home, Margaret found comfort in the candle and the sherry. She developed this rote to be self-perpetuating. Every night, when she returns home, there is a candle on the windowsill, and a glass of sherry waiting for her.

Though Steven never returned, sometimes, she can even feel his presence, stroking her.

Leave FeelingBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage focuses on his current emotions and diffuses them through the surrounding area, making tiny modifications to things. People who enter will feel subtle cues towards the same feeling as the mage left. This is often used to create rooms for different purposes in eastern chantries, or by the Cult of Ecstasy to enchant places they like.


Profile: Life 4, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

These runes are the most potent way of healing somebody there are today in Asatru. Once this type of healing was quite simple, but it has turned hard. The priest writes the runes on the bark of a tree, usually with the blood of the patient. This creates a potent healing force that will seek to heal the patient continuously, thus overcoming and hindering even the most serious diseases as long as the runes are inscribed on the tree. However, the runes can also be used to curse, causing wounds or sickness in the same way as they can heal. By adding or deleting a rune, the inscription can be turned around, which makes it important to keep them secret from enemies.

[ The runes will seek to heal any wounds and sickness of the person they mention. Each time he is hurt or become sick, the runes will get a chance to heal him. If they cannot heal him completely, they will at least prevent any worsening of the condition.]

Lesser WardBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author:

This common Rote is used to set up a barrier against a particular sphere"s magic, either around an individual, or a place. The specific sphere to be blocked is the other sphere required for the Rote. Any effect involving the warded sphere is blocked. A separate ward is need for each sphere.

Mages generally only raise wards about themselves when they know they are going into a dangerous situation. Wards are easily perceived by anyone with magical talent, and thus advertises the fact that someone is a mage. That, and the fact that wards are invariably Vulgar, make Mages leary of using them indiscriminately.

Wards around sanctums are more typical. The most common wards are against Spirit, Prime and Correspondence (to prevent scrying). Only the most powerful of wards are permanent. Most mages settle for wards of a temporary duration, and renew them periodically. A failed warding ritual can be dangerous. The ritual cannot be attempted again for a least a day, leaving the sanctum temporarily without defense.

[The number of successes determine the "strength" of the ward. This strength is added to the difficulty number of any attempt to cast magic involving the warded sphere across the barrier. Note that the ward is two way, and will prevent magic from leaving as well as entering.

The number of successes also determine the duration of the Ward. Before the magic is cast, the mage must indicate the desired duration, off the effects chart on p. 175. At least that many successes are required, otherwise the ward fails completely. For example, if the mage wants the ward to last a day, three successes are needed.

Wards are readily visible to the magically aware. Any mage within sight of a ward need only make an Awareness roll with a difficulty of 3 to notice it. Wards on sanctums are usually cast just inside the walls, so that the physical building will block the ward from sight.

Additionally, wards never protect themselves. A ward can be attacked directly with Prime 2, Entropy 3, or the appropriate sphere at a level of 2. Each successes permanently reduces the ward"s strength by 1, until it is destroyed. Many magely battles begin by stripping away the opponent"s wards.

Five successes are required to make a ward permanent. Permanent wards are magical entities, and require a constant flow of Quintessence to maintain. The Quintessence needed equals the ward"s strength, per day. Wards may be deliberately weakened, to reduce this Quintessence cost. Permanent wards are rare unless a Node is backing them up. On the positive side, undestroyed permanent wards slowly regenerate damage, recovering one strength per day.

Most chantries will create permanent Prime, Spirit and Correspondence wards around the Chantry house and their Nodes, preserving them from magical detection. If a Prime ward is cast around a Node, the "Node Bonus" that reduces the difficulty of magic rolls will not extend beyond that ward barrier.]

Paul Strack

Life ChangesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Mind 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The Dancer can use this to utterly change another living being"s place on the Dance, transforming them into another being. It is perfectly permissible to do this to an unwilling target, provided the consequences of the action are at least understood. The mind can be altered to match the new form. Alternatively, only the mind could be changed, leaving the body untouched. If only feelings and emotions are altered, Mind 2 is required.


Profile: Forces 3, Life 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to release a burst of highly agitated plasma at a target. If no quintessence is used, the plasma blast will do STAMINA+FORCES dice worth of damage. Each quintessence spent on this rote will also add 1 dice to the damage dice pool. In addition, the mage may add levels from their "health" rating. Each level adds one dice to the damage dice pool. However, if health levels are being expended, then one level of health will disappear and not be taken into the effect. Any health levels taken during this rote count as major stress on the life pattern, and cannot be healed by magic.

Light of DarknessBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage can see in darkness. His eyes give of a weird gleam. Hermetic mages usually draw the Hebrew letter Ayin (which means eye) on their forehead with the seal while slowly chanting its name.

Light the Elemental FireBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The alchemist use a little lamp of iron filled with consecrated oil for this rote. By pouring some sulphur into the oil, the oil ignites into a pure blue-white flame. This fire is quite normal except its colour, and is used to ignite other fires in the lab (Sometimes alchemists use fire ignited by lightning instead). The longer the fire is kept alive, the more pure it will become. Some alchemists have fires which have been kept alive for centuries, passing from master to student countless times. These fires are almost talismans in themselves, and extremely pure. Their exact powers are not very understood, but they are generally sought after.

Limitless ammoBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

In theory, a clip with lot of bullets. Could be vulgar if containing more than twice the usual amount, unless you pretend to put in a new clip now and then. (I remember I let Kim Vachon of BoC have one of these in a chronicle I ran.)

line interruptBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Mind 1 Author: The rote library

[V-As use this to simulate the loss of a connection. It runs in the background through Multi-Tasking. Randomly, the Mage will leave a Grid, thus seemingly loosing a connection to any Sleeper with whom they are conversing. Its a small matter to return to the location.]

[The three previous Rotes have been known to be used all at the same time by some Mages, for fun as well as paranoid protection. Usually, one suffices. It is rumored these Rotes were invented by one of the regulars at the Spy"s Demise for his amusement. It is also rumored that this same individual is an AI who does such things to see how much trouble Mages will bring on themselves. It is hard say for certain, as no one has seen this person offline in order to ascertain the truth. All is known is his online icon is that of a featureless humanoid made entirely of the static of a television tuned to a dead channel.]

line noiseBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 3 Author: The rote library

[Similar in concept as Lag, this will make a Mage randomly spit out utter garbage, extremely useful when in Grids. If used on others, it can cause quite a communication problem. Of course, the Mind Sphere is used to Multi-Task this into the Mage"s background so he needn"t concentrate on it.]

Lines of Magnetic ForceBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage creates a strong, directed magnetic field which can move objects made out of magnetic metal. Hermetics usually do this by inclining the Seal to reflect the light from the sun or a lamp on the object, and then move the reflected spot. [ Each success will give the field 1 dot in strength. This rote will only affect magnetic materials, but some mages also use Matter to make the object magnetic. ]

Link DreamsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The ability to link together dreams by portals or smooth transitions is an important skill for any budding Dream Lord. It requires that the mage moves them together and find a point or place where they fit together somehow (like having two doors connect or different sides of a lake). When the dreams merge, the results can sometimes become rather unpredictable. Another problem is of course that the dreamers of the different dreams now suddenly share the same dream, which can lead to conflicts.

Link ObjectBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Spirit 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

More widely known as "Ephemerize," this Rote brings a physical object into the Umbra, granting it a Spiritual existance. Ephemerized matter patterns become real in the Umbra and unreal in the physical world. Thus a weapon affected by the Rote can be used to harm spirits, but could no longer target sleepers. Note that this Rote is unnescisary when matter is taken through a shallowing (cf Breach the Gauntlet, MAGE p215).

[The Rote allows matter to enter the Umbra when the Mage steps sideways. Such items continue to function normally. The mage must make a sepparte roll for the items he wants to take with him. The difficulty is still 6 and the number of successes needed is the same as required to step sideways through the local Gauntlet. Ephemerized weapons do normal damage to spirts and ephemerized armor soaks damage from spirit attacks.]

F/X - Usually the same as used to Step Sideways.

Liquid PleasureBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some cultists want to give others a taste of the pleasures they experience, so they create bottled experiences. This range from the mixing of odd drinks which lets the imbiber experience whatever emotion the cultist wants to drugs which cause visions showing the secrets of the cult.

Live Energy AdapterBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4, Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to convert one type of energy to another. The most common use is to convert kinetic energy to bio-electric energy (a la the X-man, Bishop).

Living ChaliceBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 4, Matter 4, Mind 4, Prime 3 Author: D.J. Babb

This rote allows the mage to Blood-Bond drinkers to Roe, without the victims" knowledge. In order to cast this spell, the Acolytes whip their flesh, until the skin breaks (a cosmetic effect, that does no damage to the caster). At that moment, the assembled Kindred will begin to feast on what they assume to be the magis" blood, but is in fact the blood of Malraux. [By combining Correspondence with Life/Matter/Prime, the magi are able to transport Malraux"s blood (stored in a large cauldron for this purpose) to the opened wounds across their bodies. The Mind spheer is also used to strengthen the feelings of loyalty inherint to the blood bound (which still occurs over three drinkings), and weaken the vampires" ability to realize that they aren"t drinking true magi blood. When cast by a cabal of five ancient masters with the aid of an antediluvian, this spell tends to be able to sway any kindred.]

Locate Physical RestsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Matter 1, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: David Barrena

This Rote analize the impact of an object in the flow of history (Mind, Matter, Time) and locate other objects related to it (Correspondence,Matter). To make effective this goals, the object is analized, discovering its origin and most of its particular history, then, complex statistical works are made to see what people remember about the historical fact related to the object. Then, a complete investigation work is done, searching in museums, private colections, doing archeological works, etc, to find the objects related to the target of the Rote. The results of the investigation are exponential, because as other objects are found, the Rote is cast upon them and with each casting more and more objects are found, so all the investigation around a historical fact is done in relatively a short amount of time.

Logical LoopBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is essentially a computer virus developed by the logic research team and the psychologists of the NWO. It is a small set of postulates, which will quickly overload any logical system capable of understanding them (mainly computers, but human mathematicians or programmers are vulnerable) by constantly expanding itself and increasing in complexity without ever repeating. It has proven very efficient against Virtual Adepts, who often tend to think in slightly computerlike ways.

[The Loop will quickly expand and fill out all available processor power and memory of a computer which starts to interpret it correctly. Humans must understand the Loop (requires Computer 3, Enigmas 4 or Mathematics 3), and will then be partially infected. Usually it will only lead to a minor obsession of thinking through its implications (which never end), but in severe cases the victim becomes catatonic. If it successfully infects the mind of a victim, it will drain as many Willpower points as its successes as the victim can"t resist thinking about it. After a while, the victim will get a new Willpower test, and if he fails the loop drains some more Willpower. If Willpower reaches zero the victim goes into catatonia until somehow freed from the Loop. ]


Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This spell deactivates the aging "clock," thus granting immortality to those who do not possess it.

Look of the WraithBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Unknown

Emily has this on a lot of the time. Her Arcane helps her out too. This makes her look insubstantial and quite hard to notice at all. Usually only Awakened beings will be able to see her.

Looking-Glass GardenBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Michael Brazier

This protective enchantment is cast over a large area. Within that area, those who walk toward an object quickly lose sight of it, soon finding themselves back at their starting point--or possibly walk straight into some extremely dangerous place. On the other hand, walking directly away from something is guaranteed to bring people straight to it. Thus, avoiding danger lands you in it more quickly than any other course, and walking to meet danger immediately sends you to safety. People within five feet or so of some object move normally with respect to that object, so it"s hard to realize the rote is working at all--mages with Correspondence 1 will know they"ve been magicked, but not what exactly has been done. It takes Correspondence 2 to perceive the rote"s effects.

(Penetrating the rote is a magic roll, difficulty 7, that requires Correspondence 2 to make. 1 success lets the mage realize how to get somewhere in the area; 3 successes temporarily removes the effect from the mage, allowing him to reach one place in the ordinary manner; 5 successes makes the mage immune to the effect until he leaves the area.)

Love is in the AirBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some cultists enjoy spreading positive emotions around themselves, and this rote was developed as a simple but efficient tool. The mage creates "love germs", which infect people and give them positive feelings. Gradually the happy emotions spread through a crowd, changing the overall mood. The type of emotions are determined by the will and personality of the mage; some mages spread happiness and joy, other hardcore lust.

[The "love germs" are completely outside of the realm of technocratic science, they are immaterial beings which spread their emotions to anybody they infect. The number of successes in casting the rote tells how strong and tenacious they are; everyone who interacts with an infected person under the duration of the rote will have a chance to be infected (this is resisted by willpower, modified by nature and mood). These newly infected persons in turn infect others (although now with an infection one success smaller etc). ]

Love PotionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

While most alchemists think this rote is a bit silly, they can"t deny the demand for the potion. Besides, its a classic almost all apprentices want to learn. A typical love potion will work by making the drinker both susceptible for seduction and more amorous. The alchemist mixes mercury salts, rose water, expensive spices and a small amount of gold (preferably from a wedding ring or something like that). The mixture is carefully heated and then distilled. The distillate is added to food or drink.

[ Each success will lower the target number with one for all attempts at seduction or other amorous skills for the victim. It will also make the victim see every possible partner as having more in appearance and charisma than they really do. Each success will increase the apparent charisma and appearance with one. ]


Profile: Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is a galder which helps mages who have been imprisoned. The mage sings the galder to the bonds, which will release him.

Lucid DreamingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the basic ability which makes Dreamers Dreamers. They can control the reality of their own dreams. They have an almost godlike power in their own dreams if they choose to use it. They can decide what will happen, how things will look and the "laws of nature". However, while their dreams are much more vivid than normal dreams they will still dissolve as soon as they are not dreamed.

Lucidity of DelightBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This minor rote is important, as it allows the ascendee to be fully conscious despite his ecstasy. It will however not make him more rational or able to act much by his own.


Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 3 Author: Jack Dracula

Allows the caster to communicate with a person by looking in a mirror and concentrating on them (it would also help the target wa also looking in a mirror.) Two way communication is possible, but more importantly, it allows the caster to telelocate themselves directly to the person (by stepping into the mirror.) Created by Stanislaus Silver, who used mirrors for most of his foci. [Use ranges for Correspondence, but lower difficulty by 1.]


Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is used by the Verbena to fill their victims with unquenchable sexual desires, either directed at the mage or somebody else.

Lustful GlanceBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: D.J. Babb

This rote allows the Nephandi to force a target to experience a very real and vivid rape. Nephandi tend to use this on individuals surrounded by crowds, to force them to experience the rape and the feeling of utter helplessness. Occasionally Life 4 is used as well to create physical manifestations of the rape as well.

[This vulgar rote allows the caster to force both the target (as a victim) and the caster (as a rapist) to experience a rape. Such rapings should be role-played as if they were real, only after the experience has ended is it revealed to have been a momentary illusion. The target can resist the rote with Willpower, which manifests as struggles against the rapist.]

magic bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 4 Author: The rote library

The rote can be used to "bounce" bullets off walls, floors, ceilings, but mostly used to hit targets around walls.

[Forces 4 to keep the bullets motions going and the bounce correct after hitting a wall or floor or whatever. Correspondence 2 to see the target after the bullet has bounced around the corner.]

Magic MeadBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By adding special herbs and some blood to mead and then brewing it together, the priestess can create a mead which will infuse the drinker with the emotions of the her choice. This is used to create the mead drunk during the blot, or a subtle way of influencing people.

Magickal BarrierBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This ritual creates a magickal barrier which no spirit may pass. Instead of the normal Circle, the mage draws or marks the barrier (using chalk, stones or other available materials), draws the necessary seals at strategic positions and performs a powerful ritual to make it impregnable.


Profile: Forces 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author:

This Rote can be used to create flying metallic objects. Only metal that can hold a magnetic charge may be used. The Matter sphere is used to charge the metal, while the Forces sphere is used to create and manipulate the magnetic energy needed to kept it aloft. The floating metal will support other objects whose weight does not exceed its own.

In the past, a "carpet" of ringed metal (which was easier to make and store that large sheets of metal) were used for flying devices, especially in the middle east, where metal was common. The carpets were generally decorated with pad cloth for comfort. This rote is also used to propel some of the more improbable flying devices created by the Sons of Ether

[The number of successes determines how quickly the metal can be moved. One successes give the speed of a slow walk, three successes that of a car, five that of a plane.].

Paul Strack

Make ContactBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Entropy 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

"I lost your number...." "I work at the sheriff"s office! You could have dialed 911!" --Lucy and Dick, Twin Peaks

This rote is a simple means of getting the right telephone number, the right mailing address, the right e-mail address every time. By applying entropic control to the pathway your communications take (down a telephone line, postal stations or electronic machines) the mage using this guarantees that the letter/message/connection gets to the other side, despite a completely wrong number. Once contact is made though, the true address can be learned.

Malaclypse's Many FacesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Mind 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This is named for the Discordian who first used it. This allows the Discordian to not only take on a new form, but also take on the outward mannerisms, mental attitudes and even appropriate thoughts for the form. These are all masks, and the Mage"s own thoughts are concealed by the Rote.

Manifest cacodaemonBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Allows a cacodaemon to physically manifest. The mage reads one of the 48 keys, and draws the three letters of the demons name in the air while chanting the two secret names who rule over that daemon. Cacodaemons are generally not very intelligent, and somewhat lazy. They do not like to have anybody ordering them around, and would happily escape or hurt the mage if the threat of their superiors keep them in check. The daemons size and physical shape is up to itself, and often quite weird.

Manipulate Water TableBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to either raise or lower the water table at a given site. Rather than actually lowering land, the mage would raise the water table, providing water for a dry region. This takes a subsantial amount of energy, and without at least 3 successes, the effect is temporary.

The mage creates the appropriate environment for the raised water table, using both entropy and forces. then, the mage would create the water or add water to an existing source.

Manufacturize bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Can now create bullets of any kind. One per success, also grenades and rockets, although these might demand 2-3 successes a piece. Also bullet that penetrates any non-living material.

Mapmaker V. 88Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 1 Author: Eric Tolle

A simple rote that"s the basis for a number of other effects. By scanning an area into memory, the mage memorizes a location well enough that it is considered "very familier" for other Correspondance effects. THis involves making a clear visual picture in ones head.

Mapping the TrackBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Prime 1 Author:

The Verbena feel that Quintessence flows across the surface of the earth in streams that are called Ley Lines, also known as the Old Straight Track. Ley Lines come in Minor, Major, and Great versions, which fasciliatate the casting of Correspondence, Prime, and Spirit magics. For this reason, many Verbena holy sites are situated on them. (Two successes will locate a Minor line, 4 successes a Major line, and six successes a Great line. A Minor line reduces the difficulty of Correspondence, Prime, and Spirit magics cast in its vacinity by 1, a Major line by 2, and a Great line by 3.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Mapprinter V. 88Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Forces 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Eric Tolle

After memmorizing an image using Mapmaker 88, the mage can then print out a color laser print of the image if asupply of paper is at hand. Of course, if one has Matter, a paper supply is not needed....

Marauder/Nephandi Early Warning ScanBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 1, Time 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This program scans data from thousands of sources, analyzing discrepencies typical of paradox generated by marauders, nephandi, or carless tradition magi. This allows strike teams and squads of men with large weapons to be rapidly deployed for maximum effect. [Essentially, this is a justification for the Technocracy arriving quickly on the scene, fully-equipped to deal with any sort of problem. Note that their information is frequently false, and they get a lot of false alarms, which may serve as hooks to get characters of any kind interested in what"s going on.] Foci For This Effect: A supercomputer hooked into a vast network, lots of sweaty informants in phonebooths, entropy sensors scattered throughout a big city, someone watching the evening news.

Mark the BloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

The mage "marks" the blood of a person. This marking will be passed on to the children, and so on. Sometimes this marking is bound to a special trait. The mark can be read by Life 1. Different markings have different meanings, and are used to keep track of certain traits. Mages have also found that there exist other markings in several bloodlines, which they have not put there. Some believe that there must have been other mages doing the same thing as they in the past. Other explain it away as a "lusus naturae", a strange but useless natural phenomenon.

Mask of BeautyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote was developed by Thomas Gradenko, the "Voice" fo the Celestial Chorus in Toronto. One at least one occasion, Gradenko was forced to seke aid from the local population of Nosferatu. Rather than be confronted with their hedious visages, Gradenko cast this rote to see each face as how it would appear at it"s fullest potential. Amazing how many nosferatu could look attractive with this rote. This is a selfish rote, however, as noone else will see these faces. The nosferatu became aware of this rote when Gradenko kept following one of their ranks... continually. He became briefly obsessed, with her potential, failing to see her reality.

Mask of the True SelfBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Similar to the Mask of Beauty, this rote projects a mask onto the faces of all who are affected by this rote. The mask will appear as the anthropomorphisation of the person"s inner being. Their true self, if you will. Gradenko created this rote, much later, after he came to power as the head of his order in Toronto.

Mass ConfusionBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3 Author: The Wizards Book

This rote was invented on the fly by the cultist of Ecstacy, Mara "teardrop" Covey. At the time, Mara was being pursued by a disguised HIT mark, and had ducked into a crowded mall. Unable to shake the tenacious android, she decided to make the crowd work for her. By making surface contact with the minds of everyone around her and scrambling their surface thoughts, Mara created a huge diversion that allowed her to escape.

(System: For every success, the mage may affect two people for a single scene. Targets will either stand confused, or suddenly act out a random, non-destructive impulse, ie, scream at the top of their lungs at nothing, begin to dance, etc. This inevitably causes more confusion, which makes great cover.)

Master Ninja Time RoteBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 1, Time 3 Author: FindRote_2.0

Just the thing for the clever coyote, this Rote can turn anyone into a Master Ninja. It was first used by Glen Manning, a Mystery Science Theatre fan, who wanted to fight just like the ninjas in bad martial arts flicks.

[Time slows down for the Mage, who then can use the Dim Mak effect to his the best possible spot on the enemy. Also, absurdly silly but effective dodges are possible, since the attacker is moving in slow motion; -2 to all dodge target numbers.]

math co-processorBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Virtual Adepts view the human brain as nothing more than a tremendously complex, biological computer. This Rote allows them to tap the brain"s vast, untapped computational power. While it is in effect, the mage can perform mathematical calculations at a rate rivalling the most powerful computers.

[Successes indicate the speed at which the mage can perform computations: 1 to 3 grant normal computer speeds from micro to mainframe, 4 give the mage the power of a supercomputer, and 5 or more allow virtually impossible computations (the kind it would take a Cray centuries to solve. Successes can be added directly to appropriate actions like cryptography. At the level of 1 to 3 successes this can be passed off as skill and mathematical "tricks," at higher levels it risks Paradox.]

matter disconglomeration & transferenceBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 2, Matter 4 Author: The rote library

Faced with the dilemma of shipping vital and explosive equipment to a new laboratory Holos Erasmus invented this rote to deal with the problem. This takes any form of matter and turns it into raw energy which can be sent anywhere over conventional electric lines and/or phone lines and reconstituted.

[For the 1st pt made by on the skill roll the mage is able to move 10 lbs. This increases exponentially i.e. 2pts=100lbs 3=1000lbs 4=10000lbs.]

Mead of bloodBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote may have started as a kind of travesty of the Catholic Mass. By pouring mead into the bowl and adding a few drops of blood, the priest can turn it into blood. However, it doesn"t have to look like blood or taste like it, the priest can make it appear to be normal mead. Afterwards, the mead can be used instead of blood as a foci, be imbibed as a source of strength or even used as sustenance for vampires (although practically no modern kindred know about this. Only the oldest Scandinavian Methuselahs have tasted such mead).

Mechanical AnalysisBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Forces 1, Matter 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to understand the use and nature of any peice of mechanical goods. The roll will go much better if the mage has any skills, talents or knowledges that directly apply. The number of successes received indicate how many dice to add too a stnadard INTELLIGENCE + roll.

Mechanical InventionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote aids in the development of mechanical goods designed for a specific purpose. Think MacGyver, B.A. Barakas, Forge. You need a temporal bio-enhancer to destabilize the team in their prison? no problem,... you"ve got an empty film case, a dried up pen, some double-mint bubble gum, and an out of comission refrigerator. You can do it.... go ahead...

The number of successes on this rote indicates the number of dice that can be added either in the INTELLIGENCE + roll (to design the thing, or in DEXTERITY + to actually create it.


Sarah needs to create the above bio-enhancer. She rolls the effect, and gets 4 successes. She chooses to add two successes to boh the design and teh development stages, giving her a better than even chance of creating something useful.
Be warned though. While what is created here is often useful, it"s more often than not, not quite whats expected, and may have some severe flaws. This rote is designed to add to a jury-rig skill.

Mechanical InventionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Mechanical InventionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Mechanical InventionBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

media readBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1, Mind 1 Author: The rote library

When you need information right now, you don"t have time to run back and plug a floppy into your laptop. Thus, a clever Virtual Adept invented this rote, which allows a mage to read magnetic or optical media without a peripheral reader. All the mage need do is hold the disk in his hand, pocket, or elsewhere...

[Forces allows the mage to "sense" the data on magnetic media (floppies, hard drives, cassettes, etc); Matter must be used to "see" the data on optical media (CD-ROM, Flopticals, etc). Mind is necessary to translate the information into something understandable, which otherwise would show up as nothing more than a bunch of ones and zeros. Encrypted information will translate as gibberish. Some Hollow Ones who couldn"t afford a Discman have used Media Read on standard tapes and CDs; they just put a CD in their pocket and listen to it. Note: there is no way to "store" this much information besides the mage"s memory without a higher Mind sphere. Touch-type (qv) might be used to spill out hardcopy of the disk.]

Meditative FocusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Static Rote allows the "Brother to enhance a physical Attribute. The effect is limited in duration, so pattern leaking does not occur. Normally, a Weapon focus is employed, but if this is no longer needed meditative Do can be substituted.

[This is a version of the "Better Body" effect (Mage p.199). However, maximum duration is one scene. And, no characteristic can be increased beyond five, nor can the total number of points added to Attributes exceed the user"s dots in Meditation or Do.]

F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

Medusa's GlareBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

A truly vulgar effect, you use this rote to turn people into, you guessed, stone! Or, if you feel frisky, I recommend tapioca pudding or perhaps neon-purple plastic. It"s a vulgar life attack, so you get X3 successes in aggravated damage, with the possible (ST"s option) effect of rendering the wounds basically unhealable until someone either shifts your pattern back to normal (essentially undoing all damage) or cuts the stone, pudding, whatever free and rebuilding the pattern (normal Regeneration effects). Note: this effect even works on Vampires! Of course, the unlucky recepient of your hostile stare gets a directed dodge against the effect.

