This Rote allows an Apprentice Mage’s Mentor to place a mark in their aura that shows up when the Apprentice is confronted by someone supernatural who is threatening them. This sigil lets other supernaturals know that the Apprentice is under their Mentor’s protection and serves as a warning to “back off”. The number of successes rolled determines the strength of the Mark in the Apprentice's aura.

Possible Paradox: none (coincidental effect only visible to other Awakened/magical beings

Deirdre asks Joseph, her new Apprentice, if he minds her marking his aura so that anyone attacking him might decide to re-think things. Joseph shrugs in his best “what the hell” manner and give her permission. Deirdre rolls her Arete of 7 and gets a startling 7 successes. The Mark is pretty darned strong given Deirdre’s spectacular number of successes, and declares to all who search Joseph’s aura that they shouldn’t be messing with the City's lead Mage's latest Apprentice . . . .