Meme HackBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 4 Author: Andrew Weitzman

an advanced level of memetics. Users of this procedure analyse a situation to see whether it is conducive to the spread of a desire meme. Mind then writes the meme as a impulse in a key person who can best spread the meme. A common application is injecting a meme into political rally. The Memetic Engineer senses which speaker or delegate has the best chance of communicating ideas to the rest of the assembly, then "primes the pump" with a telepathic suggestion.

Meme SampleBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Andrew Weitzman

designed to preserve the thoughts in physical form. The Memetic Engineer initiates a brief mental link into a dreaming mind, then forms material objects based on the images found in the scan. Depending on the level of Matter employed, this can be anything from a crude figurine to a printed abstract. This procedure allows a memeticist to examine potential memes at leisure.

Meme VectorBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Andrew Weitzman

a basic form of memetic engineering. The caster chooses an object or place which has connections to a particular meme that is to be reinforced. A simple thought or emotion is imprinted through Mind. Though unsophisticated, this use of Resonance is a powerful tool in the Memetic Engineer arsenal. Doubly so when the "carrier" object used is crafted via Meme Sample.

Meme CraftBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5, Spirit 5 Author: Andrew Weitzman

one of the sources of the Memetic Engineers" power. This procedure enables a mage to weave ephemera in ways that turn abstract memes into spirit objects. Mind implants a psyche that is the meme incarnate. Such artificial spirits are released into the Dream Realms, programmed to wander the sleeping minds of the Masses. Spreading itself like a bacteria, these "memetic agents" spread the ideas manifested in their forms to thousands of Sleepers. A variant on this procedure breeds spirits which attack the spontaneous memes of Dream Realms.

Memories that Smell Like GasolineBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: John Everett Till

The caster concentrates on the image/smell/sound/texture (etc.) of something, and then shares the illusion that sensation with all present. Note that the caster conjures a single sensory allusion. Depending on the illusion, this may be very disconcerting to the subject.

For example, by concentrating one"s recall on the smell of gasoline, it is possible to conjure this smell as a collective illusion. One could also conjure the illusion of a clear fluid that looks like gasoline by using the smell as a focus. The difficulty of this type of illusion is lowered when a material representation (such as the photo of a burning flag) or sample of the item (e.g., a real-life gasoline-soaked rag) is available.

Mental BombBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is originally a Marauder rote, used to harass the Technocracy. The mage simply connects all the minds in the vicinity to each other, allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings. The result is usually total, self- enforcing panic which can turn normal people into a stampeding mob in seconds. Using Mind 4, the mage can control the mob, and use it as a crude but very deadly weapon.

Mental InvasionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Unknown

Take two turns, one to establish a tlelpathic link, and the second to blast the target with an appropriate image of a great fear or desire or what not. The target makes a willpower roll versus a target number of 10 minus their willpower rating, and does one wound to himslef per failure. Note that the damage is psychosomatic, not dealt by the magick itself, so the wounds are NOT aggravated.

Mental Similarity Detection using Consciousness ResonanceBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

A Son of Ether once wanted to find out if somebody else was keeping a defector from the Technocracy under surveillance. He built an electronic device, which connected electrodes on his head and a sensitive antenna to a resonance circuit. His theory was, that if somebody was watching the defector, the mental patterns of the other would match his own as he was watching the defector. This would cause a resonance in the detector, which could be measured. He also added a biofeedback monitor to the system, to be able to find out some physical characteristics of the other person. The device turned out to be both efficient and almost paradox free, and now is standard equipment in many of the local mental experiments.

Mental SpeechBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Allows internal conferencing.

Mental SpeedBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

By adding more computer power to the mind through Mental Links, nearby networks or anything like that, the user can perform mental processes using computer speed instead of mental speed.

Message in a BottleBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Time 2 Author:

Often a mage needs to send a message to someone whose location is unknown. This is not a problem for a Disciple of Correspondence. The mage simply writes the message on a slip of paper and gives it away. Through an extraordinary set of coincidences, the message will get to it"s destination. The use of Time ensures that it will arrive at the most appropriate moment as well. For example, the mage writes the location of the secret Nephandi stronghold on a dollar bill. He then buys a chocolate bar with the bill, and forgets about it. Later the clerk give the bill to another man as change. That man takes the bill across town, where he accidently drops his wallet. A homeless person finds it, and uses it to buy a bottle of cheap wine. The mage"s allies go into this store to buy supplies, and get the bill (and it"s message) as part of their change.

Micro-Macrocosm or Macro-MicrocosmBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This spell will make any room larger or smaller without affecting the outside appearance.

Microscopic VisionBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to view items, scenes, etc with microscopic vision. With enough successes, items on a DNA level can be examined.

Mind AssaultBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Eric Tolle

"Pain." - Bester, Babylon-5...

Though this rote tends to lose one friends among the traditions, it is still taught as an effective "non-violent" method of stopping an attacker. This simply puts an illusion of pain into the defender"s mind, often causing them to losetrack of anyhting else. Use the chart in BoS, with the "damage", being purely imaginary. However, all wound penalties are cumulative. Also, if there are more successes then the victem has stamina, they are stunned for one turn per success over stamina. don"t mess with those littleold masters of Mind....

Mind KnifeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 3, Mind 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote foccusses the raw totality of the mind"s force, and the body"s bio-electrcity into a psychic "knife" which can stab into people"s mind. Physical contact with the head is necessary for the knife to work properly. If in contact with the target"s brain, the target will be freed of all MIND effects placed upon them, including their own MIND effects.

Stabbing them in the brain as they are foccusing an effect can be particuarly deadly, as all thoughts go out the window... (great way to sacrew up The Order of Hermes)...

Mind MeldBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the most common type of mental communication inside the Core. The users use the rote to connect their minds into a greater mind, with larger mental capacity and access to all their memories and skills. Unfortunately, it will also gain all participants quirks and personalities, often creating internal conflicts.

Mind MergeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to "become one" with another person"s mind. The mage acts as an observer, watching how the mind of the taget acts, feeling him out.

Mind over Matter or Tripping the Light FantasticBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Unknown

Ignore 1 wound penalty per success scored, only for a magickal effect roll, and only for the following round.

Mind SightBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Mind 3 Author: Clayton S. Caddy

The ultimage gathering of information, by "skimming" all minds in the area for the answer to a specific question, much can be learned.

System: Each success acts as the Dream background for one turn. The knowledge may be pened, but will be quickly forgotten otherwise.

Mind StrikeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Mind 4 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

Use this effect to essentially drive someone completely insane. By absolutely dissaranging their ability to think coherently, you can plunge someone into a whirlwind of screaming madness by surging information, replacing perception (hallucinations, delusions, etc.) and just generally making someone"s life hell. Successes indicate level of disorganization (I recommend -2 dice on all tasks per success scored by the mage), though this effect is resisted with a Willpower roll (difficulty somewhere around mage"s arete +3 or just plain 8"s a good rule of thumb, each success killing one of the mage"s). If you don"t have Mind, you can also get away with using Life to induce schizophrenia, etc. or maybe even Spirit for partial possession!


Profile: Mind 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The Mage can speak mind to mind with other people, as determined by number of successes.

Minor bullet TalismanBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

For the cost of 5 Quintessence you can get a bullet with a special ability depending on which sphere you combine it with.


Profile: Forces 3, Mind 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote teaches teh mage how to pull images directly from the target"s unconscious mind. His worst fears, his most embarrassing secrets. The number of successes on the effect defines just what ou can pull up , and put on display for everyone...

       EFFECT successes        What can be dredged up and displayed
               1               surface thoughts, minor fears, pleasures
               2               deeper hidden fears,  comfortable memories
               3               deep seated fears, uncomfortable memories
               4               personal nightmares, secrets long forgotten
               5+              Pretty much anything you want to find...

The spell does not work as a means for gaining information, but rather, the target themselves provide the image of whatever it is you"re pulling out. If you want to see what they desire most, what you display from their mind may shock you...

Mirror's Touch of GloryBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 4, Spirit 5 Author: Corwyn Alambar

This is one of the most dangerous rotes known to the Seekers. With its power, they are able to snatch the very souls of their victims, leaving nothing but a slight pile of ash where the victim once stood.

To use the rote, the Seeker must take a broken shard of a mirror, with a very sharp edge, and hit the opponent to draw blood. (Diff. to hit is +1 given the awkwardness of the weapon, a botch means the wielder takes damage himself. Double botch means the mirror is dropped and shatters) Once this is done, the Seeker need only catch the gaze of the victim in the mirror, and then call upon the power of Tezcatlipoca to take the soul as a sacrifice. At that moment, the victim"s Quintessence is drawn into the mirror, as is their soul, and the body crumbles to dust (as per the "Purifying Flame" rote of the Celestial Chorus). The mirror now is a talisman/fetish, with the victim"s soul contained within. This can then be sacrificed for the contained power and energy as any other fetish or talisman (see above).

Mitchell's Acid BathBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4 Author: Greg Cook

This vulgar rote converts the air above a person into a highly corrosive acid(sulfuric, hydrochloric, etc..). Each success allows enough acid to be created to cause 2 points of aggravated damage to the victim.

Mitchell's Curse Of StenchBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote when cast upon a person causes them to begin to stink as if they had been liberally sprayed by a skunk and indeed it smells the same. The duration is dependent upon the number of successes the mage recieved over the victim"s willpower roll.(This will cause a social penalty, and possibly other - penalties depending on the nausea the victim feels......)

Mitchell's Darkened WindowsBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5 Author: Greg Cook

This rote darkens the glass in a window until it is completely opaque,also it alters the structure of the glass so that it is harder than steel. Three successes are needed for an average window. Mitchell often first paints the windows with spray paint before performing this vulgar magik to ensure that there will be no "witnesses".

Mitchell's Easing Of The PainBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote heals no damage and consists usually of just a kind word, a stroke or two on a hand or across a brow, and perhaps a placebo pill. What really happens though is the mage utilizes life to ease the pain without healing any damage. Any successes that the mage receives over the victim"s willpower roll permits the character to act as though that wound did not exist for the duration.

Mitchell's Enter LivingBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Greg Cook

This rote permits the mage to create a small hollow space inside a living organism(as long as it is large enough) in which to hide. The mage enters the hollow space and the opening closes behind afterward as though it was never there. Three successes permits a man sized hollow inside the organism.

Mitchell's Enter RockBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Greg Cook

This rote permits the mage to create a small hollow space inside a rock or other inanimate object in which to hide. The mage enters the hollow and the opening closes afterward as though it was never there.

Mitchell's Fiery Virus Profile: Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Greg Cook

Using his knowledge of physics and biology Mitchell designed this viral primarily to deal with annoying "pit bulls" (aka- werewolves), however it can affect anything with a genetic code (even vampires because they still have a genetic code...) and as long as the target has moisture in their system. This nasty viral checks for a specific genetic code on an ongoing basis (assume every 15 seconds) in it"s host"s DNA. If it doesn"t find that code then it begins to reproduce at a phenomenal rate. It will split into 2 virals every 15 seconds achieving a groth rate equal to (Number of initial virals)*(2^n) where n equals the number of 15 second intervals. The virus is designed to be extremely resistant and to survive even in a werewolf"s immune system. The virus continues to reproduce until it either encounters the correct code again or it reaches the saturation level for the host. Saturation will usually occur within 10 minutes even assuming that only 1 virus survives in the initial infection. Assume that 10 virals per success have infected the victim who will receive a stamina roll(difficulty 10 for normals, difficulty 8 for supernaturals). Each success indicates that 10 virals were destroyed by the victim"s immune system. If the Virus is created inside the victim then they also receive a willpower roll to resist with the difficulty equal to the caster"s willpower. Each success the victim receives subtracts 1 from the caster"s successes. However if the caster uses a mundanemethod of infection (tranquilizer gun with darts filled with the virus, etc..)then they will only r Assuming only 1 viral survived here are some results with time: after 1st min 16 virals

       2nd min   256 virals
       3rd min   4,096 virals
       4th min   65,536 virals and so on until...
       10th min   1.09951 * 10^2 (about a trillion)
       12th min   281.48 trillion.. (assume saturation at about 1 trillion)

Once saturation is achieved the virus begins to electrolyze the water in the victim"s body into hydrogen and oxygen. It separates the elements until it is"full" and then it combines the two elements and introduces a bioelectric "spark" to the mixture. Result= Spontaneous combustion of the virus and the host... Damage= ???(ST choice) (I use 1 per 100 billion virals) and since it is fire damage it is aggravated.

  • NOTE* The viral must first be designed or studied and committed to

memory before the mage can create it! Mind 1 is required for memorizing the pattern. Designing it requires an extended roll. Roll biology + intelligenceonce per day until you receive the 40 successes required for such a specific and detailed virus.

Greg Cook-Aka Mitchell

Mitchell's Gift Of GasBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote when cast upon a person causes them to begin to fart and/or belch (caster"s option). The person will soon begin to feel (and produce) the effects of this devious rote and will suffer them for a duration dependent upon the number of successes of the mage over the victim.

Mitchell's Induced PainBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote permits the mage to create a "virtual" wound level per each success that they recieve over their victim"s willpower roll. The wound is not "real" but the pain felt and the effects of it are the same. The wound will last for a time dependent upon the number of successes and may be able to affect vampires (ST"s Choice).

Mitchell's Induced ParalysisBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote permits the mage to paralyze a subject. For each success the mage recieves over the victim"s willpower roll he can reduce that person"sdice pool by 1/3. Up to 3 successes it only effects physical actions, if the mage gets 4 or more successes thEN1/3 of the dice from mental activities are lost per success over 3.(This rote may effect vampires, ST"s choice)

Mitchell's Lock/UnlockBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Greg Cook

This rote will either dissassociate a locking mechanism allowing it to be opened or fuse it solid so that it can never be opened normally again.

Mitchell's MercyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Greg Cook

This rote permits the mage to cure diseases in a person(if neccessary), also it corrects the effects of malnutrition, and indeed will even put some very nourishing food directly into the targets stomach.(But not so much as to be considered vulgar, the target will merely no longer feel so hungry)

Mitchell's SuffocationBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4 Author: Greg Cook

This rote causes the air in a room to be transuted into deadly carbon {C}monoxide which is oderless, colorless, tasteless and quite lethal.

Mitchell's Thorny TravelBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Greg Cook

This rote causes a path to become overgrown with briars, thorn bushes and even small treees to impede travel.

Mitchell's Unnoticed PassageBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 3 Author: Greg Cook

This rote allows the mage to alter his pattern so that it doesn"t interact with any other pattern in his area except those chosen by him. This allows the mage to walk through an area without leaving a scent or a trace.

Model PersonBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By collecting all available information about a person into their computers, the Forecasters can create a model of the person. This simple simulation can then be studied as if it was the person, and reveal such things as mental state, general personality, weak and strong points or behaviour under certain conditions. Its not a real AI, just a psychomathematical model which will react to programmed stimuli, but there have been some success with merging such models with Iteration X designed AIs and Progenitor designed clone bodies to create replica persons.

Model StructureBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Prime 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

By examining a system, the mathemagician can create a mathematical model of it. Using this model he can then simulate its behaviour, often in conjunction to other rotes. He can also monitor the differences between the model and reality (using Entropy 1) to see if there are unknown factors or manipulation involved.

modem of the godsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 2 Author: The rote library

This rote was created by a Virtual Adept named DarkWire who was sick of having to tie up his phone line to visit the chantry in Omaha.

[This rote utilizes the co-location ability to send the communication data straight from a terminal to another mainframe without the need for a direct physical connection. This usually comes off as coincidental ("it"s cellular")]

Monomolecular WeaponryBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5, Prime 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

Use this rote to create a sword one molecule thick! This weapon can cut through just about anything, and weighs next to nothing. It"s pretty darn coincidental (unless you take to whittling through battleship plate or cinderblock walls), and is made even more so if you stamp Ginzu on the side! I recommend difficulty 5, damage is equal to the number of successes rolled to hit as automatic successes for damage, plus Strength + 2 in dice. Note that there aren"t many things capable of parrying such a weapon, and armor might even be less effective (rating lowered by one or something along those lines).

More PowerBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Matter 3 Author:

Extremely popular among the Sons of Ether, this rote comes into play during experiments in which more power is required than the ability of the source to provide it. (did anyone understand that sentence?) This quite often allows the SoE to retry a "failed" experiment. The effect of this rote is twofold: it increases the power provided from a source (i.e., forwards more electricity from a city"s power grid to mage"s experiment (which could have adverse effects on the rest of the city...)), and doubles the capacity of the transferring source (the carrier cable) to handle it safely.

This being primarily an SoE rote, there is, of course, a catch... an even number of successes doubles (x2 for each pair of successes) both the effects , as outlines above (the effect is exponential). However, an odd success will increase only the amount of power provided. (example: Dr. Emerison needs more power to reanimate the body of his third wife. The experiment is not going as expected, so he does the natural thing and... adds more power! He casts the rote, and gets 5 successes. The first pair of successes gives him x2 the amount of power to the system and x2 the ability of his OmegaLifeATron to handle it, the second pair gives him a total of x4/x4, but the odd last success gives him only x8 the power, causing the city to go into a brown-out, and the OmegaLifeATron to begin a core meltdown . It"s fun!

Mothers TouchBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mageto heal up to successes/2 wound levels.

==MShield== Profile: All 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

This Rote solidifies the mage"s personal reality. The effect is limited to her own Pattern and any patterns of matter that she is carrying when it begins. MShield has no effects on spells already affecting the mage, but all magic directed at her while the Shield is up is opposed, even the mage"s own.

[This rote lasts the standard duration. The highest level effect that can {C}be opposed is equal to the number of success gained. Such an effect loses {C}one success. For each level below the maximum, an additional success is {C}taken away. This effect is cumulative with the mage"s countermagick and resistance rolls, so it can render her nearly invulnerable to lesser magicks. However, any magic the mage casts on herself is also affected. Unlike regular countermagick, MShield does not offer any help to others targeted by the same spell as the caster, nor does it stop indirect effects (those that are not resisted by Willpower). This rote is static magic.]

Multiple Targeted Virtual TravelBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Spirit 4, Time 3 Author: Constantine Thomas

Multiple Targeted Virtual Travel: This more advanced Procedure allows the Agent to take passengers with him across the Temporal Gauntlet. MTVT works identically to ITVT described above, but uses Time 3/Spirit 4/Correspondence 4 instead. The higher Sphere levels are required to weaken the Temporal Gauntlet within a radius of a few metres around the Agent, thus allowing any within this area to travel through with him and arrive at any location on the other side. As above, if the Correspondence component is removed the party will arrive specifically at the Portal Site on the Virtual. Only the Agent casting this Procedure needs to roll for the effect - however, if it botches, all the group travelling with him are trapped in the Temporal Gauntlet.

Murder of CrowsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author:

A favored spell of the Twisters of Fate, this enables a witch to conjure a swarm of creatures which will do her bidding, usually by attacking a target, with only a wave of her blood-smeared staff. (This spell will summon, or with Prime 2, create a swarm of animals. With Life 2, it will summon insects or other invertibrates, while with Life 4, it will produce birds, rodents, or other small creatures, up to the size of cats. The control she has is limited, and only simple commands are possible.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Mystic SightBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 2 Author: Clayton S. Caddy

Three heads with six eyes can not be surprised. Each head watches a seperate direction, to prevent an unexpected attack from behind.

System: A form of radar which passively scans all minds in the area. When the sense of hostility twards the caster is noted, the exact location of the purpetrator is known immediately. This is primarily ment to prevent surprise attacks in battle, stoping would-be backstabers.

Mythic FormBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 5, Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Kyle Felker

Once very popular, this hermetic rote has fallen into disuse since the fall of the mythic age. The potent magicks involved allow the mage to actually assume the form and powers of the classic western dragon. The mage increases in size, gains an armor of jewels and metals, can breathe gouts of flame, fly, and generates a strong aura of fear. Magi are not required to leave a vulnerable spot beneath the neck, but many do as a tribute to dragon legendry. This rote is vulgar in the extreme, and many mages who have attempted it on earth have simply vanished without trace. Prudent mages retire to a horizon realm before even trying this stunt.

(System: This is *always* an extended roll, with fifteen successes required to effect the transformation. The mage will gain +4 strength and +6 stamina for the duration, as well as claws and fangs (statistics can be found on page 263 of Mage). He may fly at will, and breathe fire, although this is a separate act of magick which he must roll for. The fear aura extends for about twenty feet from the mage, and will generally repel a number of sleepers equal to the wizard"s arete (supernaturals are not affected). Storytellers should feel free to disallow this rote if they have problems with wizards turning into dragons. Hey, I think it"s fun. :)

Name the SpiritBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Mind 1, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The rote allows the nmage to know the name, and basic stats of any spirirt in the vicinity. (Gnosis, SPirit rating, etc)

Nanotech ReconfigurationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Forces 5, Life 5, Matter 5, Mind 5, Prime 5 Author: DJ Babb

This rote is truly terrifying in its potential and its vulgarity. It turns individuals into soulless "living machines" who serve Vorstead unquestioningly. The transformation leads to hightened strength and endurance, seems to allow the transformed heightened senses, and perhaps other abilities even Dr. Vorstead is unaware of. As if this wasn"t enough, the nanotech devices "reproduce" at an astounding rate, not only giving those who are changed advanced regenerative abilities, but also the ability to "infect" others with the nanotech devices.

However, even though Vorstead tried to prepare the world"s paradigm to accept the living machines, and even though he"s (unconsciously) extended some of his paradox immunity to them, they are still HIGHLY vulnerable to Paradox, particularly Paradox Spirits. In their presence, Paradox Spirits flock in seemingly endless hordes, lashing out at the transformed and Vorstead himself.

[This rote is, quite frankly, impossible for non-Oracle mages, and even other Oracles might find it hard to replicate. As such, no mechanics are given. It"s a "plot device" people!]


Profile: Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

A weird invention of Daedalus. It is a special type of glass which modulates light in a very strange way, turning it irritating to the human mind. Nothing measurable changes, except that anything viewed through the glass will appear ugly, sickly and slightly nauseating. Light sent through the material will take on a bleak look, and people often get headaches out of it. There are rumours that Daedalus also have developed other types of glass with positive emotions.


Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

One of the first really valuable effects created by the Void Seekers, Navigation - originally done by observing the stars - allows travellers to make the best possible speed to their destination and to plan for the journey precisely. This includes avoiding possible delays and dangers along the way.

[A Void Engineer travelling alone can use Navigation to figure the fastest route between two distant locations given available transportation. If willing to cast the rote Coincidentally he can also have the best possible form of transportation made available. Five successes reduce travel time to the absolute smallest interval conceivable, one success simply finds the shortest route. The fourth sphere of Correspondence is used if passengers are to be taken along. This is effectively a form of Teleportation "covered" by an established Static effect.]

F/X - Navigation is a well-established Conventional effect as long as transportation is at hand. It is Field-Expedient when transportation is Coincidentally called up.

Negative Mass DisruptionBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

One of the most spectacular (and vulgar) Matter effects developed by the Postulants of Matter. The mage simply negates the mass of an object. The result is very strange, as mechanical forces on the object have the opposite effect from normal. Gravity repels it. Pressure attracts it, while tension repels it. Normally affected objects fall upwards, only to hit the ceiling. This pressure causes it to accelerate even more powerfully upwards, breaking through the blocking ceiling and vanishing with supersonic speed into space. This rote also provides a very nasty offensive trick: the mage simply throws sand or gravel at somebody, and negates their mass. The gravel will force its way through the body of the victim, causing horrendous damage.

Nexus EntryBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 3, Time 3 Author: Constantine Thomas

Nexus Entry allows Agents to enter Nexus directly from MC Earth (ie. the physical reality in Main Corridor that we usually inhabit), and always specifically works to transport an Agent from Nexus to MC Earth and vice versa - Gateways (q.v.) are not required to enter or leave Nexus. Agents always arrive in Nexus from MC Earth at the site of one of the two Gateways there - these are constantly guarded. Even the addition of a Correspondence component will not allow access to other locations in Nexus - the Gateway sites are located within the Correspondence Shield surrounding Central Office, forcing anything entering Nexus from MC Earth to arrive there.

[Both Spirit and Time are required since Nexus and the Virtuals are surrounded by the Temporal Gauntlet - an unusual Gauntlet with both Spirit and Temporal components to it. Three successes must be rolled to penetrate this Gauntlet at difficulty 7].


Profile: Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

By using pattern disassociation a mage can make a material pattern stop interacting with another type of pattern. This can be used to create invisible materials, materials living beings but not air can pass through, weightless matter etc. But by making *everything* pass through the mage can create "Nichtmaterie " as it was called by its first inventor, Professor Hans Grieg of Heidelberg. Nichtmaterie is not affected by anything, and doesn"t affect anything. It cannot be perceived except by using Prime. It can however be handled using Matter. Professor Grieg found that it was a very efficient way of storing things not needed or to bulky to move; just turn them into Nichtmaterie and turn them back when needed. A Son of Ether can bring huge amounts of things with him in Nichtmaterie -form, and then make them normal when needed. The Professor developed a Matter/Nichtmaterie -conversion box to do this, creating almost a literal "bag of holding". He also experimented with turning living beings into "Nichtleben" and energy into "Nichtkraft", planning to use it for the creation of a nichtrealm. However, the good professor recently vanished completely.


Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 1, Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This bizarre rote removes the sense of time from the subject or the mage. It becomes impossible to plan for the future or remember the past, all that exists is an eternal now. By combining this with entropy it becomes impossible to predict what the subject will do, even with Time. The Cult of Ecstasy usually invoke this by extreme intoxication, loud music and then by placing the ring on a finger; as long as it remains, the rote will be active.


Profile: Correspondence 5, Prime 3 Author: Unknown

This rote stacks two nodes together, and links their quintessence. In effect their ratings add together. The stacking doesn"t have to be visible or large, just a tiny volume near both nodes are enough. However, with more powerful nodes or radically different ratings the linking volume tend to grow due to the flow of Prime. The rote tends to affect the nodes, turning them more unstable afterwards.

Nothing new under the sunBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Time 2 Author: Unknown

By pointing out a biblical or historical example, the Minister may Predict future events and in some ways manipulate them as well.

Now What? (v.1.0)Bearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 3, Spirit 2, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Your destiny is over Your fate has declined Refuse to discover What so many could find... --"Eerie Inhabitants", The New Order

There sometimes comes a time for many mages when they complete their destiny. Only they don"t die or ascend upon completion of their destiny. What then? Assumably, their DESTINY background rating goes down to 0.

This rote allows the mage to apply his will to the universe around him and create a new destiny for himself. The number of successes indicates the size of the dice pool to be rolled against a target of 8.

Each success on that roll indicates the new destiny rating. (Although it is recommended that the new destiny rating should NOT be higher than the old destiny rating). On top of this, the mage now has some idea of what she should be doing. They should gain a driving goal flaw.


Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote is one that generally calls attention to the one bearing its effects. THis is the rote that could be responsible for that day where you put your shirt on backwards (but didn"t notice til sometime round noon), dropped a plate at breakfast, forgot your bus pass, forgot to do up your fly, dragged toilet paper around on the bottom of your shoe, misplaced meoes, forgot meetings, put a red shirt in with the whites... that kind of day.

Nothing extraordinary happens on it"s own, but all those little nuisance items that make you feel foolish happen if you"re the recipient of the effects of this rote.

O FortunaBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By linking their subconscious with the flow of randomness and time, the Apostles gain an inordinate amount of luck and opportunity. They just follow their impulses, and they often turn out to be both right and enjoyable.

For the duration of the effect, as long as the influenced person just follows his or her whims, he or she will be able to avoid accidents and irritations, while having good luck and stumbling over opportunities.


Profile: Correspondence 2, Matter 2, Mind 3, Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Another way of keeping their members loyal is the binding oaths used by the Rosicrucians. When a initiate swears his Neophyte Oath, this rote is used in some lodges. It creates a link between the oath, the mage and a material object (sometimes a drop of the initiates blood, or his signature or a symbol fashioned during the ceremony). If the initiate ever breaks the oath, the link will shatter causing some kind of change in the material object (the blood will burn, the signature fade or the symbol shatter). By using more powerful mental magick, the link can remind the mage of his duty if he ever thinks something contrary to the oath. Some groups have developed a more fearsome version, which will attack the oathbreaker (often using Forces, Life or Spirit, depending on the casters).

Obscure the Mind of the Waking WorldBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Matter 3, Mind 4, Prime 4, Spirit 4 Author:

This is an extremely powerful rote, but one of great importance in the Ascension War. The magick removes knowledge of person, place or thing from the minds of creature throughout the world. It goes even further, altering records and destroying evidence that the subject ever existed. This rote requires a tremendous amount of power, and is almost always performed by a group of mages using ritual magick. The most common use of this potent rote is hide the location of a recently captured node. Through the use of this rote, the node"s original owners may find that they are suddenly unable to remember the location of their site of power. This rote may also be used to help cover up the location of a node or chantry that has been discovered by the enemy. Without this rote, the locations of most of the Chantries and Nodes in the world would be known by now, and the Ascension War would be a lot quicker and bloodier. [The rote requires days to perform, and requires at least 10 points of Quintessence per success. The number of successes determines how well the location of the subject has been hidden. Three successes are good enough to hide it from the minds of Sleepers, but five are needed to hide it from the Awakened. The more successes generated, the more tangential evidence is destroyed or altered. The difficulty of the rote is greatly reduced if specific individuals familiar with the location of the subject are sought out and "dealt with" before the Rote is cast.]

Paul Strack

Obscuring the light of DayBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Stephen Johnson

With all of the interest the Euthanatos have in the Kindred (Vampires) it was perhaps inevitable that they would be the authors of this particular Rote. Kindred who have frequent contact with Mages eventually become aware of this Rote, the Tremere in particular are very interested in this Rote, but usually rely on the Discipline of Fortitude if the are forced into the direct light of the sun.

[Requires three successes and can be made Coincidental if the Vampire takes a single blood point from the Mage. Once in place the physical structure of the Vampire"s body is completely unaffected by sunlight for the remainder of the scene. For each additional success beyond the first three an additional scene of immunity from sunlight is gained by the Vampire.]


Profile: Correspondence 2, Time 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

The many eyes of the Void Engineers do not look only outwards. The Void Seekers used their telescopes to view events beyond the horizon by watching their reflections in portions of the upper atmosphere. Today, satellites used for surveillance and communication give the Engineers even more potent abilities. Technomancer satellites can see through walls (and ceilings) by scanning the infrared and even hear conversations by measuring the air"s vibrations with a laser beam. It is even possible to view past events by watching light from those events reflected back off of distant objects. This last application requires digital enhancement and reconstruction more sophisticated than any available to sleepers.

[An application of Correspondence Sensing and Retrocognition, Observation allows the caster to see any point on the surface (or near the surface) of the earth and to view events in the past as well. The sphere of time (and computer focus) is only necessary when past events are viewed. The level of success required is still based on the Correspondence range chart.]

F/X - Spying on the surface (either with telescopes or satellites is Conventional. Viewing the past in reflected light has not yet been revealed to the Masses and is Field Expedient.

Occam's RazorBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 2 Author: Psychomachia

Static magic functions through the creation of coincidences - things that are unlikely, but possible. Fo example, it is extremely unlikely that a coin flipped 100 times will land tails up each time. Possible, but extremely unlikely.

Occam"s Razor states that explanations that are extremely unlikely should be rejected in favor of more logical ones. The rote that shares its name works by lowering the entropy in a system, reducing the random chance that is necessary for coincidences to succeed. This makes performing static magic much more difficult - the coincidences simply don"t happen.

[Anyone subject to this spell must make an Arete roll (diff 7) each time she performs static magic, the number of successes dependent on the outlandishness of the coincidence desired. Failure means the spell dissipates unaccomplished. A botch means that the spell manifests in the most vulgar manner possible.]


Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Sometimes the temples of the Mother had to communicate in matters of grave importance. Many of the holy stones were regarded as the centre of creation by the local believers, and in a way they were all tied together (it was not uncommon for such stones to be engraved in a net-like pattern). By praying aloud and beating their fists against the stone in rhythm with the prayer, they could make their prayers faintly heard in all other temples of the Mother. This was especially prominent in the sacred caves or wells, in which could sometimes be heard whispering prayers from other places.


Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Engineer merges completely with an organisation, effectively becoming its consciousness. He will influence everything from the employees to the feeling of the locals. All information and control will be in his hands. It is guessed that most Masters among this convention end like this. Organisations controlled in this way are extremely dangerous, as they in effect are able to use extremely subtle coincidental magick against their enemies, and are able to coordinate their resources in uncannily efficient ways. Fortunately, these organisations tend to act rather slowly.

One of ManyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Life 5, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: D.J. Babb

No one knows where this rote came from. It seemed to appear as if from nowhere. It is strongly believed to be the work of a Marauder Oracle however, as every mage who actively studies the Mad Ones eventually stumbles across the rote as if by chance.

This rote is unique in that it reaches into a target"s mind and creates fully fleshed individuals from the target"s memories. Such creations act and behave independently of the target, behaving as the target would believe them to. Of special interest is the use of this rote to cure those with a multiple personality disorder by sifting the various personas (or alters) out of the target"s mind and into their own body. The New World Order has yet to test such an application of this rote.

[After the caster beats a difficulty of 10 by rolling his Arete, a single incarnation of a person is created for every three successes the caster makes. The abilities, attributes, etc. are based on how the target perceives the person created and not how the person really is. A target who was molested as a child may manifest her father as a huge man (with a Strength of 5 or 6), while a alternate personality that is thought to be smart may manifest with enormous amounts of intellect (an Intelligence of 5 or 6, again). However, once the rote ends, all creations are dissipated as well, unless the caster botches, in which case they may become... more lasting.]

Oooh BadBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

Conjure a bubble of cyanide gas around someone"s head and use entropy so that it doesn"t dissipate like a normal gas should. The effects of cyanide are virtually instantaneous (death before you know it) and then you can use some other effect to neutralize the material before allowing it to disperse (like matter 3).


Profile: Matter 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

It has been rumored that the author of this rote was refused entry into the ranks of the Masters of her Tradition for the act of creating this rote. It is also rumored that the Oracles welcomed her into their ranks mere hours after the Masters of her Tradition refused her. All Traditions teach this rote to Disciples of Matter who are moving past the fundamentals of the Sphere. This is not so much a rote as a state of mind for any Mage which puts this rote to use. Functionally this rote is used to cause minor mishaps and accidents to either the Mage or another person by minor alterations of the structures of the matter surround the target. The classic example is the sprinkled drops of oil on the floor that the target steps in and looses their footing. Another is the misfire of bullets in a gun aimed at the Mage and the list is endless.

[Requires two successes to function and is normally coincidental, though a very foolish Mage could perform this rote in a vulgar manner. For every success beyond the first two the Mage may either increase the amount of effected matter to encompass more people or apply the successes as damaged to the target.]

Open Moon BridgeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 2, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

Allows the mage to walk between nodes. The mage enters into the werewolf umbra, and will encounter all that ther werewolf might encounter thereon.

Open SealBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote lowers the gauntlet rating by the number of successes/3. As such, the mage has an easier time opening locked items. BOxes, padlocks, bank vaults.

Open the AbyssBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage sends the mind of the victim down into the Great Abyss. The body will collapse in coma. The victim cannot experience anything else but emptiness and cannot do anything other than think. Most people turn insane after a few days (if time can be said to exist for them). In the beginning they just fall asleep, but then they start to drift between dream and wakefulness, unable to tell the difference. Hallucinations and delusions appear, and the personality begin to dissolve without any sensory impressions. Some advanced members of the Akashic Brotherhood meditate in the Abyss, sometimes for months and there are rumours of a monastery where several monks lived for years in the Abyss. [ Each day inside the Abyss the victim has to succeed with his Willpower against 8 to retain his sanity. If it fails the Willpower is decreased by one. A botch creates a permanent loss, and when it reaches zero the victim is incurably insane. ]

Open the Ivory GatesBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Most Dreamers are solitary and prefer to contact other mages in their dreams, but sometimes they have to bring them in bodily into their dreams. Adept dreamers are able to open gates into their dreams, or other dreams. They can also open portals into the Chimerae by their own choosing, not having to depend on the whims of the dreams themselves.

Open the VoidBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

A feared Nephandi rote. It literally destroys reality, opening a yawning Void in its place. It is commonly performed by sacrificing victims around the affected area (or at least completely, needlessly destroying things to create the required waste), often in the form of a destructive symbol. Around the Void reality flows and changes in unpleasant ways, sometimes spontaneously rupturing further. There are even reports that frightful beings have appeared from the Void, most commonly Pure Forms, but sometimes worse things. Rumours tell that the Avatars of people vanished into the void become food for the Nephandi Lords. [ The mage must break through the gauntlet (like Breach the Gauntlet) to create a true, somewhat stable Void. Otherwise it will just become a major Paradox warp instead. Anything inside the Void will dissolve into nothingness at a frightening rate (twice the number of successes per turn). To heal an expanding Void, the spirit rote "Sustain Existence" has to be used.]

Opening the four watchtowersBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Spirit 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summon the powers of the four elements to protect him and his temple. As long as the mage stay inside the temple he is protected by the enochian hierarchy. Anything that happens inside the temple is known by the spirits, who may choose to intervene. They mostly use coincidental magick, but may in extreme cases choose to manifest


Profile: Entropy 3, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is so common in the technocracy that few realise the origin of the rote. Essentially it allows the user to optimise something by calculating the optimum way to do it, removing all random or irrelevant factors and making the system orderly and predictable.

[Each success will decrease difficulty by one or add one success to any task which can be optimised, such as designing a system, running a bank or sabotaging an installation. However, in order to work the task must succeed on its own.]

Dominion IIBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage surrounds a room or other place with symbols of himself (for example his coat of arms, his monogram or something else). The mage becomes master of the area, making everybody inside obey him without question as long as they are inside. Everybody feels the presence of the mage intensely. The mage becomes the central point of the room.

Organ Reconfiguring for Alternate Environments (ORAE)Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to reconfigure her (or someone else"s) body to deal efficiently with an alternate environment. This environment can be as simple as "surviving in a methane atmosphere," or "surviving on the surface of Jupiter". The exact nature of the environment must be known, however, as any miscalculation could be instantly fatal.

Orgonne DilationBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Tristan Brandhorst

The pulp hero Professor Etheric spent much of his scientific energy in the study of the human body"s vitalizing Orgonne energy. He discovered that by dilating the metacerebelic valves through which flowed he could siphon the energy out of a person, thus sapping them of the will to resist. (This effect acts as a Mental command to surrender by devitalizing the target and making them feel that resistance is pointless.)


Profile: Matter 1, Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage "reads" an object by holding it, and quickly learn all information it holds. This can take different time depending on the amount of information, but afterwards the mage can recite everything out of memory (hopefully he knows the language). Very practical for books, letters or computer disks. The mage doesn"t necessarily understand the information, but he can recite it or remember particular parts.

[ For electronic media, use Forces 1 instead of Matter.]

Osmosis (Personal)Bearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Mind 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

When this rote is used upon an item, it will allow the caster to "read" the information contained. Useful for books, and other physical media. For electronic media, use Forces 1.


Profile: Life 3 Author:

The Pattern of the subject"s body is twisted in such a manner that his skeleton rips its way through his skin. Only coincidental in the case of a bone breaking.

In a broad way can duplicate Vampiric Vicissitude. i.e. Variations effect flesh.

Oswalds bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

This is a bullet that lets you fire your gun in New York and hit someone in a streetcorner in Paris.


Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This causes the person targeted to experience pain as if successes * 3 wound boxes were filled in, maximum 6 for a -5 penalty to all actions. Very painful, naturally. Once the duration is over, the pain vanishes. This pain can be anything the mage desires - broken glass, ripping guts, whatever.

Pain bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Add successes to the victims wound status, below Inc doesnt kill him, but puts him in a coma for the duration. These pains could be overcome by spending a willpower.

Pain EditorBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Sometimes pain is an inconvenience. This rote allows you to ignore pain. You still suffer the health levels, but you can ignore up to two wound levels for the purpose of actions. (You are still at incapacitated, but you act like you"re only at Mauled).

Pain ResistanceBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

A classic Akashic Rote that builds a serene haven for the Brother"s mind, neutralizing excessive amounts of pain that might hamper the mage"s ability to function. Pain Resistance is dangerous because the mage using it cannot tell the severity of her injury without carefully examining her pattern. She can feel enough to tell she was hurt and where the damage is but not how dangerous it is. In any case, the Rote in no way reduces the damage taken.

[Each success reduces the penalty and action restrictions on the wound chart by one level. The mage can even act while Incapacitated for up to one turn per success. Duration is otherwise normal. If the mage takes particularly strenuous or inappropriate actions, the Storyteller may call for a Stamina Roll (Difficulty = current wound level + 3) to avoid taking an additional wound.]

F/X - The effect of this Rote is so commonly accepted among sleepers that it can be considered Static magick.

Paradox Fixation of Emma von KellstahlBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

A rote invented by the creative and overcomfident mage Emma von Kellstahl of the Ordo Rosae Crucis. Her idea was to create a stable pattern of matter, and then channel Paradox instead of Prime into it, essentially locking it up in a safe form. However, Paradox turned out to be far more insidious than expected, and managed to pervert the material patterns regardless of type. Emma was almost killed several times until she gave up. The rote gives Paradox energies a physical form to inhabit, which they usually quickly warp to their own ends and somehow always manages to turn against the mage. In fact, the rote is one of the simplest ways to get nasty paradox beings to manifest. A created crystal ball will shatter into shards forming a hunting spirit, a piece of iron will animate into a pursuing snake and a block of cement may suddenly tip over the mage.

[ The rote doesn"t really channel Paradox into the pattern, it just creates a pattern in the normal way. But the rote also leads to a minor, imperceptible Paradox Backlash into the material form, giving the powers of Paradox control over it. ]


Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Not technically parthenogenesis in all cases. This Rote allows a woman to be fertilized by another person, male or female, or even herself. This spell corrects for possible birth defects and insures they will not be present during gestation.

Partial ReconciliationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Entropy 5, Prime 5, Spirit 5, Time 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This utterly powerful ritual is more a legend than a fact. According to the stories, some of the most powerful Choristers and Hermetics attempted this ceremony 1000 AD, to start the Reconciliation they expected would happen by the Millennium. Obviously they failed, and vanished themselves. The purpose of the ritual is to meld together all quintessence, all patterns, all time and space as one, purifying it from all imperfections and returning it to the primal state before creation. Although the Partial Reconciliation may not work on all of the universe (except maybe when performed by the whole of mankind together), it can certainly affect a small part. It is not an offensive rote, but the supreme purification. In essence it returns a part of creation back to the One before its time. The horrendous paradox backlashes which have struck participants are cited as signs of the extreme hubris of this use.

Past Life RegressionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2, Time 2 Author:

This rote is used heavily by the Euthanatos to learn about their past lives in the cycle of reincarnation. Typically, the subject of the rote is taken into a trance state by chanting, fasting and incense. The mage then draws the subject down into their subconscious, where memories of their past lives are hidden. A few other traditions use variants of this rote on occasion, especially the Dreamspeakers and Verbena. Mages who deny the existence of reincarnation claim that the "memories" induced by this Rote are delusions. [The number of successes is the number of "lives" the mage can see back. Generally speaking, the rote recalls important or significant memories. The Euthanatos are experts at finding the most useful memories, through the use of Conjunctional Entropy.]

Paul Strack

Pattern LockBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Rote traces a designated pattern (life or matter) anywhere within range. The effect lasts until it wares of, is dispelled, or the pattern being followed changes. While in effect the caster knows the relative location (direction and distance) of the pattern regardless of how it moves.

The Mage plants a bug on the target, target inadvertently leaves an obvious trial (mud on his shoes, distinctive scent), bystanders point out the target, mage dusts the target with an invisible radioactive powder, mage tracks target using spy satellite, mage brilliantly deduces target"s destination.

[The number of success rolled determines how long and at what distance (using the Correspondence range chart) the Lock can be maintained. Note that patterns of life change slowly over time, so a living creature could be traced for no more than a few days regardless of the number of success obtained. The caster knows the locked pattern"s location well enough for it to be considered within line of sight. The spatial distortion caused by a Pattern Lock is much less obtrusive than normal Correspondence Perceptions, unless specifically searched for, it can be detected only by disciples of both correspondence and pattern magic, specifically looking for it, who make a Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 8).]

Pattern QuintessenceBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

A rote with many uses. By leading the quintessence of a node through patterns, a mage can pattern it, making it more amenable to turn into patterns of the same type. These patterns may be physical, mental or spiritual. The result may influence the type of Tass the node produces, resonance and other phenomena linked to the quintessence; a node charged with the power of plants will have a very positive effect on plants nearby while subtly discouraging phenomena hurting or damaging the plants.

[ The necessary spheres depend on the type of pattern; the mage must be able to form a "template" pattern. Matter 2 is required for matter, Forces 3 or 5 for Forces, Mind 2 or 3 for Mind (emotional or intellectual patterns), Entropy 3 or 4 for Entropy and Spirit 4 for Spirit. ]


Profile: Matter 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage can see a disassembled or shattered object in its whole form or as it should be. Cult of Ecstasy use to reflect the image of the parts in their ring, and see the whole in the reflection. Sons of Ether just measure things with their meters, while Choristers touch the parts, seeing how they should fit together. [Each success will give one extra dice in repairing or building the object. Very useful for furniture from IKEA.]

Peer into the beyondBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

One of the more unusual kind of elementals is the time-elementals, known in the Cult of Ecstasy as timekeepers. They seems to be the spirits which keep track of everything, making sure things happen at the right time for the right reasons. They seldom manifest physically, preferring to communicate through coincidences and physical phenomena like the sound of a ticking clock. The timekeepers know everything about what has happened and will happen, and may give information to the mage as long as it will not cause any disturbances of time. If the mage disrupts time too much, they might become very dangerous servants of paradox. Persistent rumours tell that they have a lord known as Chronos, the Master Timekeeper. Some mages speculate that Chronos may be Wrinkle.

Peer into the beyondBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg


The Necromancers use this rote in order to see the outcome of very specific actions. What the rote does is allow the caster to look into the future, but be able to filter out any unnecesary random future events, so that he can see one specific outcome.

The Necromancer essentially asks a specific question about the future, and gets a yes or no answer. Common questions include, "Oh, mighty spirits, I beseech you, is a page of the Necromicon behind this door?" or "If I get into a fight with this Mage, will I die?" The outcomes always occur, but not necessarily the way the Mage thought. For instance, in the first example, a page may be behind the door, but it could be buried under 3,000 feet of sand, or in the second example, the Mage may not die, but may be teleported in a Paradox dimension.

Correspondence Magick must be combined with this rote, in order to ask questions about a place the Necromancer currently is not, like "will I die if I go to Egypt tomorrow?"

[The number of successes on the Magickal effect roll is the number of questions the Mage can ask about a particular scene. The Mage cannot recast the spell to gather any information that might be beneficial to him for that same scene. For instance, before a battle, the Necromancer asks a few questions about it"s outcome: will i die, will this particular attack kill him, etc. He cannot later ask "will my friend die," if it"s about the same battle. Also, the Mage cannot ask anything that is philosophically vague, such as "is there a God?" This will occur in one aggravated wound per number of successes, plus Paradox.]

Perceptual OverloadBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 1, Forces 1, Life 1, Matter 1, Mind 4, Prime 1, Spirit 1, Time 1 Author: D.J. Babb

While many rotes and procedures exist that allow a mage to experience the vastness of his surroundings, this offensive rote overwhelms the mage. Developed by the New World Order, this procedure forces another"s mind completely open as his senses are flooded with enormous amounts of stimuli, literally damaging the target"s brain with the amount of information. Normally, a mage using this kind of a rote could expect (at worst) a period of Quiet, but by shattering all mental defenses, this procedure can utterly destroy a sane mage"s mind, turning him into (usually) one of the Quiet Ones.

Variations of this rote exist, using sensory deprivation instead of overload to cause the same results. The New World Order has only recently begun experimenting with using this procedure to force Sleepers to Awaken as full-fledged Marauders.

[The caster rolls his Arete against a difficulty of 8 (9 if the target is a Sleeper), and the target resists with a Willpower roll against a difficulty of 6. However, the New World Order will often use this as a prolonged procedure, and combine it with Progenitor drugs designed to inhibit the target"s willpower. Once the procedure achieves more successes than the target"s Willpower, the target is irrevocably driven insane (and assumably becomes a Marauder). For every four successes (resisted or not) the caster earns, the target takes one unsoakable health level as his brain tissue tears under the strain of the sensory overload.]

Perfect the EcstasyBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is often used by the Apostles to enhance their experiences. They go into an altered state of consciousness where they experience everything as different kinds of pleasure; sounds, touch, pain, thought, sorrow and sight, all are exciting sensations. The mage will still be aware of the outside world, although the pleasure may cloud his judgement (after all, in this state a car accident is orgasmic).

Permanent PleasureBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Time 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This more advanced version of the earlier rote gives the mage the ability to make a pleasure almost permanent. It will continue until the rote ends. By carefully weaving similar rotes together into a magickal network, they can create eternal shifting pleasures which go on forever.


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage using this rote can convince others more easily. Adds 1dice/2 successes to any manipulation roll. It lasts only as long as the scene.


Profile: Life 4, Matter 2, Time 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is the classic petrifaction rote, a staple of the Verbena and also rather popular among some of the more drastic Cultists. The victim is literally turned into stone, lasting forever (or at least a long time). Some Sons of Ether have a stasis rote, based on Forces instead, locking victims inside fields of no-time, but the function is the same. These rotes can be supplied with conditions which will dispel them, as a kiss from prince charming or a pre-set time.

[ The rote can be used without Time, but then it won"t last as long as when the Avatar of the victim is frozen into stasis. ]

Phosphorescent MarkerBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Spirit 1 Author:

To aid her search for a mysterious creature living in the sewers of San Francisc, Ferris Shu released a large quantity of specially treated spores into the sewer system. These spores quickly matured into a fungus that produced a ultraviolet phosphorescence if they came into contact with any lifeform that was not native to the Tellurian, and thus she was able to locate the kappa that had gotten trapped on this side of the Gauntlet. Ferris employed a wide variety of effects based around simple lifeforms. (This is one example of the sort of effects that biologist Sons produce on a regular basis. They are generally tailored to one specific circumstance, but the basic principle is enormously flexible.)

Andrew E. Larsen

physical form extrapolation in solid mediaBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

Presented with the severed finger of an unknown murder victim, Tony King set about attempting to discover the full physical appearance of the deceased. By using a number of carefully calibrated electrical fields, he extrapolated the full physical form of the victim"s etheric pattern in three-dimensional space, then carefully sculpted a large block of soft clay using strong electromagnetic fields in order to produce a life-size model of the victim"s body, in quite superb detail.

[The mage must have some part of the corpse from which to extrapolate the physical form, and a fair amount of some kind of modelling media (Clay, wet sand, blu-tak, whatever). Difficulty is a base of 6, but would be harder for older corpses (+1 to difficulty for 1 month since death, +2 for a year, +3 for a decade and so on). Similarly, the amount of cadaver the mage has to work on would affect difficulty - extrapolating a decapitated head from a whole body would be fairly easy, but a whole body from a couple of hairs is close to impossible.

[The level of detail available depends on the number of successes the mage gets, and the time the mage is willing to put into the project. Subtract 1 from the difficulty for every extra day the mage puts into the extrapolation. [1 success will give a rough shape (build, proportion) and a hint at facial features. 2 successes will give enough detail for the subject to be recognizable. 3 successes will give something which looks almost exactly like the subject; 4 or 5 successes will give things like birthmarks, moles, the finer structure of hair, and dissection of the clay model can yield information about the state of internal organs and such like]

Pins and NeedlesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 3 Author:

With Life 1 to target, the Matter sphere is used to grab component elements of the subject"s body and mold them. This can either cause damage or improve a soak roll, depending on the nature of the modeling. One popular method is that of attack. This is made especially appealing by the fact that many an Alkali Earth metal can be found in the body-- elements which combine combustively with oxygen and cause severe damage as they lengthen into wires and pierce the skin.

Plant TonguesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to converse with plant-life. While useful, this rote usually takes a long long time before any information of any use can be extracted.

Poetry In MotionBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 2 Author:

With the Spirit"s Kiss (Spirit 2) a mage may take the power of a spirit into herself as Quintessence of the appropriate Resonance. If the spirit is unwilling, however, the mage may press her suit and forcefully suck the energies out of a spirit, including the Avatar of another mage. Such power will have the usual Resonance, tinged with that of Violation and Rape, and all magicks performed with this stolen power will be tinted with the horror of the act--though this is generally not a problem for the Nephandi.

Poetry In Motion Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 1, Time 2 Author:

With the Spirit"s Kiss (Spirit 2) a mage may take the power of a spirit into herself as Quintessence of the appropriate Resonance. If the spirit is unwilling, however, the mage may press her suit and forcefully suck the energies out of a spirit, including the Avatar of another mage. Such power will have the usual Resonance, tinged with that of Violation and Rape, and all magicks performed with this stolen power will be tinted with the horror of the act--though this is generally not a problem for the Nephandi.

Point-Node FocusingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author:

The Cartographer"s Technocratic masters frown upon this rote; its coincidental nature relies on truly cutting-edge geometry and physics, studies which are beyond the ken of even the most insightful members of Iteration X. Careful reversal of the quantum formulae which demonstrate the formation of a black hole show that in a logical universe point-node focusing is theoretically possible, yet many doubt the existance of black holes themselves. Use of this rote creates minute bubbles of geometric area, tiny pin-prick expansions of the time-space continuum. At present the Cartographers have succeeded in creating space-pockets on the subatomic scale, though expansion to the molecular level is forseen. These expansions of time-space collapse almost instantaneously, with no effect on reality as a whole; the ripples created by the mage"s manipulations carry over an incredible distance, and can be used as a sort of telegraph by those with Correspondence Sense.

[Prime and Correspondence allow the creation of tiny pockets of mathematical space. Mind 1 grants the mage the ability to send and recieve messages via a three-dimensional analog of morse code--recieving the messages requires only Correspondence 2. The range at which the mage"s fluctuations may be detected equals the cube of the caster"s successes, expressed in miles. Sophisticated computer Talismans can detect such fluctuations over an effectively unlimited range. The recieving mage must be aware of the sending mage"s "transmissions" to successfully understand them--the Mind-based encoding used in point-node focusing is quite alien to normal thought-processes.]


Profile: Forces 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to manipulate objects by controlling their ferrous metal components.

Portable SunBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Forces 2 Author: John Walter Biles

This opens a portal to a location where the sun is shining and pipes through real sunlight under the mage"s control. It can be used as a spotlight, to simply illuminate an area, or to make Vampires run very fast.

Poseidon's WrathBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5 Author:

Yet another ancient spell (the Verbena have a strong appreciation for traditional things, and this includes time-honored rotes), this one creates an earthquake. (The intensity of the earthquake is determined by the number of successes, with each success rising one step on the Richter scale. A magnitude of 1 or 2 is barely even perceptible, while the most severe earthquakes ever recorded had a magnitude of 8.7 and killed several hundred thousand people. For a sense of scale, in 1988 a earthquake of 6.9 killed 28,000 people in Armenia. The earthquake that hit San Francisco a year later had the same magnitude but killed only 65 people because of quake-proof architectural standards. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco was an estimated 8.3. Adding Correspondence to the effect will increase the area of the quake. Since earthquakes do not always produce fore and aftershocks, this effect is usually coincidental, but highly discouraged.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Position DeterminismBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

The Void Seekers occasionally risked Paradox to use this rote to travel instantaneously by "proving" that they were actually at the new position. This kind of "upside down science" is fine for the Sons of Ether, but anathema among the Conventions. This rote is officially outlawed, however, because of its simple foci it is often used by desperate Engineers in a pinch or by those travelling in the Penumbra where the danger of Paradox (and of detection by the other Conventions) is minimal.

[This is a version of "The Seven-League Stride" MAGE p185. The Void Engineer must have an accurate map, star chart, and a sextant, astrolabe or even a compass & protractor.]

F/X - This rote can be Coincidental (in the Tradition"s sense) if the Engineer really is lost and could have reached his destination in the time he has been travelling. Otherwise, it is Vulgar.

Post Office BoxBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 5, Forces 3, Matter 4, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Using these guidelines, the Discordian can make _anything_ a livable house. Matter to create the furniture, Forces to provide power . . . Just remember what would happen if _everyone_ lived in post office boxes.

Posthypnotic SuggestionsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is a more direct means of control. The technocracy agents simply drug their victim, or hypnotise him while he is sleeping. They can then program his mind with secret commands, change memories and modify his personality. They often enter certain secret codes, which will return him to a hypnotic state when they are said again. Using this on a large scale have given the Technocracy thousands of unknowing agents, who will do their bidding, spy for them or act as expendable pawns. For example, a receptionist can be made to report if a certain person enters the building and then forget it, or normal bureaucrats can be turned into assassins by a simple phone call.

Potion of Sympathetic InfatuationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 3, Mind 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

This Verbena potion is the basis for all myths and legends of love potions and the like. It uses an extremely coincidental focus by way of a drop of the target"s blood, a drop of blood from the intended focus for the target and what ever mixture of other ingredients the Mage prefers. Once the potion has been administered the Mind and Life patterns of both the target and focus are available to the Mage, who then tweaks the Life pattern and Mind of the target to be sympathetic and mildly infatuated towards the person who is the focus. That is the limit of the Rote, it creates neither instant romantic attachment or overwhelming physical passion. But nothing requires that the sleeper paying the Mage a healthy sum of coin to know that little detail.

[Requires one success to become active, each additional success either lengthening the amount of time the sympathetic infatuation will last or deepening the strength of the infatuation. One success will, depending on the tenor of the relationship between the target and the focus, last for between a week to a month.]

Power SurgeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Forces 2 Author: John Walter Biles

The VA can wreck a computer by producing a power surge of electricity from a distance. Surge Protectors may force the need for extra successes and if it isn"t plugged in, you can"t do it.

Power Up!Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: D.J. Babb

Gamers like to use this rote when in need of a quick physical boost. When activated, the Gamer chooses either increased strength, endurance, or agility and his body cahnges to adapt to the power boost. While the basic effect is a simple physical change, many Gamers will add Forces effects to create a glowing aura around themselves (despite the massive amounts of Paradox it generates).

[For every success scored against a target number of 6, the Gamer may add an additional dot to his Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina for the duration of the Rote. This rote is usually coincidental (explained as an adrenaline boost), but when Gamers add an aura it becomes vulgar. Also note that the aura has no effect other to create a dim light around the Gamer (and make him a more visible target).]

External Recording Golem (ERG)Bearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 2, Matter 3, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Sometimes you may not trust your own memory. This rote creates a golem, of whatever appearance the mage desires. The golem"s sol purpose is to watch what the mage watches, recording all that happens. It will record visual, audio, scentual, (tactile?), taste?, from it"s own perspective.

Praising the AmmunitionBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 1 Author: Eric Tolle

This dangerous rote increases the effectiveness with wich the gasses that propell a bullet burn, increasing the muzzel velocity of the bullet and hence the damage. System: For each success at a difficulty of 8, the damage dice is increased by one. Needless to say, this is not good for the gun. A botch means the gun blows up in your hands. Likewise, increasing the damage of the gun beyoned four dice also causes the gun to blow up. In any case the lifetime of the gun will be considerably shortend. There is also a different variation of this using Forces 3 Prime 2.

Predictive Psychological ProfileBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Michael M. Moolick

When the New World Order needs to counter an indiviual"s actions badly, they often order a Predictive Psychological Profile to be compiled. They gather all known information about the subject. This includes all NWO records ( which often extend back to birth ), and any records they can obtain from other conventions. Any information they can find will be incorperated into the profile.

The statistic formula of the rote make a paper "simulation" of the person studied ( they try to avoid using computers, many of them feel the mind is better than a computer anyways ). The person"s personality, motivations, and random events are taken into account to determine the person"s goals and what actions he will be likey to take in order to reach them

The NWO mage will include Correspondence three to predict not only what and when the actions will be, but where as well. The agent can then send Men in Black to intercept or ambush the victim.

Creating a Predictive psychologial profile is a lengthy process. The mage is allowed to roll one die every two hours the data is sotred through and organized. Fortunately the rote is considered coincidental in most cases.

The base difficulty is five for a sleeper and seven for a mage, as being awakened makes someone considerably more unpredictable. ( the sole known exception to this is It X mages, who are often tremendously predictable ). A victim"s Arcane rating is added to the diffidulty, so a mage with Arcane 4 or 5 is such a mystery man that a profile can"t be created without extreme effort (quintessence and a *long* time ), there just isn"t enough correct data on the mage.

NWO investigators who use this rote are almost always put under surveillance. As the rote requires the mage to examine the subject"s world view enought to understand and predict it, it"s use has been known to cause doubt, confusion, and even defection. They do not hesitate to pull an investigator "off the case" if he gets too involved. ]

Premonitions of DangerBearbeiten

Profile: Time 2 Author:

The Time mage keeps alert by continually looking briefly forward into the time stream (usually a few seconds is enough) and keeping an eye out for bad things about to happen. Cultists in particular use their vice to raise themselves into a higher state of awareness to make this possible. Unfortunately, to the young disciple of time, this can be a little distracting (the mage suffers +1 to the difficulty of all rolls that he makes). There are two ways around this. A conjunctional Mind 1 effect allows the mage to compartmentalize part of his mind to do nothing but watch for danger, leaving the rest of his mind free. Alternately, by the time the mage reaches Adept status (Time 4), he is so comfortable with temporal perception that this minor Rote no longer distracts him.

Paul Strack


Profile: Entropy 3, Matter 1, Prime 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

A recurring problem for pattern-mages is that many of their creations don"t last well or begin to dissolve. This is especially the problem with the creation of living beings. One solution is to seek to restore their patterns and slow down their ageing. Some mages have even begun using it on all their creation to perfect them once they are created.

[ The successes of this rote will be added to the original successes to determine the new duration of the pattern, if there are more than five the pattern will exist indefinitely. The rote must involve the relevant sphere to 1 to work.]

Pretimed MailingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Time 3 Author: John Walter Biles

This rote enables the VA to teleport somewhere(Chosen when cast) at a pre-determined time(Chosen at casting) regardless of the state of health/consciousness/ desire of the Mage. If Correspondence 4 is used, other people can be effected.

Prevent LaborBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Stops an overly premature labor, returning the mother to her pre-labor condition, even restoring a broken placenta and filling it with amniotic fluid.

Primal RushBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is exactly the same thing as The Rush (Prime 1), but the mage channels quintessence into another person from a node. The result is a profound, although slightly bizarre, form of pleasure which can be combined with other pleasures in the composition of ecstasy.

Prime VirusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This Virtual Adept rote is greatly feared by technocratic system operators, and rightfully so. The Adepts have invented a method to create computer viruses which drain quintessence of nodes and use it to create stronger copies of themselves. Originally intended to use in the Web, they have proven to be a very efficient weapon against nodes and Horizon realms (the Adepts destroyed a Technocracy Outpost in the Web by inserting the virus in its quintessence supply. When it vanished, the realm collapsed). Not only that, but the Adepts have invented a version which works outside the web too, infiltrating and draining normal nodes too. Fortunately (for the Technocracy) their enemies have reverse-engineered an anti-virus, which kills the first type. However, the war of Prime Viruses is hardly over, and many technomancers are quite worried. Some adepts are experimenting with advanced viruses which channel excess quintessence to their own accounts, giving them the ability to drain nodes from afar. The Internet worm might have been an early experiment.

[ Each success in creating the virus will give it the ability to drain the node one level (the viruses quickly reach a steady-state level when they start to feed on each other). A level 4 virus would be able to totally drain nodes with ratings up to four, and turn level 5 nodes into level 1 nodes until they are removed. Anti-viruses decreases the level of viruses. Most viruses will remain in the node they are activated in, but some designs follow ley-lines and prime conduits to adjoining nodes. ]

Prison of BeautyBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This defensive rote was apparently inspired by the weakness of the Toreadors. The Apostle simply floods the mind of the victim with the beauty of something, be it a flower, a person or just a shadow. The victim becomes entranced and forgets everything he or she was doing.

Probe TelemetryBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

This activity simply accesses the Telemetry of one of many space probes that have been launched by the Void Engineers. Every "planet" that has been probed is available for investigation since the probes actually have much longer useful lives than has ever been revealed to the masses.

[This is a version of Plumb the Deep Umbra (MAGE p.212) note that only those areas of the Deep Umbra explored by Void Engineer probes (all planets except Pluto & Mercury) are accessible, but a high level of information can be gleaned.]

F/X - This effect is Static if used to view the "surface" of planets, if used to view the actual realm, it is Field Expedient.

Produce CredentialsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows for the spontaneous creation of the required credentials for any situation. When you are asked at the border if you are authorized to carry that biohazardous waste, you will be able to produce the required documents, and the guard"s electronic databae search will show that you are a biotechnician, qualified for hazardous waste transportation and disposal, despite the fact that you"re a photographer who"se never seen hazardous waste before in your life.

This rote will produce electronic and paper credentials, in both your own access and in other peoples area. Registration papers will appear in the central office, Warranty papers will appear for that pirated software, inside your file (which wasn"t there a minute ago), in the companies filing cabinet.

You get the point.

Fail it, and the papers aren"t there. Bothc it, and the papers and/or electronic records appear to have been forged or tampered with.

Program Bio-Expert System (BES)Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Michael M. Moolick

Virtual Adepts researching biocomputers have made some progress. They have developed this rote, which allows them to make a computer inside someones brain/mind and program it as an expert system. Mind and life four are needed if the mage wishes to create a BES in someone other than himself.

The mage first prepares a genreally unused porion of brain cells with life, and programs them with mind while balancing the necessary prime. The system is programmed with abilities, downloaded as memories from a donor and placed in the recipient"s mind as a program.

The result is a small autonomous computer system within the recipient. The abilities the system is programmed for will kick in automatically whenever the recipient trys to perform actions they would normally be used in. The BES gives the recipient no knowledge of the process, which occurs in a manner similar to automatic writhing, tasks are performed without knowledge of how or sometimes even what is being done.

For exaple, a person with a Brawling BES might have no idea how to fight, but the system will cause their strikes to hit appropriate areas of the enemy without their even considering it.

One "Dirty Virtual Adept Trick" arises from the fact that the BES kicks in automatically. A VA can program a person with a BES which has less dots in a skill than the recipient. Every time the recipient tries to used the skill, the BES takes over and prevents him from reaching any potential higher than that of the BES.

[Each success gives the BES one dot in an ability taken from a donor. No BES can have more than four dots in any one skill, more dots in an ability than the donor, or abilities from two or more donors.

Unless the mage succeds in making the BEs permanent, it will eventually degrade, possibly causing seizured or psychological problems. Trying to use the Dream background has unpredictable effects. It has been totally successful in some cases, caused deep quiet in others, and cause mental damage in the unfortunate.

No person can have multiple BES" These systems have been known to implant personalitry traits of the donor into the recipient and cause amnesia when running.

All in all, Adepts feel a very great deal more of research can go into the BES field. Some are even working at simulating a Trinary Computer in their own mind so they can do magick with no external focus. ( they haven"t come close yet )

Paradox can strike a BES programmer easily by possessing the BES and taking over the recipient.

Unconfirmed rumors report Progenators are working on BES and other biological computers as an alternative to Iteration X hardware. They also hint the New World Order is considerin establishing "Monitor" BES systems in sleepers to control them. ]

Program Expert SystemBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Virtual Adepts are very interested in the possibility of creating their own customised expert systems and AIs. This is by no means a simple feat, and AI-programmers are regarded as very Elite by the Adepts. To create a simple expert system, the programmer must first create a system which can hold information and act on its own. Then it must be programmed with the necessary skills, behaviours and personality to become functional. This is usually done by having the programmed download part of his memories and skills into the system, and then modifying them to fit in. The result is an autonomous system, which exhibits personality traits and behaviours almost like a real being, although it is not really intelligent or self-aware. The expert system is not truly intelligent, its just a crude simulation (true AI is much harder), but its often hard to tell a cleverly designed Expert from true intelligence.

[ Each success lets the mage download one skill-point into the system (its often a good idea to slowly build the system under a long time as an extended action). The skills and memories must come from the mage self, or be downloaded with Mind 4 from another person. Personality is up to the designer to determine, but often elements from himself sneaks in. If the mage doesn"t succeed in making the magick permanent, the expert will crash after a while and have to be rebooted. ]

Prolong LifeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

By selectively slowing down the processes of ageing, many Cultists remain young and healthy despite their hectic lives. In fact, most users of this rote perform it by simply living as pleasurably as possible.

Prolong PleasureBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is popular among most members of the Cult of Ecstasy. Different parts of the pleasure can even be prolonged differently, essentially dividing it into a spectrum of delights.


Profile: Matter 2, Mind 1 Author:

Created by an SoE who couldn"t be bothered to use a word processor, this theoretical rote was found among his notes and would translate, into correct grammar, any writing. This rote is "theoretical" because the mage was consumed by paradox before completing his documentation on the subject. Only a smoking pile of White Wolf rulebooks were left as a testament to his work (and if I screwed up the spelling of anything in this post, am I in trouble...)


Profile: Life 3, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some mages know they are going to get hurt in the future, and take steps to limit the damage. By reaching into the potential futures and choosing one where the damage isn't as bad as it could have been.

Protection against the Winds of RandomnessBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage surround himself with a field of negative randomness, giving him some protection against random events (like getting the poisoned drink on the tray, winning on lottery or being hit by a falling flower-pot). When the mage uses this rote, he takes some item from the vicinity, like a four-leaf clower, a napkin or a coin. This object will become the "lucky thing". This item will partially show how much "luck" remains or if the rote successfully defends the mage. When the rote ends, the "lucky thing" will be lost or destroyed. [ Each success protects against one random event. Random events are events where the different possibilities are about the same probability and do not depend on somebody or somethings conscious descision. The rote will protect against all randomness, even beneficial. It will not work against coincidential magick.]

Protection RunesBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

These runes are inscribed on the runestones marking and protecting the old nodes and ley-lines. Usually they consist of nasty and powerful curses (generally the most powerful the present priests can invoke). If the runes are destroyed, the flow of power through the stone is disrupted or somebody moves it, the curse will activate. This has given the Technocracy in Sweden a lot of problems in the past when they have wanted to move the ley-lines. Currently they simply let the stones stand (and actually protects them, to avoid having any spurious magick getting loose) and lead new ley-lines around them.

Psychic BlastBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Mind 3 Author: Clayton S. Caddy

The delicate workings of the human mind can be easily disrupted, sending the thought processes into disarray.

System: A form of induced epelepsy, each success stuns the victim into inaction for one turn (the effects can be "soaked" with a wits roll, difficulty 6).

Psycho bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

The victim hit by one of these starts killing his friends or simply gives up, (hey, he"s wounded, right?) this effect could be overcome by spending a willpower.


Profile: Forces 4 Author: Unknown

Emily will usually create a small kinetic force on an object so that she can manipulate it. She is real, but she doesn"t think she is, so she usually does this rote to manipulate objects/things.


Profile: Life 1, Time 2 Author:

The Cult of Ecstasy has become expert at reading the "vibes" of an object, revealing much about its history. The auras and histories of people are fairly simple to read as well. Of course, it helps if one is already in an altered state of mind before using such magick, to "access the inner senses". [The Cultist uses conjunctional Matter or Life magick to see the past of an object or person rather than a place. Events of great emotional impact tend to leave a stronger "imprint", and are easier to read. Particularly traumatic past events can cloud an objects aura to the point where it is impossible to see anything else.]

Paul Strack

Psychotronic Biological DiagnosisBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 1, Life 1 Author: Michael M. Moolick

The mage uses psychotronic sampling on a subject"s bio-electro- magnetic aura. The mage can examine the aura in this way and detemine if the individual has any form of ailment and identify the nature of such problems. Sons are working on using this to read minds.

Psychotronic BiostimulationBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This rote uses psychotronic devices to alter the electromagnetic fields a living thing creates. Alteration of this field can cause the body to react tot he psychotronic stimuli in manners identical to those of having a physical disease or injury. such ailments have no detectable physical cause.

This can also be used to re-balance an aura to promote halth and causing the body to respond similarly. A final option is alter the person"s aura so that it is generally more or less unballanced than natural. This increases or decreases the resistance of a person to disease or poison. Careful work can change a person"s aural balance with respect to a single substance or disease only.

Psychotronic DisintigrationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Prime 4 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This psychoteonic method is accomplished by establishing a loop which projets energy into an object and starts causing it"s pattern to break down. Quintessence that would normally excape from the pattern breakdown are sucked into hyperspace and re-introduced an instant later as more destructive energy. After a critical point is reached the pattern collapses entirely, and the quintessence that composed it is dispered into hyperspace and unrevoerable.

[This is similar to the Celestial Chorus effect Flames of Purification. other than being performed at a distance, the rote"s only reals difference is that is has no statically visible effect until the object disappears. The Sons of the Ether have many other versions of this type of magick, and many have their own per type of "disintigrator ray", revelling in the cliche. ]

Psychotronic Energy ScansBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 1, Mind 1 Author: Michael M. Moolick

This rote acts as a magickal early-warning syste. It works though a method called psychotonic samling, siphoning off a miniscule proportion of an area"s energy and immediately returning it. Fluctuation in the total energy in the area are reflected in the energy of the sample. When something using energy such as an animal or an operating machine enters, the amount of energy sampled changes, and the mage can observe the change.

The Mind 1 component is needed to keep the subconscious manual monitoring of the scan going. often some kind of expert system or an apprentice is given this duty instead. Many mages also add Prime 1 to detect shifts in quintessence levels as well, this reveals mages, talismans, and other quntessesnce-related changes in the area.

Psychotronic Mood ProjectionBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Mind 2 Author: Michael M. Moolick

The use of Psychotronic methods to alter a person"s brainwave patterns is a very new science. To date, mages have only developed firm throries of sensing an projecting general emotional states through these methods. The Sons are close to having a firm theory for mind-reading. Rumors persist of an Afganistanni Son of the Ether Barrabi that has combined psychotronic technology and Extera-Low Frequency radio transmission devices to develop a means of long-range Possession.

pull overBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 4, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

This rote is often used by the New World Order to prevent the enemies of the pogrom from escaping. It is derived from the fact that most NWO operatives pose as official agents of some wordly power (i.e as government agents or Police Officers.) It is thus easy for them to set up this rote as a coincidence. The effect involves causing a moving vehicle to slow down and stop. This is achieved by two methods. The first is the manipulation of the driver"s mind - causing him/her to believe that it would be a good idea to stop. The second, which is sometimes included as a precaution against the first method not working, involves manipulating kinetic forces so that the car can no longer move. A coincidental effect is easily maintained if the NWO mage is acting as a police officer as passers-by (and the "paradox police") simpily see an obvious law-breaker being pulled over by the police. It is very easy for a good NWO operative to dream up a charge to bring against an enemy of the pogrom.

[Mind 2 is first employed to cause the driver of the car to believe that he should slow down and stop. This is often reinforced by the presence of an obvious police presence as the agent masquerades as an official officer of the law. For those victims who are reluctant to stop the Forces 4, Prime 2 effect is activated in order to create an opposing force to the kinetic energy powering the vehicle - the vehicle is thus forced to a stop whether the occupants want it to or not...]

Pulse of the AdministratorBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Engineer extend his awareness into his organisation. He is able to see what is going on everywhere inside it, the state of every project, all information contained inside it and everything else. In effect, they can influence everything on an extremely subtle level. Many Engineers subconsciously use this rote daily to keep in touch with their work. They slowly merge their consciousness, and turn more and more into spokespeople for the organisation itself. This rote is often coincidental, as the mage seems to be just an exceptionally efficient employee who knows almost everything needed, and makes the best possible use of the information network of the organisation.

Purification with Solar FireBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

One of Celestial Chorus most devastating effects. The mage holds up his fire while singing a strong invocation of the Sun. From the fire a stream of solar plasma emerges, streaming around the mage towards its target.. The result is a eruption of light and heat, destroying anything in its way, which is said to purify everything completely. [ Note that the mage must have protected himself before casting this rote, unless he wants to be killed by the plasma. To strike the right target(s), the mage need at least 3 successes. Otherwise the plasma will just erupt anywhere. Everybody hit will take successes * 4 damage (aggravated), everything flammable will ignite or explode and everybody is temporarily blinded by the light. Kindred will have a *hard* time, as they are hurt by the light in addition to the plasma.]

Purify ParadigmBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Prime 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is coincidentally used by technomancers when they build their central laboratories and other installations. By making sure that everything inside is perfectly ordered and that nobody questions the paradigm in any way, and then channels some quintessence (funding) into it, they can fix the paradigm to become "hyper-static". The Gauntlet is quite impermeable. Randomness and decay is banished. Experiments will be completely repeatable, and follow theory exactly. The whole area follows their paradigm and actively dampens all forms of magick not compatible with it. A weaker version of this rote is used around important people or in the homes of technomancers.

[ Each success will increase the Gauntlet rating one step, and give the area and anything within a extra dice of countermagick against everything not consistent with the paradigm. ]

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 4, Prime 2 Author:

An old Verbena hedge-witch created this rote to prove a point to an overly greedy burgomeister. The victim"s metabolism is strangely altered, so that whenever they cough, a small handful of coins spurt out their mouth. While this may seem beneficial, having coins come up your throat can be a rather painful process, and the coins of usually of some low denomination. After some time under this affliction, the victim may come to have a new perspective on the value of money. Mages of a less polite persuasion may chose other bodily orifices as the source for the coinage.

Paul Strack

Quick ReadingBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage increases his reading speed far over the normal.

[ One success doubles it, two triples it, three quadruples it, etc. By adding Time you can increase the speed even more ]

Quintessence CrystalBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2, Prime 3 Author: The Wizards Book

This rote is widely used my mages of just about every tradition or convention. It allows the wizard to channel quintessence from his pattern into solid form, effectively creating Tass. This tass is identical in fuction to tass found at a node, and often takes a form and resonance suited to the mage who created it. Despite the name, the tass can take on just about any form, from moss to crystals to paper, etc. By using matter 4, the mage can form tass into complex shapes such as tape recorders, irons, computers, etc.

(system: each success allows the mage to transform one point of personal quintessence into tass. He may mass it all in one object, or create many small ones.)

Quintessence DrainBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Prime 3 Author: Kyle Felker

This rather nasty rote has made the mages who wield it many enemies. The basic effect is identical to Bond of Blood (page 214), but it can be used on unwilling targets, and at a distance.

(system: The mage will get one point for every success rolled, limited, of course, by how much quintessence the target has. The defender may resist by rolling his arete, difficulty six.)


Profile: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Forces 1, Life 1, Matter 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

The Rapid Avoidance Defensive System is an ongoing conjunctional effect that analyzes patterns that are about to contact the mage and, if they prove dangerous, removes her to the nearest safe location. It is imperfect - the mage can be hit by a skilled opponent. Less advanced RADS versions simply gauge the magnitude of forces involved and avoid those beyond a certain threshold. This can be annoying since the forces involved in a friendly pat on the back can exceed those of a curare-tipped dart. The rote takes into account only immediate, physical, threats so a mage could find herself displaced from a hiding place, separated from an injured comrade, or face to face with a Neqhandus master. If the displacement occurs when the mage is making an attack, her attack is usually spoiled as well.

[RADS can move the mage anywhere within range (based on the correspondence range chart) but always minimizes the distance travelled. Each success removes one success from any attempt to hit the mage that has the potential to do the threshold level of damage. This is cumulative with dodging, but the mage must decide to dodge before the attack is rolled. If RADS activates at the mage"s initiative, she suffers the same penalty to her attack and may have to make a Wits + Alertness roll to retain her bearings. If the mage is caught in an area attack or attacked by forces magic, RADS will take her out of the area or break line of sight with the attacker. This often involves a long distance teleport to a familiar location - and the accumulation of paradox.]

F/X - The mage dodges, opponent telegraphs her blow, mage slips and falls out of the way, a moving vehicle blocks the attacker"s line of sight, the mage is blown clear of the exploding fireball and lands in the midst of an outdoor mattress sale.

Race MemoryBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 3, Time 2 Author:

A common spell of the Gardeners, this enables the witch to search the memories of her ancestors. (Each success acts as 1 pt of Dream and allows the caster to reach one generation back. Unlike the normal Dream ability, specific facts can be retrieved.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Rachel's Fabulous Weight-Loss ProgramBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Eat all you want, whenver you want. it doesn"t matter. Just apply this rote once, and you"ll find your body back in peak condition. Can"t fit into your wedding gown? No problem, Rachel"s Weight-Loss program allows you to work towards an adjusted body slimness. Almost instantly, you will be a better, slimmer you. And the greatest part? There"s no dieting, no calorie-counting All you need is an application of this rote whenever you feel you need it.

Note: The Voice of the Verbena Tradition has declared that individuals diagnosed with bulimia, anaorexia or other psychological conditions directly related to weight and body-size, should consult a physician before applying this rote.

Rain of Fire and BrimstoneBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Spirit 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is a classic, and like all classic rotes it is practically never used. The mage simply opens a gate to the Realm of Fire (close to the Shard Realm of Forces) and lets the destructive power descend unpon his enemies, buildings or whole cities. Of course, the gate must be big enough to let through the almost liquid fire. When the rote is used on a large scale, storming clouds will appear around the opening portal, and then a huge rain of destruction will fall on anything beneath. Lesser openings often appear as erupting craters or explosions.

[ Note that the mage has absolutely no control of what passes through the gate, and often extremely powerful and malevoent elementals or djinns escape. The destruction caused is untold, and is in no way dependent on the power of the mage, who only serves as gatekeeper. ]

random access materialityBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Rote allows the mage to move to any location within line of sight. A skilled caster can "blink" among multiple locations almost instantly. Remember that correspondence sensing and co-location sensing provide line of sight. One common tactic is to use co-location sensing to remain aware of two different areas and then blink back and forth between them.

[The mage can make a number of blinks each turn equal to the number of successes scored. The mage controls both when and where she goes. Blinking will spoil one opponent"s attack if the mage times it properly. All opponents trying to hit the mage have their difficulty raised by one per blink the mage has made so far that turn. In any turn that she blinks, the mage"s own difficulties for physical actions are raised by one. The Rote lasts a normal duration but only those locations in line of sight during casting are accessible.]

F/X - The mage is hidden by smoke or fog and is only intermittently visible; she leads her opponents into a well known maze like area, hall of mirrors etc, where her location is hard to determine and she may appear to be in places she is not; the mage has previously set up mirrors, dummies, and or disguised sleepers to mislead her opponents.

Random MessageBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Used mainly by the Players and Cultists, but some Virtual Adepts have developed their own Video-Game version. By reaching out with his mind, a player of a game of chance can contact another player, if he is playing the game somewhere else. By influencing the game, he can send messages to the other. These messages are naturally limited to what the game can show and what the other mage can interpret (for example 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, the Tower, 9 of Wands and Death is a quite obvious "GET THE


Profile: Entropy 2, Mind 3, Time 2 Author: Unknown

A mage using this rote on an unawakened being can make them greatly uncomfortable by reading their mind, predicting an event, over and over, or causing something generally odd to happen. This rote is intensely useful in the art of Awakening a sleeper, or rattling the cage of a drone working for the Technocracy.

Read the Akashic RecordsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage expands his mind into the Subconscious of the vicinity, seeking the answer on a specific question or the solution of a problem. The mage can coordinate information from all minds around himself, and find the solution even if no individual can solve the problem. Masters of the Akashic Brotherhood sometimes use it on their disciples to gain insight themselves. Some Choristers expand their minds enormously, so that the encompass millions of minds, as a form of meditation. This is a bit risky, since they risk loosing themselves in the mass and let horrors from the Collective Unconscious possess them.

[ Each success will work as one point dream during the scene. ]

Reality CheckBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1 Author: Constantine Thomas

This extremely useful Procedure is often enacted as soon as an Agent enters a Virtual - it allows the Agent to sense that reality"s Paradigm. This can not only give the user an indication of the local Sphere Ratings, but can also give him a sense of what can pass for Coincidence and what is considered Vulgar there. More successes on this roll yield more detailed information - one success might only indicate whether the Virtual is dominated by a Technomagickal or Mystickal paradigm, two will yield as much information as described in the "Magick Factor" section of the Virtual Classification Scheme, while three or more will give the Agent a feel for the exact Sphere Ratings of the reality. Failure to use this Rote often results in Paradox striking the Agent as he unwittingly goes against the local Paradigm.

Reality CheckBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

Forces the target mage to check for paradox backlash by filling their concious/subconcious mind with disbelief. I sort of based this on the way that paradox spirits homed in on the mentor in the opening story in the Mage rulebook because of the apprentice"s disbelief.

Reality ErasureBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Prime 4 Author: David Barrena

The rote extracts all the raw Quintessence of an object"s pattern.The object thus disappears from reality. similarities has been discovered between this rote and the effect known to members of the Celestial Chorus as Flames of Purification.

Correspondence is required only if this rote is not casted to an object near the mage. Correspondence 2 to cast the rote (line of sight). Correspondence 4 if the use of Qintessence is needed (as usually does if working from a distance.Line of sight is hard).


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The alchemist burns a dead (or alive) plant or animal. The hot ashes is mixed with exotic chemicals and salts. Finally gold solved in aqua regia is added, and the mixture is allowed to crystallise. By performing the necessary incantation and slowly heating the resulting salts, the mage will restore the being to life. If the mage succeed well enough, the being will be completely normal in all aspects. A less successful experiment would give a being which would die after a while, turning into salts again. And really bad results create "nothing but ye liveliest Awfullness". Some alchemists experiment with turning people to dust, and trying to raise them again. If anyone have succeeded, they have not told anybody.


Profile: Prime 3, Spirit 5 Author: Christopher L

Much of the Euthanatos tradition"s magick draws its energy from the dead. That is why Euthanatos cabals like to perform rituals in cemeteries and on burial mounds. No rote illustrates this better than the creation of a Reaper. Requiring a master of Spirit and a disciple of Prime to perform and preferably with many acolytes and disciples, the Reaper is not an easy rote and is done very rarely. Firstly the mages gather together in an area dominated by dead spirits, such as a very large graveyard, a battle-field or the site of some terrible disaster. (the most recent site was a large field in China where hundreds of prisoners are regularly executed). The mages then begin to draw up the forgotten spirits of the dead. These pitiful, barely conscious things are gathered by the mages who slowly begin to weave them together. Slowly, over the course of the night, a patchwork monster of lost souls takes form. It is the essence of death and can produce only death. Using whatever magick they can to control it, the mages send it out to kill their enemies. In the past it has been sent after some powerful enemy or let loose to destroy whole villages or towns. It is important to understand that the Reaper is a near unstoppable force for death. It has, in historical times, decimated entire chantries. Physical barriers cannot stop it and only the most powerful or ancient of wards can keep it at bay. Nothing can fly faster than it. The strength of the Reaper depends upon the skill of the mages who created it and on where they performed the rote. Its strength is invariably vast however. The Reaper is a monstrosity and the spirits of which it is composed gradually fall away. Yet beyond a certain point, the Reaper begins to feed upon the spirits of those it murders, binding them into its own being. At this "critical mass" point it is best to simply give up attempts at restraining the monster and head for the nearest horizon realm. "Many successes are required to create a Reaper. More successes create a stronger Reaper (provided the spirits are available), but too few successes simply cause the entity to fall apart into hundreds of separate spirits."

Receptacle for lesser forcesBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage consecrates a container (like a flask, a box or a statue) to be able to contain forces, fills it with force, and then seals it. When the seal is broken (or the spell fades) the forces will be set free. First the receptacle is consecrated using strengthening and protecting forces ("In the name of Uriel the Shield-Bearer and Michael the Sword-Bearer I bind...") and pentacles and prime- symbols are drawn around it. Then the receptacle is filled, and sealed by the Hebrew letter Resh (which means container) drawn by the Seal of Salmon. [ Exactly what happens when the seal is broken depends on the nature of the force contained. Light can be emitted slowly from an small opening, or as a flash when a box is opened. Electricity can give the opener a shock. After the binding spells have faded, the force is also set free. ]


Profile: Life 1 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Add any effect previously mentioned, but it only works against a certain kind of target. Like Creatures (Vampires, Werewolves), people with a certain faith (I"m not going to go into on this one) or a specific person (Samuel Haight) A good way to avoid Accidents (so you dont kill your cabal members by mistake)

Red EyesBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Allows voluntary subject to see in near total darkness. Eyes glow an eerie red with hints of infinite depth. This is a combination of ultraviolet sensitivity, infrared sensitivity and active emission of both wavelengths.

Red Queen's RaceBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5 Author: Michael Brazier

Anyone subjected to this rote will move in the least convenient direction at precisely their top natural speed. In order to stay where he is, the unfortunate target has to start running as fast as he can-- and, of course, to go anywhere other than where the rote pushes him, he has to go faster than that. The rote will work, with precisely the same effect, on motorcycles, cars, planes, or anything that moves, but affects exactly ONE target--and large targets are harder to affect. Since someone running at top speed without moving, or a car furiously revving its wheels on pavement to no purpose, is not considered natural in the modern world, this rote is always vulgar.

(Roll the Forces rating at difficulty 8. Each success above a base number increases duration. People have a base number of 1, motorcycles 2, cars 3 or 4, and airplanes 5. Both the mage and the target can spend Willpower to gain or neutralize successes.)

Redirect EmotionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Tim Hensiek

Employing the principle that a straight line attack is best met with a circular defense, and applying that principle to the "direction" of emotions, the Dragon Scale Minxing Yuan learned to avoid conflicts by redirecting the emotions that cause them onto other targets. (This rote shifts the target of an emotion from one thing to another. For example, if a Progenitor has decided to attack Min for putting an end to his experiments on people, she could shift his anger from herself to his lab partner, causing him to attack his comrade instead of her. Strong, unfocused emotions require fewer successes, perhaps 2 to 3, to redirect while subtle feelings or emotions strongly focused on a particular target require 4, 5 or more.)

Reduction to Base ComponentsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Matter 3 Author:

Doctor Amino developed a process which would enable him to reduce organic tissue down to its base elements, each separated out into a neat mass. He had intended to use it to smuggle endangered species into the country so he could examine them in a controlled setting, but the process saved his life when he was forced to use it on an NWO agent who tried to apprehend him. To this day, the agent sits in a neat row of jars on Amino"s shelf. (The rote is an all or nothing effect. It requires 5 successes, and if successful, the person is separated out into a variety of chemicals, and will remain so until the spell is reapplied. If the effect is unwoven by someone who doesn"t possess the appropriately ranked spheres, the target will die.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Reflex BoosterBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

adds 1 dice per three successes to initiative rolls during one scene.


Profile: Life 4, Prime 3, Time 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to regenerate major body-part. The number of successes indicate for how long the effect is active. During this time, any body part that is severed from the host body will regenerate at the rate of 2% per round. THis can be affected by time rotes, to speed up the regeneration, at the cost of the duration of the effect.

Any regenerated limb will be hairless, and unblemished. No scars, tattoos, scarification, or piercings will remain.


Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The recipient of this spell will eventually regrow lost limbs and other body parts. Will also heal broken spines or other "unhealing" injuries. Like healing, rolling for duration is not necessary.


Profile: Entropy 5, Life 5, Mind 5 Author: D.J. Babb

Perhaps the greatest creation of the A.I.T.I., this Procedure combines psychological treatment with brain altering chemicals to correct the instabilities of a Marauder. While members of the New World Order use Mindscaping and various other techniques to reshape and modify the target"s mind, the Progenitors expose the target to various chemicals and foreign substances that alter the very structure of the target"s brain. While this combined treatment has proven to have some success with Obsessive Compulsive disorders among Sleepers, those Marauders treated (while definitely improved) display behavior considered much too eccentric for the Technocracy"s taste. But for every triumph, there are five tragedies.

[The caster rolls his Arete against a difficulty of 8 (9 if the target is a Sleeper), and the target resists with a Willpower roll against a difficulty of 6. The number of successes needed varies, depending on the severity of the target"s madness. Two successes may be needed to cure someone with a schizotypal personality disorder, while five might be needed to cure Sibyl. For every success scored (left after the target has resisted), the Marauder"s Quiet drops by a point (if the target is a Quiet One); once the Quiet reaches 0, the target is no longer a Marauder and is effected by Paradox but free of the ravages of his madness (of course, future bouts of Quiet may return the Marauder to the state of a Quiet One). This procedure is always extended to have maximum effect.]

Remember the Package!Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Generally, This rote allows T. Black Mann to reach through space and implant a memory of having picked up the package to be delivered. Usually, the pick-up point that the cabbie remembers is the bus station. The cab company is paid for the delivery of the package.

Remodel PersonalityBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is used by Core members who want to change their personality temporarily or permanently. They carefully rewrite their memories, the pathways of their frontal lobes and internal datastructures to create a new, more suitable personality. This is often done by experts in the Core to make members more efficient. A full remodelling can take months of careful designing, testing and evaluation.

remote accessBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Basic Remote Access is just our version of Divided Sight (see MAGE p.186). Hackers add a twist by conjunctionally Multi- Tasking so that they can keep track of more locations without "burning out." They then recursively invoke the module at each new location, forming a chain or mesh of "links" and "nodes" (nodes in the sense of telecommunications, not mystical Nodes where Tass collects). When angry technarcs try to Stalk the Void (see Mage p.188) to the offending mage, there"s time to break the connection before they arrive. I only tried this once, but it worked like a charm.

[The maximum number of "nodes" the mage can maintain is equal to his Perception attribute times the number of success obtained in Multi-Tasking (not the total number of "Tasks" since one is used to co-ordinate). The numbr of links established at each casting is one plus one per success beyond those needed for the most difficult node. For instance, a mage trying to establish three nodes, two in familiar locations and one that he has only heard of, would need six successes - four to establish the node in the location described to him and one for each of the familiar areas. Nodes created in a single casting are in a "star topology" - each one is connected only to the mage"s location. To create a link between two distant nodes the mage must cast the spell from one node using the normal range chart instead of the Correspondence one. Since the node is in line of sight, four successes are required (unless the new node is totally unfamiliar). Note that this range is from the mage to the node from which the link is to be established, not the range from the established node the new one. When someone Stalks the Void from an end node, he simply reaches the next node in the network. If there are several connections the one found is random. Adepts who are wise to this trick can "trace" the links - cascading across one link per success. However, in a complex network, it is likely the tracer will loop as it randomly chooses a path. The only coincidental effect I"ve ever heard of for this Rote is "Hacking." The mage simply "breaks into" computer systems at each location she wishes to view, establishing a convoluted path of communications lines that enemies must trace to find her.]

Remote LinkBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Matter 4 Author: John Walter Biles

This enables the VA to remote access a computer that has no modem by creating a wireless modem hooked into the computer at the site.

Remote PictureBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 2 Author: John Walter Biles

This effect enables the VA to cause an image to appear on any TV set or computer monitor that he knows of. It can be anything that fits on the screen and is within the capability of the system hardware to produce. With Forces 3 and Prime 2, you can even do it on a monitor/TV that is turned off or not plugged in or even broken. You can do sound also, if the machine has sound capabilities.

Remote Power FeedBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Forces 2 Author: John Walter Biles

This Rote enables the mage to tap a power supply elsewhere to get lesser or greater forces to manipulate in some manner without having Prime 2. It can also be used to Feed forces away from the area the VA is in to some other area.

Remove GuiltBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Desire becomes an illness instead of a joy, And guilt a necessity that"s gotta be destroyed. --"Infected", The The

This rote is designed to harden the mage to the realities of magical warfare. As a mage, you will see tyhings, and experience things well beyond the range of normal human experience. This also means that all the baggage that goes with human experience will be increased in range. There will be times when you need ot make a decision, or deal with a decision made. This rote is designed to help make a decision, by allowing you to free yourself from the troublesome patterns of guilt, and regret.

The central problem with this rote is that it is non-discriminate. If you remove guilt or regfret altogether, you approach a state of lawlessnes. And that puts the mage that much closer to becoming a marauder. This rote is recommended for use on specific instances, and decisions. If taught, it is recommended htat the teacher monitor their student for some time, to assure proper use. Installing a moral and/or ethical code is also a major plus for anyone who knows these rotes.


Profile: Correspondence 4, Entropy 3 Author: The rote library

A mage of the Akashic Brotherhood had a dark period just after he assumed his sensei to have been brutally murdered. It is then that he raised his entropy sphere to 4 and combined this with his Corr 4 for a rather spectacular effect which is now his "calling card".

[This rote is just as vulgar as the above but much more graphic. Take the volume of space taken up by an object (or person or area). Now there exists order to the parts in this area/volume. Now randomly reorder every particle in that area. With 2 or more successes on a mortal (sleeper) the effect you get is a homogenization of every part of thier body. For just a part of this effect you could take the femur and divide it up into thousands of particles, now relocated those particles all over the body. The net result is the person turns into a red featureless mass which falls to the ground with a jello like consistency.]

Replay DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By reaching back into time and into the subconscious of a sleeper, a Dreamer can make him remember a forgotten dream and begin to dream it again. This is seldom entirely perfect, since it often decay when not actively dreamed, but is sometimes the only way to restore a destroyed dream. Some dreamers have whole libraries of memories which they can whip up and create new dreams of.

Resist ResonanceBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Prime 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Sometimes mages have to use nodes or realms with strong or unpleasant resonance. Some mages have developed a mean to counter this insidious effect, by shielding themselves against the resonant quintessence of the node. This however makes them unable to use or infuse themselves with the quintessence, but may be worth it for specially nasty nodes.

[ Note that Mind alone cannot prevent Resonance, since its is reality itself that is changed. ]


Profile: Life 3, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage speeds up sleep for somebody, so he will awake rested sooner. A pleasurable side-effect is that dreams will be very beautiful and intense. Very popular among members of the Cult of Ecstasy.

Restore PatternBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many patterns which are disturbed and damaged by magick can be strengthened again if the quintessence lost is replaced before they settle into a new pattern. This rote has many uses. One use is as countermagick against magick seeking to destroy a pattern, by healing the damage and strengthening it before the changes even become real (it wont work on any pattern that has already been changed, since it now is a new, stable, pattern).

Resurrection of AttisBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This was the version of the Song of Orpheus the priestesses used to bring about a resurrection similar to the resurrection of Attis. It was not anything for the squeamish. They placed the body before the sacred stone and began to chant prayers to the Mother for three days (often professional weepers were hired to cry and lament in the background). During the time the body was anointed with oils and blood. As a final act, male subjects were castrated and female subjects awakened by ritual intercourse with a male the priestesses had possessed with the power of Pan. The castration could never be healed or the subject would die again. On the good side, by going through this rite the subject will always have a close tie to Attis, and partially become the living embodiment of the fertility god.

Reveal AuraBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2, Spirit 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to reveal a person"s aura to everyone. Christian McLachlin, a notorious metaphysical speaker, is reknowned for using this towards the end of a visualization exercise. He would pick an individual out of the crowd, and lead the entire group in a visualization excercie. He would tell them to close their eyes, and look within themselves. Trust their own intuition. Their minds see things it does not let them know. He tells them to allow themselves to see. GIve themselves permission. When they open their eyes, they can clearly see the volunteers aura. Everyone leaves the lecture excited and beleiving in their own powers. unfortunately, few, if any, ever succeeed at duplicating the effect.

This rote essentially takes the spritual spectrum of the aura, and translates it into a light effect on this plane.

Reveal The EnlightenedBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1, Spirit 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was used by some of the more radical fractions of the Celestial Chorus during the war against Order of Hermes. They had trouble with mages hiding themselves among sleepers and setting up clever wards against mental scans. But they weren"t able to hide their souls and magick. By watching people through the light of a pure fire, the choristers could see the strength of their Avatars and the Quintessence in them.

Reveal the Wandering CarcassesBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage searches the vicinity for minds coupled to matter, not life. This will reveal undead beings and other non-living creatures. Sons of Ethers use their meters, which they direct towards suspects and compare their readings with standard levels. Choristers touches people with their holy symbol and watches their reaction.


Profile: Mind 4, Time 2 Author: Unknown

Often used to create a manchurian candidate or two, this rote causes the target to have a "vision". Time is used to predict future events and then the Target is "edited" into the vision. People who have had these visions are unable to speak about them without a willpower check against a 9.

Revenge of the galloping bowelsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

Originally developed by a Verbena witch as revenge for against an overly amorous suitor. This Rote simply kills off all of the sybiotic microorganisms within the target"s gastro-intestinal tract, result of days of diarrhea and intense pain and agony. The Euthanatos were so impressed with this Rote after seeing it in action they simply adapted it when using Entropy in place of Life. [For each success after the first the mage may either the length of the target"s suffering or the amount of pain the target must endure.]

Rewire DesiresBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The user can remodel what experiences give pleasure, pain, hunger, thirst, anger or any other "base" emotion. By carefully redirecting the links from hypothalamus into the correct region of their (or anyone else"s) brain they can change which stimuli which creates which emotion. For example it is possible to link pleasure to profit and pain to financial losses (this is rumoured to be coincidental among Syndicate members).


Profile: Entropy 2, Forces 2 Author: The rote library

[If a group of enemies is shooting at you, MIBs in my case, up the chaos in the vectors of their bullets, and make them shoot wide, at each other, at random birds flying over- but make sure to DECREASE the potential for being hit yourself.Used by a discordian.]

Ride the beastBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 4 Author: Claude G.

To perform this rote Verbena carry out a wild dance in their sanctums. With their dagger they draw symbolically on their skin the animal aimed. The dance mimics the attitudes of the animal.

Once the ritual is accomplished the witch possesses the body of a the animal and control it from within.

Mind 4 overcomes the the animal will. Coorespondance is used if no animal of the desired type is present. Life allows the caster to choose the animal type.

Ridden by the beastBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 3 Author: Claude G.

This rote is quite the opposite of the "Ride the beast" rote. The caster try to be possessed by an animal, or at least adopt its behaviour.

First the mage splits his mind (Multi-tasking effect) in two. The first part reads deeply in the animal mind and follows its instincts. The second part is here to remember the first one from time to time that he"s not really a beast but a human being.

It can be useful in various situations. Lost in Amazonia you can greatly improve your hunting skill. It can also help you to ovrcome your disgust for un-cooked meat.

Ride the LightningBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author:

Well, really, this rote is named for one specific (but useful) application -- the mage is able to transform his/her Pattern into electricity (or light, shadow, fire, frost, sound waves, neutrinos, or anything else his/her paradigm accepts as a "Force")... which, of course, offers him/her several new and exciting opportunities for mobility and perhaps modes of attack. (Now, nothing extravagant here -- mages changing themselves into explosions, or pinprick gravitic wells, or some such, are all the province of Forces oooo and beyond. But something along the lines of, say, that Glass Walker gift "Surf Telephone Lines" ought to be possible...)

Some forms, obviously, won"t be too harmful to touch/be around, although even light might blind or be focussed into a laser. Various Storytellers may rule that Prime is not necessary, although, allowing for the grossness of Pattern transformation and Quintessence demands of a new (energy) Pattern, I"d require it. A Life oooo variant allows the mage to affect others...)

Ride With the SpiritsBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote allows a mage to perceive what a spirit perceives, regardless of where it is. By using it again, the mage can "jump" onto another spirit which the first one perceives. It was used by a cabal of Cultists who used it to learn the deepest and most frightening secrets of the Deep Umbra, but one day they were found dead or incurably insane. To use this rote on certain spirits is very unwise, partly because they might notice it and take objection to it, partially because certain beings are not wholesome for humans to contact or even see.

Right OnBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Mind 2 Author:

Caster slightly "bends" the minds of his audience to be more strongly impacted by the meaning and importance of his words (and may back this up by Forces-amplification of his speech, the surrounding hush of the crowd, etc.).

Each success adds one die to Charisma or Manipulation actions for one scene.

Right Place at the Right TimeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This little effect is usually done subconsciously and coincidentally by the mage: he is always standing in the right place to avoid unpleasantness. When the Oracle of Correspondence teleports into the room, the cultist is not the one standing at the spot where he appears...

riker's islandBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Many V-depts are classic "computer nerds" with limited social skills. Sure, you can countermagick Thought Probes in your sleep, but the wily Toreador can tell almost as much from the way your eyelid"s flutter when she asks you a question. This is what we call a non-trivial problem. The answer is Riker"s Island, a Module that edits out unconscious reactions and body language - even controls respiration and galvanic skin response. With it you have the ultimate poker face and can even beat lie detectors. Iteration X uses this Rote under the name "Machine Interface" and the Men In Black seem to have it hardwired into their brains.

[For the duration of the magick, all attempts to read the mage using skills like Subterfuge as well as non-magical lie detectors automatically fail. Users of subterfuge will note that the character is concealing something (even if he isn"t) but can"t tell what.] F/X - No man is an island - except for this guy. The mage is a sociopath, completely cut off from normal human interaction, or has been trained using bio-feedback or self hypnosis, or just has the perfect poker face (like a certain 1st Officer in a popular SF series).

Ring of ProtectionBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This is a practical little rote used to avoid being controlled or influenced by hostile beings or magick. The mage enchants a ring, making it a symbol of the infinite power and protection of God. It is then worn as a protection against hostile attacks during summonings, and when the mage is attacked, he will kiss the ring and hopefully regain his senses. [Each success will give an extra dice on Willpower rolls to resist temptation, mind control or Mind magick. After all dices are used up, the ring must be recharged. ]

Rite of NullBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

This infamous rite is performed at certain occasions by Nephandi mages who want to gain deeper insight into the Void. The participants dance around a pool of shadow, and the mage finally dances into the darkness. When performed, the mage immerses himself into the total Void which underlies all things and sees beyond. This experience invariably drives sleepers insane, and most mages become more or less unhinged by what they see or surmise of the truth.

Rite of the FetishBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote lets the Mage do the Rite of the Fetish, as the garou do it. Note: Gnosis = Arete x 2 (in the Mage book in the section of converting spirits pg. 293-294 they say that Gnosis = Arete, but this to me is a bit bogus, think about it, Wrinkle, the most powerful time spirit has an Arete of 5 (aka Gnosis of 5 in the author"s perspective, a 10 in mine) where as an air elemental has a gnosis of 7 (an Arete of 7 in the authors perspective, a 4 in mine) now how did that air elemental get more enlightened than the most powerful time spirit?) so treat the mages Arete x 2 as his gnosis rate.

The mage uses Arete x 2 or his Gnosis rating for activation just as it is in the Werewolf game, pg. 153 Werewolf the Apocalypse tm This allows the Mage to use Garou fetishes in a Mage game.

Rite of TransmutationBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is fortunately uncommon, but it allows Powers from Beyond to enter the normal world on a large but subtle scale. When performed, the presence of the Things become stronger around the mage, and will start to influence reality. Normally this is an coincidental effect, as living beings develop rare and surreal diseases, plants mutate, animals and humans are born malformed and the normal flow of events turn subtly strange. An area such affected will over time become more and more eerie, and if done slowly and carefully, the Nephandi can transmute the region more and more without undue paradox. In the end such an region will become a warped nightmare, where plants and animals have become hideous and surreal creatures, where the normal laws of physics have become warped and the gauntlet weakened. Such blights can grow in secret, and when they have become large enough their influence will start spreading of its own volition.

Rocket SkatesBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: Nicholas Rossier

While most Bladers feel it is sacrilegious to incorporate mechanical aids into skates, the Sons of Ether have made a case for "enhanced" skates. These will often have a small attachment made to the sides of the heel of the skate to summon a powerful burst of speed to get an extra edge. Some modifications (Forces ****) include an added bonus of allowing the Blader to skate right up the sides of buildings. This, of course, is accompanied by a sonic boom and a blinding flash of light, allowing the effect to be Coincidental, as long as it only lasts for a few moments.

roots of the treeBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Forces 4 Author: The rote library

[By setting themselves in a deep trance the Akashic Brothers can make themselves virtually impossable to move physicaly. They make great anchors for ropes and as human ladders.]

Roses GrowBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This simple rote allows the mage to bring a simple form of beauty to the otherwise harsh environment. Frustrated with the inability to grow a garden in her new apartment in downtown Toronto, Larissa Iozzo decided to do something about it after listening to the concrete blonde song, "Roses Grow". She added some of her own garbage to the growing pile between buildings (on which her window overlooked), which contained some of her own bloodm having been ritualizedand impregnated with spells. After the next rainfall, small, extremely resilient tendrils pushed their way to the surface. within a week from their surfacing, bright red, vibrant roses bloomed from the garbage heap.

Rousing the attentions of a LoverBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

Given the difficulties of the Rote, Fanning Passions Flames, the authoress of that rote created this more discriminating version. [As per Fanning Passions Flames, requires two successes and the Mage places an image in the targets mind of the focus of the passion.]

Rousing the sleeping beastBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Mind 4, Prime 4, Spirit 4 Author: Stephen Johnson

This is an obscure Rote both the Verbena and the Order of Hermes claim to have created. It is of vital importance to those Garou kinfolk who become aware of it because it allows the Mage to prod the Rage within a Garou kinfolk into full bloom and thus transform a kinfolk into a fully capable Garou shape changer. A handful of ancient Theurges in Caerns scattered throughout the world are aware that Mages can perform this Rote, but only the Garou tribe of the Children of Gaia are actively pursuing the implications of this Rote. [If this Rote fails, double the Paradox gained; if it botches a Paradox backlash is AUTOMATIC. Requires a minimum of four success and will work only with Garou kinfolk who are aware they are the kinfolk of the Garou and have seen a Garou in Crinos form.]

Rousing the Spirits to spread the wordBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 3 Author: Stephen Johnson

Another ancient Dreamspeaker Rote that has fallen into disuse and disfavor, it was important during the Impergium and before the rise of the Technocracy but has become less so with the increasing power of the Gauntlet. This Rote calls all the available spirits near the Mage to allow the spreading of news of potential dangers to all the Awakened. [Each success after the first increases the range and number of spirits called. All spirits called are compelled to pass along whatever message the Mage wishes to spread.]

Roving Telephone CallBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Forces 2, Matter 2, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to target an individual moving through the city, and ring, in sequence, every telephone (thats not busy), that the target passes by. Eventually, the effect will stop one the target either picks up the telephone, or moves out of a 50" radius from a telephone. After having every pay-phone and store phone ring as he walks by, the target might well pick one up. Of course, it might also make a target mage think he"s going into quiet...

Rune of OwnershipBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 4, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This spiritual sign is drawn on an item (or being), which will be marked forever as a possession of the mage. This will work as long as the mage doesn"t sell, give away or free the marked. To mark something, the mage must own and control it at least for the moment. Even Avatars can be marked in such a way if the person in question truly agrees about his servitude with the marker for a moment. This is the way many Nephandi collect Avatars for their masters (who may have the ownership of their souls...). It is also used by some normal mages to mark their possessions (in this case Spirit 2 is all that is needed), and in old times many mages marked their possessions before their death to be able to bring them with them into the Underworld.


Profile: Prime 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This galder makes the runes in the vicinity of the singer to shine with their light, making them easy to read. By the intensity of the light the mage can se how powerfully they were inscribed.


Profile: Prime 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The art of carving runes is one of the best kept secret of Asatru. Even Odin had to pay dearly for the secret. Once anybody who knew how could carve the magical runes, but today they require quite powerful magick to create. The physical shape of a rune is no problem, but creating the secret pattern inside which gives it power is hard today after the activities of the Church and the Technocracy. Each rune has to be consecrated with a drop of blood by the carver while he whispers its secret name and concentrates, and the inscription must be charged by tass. However, when finished, the text of runes will work as a kind of talisman, retaining its powers as long as it is charged. If they are recharged or placed on a place where they can recharge from the environment they will last nearly forever. (like on the runestones, which are often placed on ley-lines or nodes. Many retain their power even today)

Running TranceBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 1, Mind 1 Author:

The Blue Skins of Tibet long ago perfected the technique of lung gom, or the running trance, which they used to cross extreme distances in short periods. (By entering a trance, the mage enables his body to perform impressive feats. Each success halves the time it takes to cross a given distance. The rote is always coincidental, no matter the distance covered, but the terrain covered must be such that a person could physically cross it. For example, bodies of water larger than shallow rivers cannot be crossed with this effect.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Russian SleepBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2, Prime 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Get eight hours of sleep in 4 hours.


Profile: Spirit 2 Author: BLAKE 1001

You, too, can be a part of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. All you need is a radio telescope and lots of patience. If you are a Void Engineer you will soon find yourself conversing with the inhabitants of the Umbra and even the Deep Umbra. You may also find yourself answering many difficult questions posed by Men in Black. [This is virtually the only Technocracy effect that allows for the use of Call Spirit (MAGE p.214). All warnings about dealing with spirits go Triple for Void Engineers.] F/X - The use of SETI equipment is Conventional, actually getting an answer is Field Expedient at best.

Sample ContainerBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: BLAKE 1001

This effect "shields" a small container or even a room. Samples from extra-terrestrial sources can be kept within such Containers without fear of contamination (in either direction). [This is an application of Control Gauntlet MAGE (p.213). It creates a bubble of Ephemera within the physical universe surrounded by an extended and strengthened gauntlet. The Gauntlet strength is equal to the number of successes obtained in its creation (difficulty of 5+successes, to max 10 in Werewolf terms). Umbrood who lack the ability to materialize can thus be brought into the real world. A minor variation on this effect taps the power of the sample inside (effectively creating a TechnoFetish).] F/X - Creating and filling a Sample Container is Conventional however, opening one in the real world can result in paradox. The fetish-like variation is Experimental.

Sate KindredBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Create blood within the kindred. Area of effect is touch. dangerous if the kindred is frenzying, but will aid in their battle to regain themselves.

Satellite MonitoringBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

Satellite, oh, satellite Who sits upon our skies How deep do you see when you spy into our lives? --"Good Morning Beautiful", The The

For those who don"t have correspondance... There are a lot of satellites up there. And this rote allows the mage to tap into the satellite directly via communications uplink. You have to tune your mind to communicate with the satellite. Somewhere, you may want to put in an intelligence+Computer roll. The number of successes tell how successful you are at manipulating the satellite. The Satellites accessed will usually be weather satellites, and that sort of thing. greatfor taking pictures of places, people. I"d make it a fair bit more difficult for accessing satellites with any type of offensive capabilities (star wars, etc).

scan sidewaysBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 1 Author: The rote library

[Beats me why this one was never included in the Mage books. Just as any Mage with some sense "looks" at her destination for her Correspondence 3 effect using Correspondence 2, so any Mage planning to step Sideways should employ this rote to avoid unnecessary complications.]

Scatter the BeastieBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 5, Spirit 4 Author:

this rote combinds the gauntlet prision of spirit 4 with the alter flow of prime 5. In effect the rote traps the attacking spirit in a gauntlet of 11(?) within the umbra, then the mage draws the quintessence out of the spirit/spirit feild, and channels it into the pool of free quintessence or possibly himself. (game effects) This roll is a contested and extended. The spirit is most likly to resist such an attack and does so with it"s arete with the difficulty being the mages arete+3 (don"t you lesser-enlightend kiddies try this at home!) The mage rolls the normal arete or prime dice, according to the vulger/static rules with his/her difficulty being 8 (spend the quintessence, it"s worth it). Each succuss being 3 levels of health damage to the spirit and 1pt of quintessence drawn off, that goes to the mage"s pool.

Scent of Running WaterBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to mask his scent completely. He cannot be tracked by scent, even by a werewolf, if this is used.

Scent of SightBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to cross-wire the senses. Essentially allowing the mage to See sounds, Hear scents, Feel Tastes, taste sights, and smell textures. Or any variation thereof.

Scent of the Hounds of TindalosBearbeiten

Profile: Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage concentrates himself and try to feel when something happened (or will happen) by imagining it and different times it might have happened at. The mage will feel when he gets closer to the right time as the "scent" gets stronger. This can for example be used to find out when a building was built or when a clock stopped. It cannot tell why or where something happened. This rote is named for the legendary paradox beings the Hounds of Tindalos, which ruthlessly hunt down mages who interfere with Time. They have the ability to find the mage regardless of the time he exists in, and will appear out of nearby corners to destroy him.

Scent of the True FormBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote will tell the mage what kind of creatures he is dealing with. Vampires, magi, Werewolves, etc all appear slightly different when this rote is performed.


Profile: Forces 2, Life 5, Mind 3/4, Prime 2 Author: FindRote_2.0

Invented by Mackgnash I and Lily, the Schizo-Virus is the means by which the Marauders plan to gain control over Proteus.

[the caster of this rote, causes a being to be transformed into a biochemical electrical field (Forces, Life, and Prime) known as the schizo-virus. The transformed individual then enters his "host," and begins to try to dominate the mind either by subtle suggestion or outright domination (Mind 3 or 4 respectively). Since the subject has become a part of the "host"s" bio-electrical field, wherever the "host" goes, so will the schizo-virus.

A combination Forces 2, Life 3 effect could be used to purge the host of the schizo-virus, but due to the Mind effect required in this rote, the schizo-virus will become aware of any such attempt as soon as the host thinks of it. Since the schizo-virus is merged with its host"s bio-electrical field, it can also control it, causing neural messages to be sent through the host"s body, and stopping such messages (such as breathing, and heartbeat).

So far, only the enormous sizes of Proteus" mass and hive-mind have prevented the Breakers from gaining control. Which is why they continually try to infect Proteus with more of their members, until "He" reaches a "critical-mass," and becomes theirs. ]

Schniders ButtlineBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: The rote library

Schnider liked to look good for the babes, but his wallet ruined the smooth seat of his pants, obscuring the view. So he makes it appear that all that cash, credit cards, IDs, etc come from this slim wallet.

[The Mage keeps his items in a safe place and reaches to it when needed. Sometimes he will use this method to pop into other places to get cash. Why use the ATM when you can access the vault?>

Scramble Emotional LinksBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Mind 3 Author: The Complete Guide to Sanity

This rote takes the emotional and memory links a subject has, and scrambles them completely. THe rote itself does not add new links, only changes existing links. Thus, while Senada"s favorite flower may always have been the daffodil, ever since her father gave her a packet of daffodil seeds as a child, She now likes another flower, and would find her former love for daffodils peculiar. This change does not seem at all odd.

There is a strong chance that many of the former links will reestablish themselves over time.

Scratch the Roving ItchBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The perfect rote for the student who is plagued with itches every time he sits to meditate. THis rote can either catch the itch before it starts, allowing peace of mind and peace of body for meditation, or it can scratch the itch after it has started, so the mage can experience that wonderful just scratched feeling.

Seal of the VoidBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 5 Author: Unknown

symbols both the Traditions, Umbrood and Nephandi all respect. They have to. It is a symbol, which will seal a pact or an oath with an unbreakable seal. This is literal, the Seal cannot be broken by anything. There are rumors that Oracles have tried, with disastrous consequences. Essentially, when integrated into something, the Seal will bind it into reality with an infinite force. Attempts at breaking the Seal will cause paradox, and will not succeed. Why the Seal works is unknown, and what it signifies. According to the Nephandi, who are rumored to know the most about it, it is the symbol of the perfect Void which underlies all things. If something is written in the Void, it is unerasable and can never be changed.

Writing the seal is quite simple, but requires an intense concentration as the mage pours quintessence into it. The Seal seems to suck it up like a black hole, and etches itself (and whatever it is connected to) into reality. The shape must be approximately correct (it"s not very complicated), and can be written, drawn in the air or even imagined by a clear-headed mage. The physical representation may be damaged, but the Seal itself seems to reside somewhere else. Some mages have tried integrating the Seal into their magick to create permanent effects, but the resulting disasters have made many Masters to outlaw such experiments in their domains.

The Technomancers don"t know and understand the Seal, and would regard it as mystical mumbo jumbo. The Marauders rage against its unchangeability and try to deface it whenever they can. Order of Hermes and the Nephandi have studied it at length (many traditions regard it as Nephandi magick, and punish those who use it). Especially the Nephandi have used it as a horrible punishment for offenders or failing Barabbi: they write an Pact which is impossible to fulfil (like counting all sand in the ocean before midnight), make the victim sign it and then seal it with the Seal of the Void. When the victim fails, he is destroyed by Paradox.

Note that the Seal cannot add anything to reality, it can only cause things to not happen and punish deviations from a pact with Paradox. Since it can create extremely nasty logical paradoxes which arouse some of the most hideous paradox beings unimaginable, those who know it use it with extreme caution. It has especially been used by the Nephandi to sign their pacts to their Lords.

Search Out The PathBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This rote enables the Dancer to find her way nearly any location she can visualize. She simply walks in the directions which "feel right" according to her vision of the Dance, and arrives in the proper location.

Second BodyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 5, Mind 5, Prime 2 Author:

While most Traditions use Co-location if someone needs to be in more than one place at a time, the Verbena prefer to create a duplicate of the person out of their own blood. This person shares the awareness of the original and they are usually mentally linked, but the second body is physically independant of the first and can suffer harm or even death without serious effect to the original. (The duplicate is physically identical, but it lacks a true spirit or avatar, and so cannot perform magic. The Mind component is necessary to fill the body with a functional personality. If it is left out, the duplicate will be a simple programmed robot. The Correspondence component allows mental contact and can be omitted if not desired. The duplicate will die when the spell expires.)

Andrew E. Larsen

See the Astral WorldBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Spirit 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

To actually project into Astral Space is hard and requires hard training and immense strength of will. However, to just see what"s in there requires much less preparations. Akashic brothers cleanse themselves and meditate on the mental world, while Dreamspeakers watch how the contents of the medicine pouch fall.

See the Briatic PlaneBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Mages from the Order of Hermes have always wanted to understand how reality works, and developed this rote to gain further understanding. In essence, it allows them to see the "Prime Umbra", the aspect of reality which influences quintessence. According to some theories, it is here the great pool of raw quintessence exists. In the Prime Umbra, the forces which shape quintessence are visible. This ranges from the changes around nodes and ley lines to the texture or reality, resonance and paradox warps. Some experimenters have reported that there seems to exist beings there not based on much else than pure quintessence without earthly patterns. Perhaps this is the realm paradox spirits come from? Some adventurous mages have even physically entered the Prime Umbra, with varied results. Several times they have been attacked by powerful paradox spirits, lending credit to the theory.

See the Dark WorldBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

By singing and dancing the songs of mourning the dreamspeakers are able to see the worlds of the dead and communicate with the wraiths who live there. To see the dark world, they look through the feather. To speak to the wraiths, they talk through it and hold it to their ears to hear the replies.

See the InfiniteBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is used to achieve gnosis. It works just like Co-locality perception; the mage successively sees more and more of the whole universe. Instead of instantly seeing everything (which even the Gnostics acknowledge would be disastrous), they start with the things in the vicinity, slowly expanding their vision outwards. The mage sees more and more, and will hopefully begin to understand something of the idea of the infinite as they expand their vision. Many Gnostics meditate using this rote, trying to expand the vision just a little bit more. This practice is of course dangerous, and countless Gnostics have become insane or died after accidentally seeing too much. Some Gnostics defend themselves by combining this rote with Mind 3 and projecting the Infinity into the head of an attacker. [ Many Gnostics combine it with other spheres, depending on knowledge, to achieve a even more complete vision. ]

See through borrowed EyesBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage "borrows" the senses of another person. The victim will notice that he experiences things slightly different, but not how.

See through Other EyesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage touches an animal (or a plant), draws a circle on its brow or similar area, and contacts its consciousness. Now the mage can experience what the animal feels and see through its senses. He has no direct control over it, other than emotional impulses and telepathy. The range can be extended by the use of Correspondence.

Seeker's Path to TruthBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 5 Author: Unknown By simply speaking to someone the Minister may cause them to doubt everything they"ve ever been told. while this can eventually cause a coma (and in some rare cases elightenment) among sleepers, it is much more dangerous to mages as it can drive them into quiet or temporarily rob them of Arete. for each success on the magick roll subtract 1 from the target mages Arete. Powerful ministers can reduce other mages to sleepers, sometimes permanently, as the mages ability to believe in himself erodes.

seekers V. 1.1Bearbeiten

Profile: Time 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson Raise the difficulty of any dodge by one per success

seekers V. 1.1Bearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Raise the difficulty of any dodge by one per success

seekers V. 1.1Bearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Raise the difficulty of any dodge by one per success

seekers V. 1.2Bearbeiten

Profile: Time 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Lower the difficulty to hit with one per success

seekers V. 1.2Bearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Lower the difficulty to hit with one per success

seekers V. 1.2Bearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Lower the difficulty to hit with one per success

Seeks LikeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Unknown

The Minister sets up a field of sympathetic vibration around himself or around his church. This field senses those people who are sympathetic to the aims of the church or individual in question. The field itself is the main effect. sometimes drawing in people that wouldn"t ordinarily come into a church. When the field is in sympathy with an individual that individual will feel drawn in. sensing a "rightness" about the feeling. the field can also cause coincidental effects to draw people in such as a sudden downpour or a flat tire. the Time element of this rote is solely for the purpose of giving the minister the ability of making a flawless first impression.( "well I happen to be through - teaching these children, so I guess I"ve got some time to talk...")

Sense Angled TimeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Time 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

Time does not always flow smoothly, sometimes there are corners and discontinuities in it for unknown reasons. These corners are dangerous times, since the defences of reality and casualty are briefly removed. Powerful beings of the Deep Umbra and dangerous weirdness may appear, and many momentous events occur at these times. This makes it especially important to know them beforehand. The Technocracy calls the "Bifurcation Points", and spend much energy neutralizing them or manipulating events around them.

Sense LinkBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Deird"re Brooks

Allows the Mage to perceive through another"s senses.

Sense ParadoxBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 1 Author: Unknown

The description of prime 5 hints at a positive/negative relationship between Paradox and Quintessence. Couldn"t you sense paradox just like yousense quintessence?

Sense SilverBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Matter 1, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage will be able to sense the presence of silver (or, truthfully, any basic element--wood, iron, plastic, gold).

Sense the LandBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 2, Mind 1 Author:

First employed by the witch Brangian to keep track of the Saxons who were raiding her land, this rote has become a standard survaillence effect among the Verbena. The witch extends her senses and merges them with those of the plants and small animals in a given region. (The Life magic allows the witch to blend her perceptions with those lives around her, while the Mind sphere enables her to understand the sensations she receives. Because her awareness is covered by the lives in the area, this effect is very difficult to detect. Every success increases the difficulty of detection by one.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Sense TimestoneBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 1, Time 1 Author: Constantine Thomas

Timestone is a strange and rare material unique to Nexus, found only in a few rare exposures in the more rugged regions of the realm - it is believed to be raw Space-Time, given physical form. One kilogram (2.2 lbs) of Timestone can be used as 1 point of Tass for Correspondence or Time effects only, and even so it works as such only within Nexus itself.

If taken outside Nexus, its distinctive signature can easily be detected by Mages using this Procedure - a small fragment is always built into Virtual Travel Bracelets, so any searches for Agents missing in action in the Virtuals and wearing these Bracelets are greatly aided by this rote. Indeed, with an additional Correspondence 3 component, the user of this Procedure can scan all of the local reality for Timestone.

Sense UnnaturalBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage knows when something out of place in ths environment is there.

Sensory DislocationBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to subject a target to perceived dislocation. The target will essentially have his senses "be elsewhere". Each success modifies either the number of senses, or the range from the target where input is sensed. WIth two successes, Raymond can make that Man-In-Black hear, as if her were standing 500 metres away. Great for keeping secrets from someone standign right beside you.

Sentient bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Lets you create sentient bullets. Cool, but not the kind of "smart" bullet you wanted.

sever the ties that bindBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4 Author: The rote library

[Cuts the links between the left and right Cortex in the subject, thus creating total chaos within the target--his left hand and right hand will fight for control. In essence, his body will argue with itself. Most higher functions will be disabled...

[Ive mulled over this one for a while--Thing is, Vampires can heal such damage very quickly, so Ive devised a way to put up a thin layer of steel between the cortexes as they are severed to prevent regrowth back into a normal pattern. (SEVER UNDEAD TIES, Matter 4)]

Shadows TouchBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Matter 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The shadows are the absence of light. As such, they can be solidified to represent the absence of not only light, but matter. And since the absence of matter acts as a vacuum (nature abhors a vacuum), matter will be drawn towards it. The mage who learns this rote can stretch the shadows, but creating localized light sources, with a directed output. Once the shadows come in contact with the target pattern (whether life or matter ,or if partuclarly successful, forces), they can become solidified negative-matter. Unlike the technocracy"s "Anti-Matter", this negative matter aheres to the matter (or pattern specified), acting as an entanglement. (The shadows grabbed him, and held him down long enough for the group to flee).

Shaking the BonesBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Prime 2 Author: Christopher L

The Euthanatos are not usually very open about their activities (which is probably very wise), and thus have developed this rote for secret communication. The only traditions to rival this system are the Akashics and the Virtual Adepts. The Euthanatos often cast bones as a means of divination and have developed a very sophisticated code in the patterns they fall in. A Euthanatos wishing to send a message uses her Entropy magick to influence the way they fall and then locks this pattern into the bones with Prime magick. Alternately the mage can use Time magick to create a "one-shot" only set of bones. This alternate version can also deliver different messages or a number of different messages depending on some pre-chosen circumstance, such as a question asked. These bones are then delivered to the intended receiver. Most mentors teach their disciples this code. "The more magickal successes achieved, the more complex the message may be. Two successes produce a simple message, such as "technocrats are on to us." Six successes would give details of numbers, locations, battle plans and contingencies."

Shed SkinBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to change her body"s flesh into whatever substance she desires. She must be able to visualize the desired pattern, then she must rip off her outer layer of skin, to expose the new layer of whatever desired material. Whenever the shedding is done, the previous layer of skin becomes a loose jumble of flesh that can be easliy removed, no matter what pattern it emulated previously. (just try ripping diamond skin off without this. won"t work.)


Profile: Forces 3, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

[This is a VULGAR effect that sets up a forcefield that works within the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. light and magnetism). Higher levels of Forces and Prime can affect other attack forms. Damage is reduced by the same number of successes as if Forces were used for damage.]


Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

When fired, the bullet co-locates and hit the target several times, consider this coincidential (ever heard of Duplex or Triplex Ammo?)


Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to remove mass from her frame, decreasing her size. Each success up to 5 removes 20% of her body weight, equally throughout her body, while every success beyond five removes 50%. A botch would see mass being added to the mage"s body. If the mage has more successes than desired, she may limit how far she will shrink. For every two successes above 2, she loses an extra health level (bruised). (ie, 4 successes = 1 lost level, 6 successes = 2 health levels lost).

Shrubbery From HellBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Prime 2 Author: Eric Tolle

THe sabbat raids gave Rose Embolism a _lot_ of blood to fool around with. One of her "experiments" involved irrigating her prized garden of Single- Thorn Roses with vitae. The result were semi-ambulatory monstosities out of a 50"s horror flick. Eventually she learned how to do this without a supply of vitae, and her manse s now encircled by large rose hedges... System: No real system, but Rose"s Roses now have long thorns that can drink the blood of any creature that wanders through them: the basic stats are: STR 3, DEX 3, STAMINA 5, Brawl 4, Concealment 4 Damage 3+ 1 Blood point/health level lost/ turn. Per each turn after one the victem is in the bushes, add one to the effective strength as more bramble vines join in... Think of a large, very pretty sundew plant. The plant will gain one Paradox point for every person it traps, and for every five minutes it is acting "out of the ordinary".

Some hedges are just not good places to hide in...


Profile: Life 3, Mind 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Many drunk people think they know that they are doing, or that they are capable of doing things they normally would avoid. Some Cultists have taken this to heart, and get completely drunk before undertaking risky or complex business. In this way they don"t have to worry about any risks, and since belief is reality, they are in fact just as (or even more) capable as when they are sober.

[ During the duration of the rote, intoxication causes no penalties to any abilities. Although the mage is roaring drunk and suffers from the usual lack of judgement, he will not do anything directly stupid or hurt himself. In some situations they even think they can do more than usual; add as many dices as there were magick successes to their dice pool if it fits the story and the roleplaying ].

Sight of CerberusBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage expands his mind in all directions. Should it find another mind filled with enmity directed against him personally the mage will immediately know it, and knows the exact position of the enemy. As long as the mage uses this rote he is safe from ambushes.

Sign of ProtectionBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

This sign is the opposite of the Brand of Evil, it shows that the bearer is under the protection of the Forces from Beyond. Anybody harming him risks retribution from Them. Most beings simply avoid the bearer, and some may become hostile. The strength of the protection depends upon the strength of the powers invoked by the drawer, and if they are willing to give their protection. However, it is hard to tell if a sign is backed up or not, so bluffing is possible.

Sign of the BeastBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

Used generally to freak out normal people (especially fundamentalists). When the mage uses it, strange coincidences start to happen around the mage. The shadow of a sculpture will look like an inverted pentagram. "Omen" will be shown on television. A swarm of wasps will land on the Bible. 666 will appear repeatedly around the mage, in card games, on price tags, on car plates and on calculators. Crucifixes will fall down from the wall, and when a book is opened randomly, it will tell something relating to Satan. [ Each success will increase the duration and strength of the rote. The more successes, the more powerful and unsettling coincidences will appear. ]

signal filterBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

The V-dept version of a classic Akashic Rote, Signal Filter evaluates incoming neural signals, intercepting excessive pain messages that might hamper the mages ability to function. Signal Filter is dangerous because the mage using it cannot tell the severity of her injury without carefully examining her pattern. She can feel enough to tell she was hurt and where the damage is but not how dangerous it is. In any case, the Rote in no way reduces the damage taken.

[Each success reduces the penalty and action restrictions on the wound chart by one level. The mage can even act while Incapacitated for up to one turn per success. Duration is otherwise normal. If the mage takes particularly strenuous or inappropriate actions, the Storyteller may call for a Stamina Roll (Difficulty = current wound level + 3) to avoid taking an additional wound.]

F/X - The wound is particularly clean or missed major nerve clusters, the mage"s brain is flooded with endorphins, her ration to the wound happens to be helpful (you double over and the next shot whizzes over your head). "This guy"s obviously on PCP," etc.


Profile: Life 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

Sometimes mages have to appear more hurt than they are, for example during medical examinations. Using this rote the mage can simulate all kinds of diseases and wounds, or make wounds appear healed. Verbena usually wash themselves with blood and paint their new appearance using it and special herbs. The results look like the real thing, but are no real wounds (if the mage doesn"t want to be *too* realistic, of course). By adding Mind 1 the mage can imprint the correct responses too, like appearing in pain or shivering when touched in certain spots.


Profile: Correspondence 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

Void Engineers use sophisticated computer simulations to enter the virtual reality known as the Digital Web. [This is a version of Hardware Entry (Digital Web p.98).] F/X - Simulation is a Conventional effect.

Singing in the RainBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Stephen Johnson

There is some argument between mages as to which came first, the movie or the Rote. Which ever, the effect of this Rote is to alter the emotional state of the target to a state of joyous euphoria. Once in that state the target loses any aggressive feeling towards anyone, including a mortal enemy standing directly in front of her, in favor of singing out loud of the sheer pleasure of singing. The effect is limited both in depth of euphoria and duration, but while under the influence of this Rote the subject will happily sing in the midst of their own execution as if they had not a care in the world. [For every success past the first either the depth of euphoria or it"s duration is increased. Note that this Rote can be resisted with a simple Wits + Alertness or Willpower roll with a difficulty equal to the mage attempting to enforce the effect.]

site to site transportBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This Rote takes the mage to a specific, pre-determined location. Often, a series of locations is "programmed" ahead of time. All such locations must be personally memorized by the mage (thus the mind aspect, for eidetic memory). This rote is very simple, often requiring only a single key stroke like [HOME] or [RETURN].

[Site to Site Transport differs from the classic Seven League Stride primarily in that the target location is always well known. Two successes are all that is needed to remove the mage to the next programmed location. Extra successes are required if the mage wishes to "cascade" through several localities, spending anywhere from a fraction of a second to a few turns in each intermediate location. As long as her computer is up and running, the V-dept can activate this Rote with no initiative penalty. This Rote is almost always Vulgar magick.]

Skewer the Gossiping TongueBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 3, Mind 3 Author:

This rote is used by Voudoun mages to deal with the spread of unpleasant rumors (true or not). The mage purchase an ox tongue, ritually enchants it with the names of the persons talking badly about her, and then drives a nail through the tongue. Thereafter, the gossipers will feel inclined to leave the mage be. If they ignore that inclination, they will find the gossip rebounding on them in unpleasant ways, and other mildly unpleasant things happening to them, until they desist. [The Correspondence is unnecessary if the rote is cast in the presence of the gossipers.]

Paul Strack

Skinwalker IBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 3, Mind 1, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

A strange encounter to be sure, He was wicked, he was pure Hear him calling, he"s calling for you. --Robbie Robertson, Skinwalker
This rote was created by the mage known only as Experiment 28157, after his escape from the Progenitors, and his subsequent inception into the ranks of the nephandi. it is beleived that he is still active, though the last known use of this rote was some 15 years ago. The rote allows the mage to take on the meorized life pattern of not one, but many different forms all at once, across multiple locations in space, and possibly in time. The rote is completed in three separate parts: 1) The compartmentalization of the mind to handle the multiple input streams from each co-located body. 2) The actualy co-location of each body 3) The altering of each form of the co-located body.

The result is that the mage appears as many different people, in many different places. The mage may create a number of appearances equeal to their Arete rating. Co-located movement restrictions (1 movement, echoed by all co-located bodies) still applies. There are some among the Dreamspeakers who suspect that this rote may actually have been the seat of the Native American myths regarding Skinwalkers. -=-=-


Profile: Life 2, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

A Tatoo of an LCD (or analog, I guess) display showing the time. Could be anywhere on the body.

Sleeping Beauty's LamentBearbeiten

Profile: Life 4, Time 3 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

Use this effect to put someone to sleep for a long, long time. Either using the Dilate/Constrict Time effect, or "sending" the victim into the future. For each success on the effect, you dump somone into a longer and longer sleep (1=hour, 2=day, 3=week, 4=month, 5=year should be pretty acceptable).

Sleepless nightBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author:

This rote was invented by the Verbena during the Inquisition. Some of them could not allow themselves one minute of rest, for fear that they could be discovered by the witch-hunters during their sleep. Life 3 and Prime 2 are used to clean the body out of toxins, and create the substances normally secreted by the body during sleep. Mind 2 try to cancel mental fatigue. After several days of such a treatment body and mind begin to betray their owner. The caster must at least score as much successes on his dice roll as the number of days without sleeping (minus stamina perhaps) to avoid these conplications. If your storyteller allows it, tou can spend a point of quintessence and turn it into willpower, as if you had slept a full night (should not be automatic).

Claude G.


Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Another spooky technomancer idea, developed in a joint project between the Progenitors and Iteration X for use by New World Order. Using small Remote Control Chips (RCCs) inserted into the brain of a victim, the technomancers can read the victims senses, and take control over the victims body and mind. He doesn"t need to know he have the chips until they are used. Each chip also contains a tracking device and a suicide unit, which will release a powerful acid which will make the chip melt and kill its host. An Autopsy will only reveal a massive brain haemorrhage.

Using RCCs the New World Order have created many sleepwalkers. They are quite normal people, unaware of that anything is wrong about them. When the technomancers decide to, they simply take control over them, using them as remote controlled robots for as sassination, spying or sabotage. Often their senses are fed into the technomancers surveillance systems.

Smell of ManBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage may enhance his natural smell, scaring off animals.

Smell the Traitors HeartBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Unknown

The Akashics developed this Rote to alert themselves to hostile minds, and avoid ambushes. The mages keeps a light telepathic contact with all the minds in her immediate area. If a sentient being in the Akashic"s sensory range becomes hostile, the Akashics empathic senses will be alerted, and the mage can defend herself. The Akashic need not even see the ambusher to "scent" the hostile intent. However, this Rote does nothing to protect the mage from inanimate threats or accidents.

Smoke screenBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 2 Author: Ian Ward

The mages car emits smoke and/or oil from the back making that all important escape from the technocracy HQ that he just blew up even easier!

Snap Your FingersBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Life 4 Author: Mark Jones

Using Entropy (level 3 I think) and life, he does a variation on Bone withering palm he calls "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck." He snaps his fingers and, coincedentally, your feet fall out from under you or something else happens that makes you fall and your neck is broken. It works best when using, if I remember right, Entropy 3, Life 4. Euthantos would love this rote. So would any hard wired killer.


Profile: Correspondence 1 Author: FindRote_2.0

This rote was recently pioneered by combat Virtual Adepts using their HUD displays. The rote lets thait computers track the path of any projectile back to it"s path ( even those too fast for the adept to see ) Time 2 can be used to determine the paths of projectiles that have already been shot. ( Was the Man in Black behind the grassy knoll or in the building?) Using this rote with a video input is coincidental. Mind 1 can be used to make the rote track many lines of fire at once. [ Each success ceoms closer to pinpointing the source, at 3 or more successes the sniper"s location is known enough to be attacked, even if he is invisible or concealed. ]


Profile: Forces 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to focus all the sound in a given area to channel towards himself. Thus, a hushed conversation in a graveyard across the street could be easily listened in upon. However, anyone else listening in on the conversation might not be able to hear a thing.

Solar FlareBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5, Prime 2 Author: Deird"re Brooks

This creates a stream of solar temperature fire anywhere within range and spreading outward away from the mage in a cone shape. Requires at least three successes to work properly, but it does successes x 4 damage.

Solar BanishingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Life 3, Matter 3 Author: [ Fang_Tsu]

Teleport the vampire (rather than simply making a portal to push him through) to somewhere that it's day right now. Preferably several miles up so nothing can obscure it. If you have enough time to stack it up (and make it a hanging effect with entropy/time) you could even teleport the vampire straight into the sun. Nothing wins against that

Solar to Bio-energy converterBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 2, Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to heal non-aggravated wounds by soaking in sunlight. The light of the sun will be transformed into bio-energy, which can be used to heal most regular wounds. Supernatural wounds cannot be healed in this method.

This would be an extended roll. The roll needs at least four successes. If successful, the mage may regain health levels at the rate of one level per hour spent in the sun. Each extended roll counts as one hour.

Hillary has taken 4 levels of damage, and she enacts this rote.

She rolls 4, 8, 0, 3, 4, 7, 5, and 4. She has only 3 successes. If she were to stop now, she would gain no health levels back. She opts to "sun-bathe" for another hour. She rolls 1, 9, 8, 4, 7, 0, 3, 3, and 7, for 4 more successes. With a total of 7 successes, she may gain two heal levels back for the two hours spent sun-bathing. However, during hte sunbathing time, the mage must be doing nothing else, except concetrating on the feel of the sun on her body, the energy flow inwards, and the knitting of her body. If she is distracted before four successes are gained, she will haveto start over again, from teh beginning, while still having wated the time.

Somebody Else's ProblemBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2/3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage dampens the interest of something, for example himself. The victims won"t notice anything unless its spectacular, includes him or he keeps his eyes in it. A person with SEP can walk down a street without being noticed or remembered, but a security guard will probably stop him if he tries to enter a restricted area (the guard is on lookout for any intruder). With three in mind the mage can erase all perception of himself, which turns him invisible for all practical purposes as long as he don"t break the illusion by attacking somebody, turn over something or collide with someone. This type of protection/invisibility is very common. Cabalists use the Yetziratic Sealing Rite, Rosicrucians the Rose-Cross Ritual, Akashic Brothers special silent Do-movements and Verbena wear protective amulets carved with the athame.

Song of LifeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg Dreamspeakers often contact the spirits of nature. They seek to awaken the spirits around themselves by dancing, drumming and singing ancient songs. If they are lucky they might contact the spirits around them. Most nature spirits are weak beings, but sometimes they meld together into one powerful spiritus loci, which can have great power. However, most spirits are just conscious of what happens in their own world, and very bad at recognising other activities. On the other hand nature spirits are very good at revealing where different plants grow, if somebody has passed or forecast the weather.

Song of SorrowsBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Forces 3 Author: Sandchigger

Using Mind the mage performing the song (singing, playing on an instrument, what have you) can subtly effect the listeners emotions, causing them to feel deep agonizing sorrow or remorse. The addition of Forces can allow the mage to turn the sad tones into physically harmful soundwaves, giving even the happiest listener something to be sorry about

Song of the SoulBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 5, Prime 3, Spirit 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

What do you do for a living Are you forgiving, giving shelter Follow your heart, love will find you Truth will unbind you --"Song of the Soul", Cris Williamson

This rote is specifically for getting in contact with the avatar. There are some mages whose avatar is most unforthcoming. And there are times when the mage becomes frustrated with a lack of answers. So this rote is enacted. The mage MUST trust in their intuition, as any direction from an unforthcoming avatar will appear as elements in the mages day-to-day life.

It may be that a half-way house puts out a "Help wanted" sign just as the mage walks by, or perhaps there"s a typo in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes entry that says, "Enter your rage:" Either way, this rote will contact the avatar, and attune the mages mind to seeing the subtle coincidences that direct the mage.

This rote can be used in conjunction with "Dance of the Soul", for more reasonable and socially acceptable (ie, not vulgar) transformations of personality.

Sorceror's BlessingBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Mind 2 Author: The Wizards Book

Another mythic age rote, this spell was created by a talented Euthanatos working during the close of the age. The spell allows the mage to weave fate around a living creature in such a way that he can bestow permanent magickal powers on the person. For instance, with use of Mind 1, the sorceror could grant his custos eidetic memory. By mixing life, the subject could be granted regeneration or shapeshifting. The mage may use the rote on himself, but paradox tends to take exception to this.

(System: Entropy weaves fate around the person, and mind places the power under his control. The number of successes required vary according to the nature of the power: Eidetic memory is about six, while shapeshifting would be about fifteen. The power will not garner paradox, although if it"s a flashy power, it may not work if there are lots of sleepers around. Mages weaving "hanging" spells on themselves will gain one point of permanent paradox per effect "hung" until he releases the magick.)

Sorrow BladeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 5, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

The blade created will not only do normal damage for its type but when the blade scans a target using its Life it will reconfigure the blade so that it is toxic to the organism or will produce toxic effects if not treated. This can be as simple as the blade becoming silver when combating Garou to the blade producing harmful micro-organisms on its surface . During the turmoil of the Age of Magick, this blade was known as Sorrow-Steel as it reputedly wept poison on command.


Profile: Forces 3, Life 3, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Kyle Felker

The origins of this nasty rote are lost to antiquity, but it is still widely employed by the nephandi and the Euthanatos. Soulfyre manifests as a bolt of oddly-colored flame-often orange or green-that strikes it"s target, but fails to leave any visible wound. Soulfyre burns a victim on a mystical level, causing horrid damage that is incredibly painful and often takes months to heal.

(System: Forces and prime are used to create the fire, and mind imbues the effect with a potent resonance of pain. The inclusion of Life allows the fire to do direct aggravated pattern damage, which is non-soakable, although the bolt can be dodged. The pain is so intense that the victim is helpless for one round per success on the damage roll.)

Sound EditorBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This allows the mage to "edit out" certain sounds from a scene. This is trictly a perceptual thing for the mage. others will still hear those sounds.

Sounds of PainBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This little rote allows a mage to mentally hear the sounds of whatever caused a wound. Some truly twisted cultists have used it to play music on sick people.

[Adding Forces 3 Prime 2 the sounds can be made audible].

Spatial AwarenessBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to work without any disadvantages in no-light situations. He is always aware of where everything is in the room. Mixed with COrrespondence 1 and Matter 1, he will also know the potential for everything in the room as it relates to his purpose (no, don"t pick up the ottoman to throw at the HITmark, throw the loveseat instead, it"s mahogany frame is heavier than the pine).

Spectral BladeBearbeiten

Profile: Life 1, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Unknown

The name is misleading as the blade actually has very little to do with the Umbra. Rather the blade is sequentially substantial and insubstantial and keyed to a Life pattern so that it will pierce the flesh easily. This blade may also be keyed to Matter and therefore armour thus ignoring the protection that armour may provide.

Damage: Weapon +1 OR Armour -1


Profile: Mind 1, Spirit 3 Author: D.J. Babb

An improvement on IDS, Spectre allows the Gamer to become the proverbial "Ghost-in-the-Machine" (or Game in this case). [By beating a dificulty of 7, the Gamer enters the Umbra, while still sensing events on Gaia and the Umbra simultaneously. Mind is used to allow the Game to process all the information coming into his brain.]


Profile: Mind 1 Author: Deird"re Brooks

The Mage can read many times faster than normal with this effect. Each success adds 1 to the multiple for reading times, starting at 1 for 1 success.

Sphere of TruthBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Mind 2, Prime 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote is used by the Rosicrucians at tribunals and trials to test if someone tells the truth or talks with true conviction about something. The user of the rote draw a symbol above the Showstone using the seal, while chanting the twelve secret names of Truth. From inside the showstone a small sphere of vibrating, dancing light emerges. It can be handled, and while held in the palm it will change colour, size and shape depending on the bearers state of mind and what he says. If he lies, the sphere will become darker, stained and begin to vibrate with a eerie sound. If the bearer tells the truth it will become brighter. If the bearer talks with true conviction and tells the truth it will jump up and down, glittering with intense colours depending on mood.

Spirit bulletBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 3 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

A bullet that can fire into umbra and hit spirits there (remember, non-materialized spirits gets no soak unless they got Armor charm)

Spirit FistBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: This rote was created by the Yogis, many of whom use some variant of it in their struggles with hostile Umbrood. (This allows the doist to use do strikes on spirits.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Spirit FlaskBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Another classic rote. By making a material container impervious to spirits, they can be trapped inside and only escape if somebody opens it. The trick is to get them inside...

spirit idBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 1, Spirit 1 Author: BLAKE 1001

This rote allows a mage to recognize spirits who contact her, whether through his Umbral Pager or by attacking her, without constantly scanning the Near Umbra. When contacted by a spirit, the mage automatically "sees" the spirit, though no other parts of the adjacent umbra or nearby spirits are perceived.

[The mage should make a Perception + Awareness roll to positively ID the spirit. She can then tell whether it is a familiar spirit and can recognize it the next time their paths cross. The information granted is also enough for the mage to Call the spirit later on, though he has no power over it of course. Umbral effect, no coincidences required.]

Spirit MessengerBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

A rote which was often employed during the Middle Ages by Order of Hermes. The mage summons a minor spirit, which is given a message to deliver. The spirit flies away to the receiver, delivers its message and vanishes (unless ordered to return with an answer). The Order had long tables with the names of suitable messengers, and especially valued spirits who could communicate in several languages and work as interpreters.

Spirit RapeBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Life 2, Prime 2, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This is useful for subverting a spirirt to your needs. Each use of this rote temporarily depletes the spirit of successes/2 levels of gnosis, giving them to the mage as quintessence, instead.

Spirit SpeechBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Spirit 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

The mage may converse with the spirits around him.

Spirits of DelightBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Child summons spirits who will give him some pleasure and entertainment. It may be spectral music, alluring scents, illusions of beautiful women, caresses and kisses or almost anything. The more successful the rote is, the more powerful spirits are attracted and the longer the effect last. Incubi and Succubi are material manifestations of quite powerful spirits, who only exist to please the mage (at least that is what they are saying...).

Spiritual EcstasyBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This enables the mage to stimulate the spiritual aspect of the ascendee as well as his mind and body. The result is more profound pleasure than any carnal pleasure, and tends to stimulate the Avatar to become more active in the pursuit of higher forms of ecstasy.

Spy BeamBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Time 2 Author: Daniel P. Anderson

This allows spies to monitor targets, ignoring barriers coincidentally (the old laser on the window trick, or the infinity transmitter hooked up to the phone, or "good thing they picked the suite with the bug in it!") and even allowing them to scroll forward and backward in time to monitor events that have happened (It"s already in the CD-ROM, we"ve been taping this room for nine months) or events that might happen (statistical probability projection complete with spiffy graphics). Other spheres make the read-outs more complete (Life, Matter, and Forces are particularly useful). Foci for this effect: Rifle microphone, infinity transmitter, laser-scope microphone, little sophisticated bugs, a van chock-full of complicated electronics and spies dressed up like waiters, or even a camcorder hidden in the closet.

Stance of the Perfect DefenderBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Entropy 1, Mind 1 Author:

This rote is very common among Dragon Scales, who use it to considerable effect when they are attacked by multiple opponents. By keeping track of the location of all their assailants and maneuvering accordingly, the Scale can prevent them from using their numerical superiority to their advantage. (Each success negates 1 pt of a multiple attacker bonus per success. While this can only be employed when a single mage is being attacked by multiple opponents, if the mage scores well enough, this rote can actual increase the difficulty for multiple attackers, as they get in each other"s way.)

Andrew E. Larsen


Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: BLAKE 1001

The Time Table admits this technology some decades after Hyperspacial Jumping becomes commonplace. It opens a stable "gate" between two distant points in space. All comments under Hyperspace Jump go double for this one. [This is a version of "Hermes Portal" MAGE p186.] F/X - This effect is Experimental unless covered by a Coincidental Effect.

Stasis bulletsBearbeiten

Profile: Time 4 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

Target hit gets stopped in place for duration

Steal DeathBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Life 4, Spirit 2 Author: Stacey Lawless

This strange and powerful rote lets a Euthanatos mage simultaneously heal and harm. With powerful magick, the Euthanatos can "steal" the death of someone just before their life would pass from their body. In keeping with their beliefs, the Euthanatos will not do so unless they genuinely believe the person needs to continue living. The killing blow will be deflected at the last moment, though the target may still be badly wounded. The person"s life is saved by the Euthanatos literally capturing the spirit of death that comes for the victim. The Euthanatos can then store the death in some symbolic container, for use at some later date. The mage can unleash the death spirit at another target, inflicting the doom on them instead. The death spirit will make use of whatever is on hand to "coincidently" inflict a swift end to its victim. [Double the number of successes generated initially, and subtract this from the damage of the person the Euthanatos is trying to save. If this reduces the damage to the point where the victim would survive, the death is successfully stolen. When the death is unleashed, it inflicts the number of successes x 4 in damage to the victim, which is almost always enough to do them in. Botches with this Rote can be truly dangerous, allowing the death spirit to get "free", able to strike where it will.]

Steal DreamBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg This rote allows a Dreamer to try to sever the link between the person dreaming a dream and the dream itself. If it succeeds the dream will become free, hopefully without damage.

[The number of successes denote the damage the dream took in the process. One success means that the dream was heavily damaged, with major sections missing and many things changed. With two successes the dream only took some medium damage, loosing some minor locations and objects. Three successes ensure only small damage and minor changes, and four and more successes will generally leave it almost completely intact.]

Steal The LifeBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 5 Author: Kyle Felker

This horrid rote was developed independently by verbena Barrabi eaons ago. It is the base for stories of wizards performing human and animal sacrifice, and any mage caught using it today will be subjected to branding or death at the very least.

(System: This rote is Identical to the Heart"s Blood effect...except the mage can use it on other people, transforming their health levels to quintessence and channeling it into his own pattern. One health level is transformed per success. This is often done as an extended ritual, usually as a prelude to another ritual in which the stolen quintessence is used.)

Stepping through the Gauntlet with the third FootBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 3 Author: Stephen Johnson

This is the basic Rote taught to all Akashic Brothers to master the art of stepping through the Gauntlet into the Near Umbra. Other Traditions teach variations on this Rote to their members of course and without the use of some misdirection it is extremely vulgar. The usual method to turn this into Coincidental Magick is to use a door, often one letting into a closet or other area where sleeper witness are not present. [Number of successes required varies depending on the area in which the attempt is made. Concentrated urban areas are the most difficult, primeval or pristine wilderness the easiest. What sets this Rote apart from those of other Traditions is that if an Akashic Brother has left behind the need to use the Do as a foci for this rote, performing the do as part of the rote effectively allows the Akashic Brother to use Arete rather that the Sphere of Spirit.]

Stifle the Warning ClaxonBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Mind 3 Author:

Knowing well that mages use their power to warn themselves of danger, the Euthanatos developed this Rote to counter this. The Euthanatos uses Mind to project feelings of calm and safetly, while clouding the mental senses of the target(s). Simultaneous, she uses her advanced knowledge of Entropy to "cloud the fates", flattening the whorls in the winds of death that give one warning.

[The mages successes subtract from the successes of any ability that detects the presence of danger, including the above Rotes, Auspex, Fatalism, and so forth.]

Paul Strack

Stone SwimmingBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows a mage to "swim through stone". He can only go as far as he may hold his breath, however. (this is a form of matter/pattern disassociation).

Stone TonguesBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to converse with the spirit of the stone, by talking to it in it"s own language. Like "Plant Tongues" Stone Tongues will take a long time to get any useful information. Much longer, in fact, that Plant Tongue. However, the stone (ie, earths crust) has been around for far longer than you or I, and has the memory of all that has passed in this location. SO, spending the time may well be worth it.

Stop LactationBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5 Author: Deird"re Brooks Prevents milk production in a lactating woman.

Strength of AntaeusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author:

Another old Greek rote, this one is employed mostly by the Twisters of Fate, who like the way it reminds the caster of her dependence upon the earth by allowing her to tap the earth"s strength. (Each success give the witch 2 points of Strength as long as she is in direct contact with the earth. If she breaks contact with the soil, the strength immediately fades, but returns when contact is re- established. If someone attempts to lift or otherwise move her off the soil, she resists with her full strength, regardless of whether she has leverage or not.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Strength of SteelBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage can make something hard as steel without changing other material properties. This rote can turn a curtain into a barrier, a piece of string into a cable or a paper-plane a deadly killing instrument. Sons of Ether usually perform this rigidity activation by carefully measuring the material of the object, and slowly manipulating the readings to suitable levels.

Strengthen DestinyBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 2, Prime 2, Time 5 Author: Anders Sandberg

Some of the most powerful cultists are not content merely to watch the flow of history, they want to direct it. When they see a tendency they like, they perform elaborate ecstatic rituals to fuel the causal chains supporting it and increase the chance it will grow. This will help the development through random events and "the flow of history". Some cultists claim that Woodstock was such and ritual to fuel the whole of the 60"s. Others whisper that the Technocracy is doing the same thing on a global scale, to ensure their total victory.

Strengthening the Limbs of a HeroBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 2 Author: Stephen Johnson

The Celestial Chorus was famous during the Mythic Age for using this Rote on unsuspecting sleepers. This Rote usually uses a Coincidental focus that the target believes in strongly, during the Mythic Age the Celestial Chorus used priestly blessings, dousing with holy water and/or the touch of relics. [For every success past the first the Mage may choose to add an extra die per success to either or all of the target"s Physical Attributes for the remainder of the scene, or choose to extend the additional dice to the Physical Attributes for an extra scene per success.]

Sub-Orbital EVABearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 3 Author: BLAKE 1001

Void Engineers can only enter the Penumbra at high altitudes where the gauntlet is fairly weak. The required equipment for Extra-Vehicular Activities include a space suit and umbilical. The effect is used to repair umbral satellites and reach space stations (anchorheads to horizon realms). [This effect allows Void Engineers to Step Sideways (MAGE p.214) into Gaia"s Near Umbra and back. It also allows stepping from the Near Umbra of some other realm to it"s physical manifestation if that realm has a gauntlet. The Gauntlet at sub- orbital altitudes requires only two successes to pierce.] F/X - EVA is Conventional in orbit. In the atmosphere it is always Experimental (Vulgar).

Subdermal PocketBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Matter 2, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

Creates a small 4 inch by 6 inch pocket on the body, where small things can be stored. The items stored may still pull the body out of shape, though. Stomach is best, because the stored item can be place between layers of fat and nestled between the intestines...


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

A less brutal method is used by the Syndicate, which uses subliminal control on the masses. By carefully entering hidden messages, the sleepers are made to like or dislike certain things. For example, its quite easy to make many people feel a bit bored or distracted when confronted with information the Syndicate doesn"t want them to understand (this is called "spreading fnords" by the Virtual Adepts).


Profile: Mind 1 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote was perfected by the Virtual Adepts. The mage allocates a small part of his mind to perform a certain task, like solving a problem or guarding a door. The mage will then forget it until the subprocess if finished and reunites with the main mind. This can be used to hide information from the main mind or plant reminders (Time 1 can be combined, creating a timed subprocess). Some Virtual Adepts have developed recursive subprocesses, which can generate their own subprocesses. Several of them have however fallen victim to runaway subprocesses which have eaten their brain capacity, due to erroneous programming.

Summers RicochetBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 5 Author: Mathias Bengtsson

After hitting its initial target the bullet continues with undiminished power and hits up to successes number of extra targets, considered coincidential if shot from a fully automatic gun while spraying.

Summon archangel of AirBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 4, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons one of the archangels of pure air. The archangel tend to manifest mentally, speaking directly into the mages mind. Air-angels are quick, highly intelligent and curious, but have a short span of attention unless the mage have something interesting to say. Erzla is very good at explaining abstract theories and magick.

Summon archangel of FireBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons one of the archangels of pure fire. The archangel prefer not to manifest physically, but may perform services using its static magick. The mage should not summon Pziza lightly, since fire-angels tend to be impulsive and a bit aggressive. The archangel is very good at controlling the forces of fire, heat and destruction, if somewhat overeager to do so.

Summon Being of ChangeBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

This rote summons one type of spirit, known just as the Beings of Change. They don"t have any visible appearance, but can be seen due to their effects. The Beings are roughly shaped like thin surfaces, which sweep through matter as if it wasn"t there. As they pass through things, they change them. Weak beings just change small things like orientation and placement, like making things appear in other places or turned upside down. More powerful beings change inanimate objects into new objects, like turning rocks into piles of paper or pencils into glasses of whiskey. After that, the beings can start to change living beings slightly, or add new things. Ants turn into butterflies, electronic components appear. Very powerful beings can twist living and dead things into new shapes, add new beings or truly bizarre dead matter. The most powerful beings twist not only the body, but the mind. They can change personalities and appearances, create completely unreal things and erase things with equal ease.

[Each success will summon a more powerful being, or several smaller ones. The number denotes the level of spheres the beings can emulate. However, they cannot change the amount of quintessence in reality, just what structures it is tied into. To create something, something else have to go. The beings will not last very long, since paradox quickly dissolves them. However, they are not influenced by any form of Prime or Pattern magick, which they simply transform into another form.]

Summon Dark EntityBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

The Nephandi often classify spirirts as dark or light, as metaphors for evil or "good". THis particular rote summons an evil entity, as these vague classifications are perceived by the mage. IT is virtually guaranteed that if a spirit appears (or a denizen of another umbral realm--we didn"t specify a spirit), the being will be perceived as evil by the caster, no matter what his beleif system.

Summon Demon ProcessBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons one of the spirits of technology and communication from a network of some kind. The spirits are quick, efficient entities who know almost everything about their own medium, but unfortunately not much about anything else (Many spirits deny the existence of anything outside their network) The spirits can for example tell the mage about where information has been transmitted or stored, but nothing about what the information means, since it is incomprehensible to them. Virtual Adepts summon and talk to these spirits using query-languages or their own weird dialect of LISP.

Summon Dream-SteadBearbeiten

Profile: Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg To travel in the dreaming many mages employ the services of the Dream-Stead, beings which will happily work for the mage in exchange for Quintessence. They can look like anything, ranging from horses to fantastic creatures only possible in a dream. They are often quite well oriented in the dreaming, and know many secret pathways and odd corners. Some are even intelligent enough to hold a conversation. Over time many become loyal to their mages, and become constant companions.

Summon GnomeBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg This ritual is used to summon one or more of the elementals of Earth, the gnomes. The mage fills the Triangle with sand, mud and stones and chants one of the elemental prayers in addition to the normal rituals. Unlike most summonings, they prefer to manifest physically, often as small men and women made out of clay and earth (not too unlike Terra Firma, which some Goetic mages claim is their king Ghob). They are stubborn, practical and somewhat lazy creatures, who has full knowledge of anything pertaining to the earth, like ores, gems, hidden treasures and caves. They are masters of shaping tools, jewellery or other artefacts.

Summon IBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to call a person, or, with enough successes, an animal to him from wherever they are in the world. The person so summoned will feel an irrestistable urge to find the summoner. They will take whatever transport they can find that will get them to the summoner quickly. The more successes this effect has, the greater the distance the target can be summoned from.

Summon IIBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Life 1, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to call a person, or, with enough successes, an animal, or even a spirit to him from wherever they are. This is not limited to this plane. The person so summoned will feel an irrestistable urge to find the summoner. They will take whatever transport they can find that will get them to the summoner quickly. The more successes this effect has, the greater the distance the target can be summoned from. This rote is beleived to have been responsible for the ressurection of Ronald Foley, previously of the Order of Hermes. Foley spent nearly three weeks in the Shadow lands.

Summon IIIBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4, Life 1, Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to call a person, or, with enough successes, an animal, to him from wherever they are. This is not limited to this plane. The person, animal or spirit will be taken from wherever they are, on whatever plane, umbra, or location, and will appear on this plane, this earth, this reality. This rote is beleived to have been used to pull werewolves out of the umbra.

Summon informantBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons an angel in order to gain information about somebody. The angel (if it was correctly summoned and the right angel for the job) will search out the individual, subtly read his mind and body and return with the requested information. They are also good at finding information about other things. Many enochians spend a lot of time conversing with these angels.

Summon Lord of FireBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 3, Forces 4, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons one of the Lords of Fire. If the Lord chooses to help the mage it can destroy almost anything or anyone, using its own considerable power or its servitors. This often happen using static magick. Typical effects is terrorist bombings, small earthquakes, traffic accidents, chemical explosions or riots. The targets demise is almost a certainty, since the Lord is known for his tenacity.

Summon LoverBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Child uses his power over the carnal desires, and try to influence a partner. The victim will feel a subconscious desire for the Child, and will (at least sexually) be drawn towards him. Sometimes the Child uses a mass version, increasing his or her own charisma and sex appeal to arouse everybody in the vicinity. [ Each success will give one automatic success on seduction attempts. ]

Summon PersonBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Sometimes Dreamers need to get hold of people outside their own dreams. One way is to literally teleport them into the dream of the Dreamer from their own. This can be quite an advantage, as they no longer reside in a dream of their choosing, and the mage is able to run the show instead.

Summon SalamanderBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage places source of fire inside the triangle, like a brazier, and chants the prayer of the Salamanders. The spirit will manifest half physically inside the flames, as odd movements and suggestions of a lizard like shape. Salamanders tend to be aggressive, passionate beings with absolutely no patience. They are knowledgeable in everything involving fire, forces and destruction, but also purity and transformation.

Summon Shades of the DeadBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Spirit 2 Author:

This rote calls up ghosts of the departed, so that the mage may ask them questions or command their service. Typically, the mage takes some item of the deceased (referred to as the "fetter"), and uses it as a focus of his power, to draw the shade to him. The longer a spirit has been dead, the more difficult they are to call. Some ghosts become very powerful after death, and are correspondingly more difficult to summon. The rote does not compel the ghost to cooperate, nor does it give the shade any more intelligence than they possessed in life. In fact, long dead spirits are often confused or even insane, and it can be difficult to get useful information out of them. Most spirits have little in the way of power to effect the living world, but a few (known as wraiths) have greater strength. Wraiths make useful servants, but are dangerous to deal with, having talents that could strike back at the mage. The spirit of almost any dead individual can be summoned by this Rote, seemingly contradicting reincarnation theories or the existence of some sort of benevolent afterlife, views common to the Euthanatos and Celestial Chorus, respectively. Both of these traditions claim that most (if not all) of the shades summoned by this ritual are not actually the spirit of the departed person, but are some sort of Umbral reflection left by their passing, which can linger for a long period of time. The actual soul of the departed will have passed on long ago to its proper reward. [If no fetter of the departed is on hand, the difficulty of the rote is increased by 2. If the fetter is actually a "Fetter", as defined in the Wraith game, the difficulty is lowered by 2. Use the Time duration chart to determine how many successes are need based on how long the person has been dead.]

Paul Strack

Summon Succubus/IncubusBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2/4, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg Succubi and Incubi are as much beings of desire as actual spirits. They take their form from the wildest, most repressed desires of their partners, intent on fulfilling all their fantasies. This has made them excellent tools of corruption or spies in the past. Many mages have also fallen for the temptation of using them as lovers, which they are all too willing to become. The longer a succubus/incubus remain physical and the more lovers it has, the more powerful will it become until it is beyond the control of any mage. However, that haven"t detained many mages from summoning a few.

Summon SylphBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The Sylphs usually manifests as scented winds or changing, suggestive shapes barely seen. They are very fond of illusions, playing games with people and fooling the mage (and due to their intelligence they are good at it). It is not easy to make them behave seriously, but if the mage manages to make them behave, they are quite good at everything pertaining to air, illusions, music, language etc. They are also excellent, if somewhat unreliable, spreaders of magickal gossip and crafters of illusions, not to mention their spying abilities.

Summon the Servitors of DecayBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

The mage summons some of the spirits of entropy in an area of entropy, like a garbage dump, a dying person or a condemned house. Euthanatos usually do this by asking a question while rattling the rattle and then throw the bones. The answer is found depending on how the bones fall. The spirits of entropy are not very good at answering questions about anything that does not involve entropy and randomness. They cannot tell if anybody have passed them, but can give detailed descriptions of the flow of entropy around a murder victim or tell in what way a glass was broken.

Summon TimekeeperBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Time 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

One of the more unusual kind of elementals is the time-elementals, known in the Cult of Ecstasy as timekeepers. They seems to be the spirits which keep track of everything, making sure things happen at the right time for the right reasons. They seldom manifest physically, preferring to communicate through coincidences and physical phenomena like the sound of a ticking clock. The timekeepers know everything about what has happened and will happen, and may give information to the mage as long as it will not cause any disturbances of time. If the mage disrupts time too much, they might become very dangerous servants of paradox. Persistent rumours tell that they have a lord known as Chronos, the Master Timekeeper. Some mages speculate that Chronos may be Wrinkle.

Summon UndineBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Spirit 2 Author: Anders Sandberg

To summon the undines, the mage places water inside the Triangle and chants the prayer to the Undines. They tend to manifest as ripples in the water, a dampness in the air and if the mage forces them to manifest more clearly, as beautiful, seductive women made of water or ugly fishlike things. They are a bit treacherous, but also very emotional beings. They have a strong affinity for life and growth, and knows much about the living world not to mention everything in water. They can influence the emotions of others, cause fertility or infertility and control water in its different forms.

Summoning Walk of the EnlightenmentBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 5 Author: Emrey Barnes While crossing the forested mountains of Tibet for days without food or water, Blue Skin Brother Chang Ming came upon an Oracle performing a walking meditation. Silently, Ming stepped behind the Oracle and traced his footsteps; Chang Ming"s mind was quick enough to make a mental map of the path for future record. The resulting Tome and those copied from it teach the way of the Summoning Walk of Enlightenment. By studying the record, the Doist learns to link his Avatar to the fast-sweeping currents of the Prime. However, Chang Ming was not ready for the depth of power that his newfound Style brought him. Ho Chow Fan, a Euthanatos mage, crumpled him to a mass of quivering flesh with the Bone Twisting Palm. Fortunately, with Chang Ming"s last act of magick, he destroyed his copy of the Tome and kept it from falling into the hands of the Euthanatos.

[The Doist"s Avatar fills with Quintessence, recharging his supply. The mage gains Quintessence at a rate of one per success.]

Super Power Up!Bearbeiten

Profile: Life 3 Author: D.J. Babb Identical in all regards to Power Up!, except that super Power Up! affects ALL functions of the Gamer"s body. [For every success scored against a dificulty of 8, the Gamer adds one die to his Strength AND Dexterity AND Stamina for the duration of the spell. This rote is still viewed as a coincidental adrenalin surge unless the aura is created as well by the Gamer.]

Supress PopularityBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2, Entropy 5 Author: Unknown Every once and a while, something gets into the Paradigm which the technocracy wants to supress. This is done through eliminating the evidence of it and using this rote. Correspondence two allows the general populus, dispersed as it is to be effected. Either Mind is used to plant ideas about how dumb/dangerous/ridiculus the idea or produce is or Entropy is used to errode people"s good memories and thoughts about the probelm and crystalize their problems with it.

For example, a Virtual Adept arranges a new video game which the technocracy deems unsuitable. Using this rote, kids who thought the game was cool three weeks ago now compain how it costs too much, has bad graphics, and doesn"t have enough combination moves.


Profile: Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to plant a seed of doubt, of suspicion in the target"s mind. This usally is complimented by a situation, person, or thing for the target to become suspicios of. The target will then go ahead and create something to be suspicious about.

Sustain ExistenceBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Spirit 4 Author: Anders Sandberg A great but fortunately uncommon danger is the risk in being trapped in a decaying reality. This problem is most often encountered under the creation of Horizon realms, since many early attempts often break down as the reality crumbles due to unexpected internal stresses, or near the chaotic and Wyld zones left in the Umbra by Marauders. An unprotected mage trapped inside a reality whose existence is unravelling will vanish together with the reality unless he can enforce his own reality strong enough or at least uphold reality around him. Order of Hermes have developed a effective version where the mage protects everything inside his circle while constantly drawing powerful symbols along the perimeter with the seal, while the Virtual Adepts (whose early realms had an unfortunate tendency to crash at a drop of a hat) weave a web of network connections around themselves, protecting themselves by the built-in defences and inherent stability of the network.

[The mage must constantly refuel all patterns around him with quintessence to prevent them from loosing their reality. Spirit is used to supply "base reality" in the vicinity regardless of the nature of surrounding reality. Often the local gauntlet is hardened as much as possible to bring more stability to the region. ]

Sustain SelfBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to sustain himself where food and water may not be available. The number of successes indicate the length of time for which teh mage can sustain himself through one application of this rote.

       one success             half a day
       two successes           a full day
       three successes         two days
       four successes          four days
       five successes          one week
       more than five          additional weeks

Sustain the MagickBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2 Author: The mage may channel Quintessence into a magickal effect, so that it will maintain itself rather than taxing the mage"s concentration. The mage must use some source of Quintessence, which can be the mage"s own energy, though power from nodes, spirits and special Talismans are also commonly used. This Rote does not extend the original duration of the spell, but does make it independent of the original caster. There is an added advantage to this Rote. There are rumors of magick using effects maintained by a mage as a link to their originator. Sustained effects are independent, and have no such connection. [An effect requires a number of points of Quintessence equal to its Level each day to maintain. This Quintessence can be fed in all at once, or spread out over time. Once the Quintessence runs out, the effect ends, though the mage can use this Rote again to prevent this from happening. The mage can use the Rote in conjunction with the original effect if she has a ready resource of Quintessence; the mage may thereby cast and sustain the Rote simultaneously. This is the Rote Chantries use to maintain their Wards and Horizon Realms. Note that Rote allows the mage to avoid the distraction penalties for maintaining too many magickal effects.]

Paul Strack

Swap PersonalityBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3, Mind 5, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote allows the mage to swap their personality into the body of the target. All knowledges, and some skills (Storytellers discretion) go with the mind to the new body. All Talents are purely the bodie"s department. Generally, this effect causes both parties to feel exghausted within (STAMINA + EMPATHY, difficulty 6) hours, when both will fall asleep. Whn they awaken, their personalities will be in the proper bodies. (Warning! If one party stays awake longer, so will the other. So, using adrenaline rotes will also force the other mage to stay awake. Both must enter REM sleep at hte same time for the transference to work.)

Swarm of BugsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 5, Mind 2 Author: This rote is a good example of the skill at shapechanging attained by some Lifeweavers. With it, the witch transforms not into a single creature, but into an entire mass of them, usually insects or rodents. (The Mind sphere allows the witch to maintain her single consciousness while her body is divided into many units. It requires at least three successes to work, in which case the witch may function as a swarm. While the swarm can be blown around or evaded, it is difficult to harm enough of the swarm to cause serious damage to the witch. The witch is immune to attacks that do not effect an area.)

Andrew E. Larsen

Switch Gender BiasesBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 1, Mind 4 Author: Jason W. Tice

This rote is a complement to any rote that switches the targets gender. Changing yourself from a male to a female, or vice versa can be a traumatic event. And, although you may think it"s the perfect disguise, you still think like a male. This rote allows you to change your mind patterns (in tandem with your physiology) to react as the opposite sex. Basic mind scans will not be able to tell that you were once the opposite sex from your appearance. All your memories, however, remain completely intact. This rote is also something of a perspective changer. This rote may need to be re-applied if the body gender is switched again (or reverts due to pattern stress).

Synaptic OverloadBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 4, Mind 3 Author: Mark Kinney

Upon making contact with a major nerve center on the body, the Time Lord can overload the target"s nerves, causing them to fall unconcious.

[Contact is required for this to work - a reccommended point is right between the eyes - and one finger is all that is needed to make contact. Roll for this rote against a difficulty of the target"s Willpower or 7 (Entropy 4 + 3), whichever is higher. One success disorients, two will stun the target for one to three turns, and three or more puts them out for the rest of the scene.]

Synchronicity HighwayBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 3 Author:

Often simple teleportation is too vulgar for a mage"s purposes, and more subtle versions of Correspondence are needed. The most common method is something Hollow Ones like to call "riding the Synchronicity Highway." The mage simply uses mundane methods of transportation, but has amazing luck in their use. Taxi"s arrive at the optimal moment, all the stop lights are green, no one asks the mage for money or passports, all the doors are unlocked, and so on. [Divide the travel time by the number of successes gained. In addition, the mage doesn"t have to deal with any of the usual requirements for his journey, such as paying for anything. With Correspondence 4, the mage can take others along with him.]

Paul Strack

Tactile BoostBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2, Mind 1 Author: Jason W. Tice

Increases the likelihood of discovering things through the sense of touch. Add 1 dice per 3 successes to perception rolls using touch.

Tailor Existing VirusBearbeiten

Profile: Life 2 Author: Jason W. Tice This rote allows the mage to alter an existing physical virus, and reweave its patterns into another virus. SHe cannot make it disappear, but she can turn a virus into a mutated version, or even change a harmful virus into a benign one.

Take StudentBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 2, Prime 3 Author: Jason W. Tice

I"ve been watching you for ages You"re like a boat without a mast Struggling with the tide of destiny Between the future and the past --"Gravitate To Me", The The

This rote is excellent for marking potential students. It requires the mage to make contact (physical, electronic, whatever) with the subject at some time specified by the mage.

When the student meets the criteria (awakening, reaching level 3 in Life, when his mother dies, when he suffers great tragedy, whatever), they will feel drawn towards the mage. It could be for any coincidental reason--such as asking about a foreign country the mage has been to. But once there, the student will feel like they are gaining a lot of knowledge from the mage.

This is an illusion. The student will lose the illusion of this feeling once they have formalized a student/teacher relationship.

Taking the ForgottenBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 1, Matter 2, Mind 2 Author: Jason W. Tice

As soon a the mage enacts this rote, she may steal something. The owner of the item will forget its existance (unless it"s he"s highly attached to it). THe victim may remember later, but for the duration of the scene, he will forget he ever had it. Great for stealing weapons from opponenets.

Talk to animalsBearbeiten

Profile: Life 3, Mind 4 Author: Anders Sandberg

Simply contacting the minds of animals (and plants) for information is seldom useful, since they lack understanding of human questions and the gift of reason. But an experienced mage can overcome this by temporary making the animal intelligent! Verbena do this by dipping their athame in blood and drawing symbols on the fur of the animal. The mage builds a temporary mind out of the memories and personality of the animal (and partially of the mage) and communicates with it mentally. In this way the animal can respond to questions, think and even act intelligently for a while. But the mage must also keep constant control over its emotions and mind, since they tend to get confused of panic. After the rote ends, the animal return to its original state and forgets everything.

Tantric MeditationBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 2, Time 3 Author: Anders Sandberg

One of the more important methods of tantric yoga is to have intercourse, but avoid orgasm. This is continued as long as possible, resulting in a powerfully altered state of mind. The main use is of course theurgical, to experience the true White Light, but some cultists have found a more practical, theurgical use of the practice. The tantric Masters of course disapprove of it, but its useful nevertheless. During the state of no-time which develop, the mage(s) can weave new magickal effects but just as orgasm is delayed, delay their expression until the final moment. This gives them the ability to create extremely complex magick which is released in a single instant, or strengthen magick greatly.

[ In order to work, the participants must succeed in reaching tantric trance, using stamina + meditation with a difficulty of 6. The successes can be used to lower difficulties for magick in this state as described in the Book of Shadows. The rote requires prime to sustain the etheric patterns of the magick even when the mage directs his or her will to other purposes in the ceremony. ]

Tape the NewsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Matter 3, Spirit 2 Author: Jason W. Tice While Rachel slept, she missed so much of what was going on. And as the premier information gatherer for her cabal, she developed this effect to "tape the news" from the previous evening. WHen she turned on the television, and enterred her passcode into the VCR remote, she would find on tape, the information she"d been looking for.

If the information is out there somewhere, the Adept can use this effect to summon a net-spider (information spirit), and ask it to ferret out certain information. You cannot ask for specifics. Background information, and all sorts of irrelevant bio stuff (what Joe Shmo had for breakfast, his current weight, height, urinary problems...) comes with it. And it"s all on tape.

SP2 to call a spirit, EN2 to ensure it"s willing to negotiate with you. MA3 to make it possible for the spirit to record the information).

Tapping the Ley LineBearbeiten

Profile: Prime 5 Author:

This rote allows the witch to drain off some of the Quintessence that flows along Ley lines. (Each success gives the caster 1 pt of Quintessence)

Andrew E. Larsen

Tapping the Network of KnowledgeBearbeiten

Profile: Mind 3, Time 4 Author:

This rote is one of the great secrets of the Cult of Ecstasy, and one of the reasons why they are able to maintain a semblance of unity despite having nothing in the way of organization. By using this rote, the Cultist can tapped into the base of knowledge gathered by all the Cultists that have ever lived (or will live). The Cultist mentally forms a question, and then mediates with the aid or her favorite vice. When in the right state of mind, she "transmits" the question into the Network, and forgets about it until she receives an answer. Unfortunately, the answers are a composite of the opinions of all the responding Cultists, and can contain contradictory information. Other strange and confusing things can happen as well, such as receiving the answer too late to be of use, or before the Cultist even asked the question. Once a Cultist has used this rote at least once, she is linked into the Network. Every month or so thereafter, the Cultist will receive queries from other Cultists elsewhere in space and time, on any number of subjects. There is nothing compelling the Cultist to answer, but it is considered gauche not to do so if the Cultist knows something about the subject. The Cultist replies with a variant of the rote, sending her opinion into the byways of time to make its way back to the querent. [Increase the difficulty for more obscure question. The number of successes determine the usefulness of the answer, as well as how quickly the answer is received. Divide the successes between the time and the usefulness of the answer. Each successes devoted to the answer gives one useful fact. If at least three successes are devoted to the time, the answer is received promptly. Fewer successes devoted to time means that the answer will come more slowly, or at an inconvenient time.]

Paul Strack

tar babyBearbeiten

Profile: Matter 3, Mind 3, Prime 2 Author: The rote library

Reputed to have been developed by the legendary Verbena "Uncle Remus". Great for opponents who can"t think of anything better to do than brawl.

[A statue made of warm tar or similar substance (eg, molassas) is built, and a standing Mind 3 effect makes it appear to be the attacker"s apparent victim. Poor lighting and giving the Tar Baby a fighting stance is highly recommended, unless the Mage plans to hang around and animate the phantasm.]

Targeted Correspondence SensingBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2/3, Life 1/Matter 1 Author: Ordinarily, a mage may only project their senses into a location known to them. Disciples of Life or Matter develop their senses to the point where they can scry creatures or objects known to them as well. [With conjunctional Life or Matter magick, a Disciple of Correspondence can look at familiar people or objects in addition to places. Use the same level of familiarity chart for Correspondence. The mage can only view the subject as it is now; she gains no knowledge of the subject"s location. For this, Correspondence 3 is needed.]

Paul Strack

Targetting SightBearbeiten

Profile: Correspondence 2 Author: Jason W. Tice The Mage has a cross-hair super-imposed on his targetting eye. the cross-hairs will correspond to whatever the gun is targetting. The cross-hairs will only be seen if teh gun is targetting in the mage"s line of sight.

Task-Oriented NanosurgeonsBearbeiten

Profile: Entropy 2, Life 3, Matter 3, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice This Rote creates nanosurgeons that seek out a specific situation, and either repair damage, or enhance the area of the body. They are task-oriented, so they will not seek ot improve the body beyond their initial programming. They are a one-shot deal. Meaning if they are sent to repair the liver, they will repair the ruptured liver, and cleanse it of all poisons. THen they will become dormant, and flow into the blood supply, where eventually, they will be excreted.

Techno-organic virusBearbeiten

Profile: Forces 3, Life 4, Matter 4, Prime 2 Author: Jason W. Tice A particularly nasty little rote that converts biological life into a form of techno-organic life. Living electronics. (Think Warlocke from the new mutants, now Douglocke from Excalibur). The Techno-organic virus is caused by physical contact with a fully converted host. If contact is attained, a willpower roll is required, to prevent the virus from catching.

If prolonged contact occurs, a willpower roll should be made for roughly every hour or scene (whichever comes first). For every hour or scene, the difficulty of the willpower roll will increase by one. (So after 5 hours of contact, it is virtually guaranteed that you will get the virus, unless you expend willpower.)

If infected with the virus, there is no known method of halting it. The virus will convert all life patterns into a logical, cohesive pattern closely resembling the patterns found in computer chips. The virus will spread out in a fan-shaped design from the point of infection.

Removal of an infected limb will prevent the flow of the techno-organic virus to other parts of the body. However, the virus will continue to infect the severed limb. The limb will be inert/inactive after that.

The infection takes anywhere from three to 36 hours to fully infect someone. The brain takes the longest time to convert, and is almost always last to be converted. To see how long it takes